Vaguely, he had a bad feeling.

Yi Xinghan has been observing the movements of Shallow Water Clear since he was captured. Perhaps no one knows Shallow Water Clear better than him these days.
His enemy looked at the shallow water and did everything possible to find his weakness. His imaginary biggest opponent looked at those battles in which the shallow water became famous. If he had changed, he would have a good chance to deal with it. But in the end, he found himself fighting an attack from the shallow water.
This man is good at calculating, and every action will be planned in advance and he will take the initiative every time. He is by no means the kind of opponent who is the last to attack. It is his remarkable feature that he never puts himself in a passive position whether he is facing water stoppage or his own boss.
And he also looked at Rio Tinto’s mountain pulling calculation one by one.
At that time, he knew one thing. If one day Shallow Water Qing came to him formally, he would have a plot against himself or even himself, but he might not be able to refuse to compete with chips.
But what will he threaten himself this time? He doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know, but fate has tied him tightly to shallow water, and he hasn’t been too much since World War I on the fertile grassland.
Sure enough, when Shallow Water Qing came to his side, he said faintly, "There is one thing that I have been strictly ordering my soldiers to tell you. Now it is finally time to inform you."
Yi Xinghan looked at the shallow water, clear water and clear water, and leisurely walked to the heaven with his hands behind his back. "Jing Yuancheng got a message by the Tianfeng Army to stop the Tianfeng people from attacking on a large scale. Flying snow has come out of three strategies to protect the country, two of which you already know, and this third strategy is to break the banks of the Crescent River in exchange for stopping people and the Tianfeng Army mutually assured destruction."
"What did you say!" Yi Xing-han got up, and beside him, several soldiers from Tianfeng drew out their swords at the same time, but shallow water was clear, but they waved their hands.
He looked at Yi Xinghan sympathetically and piteously, and understood his grief and indignation.
He said slowly, "Yi Xinghan, can you tell my people?"
Yi Xing cold stare blankly at him without saying a word.
The shallow water is clear, but it says, "If the people in the main building of the people’s country are in the middle of the beam, the people will die, but if the country is not restored, the people will be sheltered from the wind and rain, and the people will build the country and protect themselves against the wolves, tigers and leopards, defend the foreign enemy and defend the country, that is, protect the country and protect the people, and make the stars cold. Are you right?"
Yi Xing sat on the ground in a cold way. What Qing said just now was not false.
Shallow water smiled clearly, "The sky is like a flood, the country and the people live in its sky, and the boatman leads the people out of their misery. The feather family steals the country and lives in heaven and man for another person. The nature is sinister, the heart is despicable, and the people are easy to change. Does the country still need you to be loyal?"
Yi Xinghan roared angrily, "If you Tianfengren hadn’t come to beat us, they would have done this again!"
Shallow water laughs. "Forty years ago, the northern land was still wild, and the jungle mountain country was not built. What were the feather family doing at that time? They sent 200 thousand troops into the wild jungle to try to wipe out the local natives and clear the way. What happened? Instead of calling, it forced the local indigenous people to unite to establish a mountain country to give a head-on blow to the water stop people. Ten years ago, at the beginning of the establishment of the free urban alliance, you water stop people tried to gain benefits from this emerging alliance, and as a result, they forced the urban alliance to spit out millions of money and both sides were willing to withdraw. Since then, the alliance has been armed with a mercenary team with a number of 100 thousand people and gradually became the first mercenary country in the mainland, thus getting rid of the control of the water stop people. "
"Over the years, the people have become weak and the contradictions around them have intensified. Have you ever thought about what you are when they attack others?"
Yi Xing cold a lag these history he is naturally very familiar with.
Shallow water is clear before you say, "There is a difference between strength and weakness in the national war from good and evil, just as a big boy with strength can’t help bullying a small one, so the war is not because you are good or evil, but because you are weak and others will hit you. This is curious again."
Speaking of this shallow water, I patted Yi Xinghan on the shoulder. "Although the war is cruel, it has its bottom line in the end. That is, the battle for war is people’s control, not just land control. What Tianfeng people really want to do is to let the water stop belong to another owner, but their people still want it, and your country, Hehe, chose to abandon the people and protect his family."
Easy star cold was a shock finally closed his eyes in despair.
Once a brave soldier fought bloody battles in his own country, but he was arrested as a spy and held in a torture field. He was treated as a chess game to get rid of his political opponents. Even so, his country abandoned him, but he still loved his country and never wanted to betray his motherland. He still had a glimmer of hope in his heart, and education still occupied an absolute dominant position. He told himself that he would never be caught in the shallow water like Tuoba Mountain, but now he still involuntarily resented the feather family after hearing the shallow water.
Once the Yueya River dam is destroyed, the dead people are enough to clear the shallow water and even kill hundreds of cities
In a blink of an eye, Tian Lishu, a loyal warrior, has become a country and abandoned the people. How can he not be sad, angry, confused and confused?
A country’s armed forces can’t defend its homeland or its own people, but they have to stop the enemy by destroying production and creating disasters. How can such a country be worth loving and how can such a monarch be worth guarding?
Isn’t the meaning of the birth of a country to defend its people?
He is a civilian, and there is not much to give up. There is no so-called prosperity that he needs to guard and sacrifice everything.
He is an ordinary soldier who has been educated to defend his country, but at this moment he learns that the monarch and ministers who taught them to be loyal to the country can sacrifice everything for their own interests.
At this moment, it is conceivable that he was hit deep in his heart.
So the unyielding thought that supported him to be resolute and unyielding gradually tilted at this moment, and he no longer knew his way home.
At this moment, he couldn’t help asking, "What do you want me to do? Surrender you? And then go in with you and kill the blood, forcing the country to burst its banks and destroy its dams. How many people have lost their homes and thousands of people have died in floods? Is that what you want me to do? "
Shallow water Qing shook his head. "Do you know what Tiefengqi is going to do all the way now?"
Yi Xing grunted, "Go to the massacre and kill me to stop the people."
"No" Shallow Water Qing immediately shook his head. "I know you hate my massacre, but if you are smart enough, you can guess what I am doing. If loving my people can help me achieve victory, I will behave like a benevolent and righteous man. Unfortunately, the situation forces me to love the people of my hostile country. On the contrary, it will make them afraid of me, which will have a better effect. I say this because I want to tell you that Tiefengqi is to protect the dam and stop your national plan."
Speaking of this shallow water, I laughed. "Look, this is politics. Politics is never funny. The person who should be protected has to be destroyed, but the person who should be destroyed has to be protected. So if Yi Xinghan had a choice in your eyes, which side would you support?"