Disappointed, everyone searched the whole savage chieftain’s room. Anyone who could get a clean sweep of the department was so stingy. When they were angry, they turned the whole hall upside down and finally had to give up because there was no oil and water to scrape.

"Boss, there’s nothing going on here. Is our training over?" Before Lan Yixuan was depressed, he asked, "You see, we have a help token now. Should we go back to the city to build our own …!"
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Establish a guild (2)
As soon as Lan Yixuan’s voice fell, bare immediately attracted dozens of eyes to look straight at dozens of pairs of expectant eyes, which made bare a touch. Yes, the first guild of kings will be born in their own hands. How can you not be excited?
The discussion hall of the temporary headquarters of Xuanyuan League in Qinglong City; Everyone sat around bare, waiting for the boss to announce the results. There are two points to discuss at this meeting. Make a summary of the special training that ended yesterday. Discuss the establishment of a guild
"Well, everyone calm down. Let’s talk about the special training summary first. You all talk about what you have gained! ~ "Xiao Ran made a speech to end the big debate and asked" Where is the gap between your grades now and before? "
Xu days slightly want to stand up "this is me first, before I didn’t receive special training, I was still doing things by myself, but now it seems that it’s really a bit suspicious to sit on the sidelines. After this training, I discovered that there is a big gap between the former strength and the teamwork of various skills.
First of all, skill exercises. We all know that some skills are powerful. The more powerful D is, the longer it takes root. I don’t pay much attention to the less powerful D, not to mention the shorter skills. This training has made me better hone my skills and cooperate with each other well. The power has not only increased, but also increased a lot. damage per second has doubled. More than that, I said that these aspects will be supplemented by others! ~”
"Now that arrogance has taken the lead, let me tell you something about myself. Seriously, boss, when you are specially trained, I’m really a little bit otherwise. I’m thinking about concentrating on leveling. I don’t need any specially trained grades, and my strength will naturally increase. But after entering the training, I found out that my idea is wrong. How outrageous is it? Even if you don’t have skilled skills, you can’t play your due role. Although it is shortened for just a second or two, it can be fatal in the battlefield.
It’s especially worth noting that our sister-in-law is a girl, but her performance is particularly outstanding during the training period. I never thought that she would work hard alone when everyone was resting, and everyone saw her proficiency and strong archery, which made everyone feel ashamed!
There is also a sacrifice to Jasmine Camellia, and the performance is not simple. The auxiliary professional characteristics can also play tough damage per second. It is not inferior to those ordinary soldiers. It is very worth showing off. She is the youngest but also very hard to treat. It is even more speechless that this is all worth learning for us. "After Xu Tianfa finished the summary, the wind was lonely, and then he stopped and poured out his thoughts and further took out the two girls to set an example.
"We all agree that bare boss, you have to reward Yan ran sister-in-law. This sister-in-law performance is really outstanding. If it weren’t for several sister-in-law rescues, it is estimated that several brothers will have the opportunity to die! ~ "that a few Yan ran rescued or looked at Yan ran’s progress in the eyes, and the members tried their best to cite their hands in favor.
"Ha ha! ~ wind heart lonely eldest brother flatter me, little sister is not as good as you said, but I just did my best. I just didn’t want to pull everyone back. These are the points that little sister should do. "Wind heart lonely, they praised her for making her pretty pink face slightly hot and couldn’t help but explain.
"Yes, yes, sister Yan ran is really strong. I agree with you with both hands, but I don’t know what you said so much. It happened to kill that monster. How can I giggle compared with everyone? The younger sister has to be taken care of by your brothers! ~ "My little girl’s face is red and nifty, and she vomited a tongue for sympathy.
"Ha ha younger sister, don’t mention it. Whoever has made progress has regressed. Everyone’s eyes are discerning and they will see it in their eyes. Don’t be modest! ~ "Yan ran loves this little girl very much. Maybe she is such a girl who wants to have a sister since she was a child!
The scene of all the people talking about their lack of harvest immediately became very lively
Bare, narrowing her eyes, has been listening to everyone’s remarks, neither giving out nor expressing her opinions.
"In fact, the least progress here belongs to bare boss. From now on, there is no progress at all, and he still depends on sitting there and eating our strange experience. He is the worst one, don’t you think? Bare boss is the most shameful and doesn’t help us at all." Lan Yixuan, this guy, although the progress is not so great, never misses the chance of hitting bare.
"Well, hey hey, I’m not giving everyone all the opportunities for progress! You see how much I think of everyone. How can you blame me? Where do you think you can find such a good boss? Leave all the losses to yourself and give you opportunities for progress. Why don’t you come and thank me quickly? ~ "bare, really thick-skinned, without shame, lifted himself very high.
"Just you? Cut … what do you say about yourself? Why don’t you say you are lazy ~! "
"Pack you then pack! ~”
The human body gave bare a contemptuous look and made an indecent gesture.
"Well, I didn’t say! ~ "See you that disdain eyes bare embarrassed cough.
"Well, what are you doing? Even if Aran doesn’t make any progress, who is his opponent? Why don’t you say something? I’ll be the referee. If you lose, please eat for three days in a row. How about the full moon building? I’ll never take sides with one person. It’s absolutely fair. Whoever doesn’t come out will arrange a duel immediately." Seeing all the bullying people sitting next to bare, I quit and made a bare speech.
"Uh, well, I said Yan ran elder sister Yan ran sister-in-law you let the younger brother! I know I’m wrong, but I can’t fight the pervert of the boss. What’s the difference between that and an egg hitting a stone! Sister-in-law wants to eat the full moon building, hehe ~ you can just say it’s my treat. It’s necessary for our boss to have a competition. Even if we go physically, it’s still his opponent. Don’t say that just his two B pets are enough for us to drink a pot. Isn’t it hard for us? ~!” Yan ran in the early days and immediately hit Lan Yixuan, who just took the lead, and quickly begged for a detour! ~
Chapter two hundred and twenty Establish a guild (3)
"I’m dizzy, and you say it’s so fantastic. I’m just like everyone else, but a little bit of luck has made me today. If it weren’t for everyone’s support, I can’t do anything big by myself. Let’s talk about the gang problem. How can I support a gang by myself? No matter how strong a person is, it can’t be bigger.
Your boss, my dream is to ride in the rivers and lakes and dominate the king’s day. Whether I can eat in the future depends on the joint efforts of my brothers. I wonder if my brothers would like me to work together in the future? ~ "sending out than confident bare words interrupt bickering a few people are very domineering to say plans for the future.
"I don’t know others grew up together brothers I don’t support you who can support you! ~ Count me in. Let’s face the hardships in the future together! ~ "I have known very well since I was a child, and God knows that my good brother never tells lies. Once a decision is made, it will be carried out in the end. What is the reason to oppose it?
"We are willing to follow the boss, Xiao Ran, to carve out a piece of ourselves among the kings. If the boss decides to be a brother, there is no reason not to do it. Besides, all of us will be constrained to say that we can follow the boss in some degree in reality, but in the king, I, Fengyun Knife, on behalf of the original warm team members, said that we are willing to follow forever and never betray. If we violate our vows, that’s it!" The knife, who was so excited, slammed the teacup in his hand to the ground at the end of the oath, which represented his determination for the future.
Bang bang! Several other members of the crisp and warm team followed suit and smashed the teacups into pieces. Unity was like one, and five people swore at the same time to show their determination.
Some people take the lead, others vote with the warm team, which leads others to make a joint statement.
"Don’t worry, since everyone has chosen, they won’t regret it, otherwise they won’t come together. Since they all joined Xuanyuan Union, they won’t quit! ~ "After the unanimous vote, it’s settled and we will fight together in the future.
"I’m going to formally apply for a guild tomorrow. What do you think?" Bare, very satisfied with everyone’s performance, although he said himself
Although I am confident that the brothers will always follow, I still need to make sure that there will be accidents in the future. "Now let’s discuss the life after the establishment of the guild and imagine that everyone will express their opinions!" ~”