"I don’t know if there is a 5-level gold boss here for the time being. Let’s wait and see if it will be refreshed. Now if we go to that big guy and refresh it, we will be directly destroyed. I am miserable by it." I am concerned about the guy’s final suicide explosion.

"level 5 gold boss?" Xiaoyu stared at me strangely. "Did it kill you?"
Oh, my god. You want me killed so much? "The wrong girl was not killed by it, but almost killed by it, but in the end, the guy was forced to commit suicide by me." I proudly showed off "Suicide? How can a monster commit suicide? I didn’t expect you to brag. "Xiao Yu wrinkled his nose and said," Hey, hey, don’t believe that guy’s skill is called self-explosion. If he is beaten, he has no temper and his blood volume is low to a certain extent, he may launch it again. I was just blown up by it and flew out directly from here and almost died. "
"ah? Then we are not very dangerous here? " Xiao Yu knew that I was not lying, but suddenly she became worried. Are all women like this? The mood changes too fast. "Don’t worry, I don’t know if it has been refreshed yet, and even if it comes out, it will take a long time to grind until it is bloodless, and there is still a chance of self-explosion. Besides, your husband and I are here."
I comforted Xiaoyu seriously and then waited to see her expression change. This girl is always shy, but I didn’t wait until this girl was shy and blushed, but I saw a frightened expression. What happened? This girl has changed sex? Where to look? Xiaoyu pointed behind me as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t say it. I was so excited that I turned around and looked back. Who was that big guy, the Zijin Mole King? Is it necessary for this girl to be so scared?
"That’s it. It’s the 5-level gold boss Zijin Mole King."
"Such a big mouse ~! It won’t climb? " Xiaoyu was worried and asked, "Don’t worry, don’t watch, I will grind it to death slowly." Turning around, the coolie took out a bag and left it about 2 meters away. The rat was still attracted by the bag for the first time and entered my attack range. A wind knife was much higher than the previous injury and directly destroyed more than 14 blood.
After about five minutes, Zijin Mole King’s blood was not much left, and a group of enchanted moles were summoned. They lost their mental disorder to the enchanted mole just like the last time, and then continued to attack the mouse king. Occasionally, they lost two skills to the enchanted mole. Soon, the enchanted mole died, and the blood left by the mouse king was less than 30,000. Killing the mouse queen can immediately clean up the battlefield. I have to focus on taking care of those mice. Every time I release a flaming firework ball to the mouse king, I will continue to attack the remaining mice, which can ensure that the mouse king cannot return quickly because of
In less than a minute, the mouse king died in the thunder arrow, and my level also rose to level 19. The light rain rose to level 2 and level 16, directly squeezing the second and third summoners and the cold front into the third and fourth place, ranking second behind me. Looking at the mouse king’s body and falling things around him, it seems that there is something that looks like a guild token! I can’t believe it myself.
But this time, it’s normal to kill this guy. It’s estimated that the experience is far more than falling things. It’s also normal. I proudly turned to Xiaoyu. This girl seems to have never enjoyed a strange face. She directly rose to two levels of super speed. "Xiaoyu, let’s go and clean up the battlefield."
"Liu Yang level 5 gold boss really killed like this? I got two grades! Now it’s the second in the ranking! I am not dreaming? " This girl can’t believe it. "Hehe, I got the first-class experience when it blew itself up. It’s normal to kill more directly this time. Besides, it’s normal for us to kill bugs."
"Yeah, but if you let someone else come to the bug, you can’t kill me. I find that your magic damage is so high. You can beat more than 1000 blood in this level 5 boss." Xiaoyu smiled and said to me, "Let’s go pack things. It is estimated that these things add up to many well-known businesses." I ha ha a smile and said.
I jumped directly, then let the rain sit on the edge of the big stone, and then take it slowly. I was there, but when this girl was sitting in the face and preparing to come, my evil eyes saw something that I shouldn’t have seen. Of course, I didn’t see anything. I was disappointed that there were pants on this robe.
But I can’t catch the light rain, and I can’t touch the girl in some places. The feeling of soft and elastic hands makes me fondle admiringly. If it weren’t for being in the wild, I really couldn’t bear to put it in the light rain. Jiao snorted and woke me up. I quickly put the light rain in my arms and dragged her to the direction of the mouse body.
This girl doesn’t want to touch these bodies, and she doesn’t help me. Let’s pick up the things around the rat’s body first. Two pieces of equipment, a gold grade, a silver grade and a card are indeed guild tokens. I quickly put them in my backpack, then put away hundreds of gold coins and look around. The enchanted mole broke out and the equipment and money were all over the place. I didn’t think of anything very good. Let’s pick up the rat king’s body first, and then pick it up. I don’t know when it has been upgraded to the master level and add necklaces. The master is already top-notch. Soon, the mouse king was completely dissected by a little bit. Zijin mouse skin, a bloodthirsty mouse tooth, several mice, Jing Wong nucleus, a mouse king lean meat and several pieces. Finally, I was surprised to find an egg from the entity. Do mice also have eggs?
While I was in a daze, a pile of dirty bones disappeared directly, packed up the mouse king’s body and slowly collected other things. Soon, 13 pieces of equipment and a total of more than 17 gold coins were collected. I collected some demonized mole corpses, but I never collected a crystal nucleus, but it was some skin teeth and meat.
I really didn’t want to continue mining after 20 or 30 years. I stopped to see that there were still many intact bodies. I felt some waves. It seems that I have to arrange special mining personnel to work together. These materials are all good materials.
I turned around and came to Xiaoyu’s side to look at her. It seemed a little unnatural. I felt strange and asked, "What’s wrong with Xiaoyu? We can go back soon after packing up. Are you tired from a long line?"
"ah? No, I’m not used to those bodies. It’s a little disgusting that you go to pick them. "
Think it’s disgusting to pick up the body? In this regard, I think if we don’t take words, will the east and west be in waves? Just like this enchanted mole, it’s far from the value of the materials. If you don’t train, you’ll all lose money. But that’s what girls do. We don’t ask for anything to do by ourselves. I wish you didn’t stop it.
"Ha ha, if you don’t pick good things, but they won’t explode, the materials are all good things to practice and pick life. If professional players don’t pick what equipment, cooking and medicine, they won’t get it. If you feel sick, you won’t be sick if you don’t see it yourself. Let’s go to the big stone and see what just came out."
I took a light rain and walked to the big stone. I sat down behind the stone with a light rain. First, I took out 13 pieces of equipment for the mouse to explode. I looked at the meaning. Except for two bronze-grade items, all of them were white boards, but the mole suit was made up of two sets of memories. There were still two sets left. This time, these were taken back for Jeter to clean up. I was too lazy to look at the bronze. A mole crown suit component seemed to be in a good mood when I saw it. This time, I got it back and gave it to Jeter, and I could get a complete bronze suit.
Xiaoyu looked at so many level 4 equipment and shouted, but it’s a pity that the level is too high. It’s hard to sell even if it’s not sold now. I just smile about it and always sell it. Now I don’t care too much about the whiteboard.
I threw it into my backpack and took out the mouse king again. I took out two pieces of equipment, a belt and a necklace. I smiled and sent them to Xiaoyu to show her the equipment. Then I picked up the silver belt and lost a silver light in the light rain. The belt properties showed up in front of our eyes. The silver equipment of the king’s waist needs physical fitness 2, defense blood volume 6, physical fitness 15, strength 15 and durability 5. "I’m competitive and added more than 1 blood volume and 125 defense. It’s suitable for soldiers and knights to sell. It should be able to sell a lot of gold coins." Xiaoyu was happy to see
Chapter 54 Listen to me?
"It’s not a light rain. Let’s look at this necklace again." Put away the silver belt and I picked up the gold necklace. "I hope this one suits you."
"Ah?" I didn’t give Xiaoyu a chance to speak. I directly took a dazzling golden light for a long time before retreating. I looked at the necklace and the moon offering chain again. The gold-grade equipment needs the holy professional spirit, 2 mana recovery speed, 5% holy magic effect and 5% supplementary skills. The moon guardian summons the moonlight to condense into an absolute defense guardian for 3 seconds and cools down for 12 hours.
Durability 5 "It’s absolutely protected by cows. Light rain is just right for you."
I handed the necklace to Xiaoyu and I could see that she liked it very much and it really suited her.
"No, Liu Yang, let’s auction it off. I have a necklace now, and then I’ll change it to something else. This is a gold-grade ornament. It must be worth a lot of money to auction it. Don’t you want a lot of gold coins to spread in every major city? I’m following you anyway, and there’s nothing to do with equipment. There’s no need to be so good."
Although this girl must like it in her heart, I consider everything, which is the saving or the daughter of a big family
"Well, I’ll give it to you after the girl says it’s not like today. I want you to help me add blood and status behind me. Otherwise, you really want to do nothing and wait for experience. Besides, I’m not the only one with gold-grade equipment. There are other equipment to sell. We can resolutely not sell good things to others in the future, but it may become a weapon in the hands of the enemy."
I won’t refuse Xiaoyu another chance to pull her hand and put the necklace in her hand. I smiled and said, "Put it on quickly and let me see if this necklace can match our beautiful woman Xiaoyu."
Xiao Yu saw that I had made up my mind to give her the necklace, and looked at me with expectation that my eyes would gently put the necklace on and the equipment would be glorious. A burst of sunlight shone on Xiao Yu’s body. It seems that this girl’s equipment is not too bad. I haven’t seen it before, and I don’t know that it looks ok now.
Against the light, my little girl in a robe has become a fairy, which makes me itch in my heart. Looking at the moon festival chain attached to my chest is like releasing a faint moonlight. The periphery is wrapped in golden light, which makes my girl’s face look more holy. People have the idea of wanting to get close to lift this hazy luster and see the mysterious face, but they can’t bear to blaspheme ~
"Does Lu Yang look good?" Xiao Yu looked at me nervously and asked, I swallowed water and said to the girl, "It’s beautiful to wear anything when it looks good, but this necklace is really suitable for the right equipment. The light effect is not special, so it’s better not to be too eye-catching."
"Well, I’ll show it to you alone when I’m with you," Xiao Yu quipped. "Well, why don’t we go back and have a rest now? You can show it to me in the lounge, and then it’s almost time to finish eating." Show me alone if you can eat or not. I’m also looking forward to the reality. What about the game? We have to work hard to get "well, we’ve risen a few levels. Go home," Xiao Yuxin said.
Pulling a light rain, I quickly returned to Gert City Commercial Bank to hand over the bronze and whiteboard equipment department to Jeter, and told him to tidy up the suit department. Then I ran to the third floor and put the collected materials except the egg and the crystal nucleus in the public material box, so that they could pick them up by themselves and return to the lounge on the fifth floor with a light rain. I also put the token given by the mouse king into the safe, took out the egg and the pet egg of the snake emperor and looked at it in front of me, thinking about whether to hatch.
Xiaoyu saw me sitting next to me with two round things. "What is this?"
"Hey hey egg! This is a pet egg that can have a pet after it hatches. Now the official has nothing to say to the pet. I don’t know what it is like. "As I said, I took two eggs to Xiaoyu to let her see" Pet? " Xiao Yu was a little surprised with two pet eggs and then said with doubt, "Then why didn’t you hatch a pet and it should help fight?"
"I don’t want to hatch for the time being. These two are boss-level pet eggs, which should be super good things by rights, but I think the level is a little low. One is a fourth-order pet and the other is a fifth-order pet. I want to get a senior pet before hatching. Now I don’t know if a person can have a pet. If he can have a word, it will be a bit worthless."
"Well, what you said is reasonable, but boss pets should be very rare. If you are looking for a senior, I don’t know when it will be available. Everything in this game is first available, which has great advantages." Xiaoyu said to me by giving two pet eggs back.
I thought it was reasonable to pick up two pet eggs and put them in the safe. At the same time, I said to Xiaoyu, "If you don’t get a higher level after another month, you will hatch it. I hope the official can give some information about pets during this period. If you hatch it, the fifth-order mouse king can summon the demonized mole to fight, which should be a lot of help to the priest who has almost no attack power. I will hatch this little snake."
"Well, whatever you say," Xiao Yu obeyed. "Oh? Listen to me? Then, "I pulled through the rain with a bad smile and held her in my arms and whispered to her ear," Can you listen to me now? "
I raised my hand to stir up Xiao Yuba and asked her to look up at me. Xiao Yuhong looked at me with no objection. I bowed my head and kissed Xiao Yuhong’s lips with joy.
Xiao Yu closed his eyes, raised his hands and put his arm around my neck. I felt that Xiao Yu didn’t repel me. My hands were constantly rubbing on Xiao Yu’s body. Gradually Xiao Yu was panting and became hot, and he gave off a burst of fresh fragrance. This girl’s face was red and twisted and rubbed back and forth on my body. I led Xiao Yu to slowly fall on a wide soft bed and gradually knead it through clothes. I tried to pull Xiao Yu’s priest robe by hand, but I couldn’t pull it several times. I can resist Xiao Yu’s sweet mouth and stick it to her ear path. "Can Xiao Yu take off my equipment?"
In the confusion, Xiao Yu breathed heavily and heard my words again and again. My eyes were full of confusion. When I saw my expectation expression, I seemed determined to remove a jade-like charming body from the equipment department, such as my robes. It appeared in front of my eyes, and my chest was towering and bare in the air. With Xiao Yu breathing, I trembled and stirred my nerves. My eyes turned red in an instant, and I couldn’t wait to bend over to Xiao Yu’s whole body. My mouth trembled and shouted, and my hands hugged my head fiercely, as if trying to hold it down, so that I couldn’t move.
One hand doesn’t listen to you, and the other hand is constantly stroking back and forth in the light rain, chest, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, feeling the delicate and smooth skin, and the heart is increasingly looking forward to and eager! Xiaoyu has been drunk at this time and has been giving out an intoxicating breath.
(After that ~ I want to go! After more than ten minutes, I held Xiaoyu tightly in my arms, and no one moved until a few minutes later, I leaned to one side and helped Xiaoyu face me. I let Xiaoyu put her head on my arm and looked at Xiaoyu’s face with tears. My heart was full of happiness and guilt.