4 seconds, 5 seconds, 6 seconds … Finally, in the sixth second, Hehe Diya moved, but unfortunately, Hehe Diya was made to explode by fire, and the sword fell to the ground. After the ice burst, the fire quickly joined the battle against Frosty.

"Mu Feng, have you found that you will not be restricted from moving and attacking around him now?" The Emperor said to Mu Feng in the battle.
"Well, maybe he used the incarnation of Nulong. The ghost emperor can still resist you there." Mu Feng nodded and answered and looked at his skill bar. At this time, the ultimate skill of Lei Di Jian has been able to make it.
"Fortunately, the team’s treatment is all here. Although the blood loss is fast, the blood return is fast. Mu Feng, you really don’t need treatment over there." The ghost emperor asked Mu Feng.
"No, I’m coming to the world soon, and I’ll be able to paralyze Hehedia less for 1 second!" Mu Feng answered with a smile
The ghost emperor didn’t speak immediately, but looked at Mu Feng’s side and exchanged the two teams again, so that the attack power of Mu Feng’s personnel was far from here. Oh, it would be great if we could exchange some.
"Attacking all the people in Hehedia to prepare our horse will make the one-style skill limit Hehedia for 1 second. Come on, everyone, the maximum attack output …" Mu Feng shouted in the team channel.
"Oh, I see!" The people who destroyed the king’s head shouted excitedly that sending them to Frosty would make them have little chance to perform, but now it seems that it gave them a chance to kill Hedia.
"Psst ….." Hehe Dia just resumed to see Yoga’s paws waving a big net composed of dark elements and flew to Hehe Dia from it. "Ah … damn it …" Hehe Dia cursed a pair of eyes and glared at Yoga, and Hehe Dia entered a state of attack after being shrouded in the shadow magic net.
"Hum, there will be your stare …" Yoga, said with a smile, at the same time, the body drifted backwards and the shadow yuan flow was continuously released outward.
Looking at the release of energy in yoga, Mu Feng also can’t help but look at yoga, so what is the big skill to make? I don’t know how many seconds it takes for this skill to condense.
Thinking about Mu Feng is also a slight retreat from the sky. Thunder stands across and takes a deep breath to prepare the thunder to strike …
"Thunder strikes …" Mu Feng suddenly raised the Lei Di Jian, and suddenly there was a cloud of thunder. "Boom …" A blast of thunder came out of the cloud in generate, and a bright thunder roared from the sky and was instantly poured into the Lei Di Jian in Mu Feng. At this time, the entire Lei Di Jian in Mu Feng turned into a golden yellow "little snake" that seemed to flow in the outer layer of Mu Feng’s body, and the hurricane blew a windbreaker.
Hehe Dia’s outer shadow magic net gradually became thinner. Hehe Dia’s eyes moved to the front and Mu Feng kept releasing energy behind her.
"Yoga, don’t … you want to … make …" Hehe dia said some difficulties.
For Hehe Diya, Jana didn’t respond. The shadow yuan flow on the outer layer of Jana’s body continued to release Jana’s blue eyes. Looking at Zhongjia, Mu Feng felt that Jana had entered the most critical moment.
"Lei Di came to the world!" Mu Feng spoke slowly to Hehe Dia, and several times, the thunder had burst out from the left side of Lei Di’s sword. "Paz …" Thunder instantly hit Hehe Dia Hehe Dia and once again entered a state of paralysis. Looking at Hehe Dia and staring at her, Mu Feng silently smiled at me. If your eyes could kill people, you would have died n times earlier, and you are still staring at me here now.
"All human attacks …" Mu Feng shouted as Mu Feng shouted that people and animals around Hehe Dia launched an attack. At this time, they didn’t worry that Hehe Dia would suddenly fight back. When Mufenglei Emperor came to the world, Hehe Dia would be paralyzed for 1 second.
"Crack …" The second wave of thunder shot from the right side of Mu Feng Lei Di Jian and instantly hit Hehe Diya, causing a higher damage than before and slowly drifting.
"Boom …" A muffled thunder sounded from the sky, and a golden cloud appeared on Mu Feng’s head. The golden light of Mu Feng Leidi sword flashed several times, and the thunder went out from the body of the sword and shot into the clouds. At the same time, all the escaping energy of Mu Feng flew to the clouds.
"Shout …" At this time, a black shadow appeared in front of Mu Feng’s eyes. At this time, a large amount of shadow energy in Yoga’s crawling gathered towards him and I don’t know what it was doing.
When Mu Feng wanted to continue to ask what Lingsha Jana was doing, it had already arrived when two thunderbolts paralyzed earlier. Hehe Dia resumed action. When Hehe Dia resumed action, Mu Feng also secretly called it bad, but it surprised Mu Feng that something happened. Hehe Dia fled just visible instead of attacking players around him. At this time, he felt that Hehe Dia was fleeing, and he felt a sense of panic.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-five Yoga, look!
When Mu Feng wanted to continue to ask what Lingsha Jana was doing, it had already arrived when two thunderbolts paralyzed earlier. Hehe Dia resumed action. When Hehe Dia resumed action, Mu Feng also secretly called it bad, but it surprised Mu Feng that something happened. Hehe Dia fled just visible instead of attacking players around him. At this time, he felt that Hehe Dia was fleeing, and he felt a sense of panic.
"Oh, why are you running … Hehe Diya" Yoga Na Yin slowly from the middle.
"It’s silly not to run. I didn’t expect you to have this kind of skill at the present level …" Hehe Dia looked back with disdain and anger at Zhongjia Nada and said.
"Ah, I know now … then you still escape." Yoga’s contemptuous voice came again. "Boom …" As Yoga’s words fell into a golden light, a straight line suddenly flashed from the lightning cloud to Hehe Diya. * * * After the golden light flashed, Mu Feng, Ghost Emperor and other talents heard the deafening thunderstorm, which was the last moment for Mu Feng to release Lei Di.
"Crack …" Golden light hit Hehe Dia in the escape in an instant. "Ding … The target was attacked by Lei Di’s descent from the world, and he was paralyzed for 1 second at this time." Listen, Mu Feng couldn’t help but be excited about Lei Di’s sword and ran to Hehe Dia. At this moment, Mu Feng saw a black shadow.
The shadow flashed in excitement, and Mu Feng looked at him in the running. Hehe Dia suddenly stood one leng … Who is that man? Mu Feng thought strangely.
After the bright thunder, a young man in black leather armor appeared beside Hehe Diya. The young man wore a black leather coat and behind it was a gray cloak with purple pants and shoes. The young man’s black and purple hair was very long and shiny, and he combed it back together. Looking at the erect hair, Mu Feng wondered funny how much hair gel it would take to fix so many hair gels together, which made him look so stylish.
Young white face is a pair of bright blue eyes. After looking at Mu Feng from a distance, a smile appears on the corners of the young people’s mouth. The right hand is empty and a golden energy sword appears in the hands of young people.
"Click … young people to the renowned dia is a sword" damage floating to see Mu Feng, ghost emperor and others are one leng so high attack this … who is this man how suddenly appeared here?
With doubts, Mu Feng and Chong Wang went to Hehe Diya’s side to attack Hehe Diya. At this time, they all had a doubt about who this man was and how he suddenly appeared here. His attack was too high, more than twice as high as Mu Feng’s attack. It was simply incredible.
In the crowd, Mu Feng kept gesturing to the young man and asked, "Hey, who are you here? Why are you suddenly here?"
Mu Feng’s words made the young people stare blankly at Ling Sha, and then the young people frowned slightly at Mu Feng and said, "You are such a fool. Can’t you see that the animal form in the sky has disappeared and I am the human form?"
"Well …" The young man’s words made everyone a wait for a while, not his words, but his voice "Jana". The mad cow around Mu Feng shouted in surprise.
"Yes, this is how handsome I am." Jana swept her purple hair and said to the people around her with a smile.
Once again, everyone can’t help but take a long breath. Oh, my God, this teenager turned out to be a surprise when Yoga had Jinlong. Mu Feng and others also felt less surprised, but Mu Feng wondered how Yoga suddenly revealed its true identity. Is it because it just released its energy and skills that it became a true identity? Mu Feng was puzzled and thinking.
"Ha ha, that’s right. This is my real body, but don’t be surprised. Now I can change my real body shape briefly …" Yoga took back a smile and explained to Mu Feng, saying that it was another sword with more than 200,000 injuries in front of him.
"That … that how long can you maintain your physical state now?" Mu Feng asked Yoga with a little excitement.
Jana rolled her blue eyes and said, "Five seconds, after all, this form is very energy-consuming."
Yoga, this really scared a group of people around you when you maintained your true identity. The original yoga will answer for more than ten seconds, but I didn’t expect it to last for such a long time. I looked at it again, and Mu Feng’s heart couldn’t help but get excited! With Jana’s help, it seems promising to kill Hudya at one fell swoop this time.
"Mu Feng, be careful that the frost rushed over to your side." The ghost emperor suddenly sounded in the team channel. Mu Feng suddenly turned to see the distant frost coming towards his side. The root ignored the attack of the ghost emperor and others behind him. Looking at the white gas floating around the frost, Mu Feng was also one leng. The speed of the frost was a little too fast, and … She could see the ghost emperor and others intercepting and rushing towards herself. What was this?
Doubt Mu Feng listen to yoga, said to Mu Feng, "be careful frost yi now cloud skills this skill will quickly increase frost yi’s movement speed, attack speed and double the skill release speed. The most important thing is that frost yi will infect all restricted skills. This is to save Hehe Diya …"
"It’s really troublesome ….." Mu Feng secretly scolded one and then issued an order, saying, "Attack the renowned Diaspora people, pay attention to ignore the frost, pay attention to the speed of all treatment, and treat the target of the frost, the ghost emperor and the ghost brake in progress! Frosty is now using a skill called Yunhang skill, epidemic restriction skill and don’t wave skill until the clouds around her disappear. "
At the same time, when Mu Feng gave the order, Frosty was close to Mu Feng and others, but she stopped a few meters away, followed by a golden arrow draped over the Frosty Wind Forest Volcano Bow. At the sight of this golden arrow, A negative horse exclaimed, "Mu Feng flashed, let people nearby flash Frosty, and whoever is in the nine-fold arrow S will be finished …"
At the beginning, people in Mu Feng didn’t pay much attention to this skill when Frosty S fired nine arrows, but people in Ghost Emperor’s side were vividly aware of the effect of this skill. One time, ice and fire alternated, causing one injury, and nine times in total. No three treatments and protections were dead by the people in S. Watching Frosty build a golden arrow and hearing Ah Fu wake up Mu Feng, the king of destruction and others were also afraid to be careless.
The problem of quick flash is estimated to be that now is the best opportunity to attack Hehe Diya. Every second counts. We have to think of some other ways to resist Frosty, an ice and fire arrow. Mu Feng suddenly asked Ji Yue, "Who are you resurrected in?"
"Now mad cow body.
"Ji month quickly answered.
"Yeah, I know," Mu Feng replied and said, "Crazy cow to block the arrow! Treatment don’t give mad cow treatment to make him reborn … "
With Mu Feng’s command, the mad cow and horse rushed at the frost with a shield, and the body was faint to block the arrow attack direction.
A sneer at Mu Feng, Jana and others didn’t see the expression of Frosty continuing to attack the front of Hehe Diya, because the corners of her mouth floated against the mad cow’s body. A series of injuries kept floating from Hehe Diya’s head.
But Frosty sneered that there was a person who saw that person was a mad cow. The mad cow roared at Frosty and shouted, "What are you laughing at? It’s your turn to kill Hehedia!" Roaring mad cow has gradually approached the frost.
"Boom …" A golden arrow should come out and the arrow will come towards the mad cow S. The mad cow’s face shows an expression of preparing for glorious death. If Mu Feng and Huo Yan and others see that expression, they will laugh at the mad cow playing a game again. It’s really him to die once and behave so heroically.
The golden arrow instantly arrived in front of the mad cow, ready to bear the damage. The mad cow also couldn’t help but close one eye. But after a second, he didn’t feel pain, but his ears screamed in waves. The mad cow opened its eyes and saw that it was frost and laughed jokingly. Behind him, he just came to the ghost emperor, the ghost brake and others. Their eyes crossed the mad cow and looked at the back anxiously.
Doubt turned to mad cow and saw a golden light and shadow, and that light and shadow was continuing to go to Mu Feng at this time. What happened to mad cow Zheng?
At the moment, the reason is not that the mad cow alone confuses others. Although they are all puzzled at this time, the reason why the mad cow is different is that they wonder how the … nine arrows of ice and fire can … pass through his body like a thing, and that moment is the moment when the mad cow closes its eyes and is ready to bear pain.
When he came to Mu Feng, he realized that this was the case, but when he heard the alarm and turned to look at the past, he was startled by Zheng, and the arrow rushed towards him through the mad cow.
Surprised that Mu Feng was going to dodge the dazzling shadow of the magic weapon, but then he thought about what to do with the people behind him. Thinking about Mu Feng, he looked behind him. Not far behind him, it was rain glass, an arrow through the heart and others who flashed the arrow themselves. It may be them … Mu Feng was thinking in his heart.