I heard that four np eyes lit up and raised their heads.

Lin went on to say, "You must pay attention to what I say."
"The first point is that everyone in this world is very dangerous. Either you kill me or I kill you. You must never trust outsiders."
"The second point is that the four of you should cooperate with each other in the dark and occasionally change positions. Don’t use your fists to deal with the enemy. More importantly, if you meet a master with your brain, remember to give you the poison. When necessary, you must delay as much as possible before the poison breaks out after the enemy is poisoned to ensure your safety."
"The third point is that you never practice the two sets of martial arts to practice! If you meet the enemy who is also practicing the Milky Way Tai Ji Chuan and the Spark Pole Knife like you, you will surrender and put the poison on yourself if you can’t escape for the first time … That poison is effective for the five of us! "
"You must come back in the last two years!"
Sending the four np’s away from Houlin will be easy to go back to the garbage dump for processing in the camp … Of course, the most important thing is to practice by yourself.
It is still a long way to go to unseal the memory.
And at this time, in this special training, there is a star, a life planet and a building in this universe where a person is looking at simulated planets suspended in front of him … one of them is exactly the same as Lin’s planet.
At this time, the man looked at the simulated planet where Lin was located and said slowly, "After all these years, people should be dead. If people are not dead, they will certainly gain something … After all, adversity makes good things!"
Chapter four hundred and thirty-three Prepare for action!
A few days later, a huge wormhole was hit by a remote star and quickly shuttled through the universe, reaching a position and stopping.
Waves of signals and instructions were sent from the surface of this spaceship.
It didn’t take long for hundreds of grotesque satellites to fly around the spaceship and then leave.
In the spaceship!
"hey! How can there be so many? "
"How can these signal interception satellites intercept so many distress signals …"
In this special training, not long after the special training 20 years ago, a large number of distress signals were sent out, and many distress signals were never interrupted for 24 hours. However, none of these distress signals were sent out, and the Ministry was intercepted by a signal interception satellite around the planet.
That’s why no spaceship has ever appeared.
"And it’s from different regions!"
"Not only that, but most of these distress signals are emitted in the direction of Andromeda … It must be deliberate. How do people know that Andromeda is the most active and most likely to receive cosmic distress signals during this period?"
"fortunately, I took precautions. Otherwise, I’m afraid those humanitarian organizations who talk all day would have sent people to check it out."
"So many people are alive!"
"It seems that there will be a lot of gains this time!"
The large spacecraft stayed outside, and several small spacecraft flew out of the hatch of the large spacecraft and flew towards the planet.
After entering the atmosphere, these spacecraft did not directly land on the ground, but were flying around the planet at a fast speed to detect and receive information, and then returned to the spacecraft surface.
A small spaceship crossed in the water!
"here! Here! "
On the ground, several players waved to the rapidly departing spacecraft on the roof of high-rise buildings.
"More than twenty years have finally come!"