Bang! Boom

Bang! Boom
A burst sniper catapulted into the earth immediately exploded and blew the ground out of a pit that was not too big or too deep … The explosive bomb did not exert too much power in the area of three times gravity.
However, the quantitative change produced qualitative change. Ten meters thick soil and rocks were hit by 20 explosive bombs in the forest.
Going …
The clear and audible sound of running water appeared in the forest ear.
Lin jumped straight in.
Plop into the water.
The armor automatically closes the air hole to prevent water from flowing into the armor department
Zi zi zi … come into contact with the invisible armor cold water immediately a large number of evaporation instantaneous a stream of water vapor along the Lin Hong small hole.
The armor sinks rapidly in the water and the temperature of the armor drops rapidly.
It is impossible for Lin to know how deep the water is in this place. He can see from the display that he has sunk more than 100 meters and has not reached the end.
No matter how powerful the armor is, it’s not as heavy as the armor … If Lin’s anti-gravity device is the second generation, it can swim in the water.
Although you can’t swim, Lin is also wearing this armor equivalent to’ water’. How can you drown in the water?
"The spraying device is started!"
Lin adjusted his direction and quickly strung out in the water without worrying about the energy problem. He put a lot of energy bars in tactical backpack.
Go, go!
After Lin rushed out of the water to stir up, the wisdom brain automatically hit the blowhole in the head to absorb gas and compress it in the armor department … Of course, the amount will not be too much. After all, there is no special compressed gas device.
Lin looked back at the dark, and I don’t know how far it is from the hole that he blew out.
"But … I don’t know where the groundwater is flowing."
"Connect to the network!"
Wisdom brain shows that "there is no network signal coverage connection in this area"
Chapter one hundred and fifty BOSS don’t explode!
Go with the flow!
Triple gravity makes the water flow very fast. The forest is like a grain of sand in the water.
Shoot a beam of light from the eye of the invisible armor to observe the situation here … The water here is very clear and there is no life in the water.
Hundreds of meters away in front of the forest, there is a waterfront that is naturally formed without artificial traces.
Lin rushed to the shore by means of a jet device and walked along the water shore.
"It’s really a shore!"
Walking hundreds of meters from the shore to the shore, Lin discovered that this is really a waterfront root, and there is no passage to other places.
Lin spent three days in the dark.
But this time Lin looked up and could already see the huge sun in the sky.
"This game is so fucking that the waterway can’t even find an exit and it has to be blown out by itself." Lin stretched out his hand and looked at his invisible armor arms, thighs, breastplates … cracks are everywhere, and he has lost his invisibility, but it can still be repaired. It is just a watery ore. He still had to make this set of invisible armor at the beginning, but he didn’t finish it, so he just left it to repair it.
"No one! Hurry up! "
After he rushed into the underground waterway, Lin found the first water bank to dig the ground 100 meters thick, all kinds of weapons to dig, bombs to bomb and clean up the fallen gravel (fortunately, there was no place to clean up the gravel at the water’s edge) … As a result, it took three days to climb up.
The crawling place is not too far away from the place where Lin enters the waterway, and it may be only tens of kilometers.
Lin didn’t stop and ran immediately.
This time, there was no encounter with the rebels. They arrived safely at the delivery point and sent them back to the army city.
As soon as Long Zhi saw Lin, he focused on the invisible armor and immediately said, "The battle is so fierce!"
Lin directly replied, "These are not fighting!"
"Then how did you do it?"
Long Zhi is not the kind of person who is mercenary. He doesn’t ask about the harvest in one bite, but he has a heart and a forest. Moreover, Long Zhi has made it clear through his contact with Lin in the previous paragraph that Lin is a guy who likes to show off his own people and treat the enemy as a pig and eat tiger. He always wants to give Lin a chance to show off his achievements.
"When I ran away, I escaped into a tunnel and thought about going down the water to see where I could go …" Lin stopped when he saw the strange expression on the video call screen. "What’s your expression? Seems to know something? Say it quickly! "
Long Zhi asked, "Don’t you know why water flows downwards?"
"I know!"
Long Zhi asked, "Don’t you know that the closer you are to the center of the earth, the higher the gravity is at the lower altitude?"
Lin Yu knew that he knew it, but he didn’t remember it at that time. If he hadn’t woken up at the key, he couldn’t say for certain that he wouldn’t come back. He would have been led by the faster and faster water flow and wondered where it would go.
"So you dug it from the ground to make it like this?" Long Zhi asked.
"hmm!" Lintoudou
Long Zhi said with a frown, "You shouldn’t. Even if you kill one or two oss Qinbing, at most, oss will send several teams to kill you. Your ability to deal with dozens of oss Qinbing should not hide in the underground waterway …"
Long Zhi’s understanding is definitely much deeper than Lin’s. After all, Long Zhi used to be a strategist of the Black Dragon Guild, which means that he has been fighting in the front line of the alliance army and the rebel army and knows the enemy very well.
It is indeed like Long Zhi’s conjecture. If Lin kills one or several oss Qinbing, at most dozens of oss Qinbing will hunt him down.
But Lin killed an oss Qinbing captain and robbed him of a hundred sets of flame armor backpacks … which angered oss and made all Qinbing departments go after Lin.
"More than dozens!"
"Don’t hundreds of oss Qinbing Department send out to kill you?"
"More than that!"
"oss personally came after you … then you are really lucky to escape!"
"Not yet!"
Long Zhi guessed several times in a row, but when he guessed wrong, he asked, "How many people are after you?"