After secretly cursing the earthworm monster beast in my heart, in the face of the behavior of the earthworm monster beast fleeing without fighting, what Sunday can do is to stall its dead male head; Prepare to drag it out again in the same way.

Just; What he didn’t expect on Sunday was that when he thought he could drag the monster beast out again, the power from the other end of the earthworm monster beast was surprisingly large; Compared with the strength shown by the earthworm monster beast before, its strength has increased by more than 100 times, so under the action of such a huge force; Sunday failed to drag the earthworm monster beast out of the ground, but Sunday itself was dragged directly into the ground by the earthworm monster beast.
Everything happened too fast; I didn’t expect this to happen at all, so I didn’t have any preparation in advance on Sunday, until the earthworm monster beast’s soil dun ability dragged it into the ground on Sunday, and the area where they were originally located was quiet. If someone hadn’t seen what happened in that area with their own eyes, maybe no one would believe the place that looks the same as usual. Now that there have been several battles!

Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Underground space
Sunday is stupid; Sunday is quite confident about his own strength, and before that, when he fought with the earthworm monster beast, Sunday did win easily, which is reasonable. On Sunday, when I was pulling the earthworm monster beast; It should be 100% able to pull it out of the ground again.
But God knows what’s going on, the power of the earthworm monster beast suddenly increased. On Sunday, it was dragged into the ground by the earthworm monster beast without any urgent response. It’s better that the earth-hiding ability of the earthworm monster beast is not only useful for its ontology, but when it caught its body on Sunday; It also has the ability to move underground together, otherwise it will depend on Sunday’s current practice; It’s really hard to get into the ground immediately.
Just; Although Sunday now has the power to escape from the earth because of the monster beast of earthworm, it is precisely because of such a reason that it makes Sunday dare not take what happened to the earthworm.
If it is on the ground; If you want to kill the earthworm on Sunday, you will also kill it. Although there is no enmity between the two sides, the fix-true world itself is such a world, and the law of the jungle prevails. Since the earthworm was injured, it is natural to be psychologically prepared to be picked up cheaply.
But now it is different; Because Sunday’s underground activities all depend on the earthworm’s ability to escape from the earth, if the earthworm is killed on Sunday now, without the help of the earthworm’s ability to escape from the earth, Sunday will be stuck underground immediately. Now I don’t know how deep the earthworm monster beast has been diving into the ground on Sunday. If it is really stuck underground, it is not easy to go out on Sunday, so in such a case; How could Sunday really dare to take the earthworm monster beast?
Obviously, it has the power to kill the earthworm monster beast, but because it is now dragged into the ground by the earthworm monster beast, Sunday can only get the boat in the end, holding on to the earthworm and not letting go; All I can do in my heart is pray that the earthworm monster beast will send him to the ground after a period of time, although Sunday himself knows it; There is basically no possibility of anything happening in this kind of thing.
"I said man; You send me out; Then I won’t bother you anymore, won’t it? "
"hey; I’m telling the truth, I really don’t lie to you; As long as you take me to the ground, I will never shoot you again. "
"I know you can understand me; Do you agree with my suggestion? Take me to the ground if you agree; Otherwise, if it really annoys me, it will be a big deal for me to be buried in the ground and kill you. "
There is no way; At present, Sunday doesn’t have the ability to extricate itself, so Sunday can only put hope on the earthworm monster beast, while making a promise to each other, while hoping that the earthworm monster beast can believe his words in his heart; And really send yourself to the ground.
It’s a pity that Sunday is thirsty; However, the earthworm monster beast didn’t want to pay attention to Sunday at all, and it didn’t care what Sunday said there, but just drilled into the ground, as time went on; It is in the case of continuous deep underground; Also let Sunday more dare not easily to its hand.
This situation lasted for nearly an hour, until Sunday, when I didn’t know how deep I had entered the underground, the earthworm monster beast suddenly stopped moving further underground, but plunged into a strange underground space.
To be honest; On Sunday, I don’t know how the world is formed now, if it is on earth; On Sunday, I bet I’m deep into this depth now, but I’m afraid it’s already covered with magma all around. But at present, there is not only no magma in the world, but it is unexpected that underground space has been formed under such a deep underground.
As the earthworm monster entered the underground space, Sunday finally returned to a free body from the state of being tied behind one’s back. Without the depressed feeling, I have a feeling of wanting to scream at the sky on Sunday …
Before entering the underground space; In fact, I thought about it more than once last week. If I let myself get out of that situation, I would have to punish the earthworm monster even if I made a self-destructive promise. Who let the earthworm monster beast drag Sunday into the ground, that kind of completely unable to play their own strength, their life or death are falling into each other’s hands can feel bad.
But when Sunday really got away from that state before, Sunday didn’t want to deal with the earthworm monster beast.
It’s not that Sunday doesn’t want to teach the earthworm monster beast a lesson, but Sunday’s heart wants to kill the earthworm monster beast. But now in such an underground space, although Sunday temporarily restored the ability to act, but it is also clear that Sunday, depending on the depth of this underground space, is impossible to have access to the ground.
So Sunday is clear; If you really want to go out, you will eventually need the help of the earthworm monster beast; Now if I really kill each other, I’m afraid I won’t be trapped for hundreds of thousands of years; It is impossible to see the light of day again.
Sunday benefited from being bullied in the sugar gate at ordinary times, so although I hated the earthworm monster beast, I was still able to keep my brain calm on Sunday. As a result, when I was free, I didn’t attack the earthworm monster beast immediately, but I couldn’t help but start looking at the underground space while paying attention to it.
I don’t know if I don’t see it; After really seeing the underground space, on Sunday, I couldn’t help but have the impulse to criticize.
The environment is beautiful; The environment of the underground space is not inferior to that of the famous mountains and rivers on the ground, but the problem is; In addition to the good environment, there are thousands of monsters in the underground space, no matter what strength those monsters are. After seeing the underground space clearly, Sunday had the idea of wanting to escape.
The monster beast is the monster beast. No matter what the strength of the monster beast is, as long as it can open the soul, then the fighting capacity of the general monster beast should be weaker than that of the monks in the gas refining period.
Many ants can kill elephants. At present, although the gap between the realms in the mortal realm represents a great difference in strength, it can’t be compared with the situation that the quasi-saints and saints can’t leapfrog the challenge and succeed no matter how much.
To be honest; Although the strength difference between the monks in the gas refining period and Sunday is really great, if there is really a few hundred gas refining monks who surround Sunday, then Sunday will definitely only have hope of survival if it escapes into space.
Now, the number of those monster beasts has reached the point where they pose a fatal threat to Sunday. Even the strength of those monster beasts is only in the gas refining and even the smart period. They also have the strength to surround and kill Sunday.

Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Tu do monster beast
"Hey!" With a roar; Pulling Sunday into the underground space, the earthworm monster beast took advantage of Sunday’s opportunity to be scared by the large number of monster beasts, and directly drilled into the underground, and instantly half-body entered the underground.
On Sunday, it is impossible to easily let the earthworm monster beast escape, but he was brought to such a dangerous place by it. On Sunday, when facing the numerous monster beasts; There is no idea of fighting at all, and how can you let the earthworm monster beast escape if you only want to get away?
Then the ground dragon monster beast half body is already into the underground; On Sunday, he jumped directly at another body that was still outside. Just; When the other half of the body of the earthworm monster beast was caught on Sunday, it was not brought into the ground by the earthworm monster beast. Since that is the case, the earthworm monster beast directly put its living half into the ground; And left half the dead body outside.
The practice of earthworm monster beast is naturally unable to get away on Sunday, and at the same time, I secretly scold the earthworm monster beast in my heart; When many monsters in the local underground space came towards Sunday, what Sunday could do at that time was just to fight with those monsters.
From the space, I took out the knife that Yang Kang had used before, and after weighing the weight of the weapon in my hand, on Sunday, I threw a knife at myself and split it in half.
Sunday’s action directly will also give the numerous monster beast j and nu, in a burst of roar; They courageously jumped towards Sunday.
To be honest; On Sunday, we should be glad that the monster beast not only won’t be a long-range attack means, but also seems that the cultivation of the monster beast is quite weak, and probably the strongest ones are only cultivated in the gas refining period! Such a situation that we can’t attack Sunday together and can only use wheel war to consume Sunday’s physical strength; To make Sunday a lot easier.
Faced with such a situation; Sunday is not afraid at all. Nine-turn Xuangong is a kind of achievement method to grow up in the battle, and it is also the most suitable for fighting, whether it is one-on-one or one enemy; Most practitioners of the Nine-turn Xuangong can adapt to that kind of fighting.
Comrade Wukong can be unbeaten against 100,000 heavenly soldiers with one monkey’s strength. Although he is not as strong as it on Sunday, he is practicing the Nine-turn Xuangong, not to mention that he will be able to defeat those monsters! But it is impossible to be easily defeated by those monsters.
The natural ability of the first turn of the nine turns of Xuangong is strength, and since ancient times, there has been strength, and physical strength and strength are often complementary. The first talent ability of Jiuzhuan Xuangong is to enhance Sunday’s strength, but it also makes Sunday’s physical recovery much faster. So that is to say; In fact, last Sunday, against those monsters, it took a big advantage by nature.
A monster with a knife; There are no subtle moves, and they are basically attacking each other; Every knife goes down on Sunday and kills a monster beast at the same time, Sunday himself will also encounter several attacks at the same time. Only; Because Sunday’s defense is strong; The other side’s attack can’t break Sunday’s defense; And Sunday’s attack can easily slay the monster beast, so in the end it will all become the result of Sunday’s slaying the monster beast, but the monster beast can’t hurt Sunday.
It’s just that the fighting time is long; Sunday is also some can’t stand it! It’s one thing that those monster beast attacks can’t break Sunday’s defense, but it doesn’t mean that those monster beast attacks fall on Sunday, and Sunday will really have no induction. Every attack will bring a little painful and itchy feeling to Sunday, with more attacks; Over time, Sunday is a little unbearable.
On Sunday, I couldn’t help but have a desire to hide in the space and have a rest before coming out, but suddenly there was the voice of the willow demon in the ear.
"Can the master let the little demon out? The little demon can help the master solve the trouble at present."
The sudden sound startled Sunday, if it wasn’t for the initiative of the willow demon; On Sunday, I really didn’t know that the willow demon in the heart of Yu was still able to contact him. However, the situation at that time was that Sunday didn’t think too much about those problems at all, directly at the moment when he heard the words of Yu Xin Liu Yao; On Sunday, the entrance to the space will be opened, so that the U-shaped willow demon, who was already ready, came out of the space.
Invisible b not move flashing again; With the appearance of u-heart willow demon; Immediately see those monster beast seems to be hit by something, one by one all dizzy stood in situ directly; There is no longer any move to attack Sunday.
On Sunday, God knows that this should be the status quo caused by the use of the talent ability of the willow demon. After feeling that the talent ability of the willow demon is strong, the action on Sunday’s hand is non-stop, and directly it is waving weapons to kill the monster beast whose state is already lost.
It doesn’t take long; Just a few hours; On Sunday, with the help of the U-heart willow demon, the monster beast was finally killed, until the last monster beast fell at Sunday’s feet; On Sunday, I was relieved at that time, and at the same time cast my eyes on the earthworm monster beast.
Compared with Sunday; The situation of the earthworm monster beast is much worse. The piece of earthworm monster beast that burrowed into the ground is fine, and basically those monsters can’t hide from the ground, so they haven’t suffered much damage. However, the piece of earthworm monster beast left on the ground was not so lucky. Originally, the female head worked there because of that piece of physical activity, and now the female head threw it on the ground. When the male head is dead; Naturally, it is impossible to have the ability to resist those monsters.
I didn’t notice it when I was there with those monster beasts before Sunday, and I didn’t find it until now when I killed those monster beasts. Now that the earthworm monster beast has left the body on the ground, it has been chewed clean by those monsters, if it is not in the past on Sunday; If the female head of the earthworm monster beast comes out of the ground, it will be doubtful whether the earthworm monster beast has been eaten by the group of monsters on Sunday.
Opening his big mouth, the earthworm monster beast roared toward Sunday …