It seems that this command tone is more timid to Maya. At Lin Ze, the original frozen mask has already been broken by Lin Ze to reveal the character and expression of the girl next door. Obediently listen to a drop and repair the damage to your body.

It turns out that Maya’s father died of illness when she was a child, and she lacked her father’s love since she was a child. She got a double maternal love from her mother. No matter what Maya did wrong, her mother never wanted to scold her. No one has ever spoken to her in such a serious tone since she was a child …
And Lin Ze’s reproachful words made Maya feel dependent on Lin Ze, which can also be said to be an Oedipus complex! Although Lin Ze is a young man, this does not prevent Maya from attaching to Lin Ze.
In this way, two people silently repaired their bodies. Suddenly, Lin Ze’s belly made a "goo goo" sound. Mei Ya woke up from the state of repair and looked at Lin Zenai with strength. She was embarrassed to bow her head.
Chapter 15 Maya Guardian
"Maya, if you keep bow your head, I will starve to death."
Lin Ze’s words finally let Maya know what she has to do now.
Jumped lightly to the sacred tree to pick some moon fruits and handed them to Lin Ze to replenish his strength. Lin Ze looked at Maya again and said, "Do you think I have the strength to pick them up and eat them myself now?" Then he opened his mouth and motioned for Maya to feed him.
However, he realized that this dynamic instant made Maya’s face full of blush, and he thought of feeding him Yueguo from mouth to mouth when Lin Ze was in a coma. He glanced shyly at Lin Ze Meiya and gently bit Yueguo and slowly put his head in front of Lin Ze to cross the Yueguo to Lin Ze.
It was Lin Ze’s turn to blush. Although Maya had already done these things when she was in a coma, Lin Ze was in a coma and didn’t know that these things had happened. Now she has been fooled by Maya.
Seeing this, I turned my head and blushed and said, "Maya, what are you doing!" " Although a little surprise in my heart, I can’t accept it right away. It’s so out of line with my own personality. Maya simply looked at Lin Ze with a slurred speech and said, "Don’t you want me to feed you? Well, let’s eat. "
Such a lovely expression made Lin Ze’s indifferent face flush and her heart quiver. "Emeya, come on! I mean, just let your hands feed me. You don’t need a mouth. Do you want to kiss me so much? " Lin Ze side face with your eyes closed and said.
Maya didn’t expect that she would misunderstand, and her face was smoking. It was so embarrassing that she swallowed the pulp in her mouth and almost choked and coughed a few times.
"In fact, I don’t mind if you have to feed me like this!" Lin Ze made a hard-to-be-shy expression and once again turned her mouth to Zhang Meiya. This time, she was chastened and just rejected. A direct violence directly stuffed the whole fruit of the month into Lin Ze, and eventually it didn’t matter whether Linze could swallow it.
Lin Ze was frightened by Maya’s violence. Staring wide eyes, he raised his painful left hand and stuffed Maya’s strong line into Yueguo to dig it out.
"I want to murder, and I almost choked to death by you." Lin Ze wanted to be angry, but when she saw the blood on the corner of her mouth, she swallowed the words on her mouth and could silently eat the fruit in her hand.
Two people just fell silent.
I don’t know how long it took Lin Ze to say to Maya, "I’m tired and want to have a rest, so go and have a rest!" "
Meiya nodded at Linze and squatted down to hug a princess in Lin Ze and let Linze head rest on his shoulder and walk towards Lin Ze’s sleeping place.
It’s a bit exciting for Lin Ze to have a boy hug a girl princess.
When I came to Lin Ze to sleep, the stone Maya sat gently against the rock wall, slowly laid him flat, put his head on his leg, then wrapped Lin Ze in lichen and closed his eyes to rest.
This movement made Lin Ze embarrassed. "Maya, aren’t you going back to your tree hole?"
Maya gently shook her head with her eyes open and then continued to close her eyes …
Lin Ze lay quietly in Maya’s leg, smelling the girl’s body fragrance coming from her, moving around repeatedly, making it difficult to sleep, which he had never experienced before.
Finally, Lin Ze spoke first. "Maya, are you asleep?" Maya blushed, her cheeks trembled and her eyelashes showed that she didn’t fall asleep, but she didn’t speak.
Lin Ze continued to ask, "Maya, have you ever heard of the dark elf Kaijia?" Mei Ya, who was dozing off, opened her eyes and looked at Lin Ze in surprise and asked, "Kaijia Linze, how do you know the name Kaijia?"
"You don’t care how I know this name. Can you tell me his story?" Lin Ze doesn’t want to change the subject about his own ghosts and gods.
Maia fell into memory. "Kaijia was a great hero of our dark elf family. I was not born when he was alive, but he was my mother’s most admired idol. He was the latest dark elf swordsman and the only dark elf who fought swordsmanship. He was called’ the last guardian of the dark elf cemetery’ by us. My mother once told me that Mr. Kaijia was the most graceful person of the dark elf family. Before we were exiled by Shillock, he had studied human aristocratic etiquette, human fencing and the last holy elf of our family."
Meiya wiped her tears and gently continued, "Mr. Kaijia is the guardian of our dark elves. Many female dark elves are also the object of Mr. Kaijia’s adult ceremony, and my mother is one of them, because they believe that Mr. Kaijia will always protect the dark elves Lin Ze. Would you like to protect me as my guardian like Mr. Kaijia?" After this problem, Maya turned away with shame and dared not look at Lin Ze again.
"MeiYaDian what did you say? Can I be your guardian? I am a human. Are you willing to let a human be your guardian? " Lin Ze was surprised to see that Maya had secretly promised a dark elf girl who left a good impression on herself.
"Well, Lin Ze, I really want to rely on you now. Are you willing to be my guardian? Are you willing to accompany me and protect me all the time?" Maya asked devoutly, her face showing weakness that is hard to see at ordinary times.
Lin Zeli sat up and solemnly swore to Maya that "I, Lin Ze, am willing to be a guardian of Maya at this moment and always accompany her to protect her". The firm eyes seem to have penetrated Maya’s heart.
After that, the giant tree of war suddenly gave off dazzling light. Two leaves, one green and one yellow, floated into the cave of two people. The green leaves merged into Maya’s body, which means that Maya has reached adulthood and broken the shackles of the night elves. The other yellow leaves merged into the forest body, which closely linked the lives of two people.
The bar mitzvah is over …
Mei Ya held Lin Ze in front of her and cried happily. She sobbed and said, "Lin Ze, it’s very kind of you to be my guardian." Lin Ze took Mei Ya in his arms and patted her back gently, whispering, "Anyone who wants to hurt you after Mei Ya must step over my body."
So the two men quietly embraced each other and the warm feeling filled the whole grottoes.
Chapter 16 The Second Ghost Shadow Kaijia
Lin Ze’s spirit knows the sea.
The ghosting ghost Kaijia quietly looked at the scene of two people embracing each other and was deeply touched …
He couldn’t help thinking that a long time ago, she and Maya looked like dark elves, and she ran to her and said to herself innocently, "Mr. Kaijia, I’m going to be a night elf. After I become a night elf, can you be my adult gift object and my guardian?" At that time, I touched her head and smiled and promised her, "Then let’s pull the hook. You must wait for me to become a night elf!" "
I didn’t expect that I burned my life in the post-guardian war and violated their agreement.
He finally knows what Linze body is full of noble blood of the dark elves!
"haven’t you made up your mind yet?" A funny sound sounded in Kaijia’s ear, and the left arm was burning with black flame, and the half-length ghost black ember appeared behind Kaijia. "You still don’t want to help me protect your dark elf’s only blood?" Unwilling to lend us your strength? "
"I follow Lin Ze’s wishes and hope that you can go to the future with him! For me, do you realize that I can give him more after the second ghosts and gods all say to devour you … "
"Black ember I always don’t know what ghosts and gods say is true? Is he really different from other ghost manipulators? "
"Maybe! You can see for yourself … "
Kaijia looked at the black ember behind him and was silent for a long time. Then he disdained to raise his head. "Hum, I can sign a contract with you. I want to see if this ghost bearer can bring us a different future!" Kaijia quietly pointed to the Lin Ze who embraced Maya outside.
After listening to this sentence, the ghost black ember raised a strange smile on his mouth and thought indifferently, "The enemy of the whole world is him, Kaijia, and you are the first solid foundation of his road."
"Ha ha ha ha! You will see that he will be the master of ghosts and gods instead of simply … "In a burst of unbridled laughter, the black embers of ghosts and gods disappeared in front of Kaijia.
Lin Ze and Maya embraced each other and spent their first "night" together.
The leaves of the holy tree changed from green to yellow again, and the pain made Lin Ze wake up from his sleep. At first sight, Lin Ze saw a pair of bright eyes, Maya lying quietly in Lin Ze’s arms, holding her head up and looking at Lin Ze with beautiful eyes.
Lin Ze couldn’t help but face a red head to the left and ask shyly, "What’s so good to see? Look so absorbed."
"Lin Ze, can we really leave this cursed place to see the outside world?"