Vandewich took the paper and looked at it for a few times. There were several players’ names written on it: kyle korver, Raja Bell, Gerald Wallace, shane battier, boris diaw, mehmet okur and dikembe mutombo.

After reading it, he frowned and said to Anthony strangely, "Melo, I don’t think I have heard of any of these players except Dickenbay, and Dickenbay has reached the end of his career …"
Anthony also guessed Vandewich’s reaction, and then he said, "Qiqi, I used to play in the basketball park. These players have played against each other before, and their strength is not bad because they have not been valued by their respective teams because of opportunities or team play problems."
"Like Kyle, his three-pointer ability was outstanding in college because he was a rookie. When he didn’t get enough appearances, like Steven Gerrard, his athletic ability was excellent, and his defensive ability was seriously underestimated. He also had the potential to be the defense gate of the team’s front line. And Memmit was a center, but he had enough hands to kill the opponent’s three-pointers. He could pull the opponent down from the three-pointer line and make enough positions for the team to attack. He should be able to trade to several of them. I think it was a very important promotion for the team’s reserve strength."
"In Dickenbay, his defensive power is still to be able to town team veterans and locker room leaders."
Anthony said everything in one breath, and then looked up at Vandewich, who looked at the list. Obviously, he told Anthony that he didn’t believe it so much.
Anthony sighed, which is also true. These players come from marginal people, and only those who have crossed over know that it is too difficult for them to believe that they want a professional manager like Vandewich in the future.
The coffee in the cup was cold. Vandewich took a sip and put Anthony on the paper. He said thoughtfully, "I can try to trade two players first to see if it is suitable for the team."
"Good!" Anthony’s face suddenly showed up when he heard Vandewich speak. He then said, "coval and Bell are the most suitable if we want to strengthen the team in the short term."
"kyle korver Raja Bell" Vandewich put a tick next to these two names and then moved his chair to his head to find out the information of two players.
Watching him suddenly light "yi".
"What’s the matter?" Anthony asked doubtfully.
"This Raja Bell has been a marginal person in previous seasons, but this season he seems to be doing well in the Jazz. It seems that what you said has some basis," Vandewich said with a little excitement. Obviously, Bell’s performance has deepened Anthony’s credibility in writing these players.
"Well," Anthony nodded and didn’t say much about Vandewich’s freedom. It’s not his turn to comment on his own practice.
"Hey, this is really …" Vandewich suddenly said in surprise.
Anthony leaned over to see Vandewich’s brain screen.
"coval’s 22 nd pick Bell free agent signed Melo in the second round. If these people can really rotate the team as you said, it is really a model of high-energy basic salary," Vandewich said with a smile
Anthony took back his head and said with a smile, "They will."
"Well, these players have little investment risk, and it will be exciting if they can play," Vandewich said with a little excitement when he moved his chair back.
Anthony also nodded with a smile. If the general manager of the team trades in some high-energy players with basic salary and these players can play an important role in the back array of the team, he will definitely get a lot of points in the boss’s impression.
"Well, have dinner together later? At this time, the team was so busy that I didn’t have time to have a good meal. Did you visit that China restaurant? " Vandewich smiled and said to Anthony, obviously Anthony discussed these players to him, which made him feel a lot better.
"I’d love to," Anthony said with a smile. "I’ll go back and change."
"Mm-hmm." Vandewich got up and sent Anthony out of the office.
Anthony took a deep breath out of the office and felt that the whole person’s energy was much better. Vandewich was willing to try to ask coval and them to prove their strength. Then the latter thing naturally came naturally, and the team’s record soared to attract Nash to join the running and smashing into the playoffs, and all the way to win the championship trophy …
Anthony couldn’t help laughing at the thought.
"Melo, what are you smirking about?" Just then, a sudden sound appeared and Anthony came to his senses from the limit of Y/Y.
As soon as Anthony turned around, he saw a familiar figure, Kevin Thorpe, the assistant coach of the team
"Hi Kevin, what are you doing here?" Anthony didn’t expect to meet Thorpe here, and he blushed slightly when he thought that his y/y picture must be very funny just now.
"I’m giving a special training. Mike asked you to come and see it, too?" Thorpe said and gestured to something in his hand. There was a document there.
Anthony took it and took a look at it. It was written as a training plan. He also suddenly realized that the emotional coach was giving it to Xiaozao. At this moment, he suddenly found that besides another bigwig, Wang Zhizhi, he also followed a series of training plans, but it was only a defensive aspect.
"This is?" Anthony took out Wang Zhizhi’s training plan and looked at Thorpe doubtfully.
"This is what Cooper asked me to take. At the moment, he is training Wang in the arena. To say that Wang is … quite miserable." Thorpe said with a twitch in his face and muscles.
"Pretty miserable?" As soon as Anthony arrived, he was interested in returning the training plan. Thorpe smiled and said, "Let me go with you and have a look."
"Mm-hmm." Thorpe should take a training plan and walk in the direction of the training hall with Anthony.
Anthony’s face is getting bigger and bigger. He’d like to see how Cooper gives Wang Zhizhi a small stove.
Chapter ninety-four Reinforce the three-party transaction ()
Before he got to the arena, he came out screaming at the top of his lungs and felt miserable. Anthony felt a thrill when he heard it from afar.
Thorpe grinned, too. Obviously, he knew what was going on inside.
"run! Run! "
Just inside the door, Cooper came to drink.
Anthony paused for a moment and then pushed the door and went in.
The scene in which "noting" is pushed is also emerging to the eyes of everyone.
Wang Zhizhi was carrying a big mountaineering bag and didn’t know what was in it. At the moment, he was carrying the ball and constantly shuttling through obstacles on the court. Beads of sweat kept dripping from his cheeks, and he was already wet and panting.
"quick! Come on! The last lap! "
Coach Cooper kept shouting at Wang Zhizhi with a stopwatch.
Wang Zhizhi gave a tore heart crack lung shout bite a tooth to accelerate.
Finally, looking at the near collapse situation, Wang Zhizhi finally ran to the finish line
"It took 56 seconds to pass almost five times. It seems that you really need to practice. Take a break for five minutes and wait for me to attack and defend, so that I can find your weakness." Cooper said that it was very casual to finish a pair of tossing people to death.
Wang Zhizhi is now sitting on the bench with his head buried in his legs "wheezing" and gasping for air. He is too tired to speak and I don’t know if he has heard Cooper.
Anthony couldn’t help but feel happy when he looked at some tragic scenes. Cooper was known as the best sixth man in the Lakers when he was a player. Once the terminator Jordan was put into Anthony’s pre-era, Tony Allen attacked and strengthened his physical fitness and defensive skills. Look at the bar. Wang Zhizhi’s defensive problems should be improved a lot by him
"Hey Michael" Anthony walked into the training hall and shouted to Cooper with a smile.
"Hey Melo, what brings you here?" Cooper heard the shout and looked back to see that it was Anthony’s serious face and a smile appeared on the horse.
"Qiqi’s manager asked me to come and talk about something. I met Kevin on the way and just stopped by to see how it was here. Is Wang’s training going well?" Anthony took one look at the chair and buried his head. Wang Zhizhi asked.
"Not bad, Wang’s health is really lacking in practice." Cooper spoke directly and didn’t give Wang Zhizhi any mercy
Wang Zhizhi bowed his head and said nothing.
"But he has a good attitude. If he can persist, I have the confidence to practice his defensive level to the average level," Cooper praised him suddenly.
"Hehe, Wang should be able to persist," Anthony suddenly thought of something to re-export. "But he is a yellow man and his body is more vulnerable than ours. Will he be injured?"
"Well, you said I did think about it. I asked Kevin to bring me the training plan. I want to make some adjustments according to his physical reaction." Cooper took out the training plan that Thorpe brought.
"So that’s it." Anthony also came for nothing.
"Merlot!" Just then, a rough crazy sound exploded in the middle.
When Anthony looked back, he saw laughing and coming towards him. He couldn’t say how excited he was.
"Hey" Anthony also got up.