She didn’t feel the wet ground either.

The famous dumpling fled without knowing where to go.
You have finished the expulsion, so you can go back to find the medicine delivery.
Boss didn’t hit it, but they were still finished. It is possible that the game company didn’t think they could hit this famous dumpling. If it is expelled instead of killed.
The team is unknown. When we get back, we will each collect some wind and grass, and then we will try our best to live longer.
Back to the camp, the resurrection point is in Yaoweng Medicine Garden. They are lying next to the straw mat and burning red charcoal in the wind stove. There is no smoke stove. The spout of the purple sand medicine pot keeps spewing out white smoke. The smell is strong and bitter. Wake up the master. Her medicine is almost ready and she is churning.
"You wake up, your medicine has been boiled, just put it on the wooden table over there and drink it quickly." The child pointed to the long wooden table and said to the streamer.
Placing five small bowls of white jade on a long wooden table with black lining makes Chinese medicine thick and bitter.
A few people, look at me. I’ll look at you. Nobody has the courage to worship first.
This smell makes you feel that some yellow-green doctor sprinkled a handful of Rhizoma Coptidis as seasoning to create the illusion of "no pain, no money"
"You guys drink quickly. It’s good for your health." np continued to persuade.
Team time! I’ll go! My life value has shrunk!
Np went to the body and swept her attributes intentionally, almost scaring her out. She wanted 30,000 health points, but now her health has been forced to 9! Once back to decades ago, was there?
Her scream attracted the attention of others and they all screamed.
Their attributes are also missing here or where Elena’s blood volume has not changed, but her understanding value is low; Without half of the unknown power and a few skills, the amount of treatment for kidney deficiency and vegetation has also decreased. Although I am an iron rider compressed like a streamer, it is a life value. He has more than 60,000 and nearly 70,000 life values, and now he has lost more than 40,000! It is not much different from the streamer blood volume before being weakened!
Team Elena, I probably know that this bowl of medicine is to solve debuff.
The team drained this bowl of Ganges water …
The team will not be Ganges until they know they are dead.
Team Elena, is she alive?
Can the team live after eating the dark food?
Reads, don’t look at me. I am an iron rider who did this bowl of Mengpo soup. [Rebirth] No relatives!
The team is unknown, and after 20 years, it is a hero again!
Gollum …
I don’t look in the mirror after drinking the streamer, but I know that I should be a bitter gourd face now, but she can’t laugh. It’s so bitter. I didn’t eat that late meal. I didn’t have the slightest appetite. The world is so bad. There are drug planners and technical people. This is a newspaper, right
Other people’s faces are no better either. Don’t look at me. I’m an iron rider and my face is green directly.
Unknown can also face-deadpan. He put the bowl down calmly and turned around to take a step. Suddenly, the whole person was soft and confused.
The relationship between vegetation and trees fell down at the moment of drinking.
Fortunately, there are. Don’t look at me. I’m an iron fighter struggling to support me. I’m a bitter gourd in the face and Elena in the facial paralysis …
Team Elena, what’s wrong with you? This thing is not bad. Why are you all like this?
No one can answer her this question, even streamer herself hasn’t been surprised yet. Elena has confirmed that she is alive, and she has stepped into the footsteps of vegetation and the unknown, and her eyes are turned unconscious.
Although I am an iron fighter touching my nose, I was about to sigh that you rookies are sleepy and have heavy eyelids and can’t help but faint.
"…" Elena turned around.
They faint faster and wake up faster.
In the streamer perspective, she just fainted and woke up, still lying on that straw mat.
There is still a red charcoal stove burning in the wind stove next to it, and the spout of the purple sand medicine pot spouts white smoke continuously.
"…" Don’t tell her that it’s all circulating again. I’m so scared that I have to check my character attributes. Fortunately, my body has been cut off and my blood volume has come back. It seems that it has increased a little.
"Thank God you scared me just now." The guard Elena patted her heart.
Others wake up one after another to find that their bodies have been cut off and their attributes have come back. A big stone hanging from their hearts can be regarded as "Elena, what’s going on?"
It turns out that they have been assassinated by the famous dumpling, which is part of the expulsion plot. When they are successfully treated here by Yao Weng, they will gain a little permanent attribute.
Yaoweng is waiting for them at the gate of Yaoyuan.
"You’ve done a good job, and the old man knows that the old man Ganoderma lucidum can’t come back. You’ve driven away the evil dragon. Now it’s difficult to sneak in according to the injury of the evil dragon." Yao Weng said, giving her a small bag of lingshi and giving her 15 points of experience. "Trading in Sanxian Mountain is lingshi. Those yellow and white things don’t make any sense to people in Xianshan. If you have strange minerals, you can also find them to exchange."
You get 5 tokens of Lingshi.
You gain experience 15
You won the Three Immortals Mountain View 5.
You won the friendship of three immortals and mountains.
It took several consecutive unified instructions to make this one, so I hope it will be friendly on the Three Immortals Mountain. Streamer hits the personal panel to check the column. It turns out that she has been silently looking forward to the accumulation of overseas Xianshan deputy since she received Xunxun, but it was not until Chengsan Xianshan Keqing completed the first original np of Xianshan that this hope was successfully activated. To be continued
177 Re-enter Renyi Building ()
After Sanxian Mountain looked friendly, they couldn’t find the corresponding merchants.
Back to Ya Dian, I asked them laughingly that they were happy to get along with other immortals in Xianshan, so I didn’t send them back.
Don’t look at me, I’m an iron fighter. They just found out that they came to the overseas fairy mountain, but they were able to swim freely away from the overseas fairy mountain. After swimming around the sea and avoiding water for a while, they were bounced back to the overseas fairy mountain by the shape barrier, and they should stay in the Ya Temple, but at this time they appeared at the entrance of the overseas fairy mountain, still smiling at them.
They jumped into the pit voluntarily.
"How can I leave?" Unknown asked
"Have you been to many beautiful places in Xianshan?" Xunxun didn’t seem to hear the unknown questions and tried to tell them that Amway Fairy Mountain "is not only that, but there are many strange people in Fairy Mountain. It must be of great benefit for you to stay here."
Xun whined for a long time and got angry. Don’t look at me. I am an iron rider. I pulled out a pike and pointed it at Xun. "How can I leave!"