The ultimate solution is to carry out a differential fire attack on the 3-meter range of the city wall. This skill will destroy this range if it does not kill the enemy.

This side of Baihua is correct. After all the indiscriminate bombing, the array laws set in front of the four walls were destroyed.
Baihua’s trip also surprised Xinmeng, and he was very angry at this bull’s-eye, but there was no anger again because Baihua had officially attacked them now.
After the problem of Falun Gong was solved, Baihua officially attacked the four walls.
In the war mode, the durability of the city wall can be destroyed by players’ attacks, but the lasting damage of the city wall by players is very limited. The best way is to use siege equipment
There are six siege vehicles and two city-breaking hammers on the west wall of the new alliance. It is estimated that it will take more than an hour to tear down the west wall, and this is before there is any interference.
"What shall we do?" A hundred flowers player asked the leader in white crape myrtle here
"Get rid of the siege equipment first, and don’t rush to attack the remote players. Fire will attack the players opposite the tower. Remember to divide the attack into groups according to an attack group of five people. This attack group should be physically and magically attacked, and the professional melee professions should be prepared for the battle. After all their remote players die, their melee players will definitely come out to fight back." White Ziwei issued a command.
Chapter 365 War overthrew Western Wall
Crape myrtle in white ordered a remote occupation on Baihua side to attack the players on the tower face with fire.
As far as the professional configuration is concerned, most of Baihua are female players. When the players first chose, most people chose to stay away from monsters and long-range occupations or wizards and archers. Therefore, this time, the attack on Baihua by Xinmeng was completely suppressed.
After three or five rounds of attacks, the players on the wall of Xinmeng have almost been eliminated. Occasionally, several players are still manipulating the towers and crossbows to attack the Baihua players.
The damage of this crossbow to the player is very limited, mainly because it will cause great damage to the siege equipment, but Ziwei in white has not let the siege equipment play in the battlefield, and the crossbow base has lost it.
"Melee players listen to everyone rushing to the city wall to attack the city wall!" In the same situation that the tower players were destroyed, Ziwei in white still did not use siege equipment, but let melee players violently demolish the wall.
Although the speed of this violent demolition is very limited, there are many people here who can’t stand Baihua!
At this time, the remote occupation of the new alliance tower has almost been killed by Baihua, and there is nothing to do. Whoever makes people have a hundred flowers and a large number of towers will be attacked as soon as they stir up, and in the long run, the players of the new alliance will be killed
After discussing with the last few melee players left here, Xinmeng decided to continue to guard the tower and fight the crossbow. If the crossbow is still there, it can suppress Baihua.
And Simon left this person doesn’t know that it is white crape myrtle, which has already sent people to the east with siege equipment. This time, white crape myrtle didn’t intend to attack Simon with siege equipment at all.
In addition, Capricorn, the second team of the new alliance, and a large group of professional players of mechanical masters have come here.
About half an hour later, the Ximen wall lasted for more than half, and the Xinmeng side was still the wall. Those players who were guarding the crossbow were still sticking to it.
At this time, suddenly, a large group of players in the same costume rushed over.
See reinforcements arrived white crape myrtle also revealed a strange smile.
"Now let’s go ahead with the destruction mode!" White crape myrtle shouted with arms raised.
While the new alliance side cat came out.
The cat raised his right hand and shouted, "All mechanical masters are going to restrict mechanical guards!"
As the cat told him, more than four mechanical masters around him made mechanical guards, and soon more than two mechanical guards were made.
Mechanical master this is a profession born of special war. The biggest difference between this profession and other professions is that their destructive power to all kinds of buildings is complete, and the damage to players is as high as the damage to city walls. At the same time, mechanical masters and those mechanical guards have the same characteristics. In other words, mechanical masters are the most dangerous war machines.
"Body mechanical transformation attack let us push the city wall!" As soon as the cat was revealed, all mechanical masters turned into mechanical states.
Mechanical state The mechanical master has more destructive power to buildings and so on, and because of his high position, he belongs to the mechanical master teacher occupation. He has a special aura. In this aura, all the physical attack power and magical attack power of the mechanical master players around him are given a special bonus of 5%.
Don’t underestimate this 5% bonus to more than 40 mechanical masters. Each person who increases this 5% attack power can make the city wall more durable by nearly 2 points per second.
This suddenly added more than 2 mechanical guards and more than 4 tall mechanical players, and instantly put the original stability when the pressure on the west wall reached its peak.
Those few players who only have Xin Meng left were just about to fight back with a crossbow, only to find that they were attacked by white crape myrtle as soon as they emerged, and they were ready for a fire attack.
Crape myrtle in white has long let those remote players lock the target next to each crossbow and do nothing, just stare at it, as long as someone in those places tries to kill it.
This sudden appearance of Indiana Jones made only a few players in Xinmeng lose their minds for a while. When they emerged, they were all ambushed in white crape myrtle. In an instant, the players’ army in the west of Xinmeng was destroyed.
After the player department of the west wall was destroyed, these players attacked the wall.
In order to destroy this wall as quickly as possible, the white crape myrtle also called Capricorn, the first mercenary in the war, to this side. When Capricorn attacked the city wall and bombarded the west wall, the speed of continuous decline became crazy!
Although the west wall has no war equipment, there are a number of mechanical masters attacking it, and the speed of pushing the wall is no less than that of siege equipment
After this group of mechanical masters and Capricorn joined in for about 1 minute, the west wall was completely torn down.
As soon as the west wall fell next to the gate, a large array was refreshed.
Ziwei in white ordered the crowd, "All people will transfer the eastern battlefield to the eastern battlefield by sending an array. After reaching the eastern battlefield, melee players and therapeutic players will go straight to the east gate, and the remote player’s mechanical master department will move from the beginning of the east to the north!"
The idea of white crape myrtle is very simple: let melee players and therapeutic players go to the main battlefield in the east to help peony, which can slightly alleviate the offensive pressure there; Remote players and mechanical masters are the fastest way to tear down the other two walls, so that all personnel can attack the East Gate more quickly.
In order to push down the city wall faster, Ziwei in white asked Peony for two precious marching scrolls. This kind of marching scroll can make a one-person team last for half an hour in war mode with a moving speed of+2. However, each of these scrolls needs 2 meritorious service values in exchange for these two scrolls, Peony consumed most of its own meritorious service values.
After gathering all the remote players and mechanical masters together, Ziwei in white started two marching scrolls continuously, and the movement speed of two players was increased instantly.
After the speed increased by 2 points, all the players rushed to the north gate as quickly as possible.
When the white crape myrtle and others came to the North Gate City, they found that the stalemate was still going on here. Although the number of players in Xin Meng was inferior, he had a defensive advantage, but he was still stubbornly deadlocked with the flowers here
Chapter 366 War industry fire giant ape
After seeing the situation in the north, Ziwei in white decisively ordered the remote players, "All remote players prepare fire for me and put out the tower face for me!"
Instant North Gate Tower Wind, Fire, Thunder, Arrows, Qi Feiyuan is still stubbornly resisting, and most of the players in Xinmeng have been killed.
At this time, all the mechanical guards of the mechanical masters rushed towards the wall.
Except for the secret, almost all mechanical masters will keep a skill called "pulse impact gun" (the secret came but he didn’t choose to keep it). This skill is similar to the secret pulse beam base, which will not only cause great damage to players, but also cause great damage to buildings.
When the cat saw this wall, the durability was about 3% left, so he directly ordered everyone, "The master of body mechanics is ready to attack with pulse impact gun 3 … 2 … 1-attack!"
As soon as the secret came, all the mechanical masters launched a pulse impact gun together.
In an instant, more than forty white lights went straight to the north wall.
In just one second, when the pulse impact artillery attacked the north wall, it collapsed instantly.
At the same time, all the mechanical masters in Baihua have doubled the pulse energy collection speed and halved the pulse energy consumption, and the war has ended.
This doubt is great good news for Baihua.
Mechanical masters all know that it is the most advantageous occupation in the war, but this occupation is limited by the camp. Not every gang has many such occupations.
Although Baihua didn’t choose the Freedom League camp like Supergods, they had the foresight to arrange a large number of players to choose the Freedom League career in order to change their jobs into the weapon of war, and today’s war proved that Baihua decided to be wise.
The north gate was destroyed in an instant, which made the players who had attacked on this side stupid. Although they knew that the west wall was torn down on the first side, they didn’t expect the crazy destruction ability of the west group to be so abnormal.
Pushed to the north wall, Ziwei in white became the commander of the west and the north gate.
Ziwei in white ordered everyone, "All mechanical masters and remote players in the body directly send the melee and therapeutic professions in the south to the main battlefield in the east for help!"
After the order was reached, everyone followed the order and did their own thing.
When the white crape myrtle came to the south wall with a group of people, the fighting here was almost over, and the wall lasted for about 15%
Another long-range professional fire attack, and then a group of players went straight for the wall. In less than three minutes, the south wall and the player department were destroyed.
After successfully knocking down the three walls in the northwest, south and north, Ziwei made a simple arrangement for the current members and sent them directly to the east gate.
On this side of the East Gate, Xinmeng players are fighting fiercely with Baihua, but suddenly five or six hundred players suddenly emerged from the gate.
And these five or six hundred players did not hesitate to activate for the first time after they appeared, and launched a round of fire attack on the east tower.
The original heart alliance and Baihua battle have always maintained this relatively balanced tug-of-war, but after this sudden emergence, the former balance was completely disrupted.
This fire attack by many long-range professional players has caused great losses to the new alliance of tower life. Many players who used to control the crossbow were killed in this fire attack. Taking this opportunity, siege equipment immediately stepped up its attack frequency on the city wall.
And the mechanical master and his own mechanical guards also rushed to the eastern wall to carry out destructive attacks.