"I …" What did White want to say finally translated into "I will play my best!"

"It doesn’t have to …" Anthony turned back with a smile and twisted his wrists to move his bones and muscles.
"Melo, I know you want to embarrass them, but are you taking too much risk?" Wright also leaned in and said that if Anthony had anything to do in the park, he couldn’t afford it.
"Don’t take risks because they can’t win," Anthony said lightly, and there was no change in expression on his face.
Wright came to prepare a statement that Anthony changed his mind, which directly choked him back. He couldn’t help shaking his head. Although Anthony is strong, he is still too young and energetic. Even if he finally guarantees him, he will definitely cause a lot of trouble.
"Melo, even if they admit defeat, they won’t fulfill their bet. If these people are nbdl players, they just take money to make a living. To tell you the truth, these people must be instructed by O’ Connor, and the boss is also looking into you …" Wright seized the last chance to persuade.
"If they come, they won’t fulfill their bet." Anthony smiled naively.
"You know? ! Do you know how to return … "Wright was surprised by Anthony’s answer, and his face became more puzzled.
"O ‘Connor should be on his way?" Anthony did not directly answer Wright’s question, but asked.
"Er … boss, he should be on his way." Wright didn’t deny it.
"That’s fine. It’s easy to solve this problem when he comes, but before that, I want these people to be reasonable." Anthony also suddenly stopped walking.
"truth?" Wright and White looked at Anthony in disbelief.
"You have to have strength to pretend to be forced," Anthony said lightly and left the court.
He also knows that these troublemakers must be instructed by others, but the root cause is profit, that is, money
However, you have to have the courage to take the money. This time, if you teach them a hard lesson, these people will naturally give up, otherwise they will definitely have a chance. Even if you beat them and don’t teach them a lesson, you will definitely come back again.
I owe O ‘Connor a favor. Let’s pay him off once and for all today!
Anthony took a deep breath and then stepped on the court to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Unfair Competition ()
Wallace called two more players at the court according to Anthony’s request, one was a tall center and the other was a striker. Five people were near the basket, which made it seem crowded.
White and Roger are also nervous. Although they know Anthony’s strength, they are also at a loss for the first time to play this kind of game. Regardless of whether they can score the goal or not, they will definitely miss two people. If they are just basketball players, they are facing nbdl players …
Anthony looked back, and White and Roger walked beside them and said with a smile, "Just give me the ball later."
"Well," both White and Roger nodded heavily. Since Anthony said so, they naturally have nothing to refuse.
Anthony heard two people answer, patted them on the shoulder and walked towards the field.
"Shall I give you the ball first?" Anthony walked up to Wallace and said with a silk ponder
"You go first," Wallace said without thinking. He would have been told that he would bully more and bully less. If he returned the ball to them, he would have lost face. If the boss had not promised to pay enough money, he would not have done so.
"Then I’m welcome," Anthony said with a smile.
Anthony served the ball first here. Roger gave it to him directly according to Anthony’s instructions
As Roger served the ball and went to the sidelines to watch the ball, there were two diametrically opposite expressions on the audience.
Those black players who used to play in the park know Anthony, a Denver superstar, and show more expectation for Anthony’s three-to-five approach. They have never seen the strength of nba superstars in public parks with their own eyes. This time, they are full of expectation.
Another group of people, Wallace, brought those people who didn’t know Anthony. Now in their eyes, Anthony not only arrogantly said that he would fight three times and five times, but also bet that the loser would break his leg. They couldn’t wait to see the joke.
In two completely different eyes, the unfair game was officially played.
Although Wallace’s side is five against three, it has also done targeted defense. The big one guards the basket and the small one defends Roger. Two people defend White, and the Wallace people are dedicated to guarding Anthony. This arrangement can not only hold the basket, but also prevent White, which is the most threatening.
Such a protection is perfect in Wallace’s eyes.
However, he overlooked one thing: he didn’t know Anthony, which was fatal.
Anthony hardly hesitated after holding the ball, took a big step and broke through.
Anthony’s first step, even in the league, few people can play with Wallace again. He was cleaned up before he even reacted.
A crisp net woke him up from his consternation. He looked back and Anthony had hit a mid-range jumper firmly.
"yeah! ……”
The black players on the sidelines gave a roar of excitement, which was really exciting, just like winning 5 million.
They finally saw the strength of the so-called nba superstar. Anthony’s move just now was really too fast. Not to mention Wallace, even White, they all thought it was impossible to react. Besides, after getting rid of it, the picturesque shooting posture made them completely unable to control themselves. If they could, their horses would become Anthony’s brain powder.
"This …"
Wallace couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him and he had hallucinations. He didn’t know what was happening until there was explosive applause around him. Anthony shook him easily and hit the shot.
He had a bad premonition in his heart.