Plus the first method can really greatly improve security!

This is all common sense!
Uncover this thin veil … Instantaneous subgrade and Lanka suddenly feel that Lin is not so mysterious and horrible, and unconsciously the pace is a little faster and a little closer to Lin’s position.
Chapter three hundred Ten Dying!
Prison base!
At this time, the prison base is in chaos, and some people are lying on the ground and bleeding black blood from the outside.
"Poisonous smoke … ah!"
"What poison is this that even the mutant constitution can be directly killed!"
"Everybody hold your breath and rush out!"
Someone found out the situation and someone responded immediately.
"No … good cruel! Ah! "
It’s a pity that this poison can’t be isolated by holding your breath, which brings about the rapid metabolism of cells, which means that the capillary pores of the body automatically keep breathing, which naturally sucks toxic smoke into the body.
"Let’s retreat to the underground prison. There is no poisonous smoke in the prison!"
I don’t know who shouted out a word, and the crowd quickly flowed in from the prison entrances like running water … Fortunately, this prison had produced many capable people, detonated several batches of prison robots and bombed several huge prison entrances to withstand the influx of prisoners without causing too many casualties.
The underground prison has been a big corridor, and each corridor is wide enough to accommodate five or six prisoners and 10,000 cells in parallel. It is not a problem to squeeze 20 or 30 prisoners every 10 square meters. Even worse, it can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people hiding in it after 10,000, and there is no need to fight over the location.
In less than a few minutes, everyone who died was already lying on the surface, and everyone who was alive entered the underground prison.
"What is this situation? Why would someone put poisonous smoke? "
"Yes, what the hell is going on?"
Prisoners np are everywhere. They really don’t understand why everyone is a prisoner, and everyone is from different planets, even the same planet is from different regions. It’s unfortunate that there is a grudge, and it is impossible to have a grudge with everyone. Such a big battle should not be made.
Why is it poisonous smoke? Why is it so horrible … Everyone is a prisoner. Don’t study poison. How can you not study poison to kill people? It’s normal to kill people.
Prisoner np can’t figure out why someone would do this!
But do you still need to think about it for players? Isn’t that the ice lotus? Isn’t that it? What about these players?
Is it a precaution or a trap … Fortunately, they didn’t put everyone into this competition this time and left many people outside.
I have to say that players have learned a lot now!
"Still say, it’s Binglian’s bitch who can make such a scene here!" One player shouted
But this player didn’t expect this sentence to be refuted by the prisoner immediately. "Joke, how is this possible? But all of us are still in here!" "
Ice lotus hands are all in it … This phenomenon shows that ice lotus can’t do such a thing.
This reason is enough for all prisoners np to believe that Binglian didn’t do it, but not enough for players to believe it.
Some players shouted, "What about Binglian? Why did you leave today? And it happened shortly after she left? "
A prisoner once again retorted, "You can look around the nutrient solution here, but there is no shortage. If the ice boss makes the nutrient solution here, it will be less even if it is not removed."
"Yes! If it’s ice lotus, how can she not take part of the nutrient solution? "
"Yes! If Binglian did it, how could she leave all her hands here? Tell her to leave before releasing poisonous cigarettes! "
It seems that many players have wavered.
“! It must be dry! "
"That’s right! It must be dry … there will be people who can do such a thing. It is to poison our department by poison. I didn’t expect md to be poison this time! "
The key to winning the third special training session was that Lin was poisoned … but everyone didn’t know that he was poisoned. After all, that kind of large-scale poison was banned, but it happened that she gave him out and he hasn’t been punished and eliminated.
"It must be that we want to kill this part of us first!"
"That’s right … I guessed that he would come long ago. I didn’t expect that he didn’t want to compete for the control of this organization but to destroy it directly!"
"Yes, it must be. After all, no matter who falls into this organization, its status will be greatly threatened!"
I don’t know why these players are dying, but they still haven’t connected the ice lotus and the ice lotus.
In fact, the reason why they think so is simple!
Because Binglian is a female player and Lin was almost lost the championship by the game studio that is all women in the team position match … I feel that Lin can’t be married to a female player again.
"Who is it?"
Asking this sentence is definitely not a player, but a prisoner np.
"A very horrible … pervert is going to prison with us for the last time, or he is an anti-human super pervert. Killing is an interest for him!"
"hey! I am also the last batch of people who have come here. Why haven’t I heard of such a person? "
"Hehe, the world is so big, you don’t know that there are still many things!"
"Then how do you all know?"
"Because … we were all in his hands, an undercover found out that he was planning a great event to destroy mankind, and he was arrested!"
It’s not someone else but Lika, the king of the game, who casually weaves this lie.
"That’s right! If we weren’t afraid that some of his best friends would kill our family, we would have been tainted witnesses and wouldn’t have come in. "
"He is a demon who kills without blinking an eye!"
"Roots are not individuals!"
Players export one after another to help Lika perfect his lies.
Suddenly, someone shouted, "Are you talking about these times now? Finding a way out is the real thing! "
Everyone nearby was awakened as soon as the scene was quiet … But the players trapped in it frowned one by one.
The caller said, "Why don’t you talk?"
One player said very naively, "You don’t know the horror. We know very well that his plan has never failed once it is implemented!" "
"Yes! We fought with him … We have worked with him for several years and witnessed him implement hundreds of terrorist plans and never failed once! "
The mouthpiece said, "Never failing doesn’t mean never failing. Otherwise, how could he be caught? And if he is as good as you said, why didn’t he put poisonous smoke in this prison but put it outside?"
"Yes, there is no poisonous smoke in this place!"
"If it is, it is impossible not to think of this … Isn’t this bureau out?"
The announcer suddenly interrupted these players to start talking again and shouted, "can’t you say something?" Don’t worry about who made this game, just think that he made you know him. Now you should think about what he might do if he comes … and we have to do this to get out of here! "
"If he set this game, then he must be trying to force us into this prison if he puts poisonous smoke outside instead of in this prison. What will he do when we enter this prison?"