Zhao Suoli reached for the cup and blew it, but he didn’t want to drink tea. Then he put it back in its original place and said, "I’m ordered by the head of the store. In a few days, when everything is arranged, we’ll escort Zhou Lishui to Qixingmen, Hebei Province, so you should make early preparations."

At this time, Li suddenly thought of a careless deal with Hei, and he couldn’t help worrying about his wife’s illness, showing an embarrassed expression on his face. This unnatural action has long been observed by Zhao Suoli.
Zhao Suoli thundered, "Huh? Is it difficult for the shopkeeper Li? "
Li’s heart trembled and was interrupted by Zhao Suoli’s words. He quickly replied, "No, no, just obey Zhao’s instructions."
Zhao Suowai came to Li Yishou, stretched out his hand and patted Li Yishou on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, Boss Li, you will never forget your loyalty."
Li hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, yes."
Zhao Suoli squinted at Li Yishou and said coldly, "Be careful about this action. Don’t let others know, so as to avoid complications. Don’t spread it when we meet you, and don’t expose your identity for the time being."
Li hurriedly bowed with one hand and led his life.
When Li looked up slowly to observe Zhao Suoli’s two brothers, a breeze blew, but the two of them had already disappeared, leaving only the tangled Li standing in the middle of the living room, looking so small.
Chapter one hundred and forty-eight Heart and gallbladder battle before passing away.
Fight with fear before going to the stream.
Wan Li is clear, and occasionally a cloud of white clouds goes with the wind, and a shrill cry cuts through the sky, disrupting the tranquility of these places. A huge vulture is entrenched in the sky in the distance, and through those keen eyes, a lush bamboo forest can be seen as the eye can see.
Suddenly, the vulture seemed to find its prey, and stretched out its tightrope claws like an arrow, and rushed down. Before the poor rabbit in the forest could escape, it was killed by the vulture’s claws …………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Along the cliff where the vultures flew, I vaguely saw the three big characters "Going to Life Stream" hanging on the cliff. This is the place where many heroes in the Jianghu are broken.
After several days of wind erosion and sun burning, the inscription of Lin Liefeng, the former martial arts master, is faintly visible … Yuanyang folded her wings and went to the stream … I am afraid that the rivers and lakes will change more …
Not far away, a solitary grave has long been covered with weeds, and only the bluestone tombstone records the tragic events that have happened.
In front of the solitary grave, a silver-haired old man dressed by plain clothes stood here with his hands on his back like a pine tree. Through those shocking eyes, it can be seen that he seems to be remembering some sad past events.
This man is exactly what Jianghu people call Lin Liefeng, the former martial arts leader and the current head of Wudemen.
Today’s Lin Liefeng is old, perhaps because he abdicated the martial arts leader, he lost a little of the domineering spirit of the past, but more of the kindness of ordinary people and the kindness of the elderly.
Past experiences are presented in Lin Liefeng’s mind like stories. When I was young, that kind of frivolity made Lin Liefeng smile bitterly. With a narrow sense, it was still a big topic in the Jianghu to get rid of the devil in the Jianghu.
Later, he was deeply loved by the master Dongfang Yi, and passed on the position of the master to Lin Liefeng. However, he was extremely happy and sad. When Lin Liefeng was happy with his daughter Lin Shengxue, his wife was victimized by a traitor. This matter has been with Lin Liefeng for the rest of his life, and it has always been difficult for Lin Liefeng to let go. Thinking of this, Lin Liefeng’s eyes flashed a trace of sadness.
Later, Lin Liefeng, the general meeting of the Wumeng League, finally passed on the position of leader to a man who thought he was competent-Zhong Wuyi.
Lin Liefeng was praised by the rise of many young people, the director of the 100-strong exhibition in Wumeng.
Lin Liefeng recalled some past events, sometimes happy and sometimes sad, and the faintly visible wrinkles seemed to record the glory of the past.
Lin Liefeng suddenly thought of Zhao Suotu at the Seven-Star Gate when he thought of the martial arts tournament. On that day, Zhao Suotu made the moving phantom look familiar. Did Zhao Suotu’s martial arts come from the Villain’s Valley? However, the great villain in the Villain’s Valley had been killed by Lin Liefeng, so how did Zhao Suotu, who had been shocked by evil, be tempered?
When Lin Liefeng was struggling, he suddenly thought of a child, that is, the little beggar who had been looking at Lin Liefeng in the distance that day. Is Zhao Sotu the child? Thought of here, Lin Liefeng felt a cold wind blowing and couldn’t help shivering.
Lin Liefeng is not afraid of Zhao Suotu. Is it Lin Liefeng’s opponent with Zhao Suotu’s kung fu now? It reminds Lin Liefeng of another thing. That is the death of my beloved wife, Oriental Pearl. If Zhao Soto is a descendant of Zeng Zhen, then his beloved wife, Oriental Pearl, probably died at Zhao Soto’s hand. Then, with the evil martial arts practiced by Zeng Zhen, Zhao Sotu will continue to harm the innocent.
Lin Liefeng’s back fist punched hard.
Just then, two yellow and fat horses came slowly not far away. A man and a woman on the horses pointed their fingers at Lin Liefeng for a moment and came straight.
That man is Lin Liefeng’s great disciple Zhou Yuping, and another woman is regarded as the apple of her eye by Lin Liefeng, and she is also Lin Shengxue’s only bone and blood.
Lin Liefeng heard the pounding of horses’ hooves, took out a silk handkerchief and gently wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. He slowly turned around and saw a happy voice on his forehead at the moment when Lin Chengxue saw it.
Zhou Yuping and Lin Shengxue jumped off the horse and came near Lin Liefeng. Lin Shengxue held Lin Liefeng’s arm and said with a charming voice, "Dad, you’re here again."
Since that day’s shopping in the past life stream, it seems that coming to the past life stream has become a habit of Lin Liefeng for many days.
Zhou Yuping, Lin Shengxue, a talented woman, and their friendship has long been an open secret.
Lin Liefeng is also full of praise for this upcoming son-in-law. Although Zhou Yuping respects Lin Liefeng and comity, on the surface, everything is so calm and harmonious. However, it seems that Zhou Yuping, the beloved disciple in my mind, always makes me feel deeply uneasy.