"Southern Xuzhou, such as Gaoyou and Sheyang in Xuyi Guangling County, can be planted." Feng Zhang’s tone is gentle and deep, just like hypnosis. Cao Cao and others have been imagining that Xuzhou was attacked by butch riding in a panic …

"Huainan in the eastern part of Yuzhou can also be planted …"
Feng Zhang hasn’t finished yet. Cao Cao has raised his arms and scared others to recover the fruit grain of double-cropping rice in Xuzhou. Yuan Shao and Yuan Shuliu were so scared that their dreams were broken.
"rob! NND snatched these sites back to grow rice! "
Kneeling on one side, Wang Cheng looked up in surprise and saw that Cao Cao, the tiger’s body, was giving off Wang Qi. It turned out that the master was more cruel than himself!
Yuzhou is to say that Cao Cao just placed Xian Di in Xuchang. He controlled Yuzhou and played a chess game. Besides, now Cao Cao and Liu Xie are still in their honeymoon period, and Liu Xie will definitely agree to such a small matter.
What about Tao Qian …
Fight! Who’s afraid of who?
Except for hitting Dong Zhuo, it seems that I didn’t lose!
Cao Cao was completely provoked by Feng Zhang’s words, and his heart itched and he was so excited that he stared like a wolf at two or three in the zoo at night and kept walking back and forth.
We have food, we don’t panic, we eat iron, we are steel …
"Fight! Ma is going to send troops to Xuzhou Tao Qian as soon as possible to calculate the children’s accounts! " Cao Cao’s dark face was suddenly ferocious than
I didn’t expect Cao Cao to play cynical at his age.
"Master, this matter needs long-term consideration!"
"Master it please positions purport for thieves first? Otherwise, the name is not right? "
"Master, calm down!"
All the counselors have tried hard to persuade them to fight in the spring. The central plains area is full of troops and grain reserves after the autumn harvest, and it’s not like the Huns rush to rob it as soon as the snow melts in spring
Cao Cao persuaded everyone to return to normal.
Guo Jia glared at Feng Zhang. You are the one to pick!
Feng Zhang shrugged nonchalantly.
"The master didn’t know what to call the archduke to come here in a hurry?" Feng Zhang hasn’t let Lao Cao even leave Qingzhou alone. He and Cao Ang were called back together to bring Huang Zhong, Hao Zhao and Lv Qiling back while the other four women can wander slowly later.
This road is farther than every other time, from Yuzhou to Qingzhou, and this time it is from Qingzhou to Yuzhou. I have to sit on my woman’s fragrant and charming body and massage "R-O-O-M" to get tired. Do I have to work hard after the massage? But those chicks are also pretty hard.
Is it possible for Lv Qiling to …? ? ?
Where’s Xiao Huan? Will she struggle desperately?
Cao Jieer, who is so bored that he doesn’t fart, forget it.
Cao Caomeng province a clap head pointing to Feng Zhang way "teach you to stir! I almost forgot the big event. "Don’t call people to find Cao Ang."
Zhang Feng cast an inquiring look at Guo Jia, and Guo Jia slowly mouthed four words: "Zhenfu recruited relatives!"
By the way, how to add essence in the new refined building?
Section one hundred and seven Help you pick up girls
When updated 247 2:56:44 Words 4723
I can’t help but want to say some nonsense again.
1. Why don’t you help Liu Xie? Let’s first think about why Shuang Xun turned out to be a court official. Why don’t they help? Both of them went to a new owner? Besides, Xun YU is still loyal to the big fellow MS, trying to stop Cao Cao from being king?
Zhang Feng has more than 1000 years of knowledge, and even the ancients refused to do anything. Will he do it? If the assistant is compared to working, Liu Xie has no land, no money, no soldiers and no food. Why choose such a company? Salaries are paid by other big companies. Who wants to go to Hyundai?
There is also the opportunity for the Han people to get rid of those old rules and regulations in the Three Kingdoms, and a new development direction is Cao Cao, who made a lot of efforts in his early days and was opposed by many aristocratic families. Is it possible for Liu Xie to accept Feng Zhang’s views? Zhang Fenggen is to admit the private ownership of property, which feudal emperor can do? An excellent emperor is also an emperor. His purpose is to maintain his own rule. Everything is privately owned by the emperor. Over my dead body!
2. Problems with Cao Cao and Cai Yan
It’s nothing to see Cai Yan’s experience today, let alone passive. How many romantic men and women are married and born differently in this world today? I’m afraid there are few men/women who can become real men/women after marriage, and there is not much more than Japan.
But in those days, I personally estimate that Lao Cao disliked Cai Yan, and when she came back, she was already very old, and she had two sons. Although Lao Cao was a mature woman lover, she was not ready to marry her into the house. Please note that Lao Cao always ignored these manners. Although he was a friend of Cai Yong, he didn’t see which woman was pushed down first. The most famous is Zhang Xiu’s great aunt Zou … Even the guy who loves to fool people so much is not in the romance. I estimate that Shi Laocao should have nothing to do with Cai Yan. If he really has a wicked heart, why should he marry Dong Si? At that time, men liked women to sleep with other men, so they wouldn’t feel bad?
And Li Cai MM didn’t experience that encounter because of everyone’s support (or I was forced by you). Why didn’t the lecherous old Cao think of a widow and beautiful woman who had been married for only one year? And she has talent! It is unlikely that some people will say what Lao Cao’s wife will object to because women had no status at that time! Of course it’s different now. How many lovers are not afraid of lion roars?
3. The problem with Cao Pi may be that Cao Pi doesn’t impress everyone very well. Personally, I think (I can say this) that he is much better than some guys who are not bad to everyone.
A. He is good at kung fu. His fencing teacher is Wang Yuedi Shi A, which means he is the nephew of Wang Yue’s disciple Feng Zhang.
B. Apart from forcing Zhen Shi to death, there are many human feelings (but this is what I hate most about her personally. If you can’t love her generation, why don’t you give it to Cao Zhi? ) Zhang Xiu was forced to death by him because he couldn’t forget that his eldest brother died at his hands. He was humiliated by the ban and died. How much can you see that he doesn’t like kneeling and surrendering? Moreover, I personally think that by knowing his brother’s talent, his root is to know that Cao Zhi can definitely make a poem in seven steps and Cao Zhi has taken one step! If we don’t talk about these factors, we will give Cao Zhi a 100% chance to live. Otherwise, he will think a little bit, such as "Let’s PK one-on-one hit" and one hundred Cao Zhi will die.
One more thing to apologize for! Thank you, DQ, for waking me up. I mistyped all Yanzhou as 10,000 Khan in Zhangzhou, and it took more than 100 chapters for someone to see it …
The original owner of the Zhen family in Hebei Province was Zhen Yinai, who died early and left three men and five women. This time, the bride-to-be was the youngest daughter Zhen Luo.
I’m sure everyone will think of her as a top beauty, Cao Cao and her two brothers. Even Cao Cao is said to be interested in her. If you don’t come out first to marry her, I’m afraid xelloss will shout "Second mother (mistress? )!”
In fact, this woman is more rare than beauty. She knows the truth, understands the facts, and is not like the Japanese game of Three Kingdoms, which makes her synonymous with lewdness and coquettish in both appearance and personal description. Personally, I think this is a small Japanese country that can’t produce loyalty, beauty and female jealousy. It’s really a pity for this famous beauty.
This Zhen family is a big family in Hebei Province, otherwise it would be difficult to get into Yuan Family Hall even if Zhen Luo is comparable to a fairy. Unfortunately, after Zhen Yi’s death, the three sons were not very successful, and the family situation gradually weakened. The young daughter Zhen Luo’s talented woman’s fame spread far and wide, which made Yuan Shao know. So history is that he married Zhen Luo Yuan Xi and had no emotional basis for arranged marriage, but at that time it was not surprising that there were many such things.
Apart from the Zhen Luo people, the most important reason is that the Zhen family’s wealth is probably the only thing that can be compared with the original Mi family (please note that it is the original)
Yuan Shao intends to marry the Zhen family, but the Zhen family’s three sons and the Zhen Luo people are not stupid, but because of the Yuan family’s influence, they can’t come up with a matchmaking point. Any unmarried man at the age of 14 can sign up (is it the earliest super man? )
I heard that Lao Cao is now "growing vegetables" and Cai MM are studying poetry and songs all day, and I don’t know if it is true.
And Feng Zhang, Guo Jia, these right-hand men, are all married, and Cao Ang has been married to Cao Hong and others … Do you think it is possible?
If we say that Feng Zhang and Guo Jia, Xi Zhicai, Cheng Yu, Shuang Xun and others are not better than if we talk about chasing girls and horses, everyone should have Feng Zhang’s name plus a cow with a high thumb!
Huang MM is not a fact that Feng Zhang missed, but Huang MM’s heart belongs to him, but Dong Pang is too strong. Let’s see which one of Lv Qiling and Mi Huan is not very beautiful. While Lv Qiling just liked Zhao Yun, and Mi Huangen hated Feng Zhang’s "playboy" but fell into Feng Zhang’s hands one by one. When it comes to this emotional matter, who dares to clap his chest and come out and cry, I am better than Feng Zhang?
So Cao Cao’s advisers unanimously helped Cao Ang win this award, and it was necessary for Feng Zhang! Besides, he is also a teacher in Cao Ang. Who will do it if he doesn’t do it?
Feng Zhang can’t believe that these things can be sent to this field! But then again, if you can really win over Zhen’s family, it is also a light weight for Cao Yuan’s hegemony in the future.
"Know the machine that you can be famous. Think about it. Since ancient times, no one has become a professional like you. Even if you can’t do it here, you can be a’ media dad’ who specializes in marriage." Guo Jia said with a face of words, but with his flashing eyes, Feng Zhang concluded that the goods were jealous of himself
It’s no problem for me to be a matchmaker, but a teenager is so handsome and handsome. What if someone else’s older girl looks at me instead of seeing a blind date? Although you can receive a dowry, it is not easy to raise this wife! This is absolutely impossible.
"It’s just knowing the machine. You think it’s a great contribution to take Miss Zhen!" Old man Cheng, who has always been quite gloomy, also jumped out as a lobbyist.