Linlang smiled and nodded, "What does it taste like to eat poison yourself?"

"Are you kidding me?" Xianger is going to faint, and her eyes are black.
Full of laughter, like the spring breeze, charming the sunshine. "You just know how stupid you are. Your Lord is even more stupid. You are such an idiot."
Xianger jumped up with anger. "Ah, ah, I’ll fight with you."
She actually took the beautiful things as a good girl, but she was miserable.
"Peng" Duguye slapped her chest and she flew out and slammed into the wall.
Full of cool dissuade "don’t kill, leave alive"
Not long after I just dragged it out, Du Guye’s face was ugly, and he was surprised and asked, "What happened?"
Du Guye’s chest was blocked. "She bit the poison hidden in her teeth during the trial."
"This is a dead man." Linlang slow three responded that most people can’t afford it. "Are you sure it’s not a royal dead man?"
Duguye coldly said, "It’s definitely not the hands of the emperor’s uncle and grandmother."
Full of beautiful things, it’s interesting that someone else died in the palace.
A flash of light flashed through her mind. "I didn’t expect princess royal to have such strength. All that glitters is not gold."
It’s not easy to see how wild and unreasonable princess royal can hide so deep in the palace with such powerful hands.
She suddenly realized what consciousness to DuGuYe.
Duguye pursed her lips and evoked a touch of cool thin radian. "Unfortunately, there is no evidence."
It’s a pity that the queen mother thought so, too. She almost caught the tail of the big princess royal fox
However, along this line, I found a lot of eyeliner, which is also rewarding.
And Chen Fu’s big princess royal was so angry that the east and west rooms were in a mess.
An ordinary-looking old mammy knelt on the ground and comforted softly, "Lord, you have cleaned up and won’t find us."
A pair of bright eyes, straight body, and a moment’s look will tell you that you are not an ordinary person.
Big princess royal lost several confidants and was mad. It was all because her father left her a top-notch team, which was very powerful.
Before sitting in the house, she could know that every move in the palace was thanks to these people.
Now I’m blind and I can’t find out anything. Can I not be angry?
"It’s a waste palace that orders you to find a way to get rid of Su Linlang."
Old Mammy is used to her temper and patience. She coaxed, "If the main eye doesn’t start work, it’s not worth it if it arouses the emperor’s suspicion."
Princess royal didn’t know this truth, but he was angry. However, it was even more difficult to act after the nails in the palace were pulled out a lot.
Just think about it and blame Su Linlang for all this.
She took a deep breath and forced her anger to "command to temporarily lurk and wait for the palace order at any time."
Big princess royal wanted to think, his eyes flashed coldly and told him, "The Queen Mother should do something over there."
The old mammy was secretly relieved that "it was arranged by the club."
"Is there …" Big princess royal wanted to say something. There was a commotion outside.
Chapter 59 I want the best
Update the latest chapter of the evil king’s favorite imperial doctor’s concubine!
A slender figure rushed in. "Miss Princess Er is ill …"
The old mammy disappeared into the night in a flash.
Big maid around princess royal auspicious followed behind to stop the rush straight through a slap in the past "which come of two young lady? There is a big lady in our house. "
Lily’s eyes were red and she cried, "Handmaiden should say this plainly …"
Big princess royal was upset whether she was angry or not. "What’s wrong with Yi Er?"
Lily is in a hurry. "Miss Da has a high fever and is confused."
Big princess royal couldn’t sit still when he heard this and hurried to his daughter’s room.
Chen Wanyi blushed, his eyes closed and he was covered in hot sweat. He struggled with his mouth full of nonsense and kept calling his mother to save me.
Big princess royal’s heart ached and tears fell straight, and he immediately called for cure too much.
After a long period of diagnosis and treatment, the doctor too much pondered and said nothing. princess royal was in a hurry. "What did the doctor too much say?"
She is cruel to people, but she loves her own children to the extreme.
Cure too much to consider the way "thinking too much evil wind into the body …"
At an early age, worried like this? It seems that the words are true!
The big princess royal Cheng is cold and chilly. "Cure her or no one will want to be better."
She ignored others’ blocking and left Cure too much in the house to take care of Chen Wanyi.
hall of consolation of mothers
Dressed in light blue, the Queen Mother is elegant but less powerful and dignified.
She kept looking at the door. "I heard that Ye Er entered the palace? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? "
She likes that grandson best. Although sexual domineering is the devil incarnate in everyone’s eyes, she is still the clever, naughty and filial baby grandson in her eyes.
The big maid-in-waiting beside her said softly, "I went to Xiugong."
The queen mother’s face sank and the tea cover in her hand was thrown with a loud noise.
Tea fragrance carefully explained, "The little world is very different from this Miss Su …"
She hesitated for a moment and seemed to find herself making a slip of the tongue.
"Say it", the queen mother is not angry and arrogant with a straight face