Time also goes to the small island.

The guild went through the post three times, and mmd let people break in
Didn’t I tell you not to let other people in? They took the money and went back on their word.
Guild Ye didn’t have to come in without money. She warned her three times, and she didn’t listen to this man. He has a little strength and is still very bad. We are all broken in the nail.
Guild Hongmen Xiangzhuang Dance Sword Tougu Nail … Call it time to beat people with you?
The guild has gone through the post three times. Yes, it’s her. A large number of level 235 players have come in. We are rushing back to dance swords. Do you know her?
Guild Hongmen Xiangzhuang Dance Sword knows that it is both earthy and ferocious. There is a video in the forum that you can turn out and see. Please remember that this account and other sect products have been stripped of their attributes. She just doesn’t have a claw cat, so it’s not too late to take revenge. Now come back. Anyway, everyone has come in.
The situation of Hongmen Banquet Association is unclear. When she entered the small island, she continued to follow the painting. There is a century-old banyan tree, but the branches and leaves of this banyan tree cover the whole island and look like a forest.
Ficus pseudoroots go deep into the land, and its coverage becomes wider and wider. Fertile land nourishes everything, and lush foliage, such as jungle, attracts migratory birds to settle down.
Small islands also have land animals. It is more suitable for birds to live here, and the number is less than that of big islands.
Streaming along the coastline, the sand and gravel on the shore glowed, which was different from other sand and gravel. I got one sand and gravel. The amount of sand and gravel was very small. She also drew this ore on the map and then walked away. However, I forgot that a few minutes ago, she sent corn soup back to the camp, and the corn soup cried on the channel of the God-killing Association that she attacked and killed her, asking for smoke to blow up and justice for her.
This missed God-Killing Guild scrolls like a screen.
She doesn’t have a root gene in killing the gods, and she doesn’t like to gather in the crowd. Because her goal is Qinglong, she doesn’t have much contact with the players who kill the gods. Most of the players who kill the gods are not friendly to her either. This time, Corn Soup cried that she put the unified record on the guild channel, and the speaker seemed to see her recording the corn soup.
Guild smoke blows away. You apologize for corn soup. Forget it. Both sides have made mistakes.
The smoke blew in the guild channel, and the players didn’t jump out to speak, but they were waiting for the streamer to say sorry. However, they didn’t wait until the streamer apologized for the announcement and scrolled several times.
Guild smoke is shining? You come out and apologize for corn soup, forget it.
People like the Guild Corn Soup expect her to apologize? It’s better to make me believe that cows are flying in the sky. What’s there to say, brother? You kicked her out. It’s a scourge.
Who is the flower on the left bank of the guild? It’s very obvious that you add her enemy’s strength is not enough. What logic does she need to apologize for being killed by her?
What’s wrong with guild hazel songs is that you are partial to your sister, but it will make us members feel chilling.
Secret chat is so confident that I can whisper to you quietly. Are you watching the guild channel?
The streamer was so confident when she received Rejoice, and the secret chat was forgotten by her. Oh, yes, she was arguing with endless corn soup before. She cut back to the guild channel and read the information. The more she looked at it, the more her heart fell into icehouse. She sent out the records. These people turned a blind eye to right and wrong, but she finally felt a little temperature when she saw strangers in the left bank flower and hazelnut music friends list.
This game still has positive energy.
Killing the gods according to the management method of smoke blowing will not last long.
She thought for a moment and replied on the guild channel.
Before joining the guild, I had some problems with Corn Soup, and I was there when the president invited me. During my affair with you, I settled down with Corn Soup. I want to know what you got involved in and attacked me when the Hongmen Banquet guild stopped me from going to the small island of Zhenshan Island. Today, we are clear in front of the whole guild.
She arrived at several o’clock. Before she first came in, they had a holiday and smoked lightly. Others invited people to know that the second vendetta was not a holiday for two people, but involved a third party. Another guild, Hongmen Banquet, had corn soup mixed in.
Corn soup joined this vendetta because of its association with members of the Hongmen banquet. Is streamer in a state of self-defense to kill corn soup?
Streamer intentionally guides others to think in this direction.
Guild corn soup, don’t provoke it.
I spent sixteen years in the guild … I saw it … I was also in Zhenbeast Island … Today, the small island of Zhenbeast Island in Hongmen Banquet was contracted by them for office activities, so that people would not think about the past. It seems that there was a conflict. Then the Hongmen Banquet blocked the way, and several players fought with her. Finally, we rushed over to the corn soup and said that Liuguang killed her, but I didn’t seem to see you.
Hua Liuwei said that she was a witness and also strolled with the brigade in the past, and the small island players were to be continued.
132 This beam is knotted up.
Some players who witnessed the incident or members of their guild saw it at a glance, but it didn’t make them happy. Both sides had a story, and it was not conducive to the corn soup being favored by his mother. In reality, people often do things beyond their limits, and they often have to be cleaned up for her.
But after all, blood is thicker than water, and relatives are even worse. In fact, he doesn’t think where the wonderful corn soup is. It’s this fuss and bad habits that need to be changed.
Smoke gently blows and rubs the eyebrows.
Guild corn soup seems as if you are so far away. What can you see? You can’t see anything clearly and you don’t know the situation, so you yell
Secret chat, you whispered to Hua Sixteen, thank you for coming out to speak for me.
Secret Chat Flower 16 quietly said you’re welcome. People in the former guild said you were bad. Today, it seems more like they smeared you. I’m going to change the guild or go to the friends’ guild. Don’t feel aggrieved. It’s better to leave God early.
It’s not too bad to watch the game when I get the comfort of sixteen flowers and laugh and remember her feelings silently.
It’s a long way for me to spend sixteen for the guild, because I can’t get through the Hongmen banquet. People won’t let us go to the small island. We scattered people want to catch pets and have to come back another day. When I reported this on the guild channel, there was no one to help streamer fight with the Hongmen banquet. They all want to go to the small island site and it’s not the Hongmen banquet. Why don’t you give people the past to get down to business? If you die, you have to sue streamer for killing you. What do you say?
It took sixteen long sentences to finish the corn soup and made an unexpected one.
The guild spent sixteen years being expelled from the corn soup for violating the guild regulations. Since then, each road has gone its own way.
This flower of her speech was kicked out of the gods by corn soup. When she was misunderstood and attacked by other members of the gods’ guild, she came out timid and stuttered, but she bravely told the truth what she saw. When the corn soup questioned her, she seemed to have put a burden on her, and she dared to speak and dare to say what she said.
Her words are still ringing in the ears of streamers, but corn soup will be kicked out of the guild
Guild streamer guild management kicked people out for sixteen years to slander you? What did she say? Corn soup, is this killing god you?
Guild corn soup, this god is my brother, and of course it’s me. What?
Guild smoking is enough.
A woman scolds and speaks very fast, and the smoke blows and listens to the streamer’s question. Intuitively, her sister’s brain has been brought into the ditch by streamer with the intention of yelling and interrupting the conversation between the two. However, history is strikingly similar, and the speed of speech and reaction of corn soup are faster than her brother’s. Arrogant words reach the ears of every guild member through the guild channel.
To be worse
Smoke blowing and other guild management think of the first thing: corn soup, which is more stable than iron fighters pulling hatred
I’ve endured you for a long time, and you’re the one who scares the hell out of me every time.
The guild streamer was expelled from the guild by corn soup for violating the guild regulations, and since then, he has gone all the way.
"Ha" streamer laughs. The logo faded and disappeared since she joined the Killing God Guild. "Corn soup is over". She didn’t regard killing God as a game from beginning to end. She admitted that joining the Killing God was impure. She was kicked out of the killing God before she left the killing God.
This tone can’t be swallowed.
I didn’t notice that Hua Sixteen had left her a secret message until I swallowed my breath.
Five minutes ago, Hua Sixteen whispered to you, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s so hateful to kill God." Meow, if I knew I was alone, it would be too bad to be kicked by God. I’m going to reward her and piss me off.
The secret chat flower sixteen whispered to you that you should refuel and tear that bitch up as a model of not taking medicine when she was ill.
You whispered to Hua Sixteen # Laughing through tears, she also put me out. Killing God is her home court. People said that killing God is her brother. Of course, it is also her. I can’t tear her apart. We will reward her together.
The secret chat flower sixteen quietly said to you that we would reward her together. It seems that it is also ok to find a reliable Feiyu Gate or a dark crow building Fanyin Temple. I will ask my relatives and friends in Fanyin Temple.
So it takes sixteen to make friends with streamer.
Streamer didn’t expect that it was such a small matter that turned sixteen catalysts into flowers, which made her game career take a completely different path
Corn soup will kick out the streamer and kill the gods. I feel that I have lost a few thorns when I speak.
Guild corn soup ~ after someone leaves, the whole guild will be clean, and there will be no annoying species jumping up and down to make the guild restless
Guild corn soup violates guild regulations. Smoking is light and forbidden. Warning corn soup cannot make the guild channel speak for 36 hours.
Guild smoke blows you up. Do you think about your recent words?
However, there is not much point in the smoke-blowing measure, which is aimed at the welfare of the guild and the first guild. New players quit the guild one after another, especially when relatives and friends introduce them to the players, and the others leave with them.
In a blink of an eye, more than 30 new players quit the guild and dyed it for others. More people also joined in quitting the guild.
When they joined the killing, the short-term method produced a sense of belonging to the guild, just like the streamer. They didn’t regard the killing as a home, and they didn’t become a whole with the killing. Once there were signs that they were dissatisfied, they left with the crowd
Smoke blown up and watched the guild channel pop up constantly. The golden font was dazzling and more like a slap in the face. Smoke blown up and his face turned blue. He knew what it meant for killing God … To be continued.