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The seventh volume levy day 2 Luoyang auction house
After coming to Luoyang, Alei and Longge found an inn to rest and have a good sleep. The next day, Alei and Longge went out to find out information.
This information is also simple, mainly to see if prices have gone up and how much power players have.
From all kinds of rising prices, we can analyze whether the logistics is smooth or not, and then analyze the tension between Dong Zhuo and various princes
A Cai and Long Ge are wandering around the streets of Luoyang, where they are strangers. It is difficult for them to find anything, but A Cai has a simple way to solve the problem directly.
A Cai hey hey smiled, and a pair of eyes glanced around in the street crowd. Suddenly, I saw the target. A fat man in a merchant’s clothes was walking nervously and quickly. His clothes were gorgeous and he looked quite flustered.
A Cai smiled and walked over and pulled him and said, "Brother, I haven’t seen you for such a long time. Why didn’t you contact me?" It hurts me to find it! "
The fat man saw a swordsman in a knight-errant suddenly pull himself, and he was so scared that he was almost surprised. A Cai affectionately pulled him to a place next to him where there were few people.
A Cai blinked. "Hello, brother!"
The fat face turned white and trembled gently, and there was a look of fear in his eyes. "I don’t know you. Who are you? I’m telling you, don’t mess around. Most of my friends in Luoyang came when I called a group of people. "
A Cai hey hey smiled. He didn’t seem to care about being fat and threatening him, just like chatting with friends casually. "Actually, I don’t know you either!" But it’s a little small trouble for you-I want to visit all the stores in Luoyang, and my brothers must know where they are. "
The fat man turned pale and ruddy when he heard him say business. He said enthusiastically, "Ah, brother, are you here to buy things or sell things?" I know several large trading places. How about I take you there? "
A Cai said flatly, "I’m here to help my friends inquire about the market. I don’t buy anything or sell anything."
"Oh, yes! But it’s gone. Just think of it as advertising. "
Fat face slightly disappointed.
"Take me to the biggest one!"
Fat is not happy, but he dare not show it. A Cai puts his hand on his shoulder. He is not too strong to make him look painful. He is too fat to take him to the store honestly. This so-called store is actually a scattered place for business. In addition, there are a lot of other facilities for players to avoid heavy taxes from the government and establish a trading platform privately. I know that there are not many people in this place, mainly some business resellers and some wealthy individual buyers.
This fat, well-dressed businessman is obviously a rich businessman, but I don’t know what he is doing in such a hurry. Cai secretly wondered if he was being followed by his wife. Or do you owe people money to be hunted down? Or both.
Dressed in white, Brother Long shook the jade fan with no hurry and no Xu, followed them, and Fat led them through several alleys and soon came to the door of a dilapidated courtyard.
The fat man said in a hurry, "This is the biggest trading place in Luoyang. Go and visit yourself. I have to leave in advance."
A Cai is full of doubts, looking at the fat and walking to the yard with longge. There are several big men chatting in the yard, and they are looked at by someone coming.
The men shouted, "What are you two doing here? There is nothing to see here. "
"Ha ha, hello, big brothers. We’re here to do some shopping, and please ask big brothers to take us."
"Oh, what to buy? Let’s hear it "
"It would be better if there are rare treasures in weapons and equipment."
The big fellow nodded.
"Come with me!"
A big fellow said and took them into the big room in the yard. There was a passage through a long tunnel. In front of him, Huoranlang was a huge market, and people were buzzing with transactions.
The big fellow patted his chest and said, "What do you want to buy? I can take you directly to ensure good quality and low price."
"Oh, no, we don’t have to bother this big brother by wandering around ourselves."
The big fellow nasty "really? I am familiar with the boss here, but I can give you a discount. I have always been very honest. You can trust me. "
"Thank you. We don’t have to bother big brother around."
Choi refused his help again, and the big fellow was slightly disappointed. Such business introductions are usually made in cheat people. Why would Choi ask him to introduce him? It’s better to look for them one by one.
Crowded markets are full of stalls selling things. The most common thing is that all kinds of weapons, such as knives, swords, spears, bows and arrows, are the same kind of goods, but there are fewer things that can be bought in the ordinary market. Armor has a complete set of hard armor and soft armor, which are extremely expensive.
In addition to these, there are other things, such as martial arts secrets and panacea, which are ridiculously expensive, and their performance is really questionable. Can’t these rare things be found in stalls? Most of them are made by players themselves, which is far less effective than real secrets and elixirs.
A Cai and Long Ge strolled around and found a lot of strange things, such as reading the secrets of Lang’s champion, the music score of high mountains and flowing water, the Tang Bohu beauty fan (don’t be surprised that this is a player’s name), anesthetics, hidden weapons map of Tangmen, Jinjiao rhinoceros and eyelashes of Jinjiao Golden Lion, which made A Cai’s eyes wide open.
I was walking around the auction house with a notice posted at the door in front of me.
A Cai excitedly ran over but was stopped by a few thugs. "Living here is a restricted area and only gold guests can enter."
A Cai was surprised and said, "What is a golden guest?"
"Gold trading is a gold guest, but the minimum amount of funds must reach 5 taels of gold, otherwise you can’t go in."
"Oh, what do you mean? Do you think I have enough money here for five taels of gold?"
A Cai showed them the wrist fund data, and showed them that the cash in it exceeded 5 taels of gold, so these thugs let him pass, and they stopped him when Longge wanted to pass.
A Cai quickly explained, "Does he have to have so much money as my personal bodyguard?"
That a few thugs surprised laugh "he is a born you are a swordsman, how did he become your bodyguard? There are a lot of strange things on this day! "
But laughing and laughing finally let them go.
O food side lower muttered "* * * these idiots can’t martial arts master wear raw clothes? If these idiots had been removed in the flag-raising army. "
Brother Long smiled faintly. "I must dispute with them. It’s the first time I’ve been treated as a stranger. It’s really interesting. Do I look like a scholar?"
"Hey, hey, I deserve the credit. I’m so elegant. I look like what I wear."
A Cai proudly boasted that he had come inside with longge.