With this real eye land exhibition, you can ensure that you can brush your troops, but the f4 corridor is Ann.

In addition, the real eye can also ensure that as soon as he brushes f4f4, he will pull it into the grass to play, and there will be no problem.
The artificial eye was inserted in the other side of the three wolves, and now one can be inserted without grass, and this side can settle for the next best.
Put your eyes in the middle of the road and brush with each other. Once Lulu goes offline, Lulu will follow him away.
Where Lulu goes, where he goes, Lulu has the skills of accelerating and decelerating, and he also walks no slower than Lulu.
And when he sees the other side beating wild mantis, he will leave without giving the other side a chance to catch him.
Once mantis really made a big move, but after going out a little at f4, Lu Zhan found it and rushed over to hang a bomb on him.
This is a demonstration against the other side. Meeos thinks that time has come like this, and it is very likely that someone behind him will not dare to come back again, leaving without even looking at it.
Once Meeos stopped coming this way.
He generally guessed that Lu Zhan’s true eyes were in the grass, and he sneaked around to the side of the Three Wolves. This time, Lu Zhan made a big move and moved forward in the same demonstration.
In fact, for a second, he couldn’t see where mantis was, but he was afraid when he knew that mantis was coming.
As soon as mantis appeared, Lu Zhanma hanged himself, accelerated and hung a bomb on mantis.
Mantis jumped according to E skill and gave a W.
Skills hit the time, but time has accelerated back to the tower, missed the best time to catch people and can’t kill them.
Mantis, these two gank are a game of Chinese singles and wild IQ. Lu Zhan disintegrated the other side through his vision and killed the two attacks, which is considered as spending money to keep peace.
A real eye can earn more than that if it is only 1 yuan to make up for a wave of soldiers. If it is dead, the delay is not a wave of soldiers. It is very good to plan ahead before the land exhibition.
Then Meeos came back to the Three Wolves honestly, decorated himself to get rid of the false eyes, and went to f4 to get rid of the true eyes of Lu Zhan.
The wild area fell into darkness and went straight home to buy eyes.
From the recruitment of soldiers, he is worse than Lulu. It is not a bit cruel to be suppressed at the beginning of two soldiers.
However, Lu Zhan has a head and four assists, but his money is more than that of a small dragon and a middle tower team.
Moreover, the gap between his time and Lulu’s recruitment has been narrowing after the war of Xiaolong Regiment.
The North American team thought it might be finished if they played like this, so they wanted to find an opportunity group.
"Group road! The other Draven is the best point of development, "Meeos said.
"Time will definitely follow me if we are on a group trip." Bjergsen looked at the time.
"I think it’s better for the group road to fight. I’ll send the support road than the other side." Dyrus, the physical conductor, expressed his opinion. He was badly crushed by Draven when he was passing by.
Dao Mei and barrels have been sent, but Dao Mei is on his way. If Tuanlu barrels send support in the past, Devon can’t get through, so even if Lu Zhan follows the North American team at the first time, he will still play more and less.
This is his experience as captain. Dyrus has always been proud of his command ability.
Just do it. In North America, Chanlulu and the wild mantis flank the road at the same time.
This time, gank focused on speed, regardless of whether they were seen by the other side or not. Anyway, after seeing the China team, Dreven could not walk from the road to the road for support.
Lu Zhan noticed Lulu’s disappearance for the first time. After marking the road as a retreat, Lu Zhan found that passers-by probably couldn’t escape.
It happened that at this time, they were fighting wild lions and dogs, and they were collecting wild support in the semi-wild area. Maybe from time to time.
"One tower on the road can escape a few and let’s go to the road!"
Lu Zhan immediately judged the current situation.
He knew at a glance where Dyrus was going. Since the cask was delivered to support him, why did he fight the other side?
At this time, it is better to go to gank barrel.