"Then why don’t the druids here check it out?" Zhao Tiezhu asked as he stuffed bread into his mouth.

"Because they are afraid of death, the big druids are important members of the Presbyterian Church. Each big druid holds one twelfth of the strength of the whole druid Church, but two big druids can fall in one day. Even if there are dozens of big druids, the harmony of everything can’t bear it. The most important thing is that these two big druids are members of the Presbyterian Church." Chen Kai took out a piece of toast and slowly stuffed it into his mouth. The toast bread was light and tasteless. It was really not delicious without sauce.
"They don’t have dozens of big druids? Just choose two, "said the cloud, letting go of the fork.
"But the important condition for growing old is that he must be a high-level strange power. It’s a pity that at this stage, except for ten elders, nothing else is high-level." Chen Kai sighed and said that the Druid Sect is the most strange force he knows, but it is also the most conservative aboriginal force.
Its strength lies in knowing the odd number of people, while its conservatism lies in controlling the elders of the mission. In addition to having extremely high profits, it also bears great responsibilities, and once a certain elder is lost, the mission games will immediately stagnate because the remaining people don’t know who to go to.
Although there are five big druids in Nice, Aarti, and they are all big elders, in fact, they are only nominal residents. They are stationed in Nice, Aarti, and there is an emerald dragon Tyral. Now he has fallen, and another one is stationed near Augustus.
There are three big druids left, one can’t find his whereabouts, the other is on his way to Anfalafa, and the only one who arrived at the big druid was just before Chen Kai and others entered the city, and they haven’t fully grasped the situation in Nice, Aarti, let alone sent people to areas hundreds of kilometers away to check the reasons for the closure of the Great Rift Valley.
Chapter 194 The staff of the earth-the Rift Valley (former)
"I heard that the new big druid was almost treated as a stag when he entered the city?" Chen Kai felt a little headache thinking about upgrading to level 4 and becoming a senior knight, so he changed the subject very directly.
"Well, Cenarius, this is the wrong number of the demigod in the game played by Blizzard Company in the early 21st century. Of course, his real name is also Cenarius, but it’s a pity that he is not a demigod but a big druid." Xu Fei answered Chen Kai’s question and stuffed half of his salad into a Wang Xuewen dish.
"Brother Fei, I don’t like to eat your leftovers." Wang Xuewen was very depressed when he looked at the salad on the plate. Of course, if these salads turned into barbecue or other delicious dishes, he would not hesitate to finish him.
"Won’t Blizzard sue Siyuan for his invasion?" Cloud feels very strange.
"What do you think now Blizzard will kill a stag to offend the actual shareholder boss of its company? And the stag is similar to another demigod game character with the same name except the name. "Xu Fei directly answered the cloud question and took out a photo of Cenarius Yingwei, a huge stag that is said to be at least four meters high.
"This guy’s antlers are very handsome." Looking at Xu Fei and taking out the magic image, ll, their first impression is that Cenarius’s forehead has terrible antlers that are two meters long.
"This guy’s antlers must be very valuable after they are sold." Cloud looked at the antlers and the first thing that came to mind was the antler in reality.
"Then again, what did the big druid like to become a stag and come to Nice, Aarti? Can’t he fly? Will you run on all fours? " Looking at the magic image, Cenarius Zhao Tiezhu could not help but ask this question.
"You really guessed it. Cenarius is said to be the only one among all the great druids who can’t fly because he is afraid of heights." Xu Fei said a word that made everyone spray rice or salad because they didn’t have food.
"Hey, I don’t think it’s time for us to discuss the great druid, but the very important issue of how to upgrade the level to level 4. Damn it, there is no place to train around the town of Nice, Aarti. The most shameful thing is that besides the druid, there are believers in the goddess of nature and temples, and there are not even mercenary unions and adventurers’ guilds." Su Xinghe knocked on a table and interrupted others’ discussion about Cenarius.
"Hey ~ Lao Su, I think you are wrong. There is a mercenary guild and an adventurer guild in Nice, Aarti. The worst thing is that there is a killer association here." Yun said with her eyes narrowed.
"What? You can’t be mistaken, can you? We didn’t visit the whole city during the day. Do you see the shadows around this big tree? " Su Xinghe doesn’t believe that although everyone walks separately when wandering around the city during the day, the main roads and commercial districts are marked on the map. He didn’t see the map mark of the mercenary guild address.
"Because they are all underground," the cloud knocked on the table, saying that the carved wooden part that Li grew was not so comfortable to knock on the long table, but it could express the meaning of the cloud very clearly. The desktop is the root of the big tree, which is the underground as the cloud said.
"You said this city is the heart?" Chen Kai was very interested in the cloud theory. He first heard that a city street was arranged underground.
"Boss, do you think an underground tree is a heart tree that can stand on the ground for more than 3,000 years without being hung down by the wind?" Cloud looked at ll strangely, and then the other party thought of the part where the big tree was carved in the root of the ground, and the part that the cloud said was that the root of the big tree was expanded by magic.
After all, the root diameter of this big tree called Nice, Aarti is more than 30 meters, and it is still the thinnest. Chen Kai’s hotel is a small hotel in this root-natural magic exhibition-
The dividing line of moral integrity-
"What, we have to stay up in the middle of the night and go to this dark place?" Staring at a pair of sleepy eyes, Vivian was very puzzled and asked Chen Kai, who walked in front of her. Several girls behind her looked at Chen Kai with the same unfriendly eyes. For them, they should sleep well under the covers now. They didn’t sleep well for several days instead of running around in this narrow tree root road.
"You have to ask the one in front of this." ll pointed to walk in front of the team to lead the way. To tell the truth, he didn’t know anything about going to the underground mercenary guild. It had to be in the middle of the night and he had to walk through such a narrow tree root passage.
"This should be it?" Yun looked at a piece of paper in his hand with the help of a luminous ring borrowed from Wang Feifei, and then suddenly pinched his face and said to himself, "Strange where I put the secret language?" After rummaging around for a long time, he finally found a crumpled note in his boots.
"Shit" cloud read out the paper words in a gnashing tone, but he didn’t see the changes around him after reading the words. "Is my tone wrong? Do you want to do it again? "According to the note, Yun gnashed his teeth again and shouted shit, and then he expected something to happen.
But at this moment, everyone, including the cloud, has an impulse to scold shit, because the wooden passage of their feet turned into a huge black hole in an instant, and everyone was completely swallowed up by the black hole when they didn’t react.
"Touch" was accompanied by a slight * * ground sound. Ll, they all gave an involuntary scream. Although there was a supporting force in their instant body, Ll and his party still fell to the best place in a very unsightly posture without adjusting their posture.
"Old four, why don’t you find out what a shame it is?" Ll knocked on the cloud forehead hard. Just now, he lost his face to Java, and his hand actually reached Su Wan’s ass.
"How do I know it will be like this? The intelligence guide didn’t "cloud rubbed his forehead koo said was hurt.
"You didn’t ask yourself, did you?" Xu Fei rubbed his ass and said that he landed on his ass. He was the one who fell the worst among several people. Of course, he was much luckier than being eaten with two slaps and a pair of panda eyes, because Wang Xuewen was not only regarded as a meat pad, but also as a pervert.
"I think we should get to the place," Su Xinghe said after seeing the surrounding environment clearly. Behind him, Su Wan was rubbing his skirts. At this time, Su Wan’s face was red, not like the heroic spirit in the past, but like a kannika nimtragol.
"But it really doesn’t look like a place where roots spread out. It’s really … it’s spectacular." Zhao Tiezhu couldn’t help but exclaim when he walked to the exit of the light channel, because he saw a huge vertical circular pipe in his eyes, and on both sides of the whole pipe were rows of buildings made of wood and stones.
"Here should be in? Nice, Aarti has become the real essence of the whole city of Nice, Aarti, a great and eternal city. "Yun said in a very shocked tone that in this city, green natural light is almost everywhere, and even the light emitted by the zenith is as soft as the light that illuminates the forest in the morning.
Here Chen Kai saw for the first time not only the players who arrived in Nice, Aarti with them, but also a lot of them. Of course, there were more people walking around with weapons on their backs, mercenaries and adventurers playing shops, doing business, all kinds of businessmen and busy pedestrians.
"Is my biological clock upside down? It’s after 1 o’clock in the middle of the night. Why is it still so lively here?" Chen Kai was very surprised, because in his opinion, the situation here is not like a city after midnight, but a kind of similar to most of the day.
"You’re right. Tejral, a place that violates the laws of nature, is so kind that the city is still here." Just as Chen Kai was amazed, he suddenly had an old man with antlers and a long yellow beard hanging down to his chest. When he was by Chen Kai’s side, everyone could smell a fresh and natural breath in his nose.
"Good morning, Aurora believer. I think you have guessed who I am?" The old man beside Chen Kai said to Chen Kai in a gentle tone that a green meadow was slowly growing at his feet and appeared on the stone floor like a green carpet.
"Good morning, Cenarius Pavilion" Chen Kai looked straight at the green meadow at the foot of Cenarius, because it seemed to him that Cenarius was stronger than Tejral. "Is it true that Cenarius is the strongest in the demigod?" With such questions, Chen Kai looked at Cenarius with reverence.
Xu Fei, they looked at each other with unusual reverence when they saw Cenarius. Although they saw Qi in this paragraph, it was not five (even if one of them was hanging up, Qi was still strange), but none of them had the power of Cenarius, and there was no magic energy fluctuation. Just on the ground, the surrounding ground slowly grew grass and flowers.
"This adult’s strength is terrible. I think he wants to be a demigod rather than a miracle." Yun wrote in the team channel and poked a foot in the grass with his finger. He also pulled out a grass and carefully observed it to make sure that it was grass in the real game instead of magic to form an illusory image.
"Do you know what a demigod is like?" Xu Fei is also driving a blade of grass in his hand, and his fingers have been completely impregnated with tender green grass juice.
"Should should be? … I really don’t know what it’s like. "Yun sighed. As a result, he found that whether it was Guedos or Ness was very different from Cenarius. Even whoever chattered nonstop, Hakkak didn’t have Cenarius’s ability. Of course, Hakkaken had no body, so it was difficult to judge his strength when he recovered.
At this time, while remembering Tejral, Cenarius criticized him for being too relaxed about the urban governance in Nice, Aarti. Of course, there was another side asking about the reasons for the fall of Tejral and Augustus. In addition, Lokas left alone with those soldiers to cover up the identity of Chen Kai, their real carriers.
It’s that Chen Kai is very white. If his belt is exposed, he will definitely be killed by those peeping guys and stripped of his body. Even if there is a strange guy opposite him, he will definitely say that he doesn’t know and he hasn’t hypnotized himself for a long time. He silently said that he doesn’t know.
I can’t find out the situation. Cenarius’s expression is a little disappointed. Of course, he soon recovered his calm. After all, Nice, Aarti is now the leader. He has more important things to do, such as finding two strange bodies. Well, if they are not found and removed, look at the reasons why a rift valley is closed. After all, one day when the rift valley, an important channel leading to the northern region, is closed, the tax revenue in Nice, Aarti will be reduced by a lot of gold coins.
Although Tejral, like most dragons, left Cenarius a room full of gold coins and all kinds of sparkling gems, it is not enough to transform Nice, Aarti as Cenarius thought, especially if it wants to build an eternal natural spring, it needs one and a half Tejral bedroom gold coins for the cost alone.
"Maybe I can borrow some from Ollia!" Touching his beautiful and slender beard, Cenarius thought about how to solve the problem of the source of gold coins for building natural springs, but soon Cenarius thought of the greedy nature of the dragon, especially when he saw that Ollia had to pick up a silver coin and wipe it in his purse when he was young, and Cenarius gave up the idea.
Watching Cenarius slowly disappear into the passage, including Chen Kai, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. After all, even if the other person is hurting at a strange edge, that kind of pressure can’t be borne by ordinary people, especially when the green carpet under your feet keeps expanding.
Therefore, when Chen Kai and others left the passage, the whole passage had completely turned into a flower passage before Cenarius left, and the green meadow completely spread to the surrounding wooden walls, even the top of the luminous passage was occupied.
"It’s really a strange place to do business in the middle of the night, and it’s not affected by noodle fasting, but you can still eat meat." Llewellyn looked at the steak on the plate in front of him and wiped his saliva. He didn’t know that he hadn’t eaten hot food for several days. He accelerated to Nice, Aarti, and almost everyone was dry and cold dried meat all the way.
Of course, in addition to fresh steaks, the blacksmith shop here is also very good. In addition to mending the armor of Chen Kai and completely transforming the cloud crossbow machine that is about to be scrapped, of course, Chen Kai took his noble badge and added 1000 gold coins to complete the transformation. The torque of the crossbow machine has dropped a little, but it is still as high as 29 kilograms higher than the original torque, and it can also be launched in three directions.
In addition to these, Chen Kai also got a great sword in his hand-Rox? The sacred glow blade of steel fire is about to reach the point of unsealing, so it will lose control when Chen Kai injects quarrelling into the weapon and almost suck Chen Kai into a single person.
But now Chen Kai is facing a problem. His quarrelling is not enough to directly rush the weapon. The first seal is because this seal is altruistic. The weapon itself is slowly sealed step by step, and for a long time, Chen Kai is quarrelling and strengthening the weapon seal. Chen Kai wants to seal himself, but he needs to be extremely quarrelsome and directly impact the giant sword.
Obviously, Chen Kai has this kind of quarrelling quantity, but he doesn’t have this kind of quarrelling skill. Chen Kai will naturally have a little bit of quarrelling skill, but it is very different from the self-sealing explosive skill of impact weapons. What makes Chen Kai depressed is that no one wants to help him solve the first seal of weapons, no matter how much money he gives the blacksmith.
According to the blacksmith, it’s respect for the master. Only when the emissary presses the weapon seal by his own strength can he prove that the emissary has the strength to master the weapon. Otherwise, even if the weapon seal is hit, it will be an insult to the weapon itself and the name of the master who made the weapon.
Therefore, Chen Kaineng, the blacksmith, said that the stupidest way is to constantly fight against each other and attack the weapon during the weapon period. The first self-seal designed by the strange blacksmith makes the weapon have a self-liberation and evolution. According to the blacksmith, it is a washing exercise of the weapon’s texture. When this weapon is completely liberated, it will definitely become a truly sacred instrument made by mortals. Before that, it will be completely completed, that is, the white magic crystal will be replaced with a secret star treasure diamond.