Chapter 221st []

With Jirachi turned into a crystal, Longye and Meow Meow walked towards the town of kettle inflammation. In the first two days, everything was normal, but after receiving Laiye, he found that he seemed to have some minor troubles.
A tough-looking man stopped in front of Longye. He took out a portrait and compared it with what he had determined, and his face was pleased.
"You are Longye, right? Hand over Jirachi and you can leave here safely."
Longye Zheng slightly. Is this a robbery? Longye looked at the man in front of him funny. "How do you know that Jirachi is with me?"
"You woke up Jirachi in Farnsworth, and it’s all over the place. Now there are many people who want to hit on you. Leave it to me, Jirachi. Don’t let me do it."
Longye nodded his head clearly. It seems that Butler did it. I didn’t expect this down-and-out scientist to have some ability. I thought that Butler was hysterical when he left. The dragon smiled with ambition. It would be better if that guy announced the Jirachi incident. In five days, no one would find himself in trouble because of Jirachi.
"Dude, do you know that robbery is a very dangerous job?" Longye suddenly said
"Danger? I’ve never heard of this word. Cut the crap, Jirachi. Are you going to pay it or not? " Strong man said again
"Kami Turtle, please play with him for a while." Longye said after releasing Kami Turtle.
"Xiao, since you have the hard way, I will teach you a good lesson." The strong man also sent his elf out after seeing Longye send the elf.
It is a Mightyena saying that the strong man sends elves. It seems that Mightyena, an elf, has become the standard configuration for bad guys. Those villains must have a Mightyena in their hands.
Mightyena looks fierce, but he doesn’t show any bright performance in the face of Kami turtle. Kami turtle makes the iron wall strengthen itself, so he can turn around at high speed and fight with Mightyena. After a few fights with Mightyena, he has already fallen into a disadvantage. One second, Kami turtle knocks Mightyena to the ground at the end of the water column.
"Strength so food also want to economist robbery? Did I tell you that robbery is a dangerous job? " Longye smile said to the strong man
"What do you want?"
I don’t want anything. If you can pay enough ransom, I’ll let you leave, or I’ll hand you over to Officer Jenny for handling.
In Longye, I smiled strangely and robbed the strong man. I gave all my money to Longye Longye, and I was satisfied with letting him go.
"It seems that it will be interesting for us to come for a few days." Longye said cheerfully.
"Boss, if we really meet a lot of people, can we be careless?" Meow meow still has some worries.
Longye nodded his head. Although it’s not a big annoyance, it’s best to do everything to prevent capsizing in the gutter.
Then, instead of taking the Super Archean No.2, Long Ye chose to walk. He thought that if someone came to find fault, it would just allow the elves to practice their hands, but he was released by Enron Wild, and Gengar and Darkrai were hidden by him.
I don’t know whether Jirachi is too attractive or Butler’s inspiring ability is too strong. In the next few days, Li Longye met a large number of people who tried Jirachi’s idea.
In order to deal with these annoying guys, Longye had to send Kamigui, Namazun, Lunatone and Iceberguard to fight in turn. The high-intensity fighting made them grow a lot in a short time. These elf methods solved the problems and gave them to the tyrannical tyrannical dragon wave, which immediately taught these guys how to behave.
After seeing the strength of Longye, some people chose to unite several people to surround Longye at the same time. Since the other party didn’t behave properly, Longye naturally let Gengar and Darkrai join in the battle. After severely teaching these unruly people, Longye let the salamander spray flames to burn their clothes to ashes and throw them naked in the wild for punishment.
By the time Butler realized that Longye had awakened Jirachi, five days ago, those wannabe people could not see it. By this time, they were all behind Longye, and the fire rock team and water fleet also joined in.
The water fleet took the lead, but Long Ye didn’t expect that the water fleet people actually moved their weapons directly. Doing so has violated the tacit understanding that the major forces of the alliance have always adhered to, and the dragon savage is even more angry.
Xiao Xixi is the leader of this operation of the water fleet. Although he joined the water fleet soon, he was promoted to be a squad leader because of his many meritorious deeds against the Fire Rock team. He felt that this time he was sure, but he was amazed at the members of the water fleet who fell to the ground.
Just now, when the water fleet moved its weapons, Longye unexpectedly blocked the first wave of attacks with super power. Before the water fleet people could react, Longye three elves quickly counterattacked and let the water fleet people fall to the ground immediately.
Longye watched curiously as there was only one person left in the water fleet not far away. In the counterattack just now, the other side’s jumping fish was knocked down by Gengar, but just as Gengar wanted to knock others down, the other side sent two elves to block Gengar’s attack.
After the other party sent two elves, Torterra and Ice Elves, which are not elves in Fengyuan area, and these two elves are quite capable of blocking Gengar’s attack. So this person turned out to be a small captain of the water fleet? Longye knew that this man must be hiding something before him.
And at this time, Xiao Sunseeker looked at Longye’s eyes, and the other party’s super power was so powerful, but he had been looking for it. He noticed Longye’s curious eyes, Xiao Sunseeker knew that the other party was already doubting himself, but now everyone else in the water fleet had fallen, and Xiao Sunseeker was not worried about his secret exposure.
Xiao Xilai is from the Shenao area. He has been pursuing a different path from ordinary trainers. He believes that human potential is stronger than elves, so he hopes to make himself stronger than elves.
In order to achieve his goal, Xiao Xi once joined the Galaxy team, hoping to get the chance to get the power of the elves, but the plan of the Galaxy team was slow and he didn’t know when it would be effective. He finally betrayed the Galaxy team and joined the water fleet, which was able to control Gulado and Kyogre’s orb.
Now Xiao Sunseeker has seen what he has been pursuing in Longye, which is a great temptation for him. Xiao Sunseeker keeps staring at Longye. If he can get Jirachi’s strength, he will be able to achieve his goal all the time.
"Torterra Leaf Storm Ice Elf Blizzard" Xiao Sunseeker actually took the lead in launching an attack. He was confident that he had been cultivating elves in Shenao. With these two elves, Xiao Sunseeker could also fight against the four kings.
In the face of Xiao Sunseeker’s counterattack, Longye was very calm. He was protected by his side. Gengar and Darkrai met the ice elves and Torterra Gengar’s continuous shadow ball respectively. They directly broke through the snowstorm defense line and hit the ice elves. When the ice elves screamed and fell to the ground, Darkrai had already prepared for the sub-cutting, and Torterra, Torterra, saw that the leaf storm had limited defense effect on the sub-cutting, so they shrank their shells. Even so, Torterra’s back young trees were cut off.
Gengar and Darkrai didn’t fight each other. After Gengar knocked down the ice elf, he saw Torterra hiding and immediately made up a shadow punch for it. It seems that he was going to knock down an enemy in the shortest time.
"Torterra energy ball" Xiao Sunseeker immediately shouted.
Torterra braced himself with a shadow fist to attack his teeth, and the energy ball hit Darkrai. At this time, Darkrai didn’t have time to prepare for such a big move, but the trick of evil fluctuation was still handy.
The energy ball collided with the evil wave and exploded. At this time, a sudden freezing light shot in the direction where Darkrai was. It turned out that the ice elf was knocked down by Gengar and got up again.
As soon as Gengar flew to Kolley, his body blocked the attack. At the moment, the Darkrai black hole wrapped Torterra and the ice elves. When the black hole was lifted, the ice elves and Torterra had already fallen asleep!
Gengar and Darkrai looked at each other for a moment, and both launched a dream-eating trick at the same time.
The double dream of eating makes Torterra and the Ice Elf Department lose their fighting ability.
Longye glanced at Xiao Xi. "What do you think I should do with you?"
"What, what, you are such a powerful elf that you still have super powers? God, it’s so unfair," said Xiao Sunseeker in absentia.
"This is the protagonist’s aura. You can’t envy it."
Xiao Xi put Torterra and the ice elf into the elf ball. He looked up and said to Longye, "If you can benefit Jirachi’s ability and make me have the same super power as you, I will follow you."
"A hand close to the strength of the Four Kings? It’s tempting to make a proposal, but I refuse. "
Just as Longye calmly uttered this sentence, Xiao Sunseeker suddenly threw something and turned to run.
The sudden appearance of harsh white light turned out to be a flash bomb.
Xiao Sunseeker quickly ran to the water fleet plane, but in a second, he found that his body was imprisoned. "Damn superpower" Xiao Sunseeker cursed and then struggled to earn it and got rid of the imprisonment of the mind.
"Hey, it’s still a person with super powers." Long Ye muttered a moment ago, although he rushed to shoot, his super power was not low.
"Stay for me!" Longye’s efforts at this time once again set Xiao Sunseeker in the same place.
Chapter 222 Seven days have passed.
Force to Long Ye once again set Xiao Sunseeker in the same place, and he and Meow Meow slowly walked to the side of this mysterious water fleet captain.
Just now, when Xiao Sunseeker threw a flash bomb, Longye had taken precautions and was not affected. Slowly, he came to Xiao Sunseeker and looked at Xiao Sunseeker.
"You can’t run this time, can you?" Longye smiled at Xiao Sunseeker and said