Say nonsense, Lu rolled over his robe, and everyone saw that there was a brown mark on his face.

"I am so far away, and those old monks don’t want half of them to be white and frosty, and their clothes are frozen and stiff; The other half, however, is burnt like a flame, and the beards are burnt. One by one, the hands are folded, and the work is against each other. "
When one heard this, he couldn’t help shouting, "Is that why Zhu Bajiacuo isn’t dead?"
Lu Bullshit nodded, "The magical power of tantric practice is really beyond the ordinary people’s understanding. That Zhu Bajiacuo was trapped by ice and fire for half an hour, but he was still very calm and laughing."
"Several of his monks kept arguing about the law for a long time. When they saw that the smoke was no longer getting thicker and heavier, they laughed.’ Is this over? So much for the magic power of the cassock.’ "
"Say, with a wave of his hand, he immediately pushed the true qi of his sleeve to the fire and heard it before. The red smoke in the fire met his palm wind, and the strange cold suddenly went out. Then he raised his sleeve and the wind three feet in front of him, and automatically the yellow sand sticks swept in like the same Huanglong, and the white smoke was crushed out of shape."
"The old monk of that word generation died at the sight of crying" Ah ",spitting out one mouthful blood, sitting down on the ground, closing his eyes and frowning."
Everyone was not surprised to hear that the characters of the Shaolin Temple clan died. Zu Qianqiu couldn’t help frowning. "Then how many Shaolin Temple clan characters want to come? How can Shaolin Temple stop there?"
Lu bullshit way "is not only refused to give up is simply can’t give up the Shaolin temple old monk saw this scene also can not consider what kind-hearted practice rules, anger, when Zhu Bajiacuo surrounded will rely on more to win …"
Zu Qianqiu shook his head and said, "Zhu Bajiacuo’s martial arts has been practiced to such an extent that there are many people and can be like this?"
Lu said nonsense, "It’s not that those monks are burned in rags. They want to fight martial arts as far as Mahayana, but you missed one person."
Zu Qianqiu thought hard for a long time and knocked on his forehead with a broken fan. "Master Fang Zheng?"
Lu bullshit thumb become warped immediately laughed "jars really knowledgeable Fang Zheng master is a Shaolin temple’ Yijinjing’ people with profound achievements and superb skills. If he can’t defeat the enemy, this Shaolin may not be able to carry on at that time …"
Just as he said it, a sudden gust of wind flashed into the restaurant, and a hip flask was thrown for himself. "But even he may not be able to win the old woman."
Everyone felt that they saw this man suddenly entering the room when they saw flowers at the moment, but they couldn’t help but be stunned. But they saw that this man was a middle-aged monk, but he was graceful and elegant. If he was not a bald monk, he would be a "xianggong" seriously, and there was a dignified color in his temperament. Now he is wearing Shaqi, and his eyes are glittering and shiny, even in this room.
Bullshit, Lu. Seeing this person, he immediately dared not neglect. He got up and handed over and said, "Welcome to Mahayana."
Chapter 16 Helping Hands
When they heard this nonsense from Lu, they were immediately frightened to say that we were talking about this Zhu Bajiacuo, and the monk flew to this restaurant like a gust of wind. Has he learned the magic of Buddhism?
Zhu Bajiacuo said this sentence, his eyes seemed cold, and he immediately looked up and looked around. Who did the eyes hit? The man couldn’t help but feel a jump in his heart. Suddenly, he gave birth to an indescribable fear, a sense of shock, a sense of skill and a shallow desire to collapse to the ground.
They all thought that this man was tall and powerful, and his eyes were not angry and arrogant. Just being there casually was enough to overwhelm everything around him so that others could not stare.
He glanced around and finally saw Qi Yufeng sitting at the door. They couldn’t help but nod to him and said, "Are you here, too?"
Qi Yufeng saw that when he came, his heart was greatly boosted, and he immediately accepted Qu Fei’s smoke and handed me the Changbai sword. With his heart stirring with a towering firm but gentle, he steadied his mind and listened to his question, and immediately nodded and said, "Good."
Zhu Bajiacuo frowned slightly and said, "I haven’t seen you for three days, but you can resist my’ rainbow magic’."
Qi Yufeng silent immediately nodded again.
Although the seats are not famous in the Jianghu, they are also masters of seclusion.
Hearing this, I can’t help but feel that Zhu Bajia’s measures have been working with this unremarkable wool novel for a long time, and I don’t know that he is a sect with such ability, but we operatives have no such treatment.
Zhu Bajiacuo was silent for a moment and said, "In March, someone has gone for you. It is considered that the Huashan Sect has escaped this robbery."
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help Zheng when he heard the words. He couldn’t believe his ears were busy and asked, "Who?"
Zhu Bajiacuo said coldly, "Although you will have unlimited martial arts in the future, it’s not my opponent who asks so many questions. Why do you think your life is long?"
Qi Yufeng listened to his words as if he were killing himself. I couldn’t help but feel a sigh of relief and shut up.
I felt another ecstasy when I didn’t want to fight with him.
Zhu Bajiacuo turned to look at Lu’s nonsense and said, "Are all the Wulin figures in the nearby two provinces here?"
Lu bullshit aside knife-shaped eyebrows a pick landau "is not here but there are seventeen"
Zhu Bajiacuo scanned again for a week and said lightly, "Yes, the prosperity of Wulin talents in the Central Plains is far from comparable to that in our western regions."
Lu smiled nonsense. "The French king has praised you for your magical power. None of us can match you."
Zhu Bajiacuo looked up at him with clear and warm eyes and asked, "Is your surname Lu?"
Lu said nonsense, "Yes, it is Lu."
Zhu Bajiacuo looked at him and couldn’t help but praise, "I think even the rest of you don’t deserve the name’ Lu’."
Qi Yufeng heard the words and couldn’t help thinking, "Is there anything else to say about this surname Lu?" Qu Feiyan next to him couldn’t help laughing when he frowned. His mouth made a gesture of "Qu" and "Huang" at his mouth.
Qi Yufeng saw more wonder heart way "QuYang yellow? Is it wine? What does this have to do with Chen Taizhong? "
A moment later, Zhu Bajiacuo solved the mystery for him and listened to him. "It is said that in those days, there were five magical powers in the Central Plains, and the other four were all buried. Only the East Evil Huang Yaoshi Taohua Island martial arts, Lu and Qu, were left in the rivers and lakes. The so-called Lu Jialing rhinoceros has no second finger to compare with you?"
Qi Yufeng heart way "originally this person is also a peach blossom island people this’ finger’ should be from’ fillip avatar’ sinochem … wait … finger? Last name Lu? Do you want such a coincidence? "
Bullshit Lu immediately smiled and said, "Those are friends in the Jianghu who patronize the villains. It’s really a shame that there are two martial arts people sitting here. I can’t pick up anything with this finger."
I can’t help but be surprised to hear that the first person said that it was Zhu Bajiacuo, but the second person was human. Look at the Huashan Sect. It’s quite important in Zhu Bajiacuo’s heart. Is it him? When did such a young master emerge in this Jianghu?
Immediately, the recluses in these rivers and lakes looked at Qi Yufeng one by one.
Zhu Bajiacuo deliberately pretended not to recognize his humility and immediately leaned back and looked up. "Since you can’t accept that name, is there anyone left alive?"
Lu Bullshit laughed. "This little girl around this fencing friend is the Qu family."
Qi Yufeng heart tempted way originally this name is lu but know QuFei smoke how they just bicker quarrel?
QuFei cigarette holder a bitter face way "you want to play, don’t bring trouble to me, I can’t beat him"
Lu nonsense laughed. "What can you do if you bring a friend to listen to Bai and don’t give you any money?"
Qu Fei said, "Since you can’t beat my friend, don’t try to bully me. It is to deal with the enemy quickly. If you think you can’t beat others, give me your finger kung fu first."
Lu bullshit laughed "don’t be busy"
Zhu Bajiacuo glanced at Qu Fei’s smoke and knew that the girl’s martial arts were too low to be worth anything. Immediately, she was not interested in teasing and staring straight at the landing. Bullshit said, "Today, all the guests are not enemies of the old woman, so please ask Liu Jiagong to teach me this finger."
Lu bullshit heard cried for a long time staring at Zhu Bajia measures for a long time to say good half-day just sighed, "at this time I don’t grasp if three to five years later …"
Zhu Bajiacuo said coldly, "What if I have to force you to do it?"
Lu said nonsense, "The master came to the Central Plains only to get a glimpse of the extensive and profound martial arts in the Central Plains. At this time, my skill is not pure, and the master will struggle hard."
Zhu Bajiacuo didn’t look at him. He gulped down the wine in his eyes and looked at the mouth outside the building. "I have to watch it today."
Lu bullshit kiss xiu gathered eyebrow complexion seems to be very unhappy.
Zhu Bajiacuo didn’t say anything, but picked up a hip flask and poured himself a glass of wine.
People around you at this time the atmosphere also dare not utter a immediately looked at two people in the field.
Lu bullshit silently pondered for a while, and it seemed very difficult to look up at the group of giants in the restaurant. Suddenly, his eyes shone and he immediately went to Qi Yufeng with a clap at the table and made a deep bow to Qu Fei-yan. He said, "Today, my senior brother is still looking forward to Younger’s unforgettable help in the same door." In his speech, his smirked face is extremely insincere.
Qu Fei smoke immediately frowned and snorted but did not answer.
Bullshit, Lu, seeing that she didn’t answer immediately, she didn’t get angry and immediately turned to align with the wind. "If Younger doesn’t help, please ask her brother-in-law to raise my hand."
Chapter 17 resultant force