Lanfu’s forehead wrinkles are much deeper than a few years ago, which is what Kabi knows well. However, Lanfu smiled a little after hearing Kabi’s reply, and then wrote, "You misunderstood. I don’t mind you. My joke is that you haven’t come back for several years. Don’t you know?" I am already the head of the logistics team of the hospital. These workers belong to me, so don’t talk about the scandal before me, understand? "

Kabi gasped and didn’t shy away. He just leaned forward and said, "I understand! I mean, I’ll save you some noodles, right? Didn’t you just say you had been promoted? I made you angry. "
Lanfu "hum" a said "funny! I’ll be angry? Don’t you kids know me? Every group of children here knows that my uncle Lanfu is the least angry, even if once you and Allie hid my washerwoman and made me wear sweaty old jobs for several days. Am I angry? "
"no! You’re not angry. I remember you joking with us, saying that you would hide the work in the dean’s office if something happened, right? " Kabi does remember it very clearly, and he also remembers that Lanfu was not angry with them once, even though Kabi once filled the keyhole of Lanfu’s dormitory with cement.
Lanfu proudly said, "Do you know? I am still supporting you until now. I have watched every game of yours live. I told others that I know you. Others still don’t believe it? "
Kabi patted Lanfu on the shoulder and said, "Oh ~? Is it? Then I should sign it for you. Right? "
Lanfu "scoffed" at a fake and said unhappily, "What is a signature? At the very least, should you invite me to a fancy restaurant in the city for a big meal? " to be continued
Zhanger No.41 5A team
"Please sit down!"
Dean Nuosu finally finished her work. She led Kabi to her office, walked to her desk, straightened the rotating office chair, and then took off the reading glasses that had been standing on the bridge of her nose for a long time. After she sat down, her right hand stretched out to signal Kabi to sit down.
And Kabi won’t feel any stranger to Dean Noso’s office, just as he won’t feel any stranger to Coach Coboni’s office. He hasn’t returned to this old place for many years. Not only has the overall change of the courtyard not been great, but everything in the eye office seems to be the same at this time.
Perhaps the only thing that has changed in the office is that Dean Noso is almost full of white hair, and today Kabi is already a golden boy in Europe.
"Would you like something to drink? I have a coffee machine here for a long time. You should know this very well, right? " Dean Nosu held hands and put it on the table, giving words and looking at Kabi.
Kabi was not stiff. Dean Innocent was the one who personally received himself in those years. Although the other party could not talk like Ranf, it was out of the most basic awe. Here in the courtyard, Kabi respected Dean Innocent the most.
"No, I just put some simple cakes on the table in the front yard and ate a few mouthfuls. I don’t know why? Now my stomach is still a little up! " Say that finish kabi is to give an apology expression.
But he then asked a sentence like a very routine, "Dean, are you in good health now?" I just heard Lanfu talk about your recent frequent work and staying in the courtyard without going home for two or three days. "
Dean Northrop grumpily muttered, "Is that Lanfu talking about my affairs in front of my old hospital friends again?"
Kabi answered with a smile, "It’s not like that. I didn’t come back for a long time because I wanted to know the situation of a hospital from Lanfu’s mouth."
Dean Northrop Grumman "Oh" loosened his body and leaned back, then said, "Did you just go to the lecture? You should know that my physical condition is still at least enough to cope with nature and other things when you see that I am not tired at all when I preside over the seminar. The problem is that the number of children adopted in institutions is gradually decreasing, which makes me a little worried. "
Kabi nodded his head and said, "You are a little older than a few years ago. Look at yourself. You have more and more white hair and deep wrinkles on your forehead."
"Oh ~ ~!" Dean Noso sighed. She took the opportunity to sweep the white hair on her temples with her right palm and then said, "People will always get old. Who won’t get old? I am getting old before you. "
At a time when young Kabi obviously knew what "getting old" was, he was a little strange to Dean Nosu’s feeling at this time. Then Kabi said, "Dean, you should pay more attention to the rest of the house, and there are other workers to help you cope with it. Don’t worry too much."
Dean Noso gave a wry smile and said, "All the children living here need a warm home, and I also hope that the children can get a family that cares for them again. That’s why I have to hold a holiday once a year, isn’t it?"
Kabi then said with a wry smile, "So that’s it. I remember that more than one family applied to adopt me at the beginning, but I was still young and not sensible at that time, arguing all day that I didn’t want to leave the institution. It was only when I lived at the age of sixteen that I knew that Dean should accept a new family again after your painstaking efforts."
It’s strange that Dean Nosu shook his head and said, "The children don’t want to leave the hospital, and our guardian can’t just forget about the past. You should also report to me about your recent situation when you come back this time besides visiting our old hospital friends, right? I heard that guy Lanfu said that you did a good job in Spain, and it seems that you have won another grand prize recently. Right? "
"It’s the European Golden Boy Award, which was awarded to me by Tuttosport." When Kabi finished, his face was full of expectation, expecting the praise from Dean Noso.
However, Kabi was disappointed because Dean Inosu said, "You know, I don’t know football at all. The last time I went with football in my life was many years ago when you children rebuilt the playground and built a new football field for you to play. I’m sorry I can’t comment too much."
Kabi, who didn’t expect to be praised, was depressed, but he also knew the temperament of Dean Nuosu. He knew that Dean Nuosu had said that he wouldn’t give too much evaluation at this time, so Kabi himself would definitely not get the evaluation from the other party in a short time.
Kabi gently took a deep breath and changed the subject and said, "By the way, Dean Airy, have they ever come back to the courtyard to visit you? I lost contact with them shortly after I went to Holland. "
After hearing this, Dean Nosu had some spirit. First, he said, "Alas ~! When I think of you five children, I feel a little headache. When you five were still living in the hospital, there were a lot of naughty things. At that time, dealing with these things almost exhausted me, but it’s also funny that you guys set up a team of your own called what 5a team, right? "
After Dean Noso talked about Kabi’s past, he lived in the courtyard with Allie and others. That’s true, but how do you say those things are good memories?
The origin of the name Yu 5a Team is that the five of them often leave the hospital when they are in compliance with the regulations of the home during holidays, and go to some leisure parks and five-person football fields in Marseille to find other children. They have a tacit understanding of the game. They almost win every game and welcome the victory at that time. Although there is no prize, it is their happiest thing to be able to play football freely on a free day.
After a long time in Kabi, I discussed that their own five-person team changed its name-5A team.
When Kabi was still remembering carefully, I heard Dean Noso go on to say, "Seriously, you five persisted in your football dream and finally you persisted, huh?" Let’s see, it seems that Airy came back once the year before last, and also visited our old hospital friends briefly. The little one seems to be working in a hardware store, and I have his contact address. It only takes you half an hour to find him. "
Kabi came to his senses long ago. He not only listened carefully, but finally replied, "What about Zuan Lu Si Allongbogey and them?"
Dean Noso straightened his two fingers and waved them in front of Kabi to signal that don’t worry. She really thought about it for a long time and then said, "I remember that Zuana Xiao seemed to have come back once in these four or five years, but it was a long time ago. Aron heard that he had gone to a certain country in Africa and Bo Gneki had never come back since he left the hospital. I believe that the little one will never come back here to visit us in a short time."
Kabi frowned and just asked, "Oh ~? What is it? Bo Gneki, what happened to him? "
Listen to Dean Noso’s face sinking and saying, "Bo Gneki is suspected of intentionally hurting others, causing the victim to be seriously injured. Bo Gneki was sentenced to six years in prison at the end of breaking the law, which seems to have been a year ago." To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and forty-two The first step after the assets are credited
Marseille is a strange place for Kabi to start his football career. The reason is that he was not disturbed too much by local fans on his way from the courtyard to the hotel, except for the fat driver Kabi, who didn’t have a second chance to sign his autograph earlier.
After the siege at the airport a few hours ago, but after coming to Marseille city again, Kabi faced a bipolar phenomenon. He didn’t put a cap on his head, and he walked out of the street from the courtyard with his chest out. There were at least 50 passers-by passing by him for more than ten minutes, but none of them could recognize him.
Although he didn’t achieve practical success in this place, the initial football dream did sprout slowly in this old place. He dared not guess how many local fans would recognize himself, but obviously according to the current situation, it can be said that Kabi needs to be more high-profile
Outside the stadium, Kabi looks like a civilian. He wears an ordinary winter suit and carries a worn-out backpack all the way. He has absolutely reason to throw away his backpack, but he still chooses to take a taxi to the hotel. Even though the taxi driver looks like a football fan, he has no interest in Kabi.
"Am I too low-key? Is there a lack of fashionable clothes? Or should I wear a pair of sunglasses on my nose? Still missing a heavy-duty engine supercar? "
Kabi, who has just been evaluated as a European golden boy, intuitively feels that his popularity in Marseille is far below the expected level. Perhaps Mr. Haas’s statement is very reasonable. Before Kabi has made a name for himself in Spain, he can act as a famous figure in Granada.
Walking out of Granada, Kabi is nothing. The siege at the airport just now is like an accidental phenomenon, but if you are lucky enough to meet an old fan with deep experience, you may be able to recognize Kabi just like the fat driver before.
But at present, European football is still Portuguese and Argentine in two minutes. If you want the fans around you to be more enthusiastic about yourself, Kabi should not only fight harder on the court, but also hold his patience and wait for the enthusiasm of the fans to come.
It’s also a good thing to think that it’s not recognized by the fans. Shaokabi’s trip to the hotel was very smooth, unlike when the airport was blocked and it took a minute to walk. It was almost four o’clock when he arrived at the hotel room.
"Goo ~ ~ Goo ~!"
I just threw my backpack in the soft berth of the hotel room, and there was a burst of emotional signal in Kabi’s belly. He touched his belly for two or three times, and said, Anyway, Marseilles people haven’t come to know me, so I might as well give up choosing a room to deliver food and go to the hotel restaurant to see what’s delicious.
It was ten minutes later when he sat in front of the dining table in the corner of the hotel restaurant. He was not particularly keen on the dishes in his hometown. Instead of blindly looking for the famous dishes in Marseille on the menu, he lifted the menu list all over before stopping on one page.
"Well ~ ~? Spicy sausage baked bread seafood sauce powder lemonade thank you! "
Kabi ordered the food and wrote the bill. The restaurant student also retired in a few steps. He took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket again. He wanted to take advantage of this short leisure time to inquire about the specific location of a hardware store where Airy worked on the Internet. After all, he didn’t come back for several years. It’s not surprising that Marseille said that some places have changed their looks.
He accurately found out the location of the shop in the online map, and then cut the map by a button to protect the picture library, so that he can take it out and take a closer look when he can’t find a place later. After all this, he came to him in a few steps. First, he sent the coriander with seafood sauce and powder
Before the white fork was officially pricked into the strips of powder, Kabi suddenly put the fork out of the middle and finally put it back next to the knife, which temporarily interrupted the whole meal because Kabi’s cell phone rang.
Although Kabi doesn’t have many friends around him, there are many possibilities for who made this call. Maybe it was a vacation in Panama. The hemp mouse came to talk and wanted to show off how beautiful the scenery in Panama is in front of his ears, or Andosina called to ask when he would go back to Granada. It is more likely that Roffman had completed the medical examination procedure at Porto and specially called to inform one.
"Hey? Could it be that China girl Yan Ming called to find herself? "
From putting the fork down to grabbing the mobile phone for three seconds, Rekabi thought of many possibilities, one of which was the most likely possibility, but he didn’t think of it, and that was Mr. Haas, the agent who had been taking care of him.
"hello? Have you returned to Eindhoven, Mr Haas? " That’s what Kirby asked after pressing the answer key.