Is the number of sweets and demons I just saw an illusion? Is it just an illusion? Leaving the world I know, I suddenly fell into a panic in this distant past, which seemed to have lost something by uprooting from the earth.

Looking at the thick ice layer in front of me, I suddenly remembered what was wrong. I pulled out a holy sword and stabbed it in. I smashed a piece of blue crushed ice. Soon the ice melted into water, and the water was not pure. It still glowed with blue light. I suddenly remembered the amazing theory that a scientific madman was formed on the earth hundreds of years ago and life was born on the earth. He believed that the earth was originally born in his hometown and belonged to the Milky Way and the Sun as we know it, but came from another distant star. A lost planet has been on the earth for dozens of years. The birth and extinction of various life forms in 100 million years is the life data observed by the alien laboratory microscope, just like the data of bacteria and viruses observed by human beings on earth. They have always determined the variation and evolution of life on this planet and got the answers they want. Once they find that life on earth is out of their control, they would rather kill 3 thousand by mistake than let go of a scientific spirit. They will carry out a mass extinction of life on earth. The five mass extinctions of life on earth in the history have been directed by these aliens.
I suddenly smiled and murmured
"It seems that this scientist was wrong hundreds of years ago. The original shape of the earth turned out to be like this. Where and how will life be born before it is dead?"
Suddenly, I felt a strong feeling that a key node in the birth and development of the earth was about to appear. I suddenly looked up at the virtual star. Suddenly, a strange white light appeared in the shady background of distant stars. The bright spot gradually became bigger and rumbled from Tianyu. I suddenly realized that this should be an alien interstellar spacecraft. When I looked at this huge aircraft carefully, I suddenly froze and saw that a luminous planet almost as big as the full moon suddenly appeared in the virtual sky.
I looked at this glowing planet in disbelief. This is the largest aircraft carrier I have ever seen. The alien starship suddenly stopped and seemed to be quietly watching this icy planet. I have been staring back at this strange aircraft carrier starship. This may be a key moment.
Sure enough, after a moment, the alien aircraft carrier suddenly trembled a few times and shot several light spots, which flew rapidly towards the earth. When the light spots approached, I saw what they were. I couldn’t help but wonder, these are alien starships. Soon, the light spots of starships covered the whole earth.
I smiled bitterly and said, if these aliens are coming to invade the earth, can I be the one living on the earth now? Should I choose to negotiate or fight?
I was just thinking about suddenly flying out of the starship again, and the dense triangular aircraft flew straight to the ground. I secretly called for a bad place to hide, but found it impossible. PaoShu waited patiently for what would happen next.
Soon this number of aircraft stopped around, and suddenly I heard a number of strange noises. I jumped on the thick ice and looked carefully, but I saw aliens from different stars. They were bound by laser chains and escorted the aircraft. Around them, they were full of black swords and black shields. Xuan Jing armor and deputy armed alien soldiers were eyeing up and watching every move of these alien prisoners.
I was in a state of shock when suddenly a horrible sound came, and I was surprised.
"It’s a black inferno."
His terror voice ordered
"By the Oracle of darkseid, these slaves who refused to join the rule of the holy king in the dark universe will be imprisoned on this planet forever, and they will be ordered to collect the crystals of life all the time. If they violate the law, they will be punished on the spot."
The alien soldiers replied together that the sub-armed alien soldiers turned out to be darkseid’s underlings. They were the Dark Legion of darkseid.
So this huge starfleet is actually the black inferno darkseid starfleet. My heart says this is the former earth. What did he send these dark soldiers and these alien slaves here for? There must be some terrorist plot.
I was lying on the ground, looking at the distance and being escorted into a row. The aliens were curious. Suddenly, there was a similar split and trembling. A dazzling beam of light came straight from the aircraft carrier. The ground trembled violently. The dark soldiers held their positions and held black lightsabers together and shouted neatly.
"Wow, Nuke!" "Wow, Nuke!" "Wow, Nuke!" ……
"Nuke" in the dark language should be a dark source or mysterious force or a mass force, which means "Nuke!" It’s like "My God!" in the mouth of our earthlings. "My emperor!" At the moment, they are shouting together. What does this black inferno person’s favorite mantra mean? I was thinking about it, but I saw something hidden in that dazzling light beam, which was slowly sinking. I took a closer look at it. It was a four-tripod bronze furnace as huge as a hill, and a four-tripod bronze furnace as neat and towering as the pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians. The spire of the furnace was burning with the original flame of the universe, and I vaguely saw a magic sword with several black lights hanging and being roasted and quenched.
I wonder, is this what Mrs. Xinyue told me about the four furnaces? Is that magic sword the one I’m looking for? I fell into extreme confusion, and suddenly I heard a strange noise behind me, and I felt a great pain in my head, and people just passed out …
When I woke up slowly, I found myself in a prison cell and knocked on the iron wall of a closed cell for a few times. When I heard a monster screaming around the iron wall, it was deafening enough. I covered my ears and said with a wry smile.
"Dear monster brothers, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were all taking a lunch break. I’m sorry."
I don’t know how long it took for the monster to shut up quietly. I carefully recalled everything and looked at the strange arched bed and some things I had never seen before in the cell. It seems that it is likely to fall into the black inferno. Suddenly I heard a strange smile coming from a strange metal triangular stand in front of me. I was busy rummaging through the package and drawing my sword, only to find that there was nothing in the package. I saw a light from the metal triangular stand in front of me, rotating around the metal triangular stand, and soon appeared in the center. An energy ball, an energy ball, shot a dazzling laser at me. I couldn’t help but be frightened by the illusion. I hurriedly used the prospecting technique to escape the cold sweat and came out. I had a close call. If I was hit by this laser, I would hang in this distant past and wonder what would happen to the universe.
Just now, that strange smile stopped, and soon the energy ball appeared again, and a dazzling laser came again. I can’t eat this loss and hide with a smile.
The "wooshing wooshing" laser is flying in the closed cell. I finally got the illusion in several crises. I bit my teeth. I must find a way to lead the Lord out. I don’t even know what the other party is like. Being teased like this is detrimental to my tall image. Suddenly, I am stunned. I don’t seem to have any tall image. One nose and two holes are like that.
The laser in the energy ball came out again. I twisted my body slightly and let out a scream. I glanced at it coldly.
A laser probe similar to a video monitor in the cell really hit me this time, but it’s a pity that it was a phantom. A moment after the phantom was hit, I was at the phantom position again. After a long time, I slowly fell to the energy ball and slowly went out. After a while, the iron gate of the cell was slowly opened. A few heavy footsteps rang and I heard a woman’s black inferno language blame.
"Laner, you are so naughty. Didn’t I tell you that this strange alien is not the race we know? It has just been verified that he actually has gene fragments of many races in the universe, and there are many genes that we need to study. He inexplicably appeared in the life star and must know many secrets. Once you kill him, see how you explain to the Lord of the Devil."
I heard the girl who was called Laner call way
"Mother’s family was careless, too. Cam and I both thought he was very funny, so we teased him. I didn’t expect that he couldn’t resist such a low-level laser. He deserved it, didn’t he?"
"It doesn’t make sense for her to respect Princess Blue Devil, the Queen of the Demon!"
Suddenly a familiar strange call sounded and I couldn’t help but lose my way from the ground.
As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I found something wrong. When I simply got up, I saw two people not far in front of me, followed by a white-haired beast and my pet Xiaoqiang. I couldn’t help sighing that the universe was magical and the white-haired beast shouted
"live! You are the most beautiful ruling queen and her most beautiful blue devil princess in front of you! You alien, surrender quickly! "
I was so funny that I couldn’t help but look at the past. In front of a group of black inferno soldiers, there was a pair of beautiful alien women in the universe. They were wrapped in a faint magic light, and their foreheads all had a shy butterfly pattern. The wind shook as if it was the heady witch from Jiuyou Hell. I suddenly remembered what it meant. I was looking for something. I heard that the demon queen waved her hand gracefully that day and something appeared in her. It was Mrs. Xinyue who gave me that treasure called soul-drawing rope.
She said softly
"Is it what you are looking for?"
I was silent when I heard the white-haired monster barking
"The queen asked you a question, and you quickly answered it. If you don’t answer the handsome boy, you will be made into a star pie! Do you believe it or not? "
I smiled at the dark language test way
"Excuse me, this monster eldest brother, are you from the star? Are you all from the dark universe?"
Day demon queen and blue devil princess yi heard a few blue devil princess ceng way
"Mother, I told you, this alien doesn’t look like those stupid guys on the life star. Just now, he dared to play dead and lie to us. I’m going to kill her."
With that, a Ranbo aperture came at me from her arm and wrist. I smiled. When I was sure that they were from the star, all hostility was gone, and the illusion quickly escaped! A brilliance flashed behind him.
Blue devil princess saw a blow miss micro hum a few a pair of flashing light blue eyes looked at me coldly day demon queen suddenly smiled and said
"Blue son, you can’t beat him."
I wry smile way
"The Queen’s Temple is really flattering."
As soon as the words fell, Princess Blue Devils took advantage of my distraction to fly out with blue light. One thing was actually a xuanjing treasure flower, and a dazzling blue light was emitted from it to imprison me firmly.
Blue devil princess light say with smile
"Mother, what do you say now?"
Day demon queen of great significance looked at me smiles to say
"It’s rare that Laner hasn’t been so worried for a long time. After a while, bring him to the command room. Mother has something to ask him about your retreat!"
The dark soldier should leave the blue devil princess and walk up to me with a distant memory as early as the soul imprint. Her smile is as beautiful as flowers and her face is as light as a dream butterfly pattern. It seems that she wants to spread her wings. In a mysterious and familiar beauty, I vaguely see her beloved daughter. She is far away. I am trembling. Is that her? Could it really be her? But keep telling me that she shouldn’t appear in that distant memory. I want to see that woman. It should never be where she has changed. It is a distant place, a lost past, a lost present or an unknown future. I don’t know when tears will slowly flow.
She suddenly strange way
"What are you crying about? If you lose, you lose. At most, my horse will let you go and we will continue to fight. "
Then she recalled XuanJing treasure flower jiao way
"You be careful this time! I will be rude to you. "
Say that finish her hands xuanjingbaohua again turned dazzling blue light.
Chapter DiErJiuLiu Day demon queen
A blue light came at you’re welcome. I frowned, and my figure slipped away from her attack. PaoShu, with a snort, threw Xuanjingbaohua high again and shot a dazzling blue light. My figure was slightly swaying, leaving a virtual shadow behind the girl.
Blue devil looked at once again be XuanJingBao blue light anchor "I" light smile seems to be very happy but suddenly feel wrong behind turned to spend a surprise way
"You! You are also a black inferno. "