After seeing the deal a few days ago, no one knew that Kevin went to the general manager of the Knicks. A few days later, the Knicks reached a deal with the Sonics. The Knicks sent out backup point guard Chris Childers to get Sonics rookie Rashad Lewis and a second-round rookie signing Rashad Lewis in 2006. He was not very proud of playing in the Sonics for more than a dozen games, averaging 35 minutes and 13 rebounds per game.

Chris Childers has been trying to find a replacement for Payton because Kevin arrived and the Knicks applied for it. Besides, there is nothing to lose when the second round of signing is behind. Seeing that the deal is completed, Kevin also breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, his saliva is not white.
A few days ago, after seeing the Lakers trade with the Hornets, Kevin also moved his mind to make a big deal. The Knicks can’t do it now. It’s unrealistic to make deals with Larry Johnson, Alan Houston, Marcus Camby and himself. So Kevin started to play roles. After watching several teams in the league, Kevin saw Lewis’s rebirth. Kevin is very white. Lewis can play two positions: small forward and big forward. Lewis won hundreds of millions of big contracts in later generations.
Thinking of this, Kevin went to the Knicks manager specially, and now the manager is also very busy. If there is something wrong with the team, it is absolutely impossible for Kevin to introduce Lewis briefly and make sure that Lewis is absolutely worth the money. After carefully reading the manager, he agreed to try the transaction, and the supersonic side quickly agreed to the two sides and reached a deal through simple negotiation.
After Kevin was happy for a while, he also paid attention to the Knicks’ opponent, not just Kevin. Many people paid attention to the Knicks’ opponent-the Miami Heat attracted a lot of attention every time they collided, and the historical grievances made the two teams collide with each other.
Chapter 30 Fierce collision
Chapter 30 Fierce collision
On March 3, when the Knicks arrived in Miami, enthusiastic Miami fans had already welcomed the Knicks at the airport. When they finally arrived near the hotel by bus, enthusiastic Miami fans greeted them again, waving flags in their hands, and tears filled their eyes.
Of course, this touching scene is perfect if it is delivered, and it becomes … "new york, go home! ! !” "new york guy **you!"
Watching the crazy abuse of fans outside the window, Kevin didn’t shrink his neck quickly, and asked Camby Kevin next to the window. "Marcus, is this Heat fan always so enthusiastic?"
Camby opened his mouth for a long time before a few words popped up; "How spectacular!" Kevin fainted directly.
"Kevin, you and Marcus just joined the team this year. You may not know much about the situation. Speaking of it, our Knicks and the Heat have been feuding for nearly ten years. A few years ago, the Heat dominated. Recently, this year was our Knicks. Didn’t you see when we played the playoffs in Miami last year? It was a spectacular night. The hotel building was called! Where did this just go! " Aunt said with a bad smile.
After listening to my aunt’s words, Kevin understood the situation. In previous lives, Rockets and Lakers fans always knew more about the west than the eastern away game. Kevin also played many times, and the treatment in Detroit Motor City was amazing, but it was really a drop in the bucket compared with Miami.
After an hour’s hard journey, the bus finally arrived at the hotel, divided the room, and Kevin took a shower and was ready to go to bed until he was awakened by the violent noise. When he opened his eyes, it was already late, but the lights outside the window seemed to be going to celebrate the festival, and the violent noise and music seemed to be a rock performance. Kevin couldn’t stand walking out of the door and found Camby, Aunt and others coming out. Everyone went directly to Van Gundy’s room.
Van Gundy was on the phone when he saw Kevin and others coming, indicating that they should wait for a conversation first. After the game, Van Gundy directly told aunt and others to ask the players to pack their things and prepare for the transfer.
The Knicks packed their things and hitchhiked to another hotel. It was already 1: 00 or 2: 00 a.m. before going to bed, and Kevin was sore and hated the heat and teeth. He turned it over and fell asleep. The next day, when everyone met, they all smiled wryly, and one by one held a panda eye.
Who dares to jump out and say that he is a Knicks fan at home and miss more than 20 thousand at home in Miami at night? It is estimated that the body can be collected for him in the next day. Although this situation exists in new york, it is really not as crazy as Miami fans.
At nine o’clock, the Heat still started the game. Mourning, a "kidney fighter", won the jump ball. Although Camby bounced well, Mourning was definitely a master of jump ball in his heyday. Tim Hardaway just caught the basketball and suddenly stabbed it with one hand. Kevin was stabbed and stole it successfully.
Tim Hardaway was alone in the opponent’s half, and other Heat players were still in the Knicks’ half. Tim Hardaway hit Kevin’s basket 2; Kevin rarely yelled after landing.
"Tim, don’t be careless. That kid is not an ordinary rookie." Mourning ran over to Tim Hardaway and said.
"Well, I’ll be careful." Tim Hardaway frowned, too. This speed was fast enough just now.
Tim Hardaway, the Heat’s new serve, carefully hoisted the line across the half court and handed it to Mourning. As soon as Mourning caught the ball, Aunt and Camby prevented Mourning from giving PJ Brown a jumper.
Kevin took the ball over half-court and watched the Heat’s defense very tight. He made a sign to pick and roll before Aunt, and Kevin broke through to face PJ Brown’s defensive hit and hit it back to Aunt with a dunk.
Tim Hardaway faced Kevin’s sudden acceleration and breakthrough, and Kevin quickly stuck to Tim Hardaway. Tim Hardaway suddenly hit the small forward position with Jamal Marsh’s back ball, and now it is the Knicks’ weakness.
When Kevin receives the ball, Tim Hadaway defends the rubbish and small moves. Kevin feels that Tim Hadaway is touching his skin without even pinching and scratching.
Not only on the outside line, but also frequently make small moves. You give me an elbow, and I give you a black foot. There is no concept of harmony between the two teams. Some referees can’t see any dirty tricks, and the scores of the two teams are still rising alternately. Today, the Knicks have a high momentum. No matter how the Heat defend, they can keep scoring from the cracks
The coaches of both sides kept changing players, but until one minute before the end of the game, the difference between the two teams was still one point, and the Knicks led the Heat by one point over 79.
Kevin was physically unable to keep up with the struggle for more than three quarters, and took a short rest in the second quarter. Van Gundy now believes in Kevin in this important game, and Kevin also controls the rhythm of the game well at the crucial moment, and there is little chaos.
The ball is on the Heat’s side. Tim Hardaway dropped the ball on Kevin’s defense. Now Kevin is barely qualified in defense, and there is definitely a big gap with the master. After all, defending this kind of thing depends not only on talent but also on experience.
Mourning missed the shot, but was fouled by Camby. Steady Mo Niu Yi hit the penalty. When the Heat called for a timeout, there were more than three seconds left. Mourning’s second penalty jumped out of the basket and Kevin struggled to grab the rebound.
Thirty-one seconds before the end, the two teams returned to the same starting point. Kevin slowly took the frontcourt. This ball must be hit, otherwise the game will be very bad for the Knicks. Slowly, Tim Hardaway defended Kevin closely in front of him during the game. Seven seconds later, Kevin suddenly started. Kevin felt that he was playing this ball. Tim Hardaway on the left judged that Tim Hardaway had just pushed his body over and suddenly found that he was not badly stressed.
Kevin once again showed a flash breakthrough. Tim Hardaway was careless. Kevin hit the three-pointer one step at a time and the Knicks finally established a two-point advantage with 11 seconds left.
Chapter 31 Against aliens
Chapter 31 Against aliens
Sitting on the plane to Milwaukee Bucks, Kevin sighed and everyone else in the cabin was sleepy. Last night’s game really exhausted the Knicks’ physical strength. What was the result of the game? Okay! Let’s go back a few hours.
On the evening of March 3rd.
Venue-Miami Heat home