When he finally woke up, his huge body was sore. There is no doubt that he just got better, and his injury became more serious this time. Without seven days’ rest, he would never climb out of the tree hole to rescue his queen again, because he can’t even climb up now and gently wipe the blood from his mouth. Nigrim slowly took out some therapeutic agents from Ruen Malanshun’s bag. Of course, these agents are the most basic trauma agents, and can he restore Nigrim, a demon spirit? An unknown number, but now Nigrim can be a living horse doctor. After messing with some drugs, he took out food and stuffed it into his mouth. Before that, of course, he found something to block up the hole in the tree. After all, he is now in a state where even those forest monsters can bully him.

When Nigrem hid in the tree hole, Chen Kai and others slowly recovered from the state of seven twists and turns, but before they straightened up, the snow like goose feathers fell from the sky in a burst of thunder. Looking at this weather, Romans just wanted to bite his teeth and urge everyone to go, but the heavy snow was mixed with strong winds from nowhere.
"Hey!" Listen to the ear teeth cling to the important sound. Chen Kai knows that Romans’s mood is absolutely very bad, and he also feels that the weather in the forest seems to be the same as theirs. If the heavy rain can be understood before, but the sudden snowfall without warning will make people understand the law, but even if the French understand Romans, they know that the weather can’t go on their way. They have to camp again, clear a large amount of snow in a woodland and then tie up two tents.
Of course, this time, the elf wizards didn’t forget to summon the thorns and vines in the natural spells again, but because of the will of the forest, they needed to consume a lot of magic to produce the thorns and vines. But this time, when their spells were released, they were summoned to be bigger than thorns. If these wizards didn’t control them properly, these thorns might cover the whole camp.
"The forest will seems to have recovered!" Several elf wizards whispered because they found themselves able to communicate easily with the surrounding trees. Although the consciousness in those trees was still chaotic, the roots didn’t respond much, but it was much better that the former roots didn’t respond.
"It seems that the dominant power of the devil in the forest has gradually disappeared!" Chen Kai listened to the words of several elf wizards, and Ma guessed the reason for this situation. Chen Kai estimated that the demon master was killed, which led to the fact that the demon master was almost dead for a thousand years, but the problem is that it was suspended animation in a thousand years, but now it may be really dead.
"But the problem is that even if the demon master dies, we are trapped here now!" The clouds looked around and the snow was getting bigger and bigger, and sighed. According to this situation, the heavy snow will last for at least a few hours, and there is no doubt that after the heavy snow, the forest will become more difficult to walk, because in just a few minutes, the ground has accumulated nearly one centimeter thick snow. According to this situation, the heavy snow will be at least tens of centimeters thick in a few hours, so it is a deadly thing to travel in the snow layer.
"I hope this snow will stop soon!" With such a sigh, Chen Kai turned around and went into the tent forest. The temperature has gradually dropped, so there is no doubt that even a blanket can stop those cold winds from drilling.
However, after all, Chen Kai’s idea was not realized, and the snow was actually not connected with the ancient wizards, because they forcibly tore down the barriers and got the black tower in the astral world into the main material plane. This situation led to the rebound of the whole main material plane. Almost if the tribe turned Telamis into ruins, the thunderstorm clouds were not dispersed even after the thunderstorm disappeared, but were gradually controlled by the magicians again, because these magicians explored Terami. It is found in the forest around Sri Lanka that a large number of trees in the forest are dying because of lack of moist water. Although the previous heavy rain has wetted the soil, it still needs a heavy snow to completely lock in the water. The most important thing is that this heavy snow can completely restore the whole forest.
Of course, this weather is enough to freeze some fragile flowers and trees to death, but there is nothing at all for the leafy ancient trees. How can they survive even the erosion of the demon-dominated forces? How can they survive this winter? The real problem is that those big trees in the forest have no problems. The demon-dominated forces have given birth to forest monsters and the disabled and polluted people. There is no doubt that there are few places in the whole forest where they can live, but it is not that villages that have been destroyed in those forests have become the settlements of these guys, and among them Sabinin and Abala have taken up one village and become the king of the mountains again.
It was two army of one who left hundreds of forest monsters that were transformed by Abala not long ago and just occupied a small village. After that, they quickly shifted their direction and moved to the eastern part of Denzel Forest, and prepared to station near Luohan Empire. After all, Luohan Empire is still relatively easy to bully compared with the elf empire.
Of course, these two guys have only escaped from Telamis for less than two days now, and they are recovering their own strength. They have escaped from the ancient mage. These two monsters transformed by the evil spirit almost abandoned their own hands and most of their strength. If it is not necessary for Abala’s strength to transform the novice Sabinin, he will let him resist the ancient mage halfway instead of continuing to take him.
Of course, now their strength has not been fully restored, and they are suffering from heavy snow like Chen Kai and others, because they don’t have tents to hide from like Chen Kai and others, and they can shrink into a tree hole that has just occupied, surrounded by forest monsters with a bad smell. That’s really uncomfortable.
However, Abala and Sabinin can’t get together with these forest monsters because they don’t have anything to keep out the cold. When even the bonfire is lit, it is the best way to get together and keep warm. When Chen Kai and them are eating barbecue around the stove, two evil spirits tragically endure hunger and cold.
At the same time, a large number of animals are released from the black tower and slowly put into this forest. These ancient wizards have almost dug up their homes to restore the ecology in the forest. Of course, they may also clean up the place in the tower and throw the creatures that were originally kept in the tower into the forest.
Looking at the winter wolves released by the Almighty Frost spell, they were put into the forest, and these winter wolves almost recognized those ancient wizards. Ganamos felt that the possibility of the elf empire reintroducing Denzel Forest into the territory was reduced. Besides these winter wolves, tens of thousands of reindeer, ten thousand bison and countless other animals were put into the forest. If they didn’t really see these animals coming out of the tower, Ganamos would never have thought that so many creatures could be put in this black tower.
Of course, there must be special passages in the white tower of Garnamus, and these passages may lead to some small planes in the astral world controlled by these ancient wizards. Although Garnamus has never entered the astral world, he has read a lot of information about the astral world. There are many good things in that seemingly imaginary star, such as the remains of ancient gods, the army of criminals at the edge of the human kingdom, and of course, there are some small semi-planes. Some of these semi-planes have creatures, while others have no doubt that these ancient wizards must have encountered small planes with life when wandering in the astral world. Otherwise, they will take away resources from the main
When several creatures came out of the tall tower, the surrounding area of Telamis came to life almost instantly. But now, because it is covered with heavy snow, these creatures still need to be fed by these ancient wizards, but after a while, they can wander around the whole forest. Those winter wolves controlled by the wizards are the best sentries and eyes and ears, which can let these ancient wizards know everything in the whole forest.
However, it is not necessarily a good thing for Chen Kai, them and the elves who are huddled in tents, especially those magical creatures such as winter wolves and other predators, which are becoming the biggest obstacle for a group of people to go to Telamis. These winter wolves quickly crossed the area controlled by the original ancient mage and spread out into the forest hundreds of kilometers away. The winter wolves formed into wolves and divided into hundreds of small wolves. They moved around the forest under the control of the mage, and hundreds of thousands of reindeer, rabbits and bison were the prey of these winter wolves.
Watching thousands of magical earth bears disappear from sight, Garnamus wiped his forehead with sweat. There is no doubt that if they move towards Telamis at this time, the result will definitely be a collision with these beasts. Of course, it will take several years for these magical creatures to form a climate. Now they occupy hundreds of kilometers of forest at most, but it is impossible to occupy the whole Denzel forest. Even so, with these beasts as eyes and ears, the ability of these ancient wizards to control the forest has increased rapidly.
When Chen Kai lifted the tent, the heavy snow finally stopped after a night, but the depth of the snow was a little more than everyone thought. The thick snow of 50 centimeters buried almost one-third of the black dwarf’s body in the snow. This thick snow made the elves feel a serious headache because they didn’t have warm clothes. The elf armor is absolutely cool and breathable in midsummer, which is what the elves keep their manners. Because most of the time, the climate of the elf empire is warmer, but now the highest temperature in the whole camp is inside the tent. Once they go outside, they feel shivering even if they wear blankets and drink spirits.
There is no doubt that in this temperature, if Romans still wants to March forcibly, even if Llewellyn agrees, the elves will not agree, so the group has to stay in place again and shrink into the tent, waiting for the snow to melt away.
"Boss! It seems that we are trapped here. How long do you think it will take for the snow to melt? " The cloud looked thicker than the snow and sighed. Of course, several girls were extremely excited to make a snowman outside. Even Alisa was very excited to push an increasingly huge snowball behind Su Wan’s ass to make a big snowman.
"You should ask the second child, not me!" Llewellyn sighed. Actually, it should be the elves in Romans who are more worried. Because they can now shrink in tents, except occasionally running out to find some wood for firewood, these elves almost shrink in tents to keep warm, while Romans, the elf chief, is almost so worried that his hair will be pulled out. If it weren’t for his little fiancee who asked Llewellyn and them to send supplies, how long will they stay in the forest according to the method of preparing things before? Because they originally brought supplies for less than a month, they are going to search in the forest and then quit the forest after a month, and re-enter after supplying in Ruenmalan.
However, according to the present situation, these elves would definitely go hungry if Bartlett didn’t ask Chen Kai to send supplies, which were enough for the elves to support in the forest for two months. However, the problem is that no one counted such heavy snow, which was even less than the current low temperature. There are food and drinking water roots in these supplies, and there is no winter clothes and bedding that are most needed now. Actually, the whole elves have no winter clothes to prepare, because the warm spring-like environment all year round makes them unnecessary, and the powerful elves can adapt to a slightly colder environment, but this does not mean that the elves can really eat them.
After all, they can completely see the cold climate and high temperature environment in winter, and there is a level of sanctuary. Although these elf knights are tough, there are three people who have entered the sanctuary. One is Romans, and his two guards are slightly higher than Chen Kai and others. This makes them endure the low temperature for a long time. Now these elves are very resistant to the tent, relying on the tent’s ability to isolate the temperature to keep their body temperature and freeze to death.
Romans was also thinking about this question when Chen Kai and others were struggling with when the snow would melt. There is no doubt that the changes in the forest are unexpected. But now he has no other way but to crustily skin of head and hang on in the forest. It takes seven days to leave the forest and seven days to enter, and it also takes seven days to reach Telamis. In this weather, whether to return or enter may cause a lot of non-combat injuries to the elves.
When Romans sighed again, snowflakes floated in the sky again. Looking at the heavy snow, Romans’s heart was instantly shrouded in haze. Even if he tried to disperse the clouds above his head, he could sigh to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 24 Forest in Ice and Snow (1)
"Whoops ~ ~" Listening to my ear, I suddenly remembered to call Chen Kai. The only thought was whether I had been crossed, because in front of him was a living wolf with huge size and frost spell ability. But the problem is that he is now in Denzel forest, where there is no such creature as a wolf, let alone a wolf, not even a rabbit.
But now he can clearly feel the breath of life in front of this winter wolf. More importantly, he also feels a little frost force. The winter wolf is more than three meters long. Compared with the ordinary prairie wolf, the timberwolves are definitely giants. However, such a huge creature has never been seen in Denzel forest before Chen Kai.
"wipe! If I had known, I wouldn’t have come out to cut firewood! " Ll looked at the winter wolf in front of him and was depressed because he didn’t wear armor now, but he wore a thick cotton-padded coat. Although the armor was in his backpack, Ll wouldn’t give himself a chance to wear armor. Fortunately, Ll’s huge size made this winter wolf get the boat in front of him, otherwise his cotton-padded coat would definitely be torn apart by the claws of the winter wolf.
"click! Hey! " When Chen Kai slowly held his hand to the hilt of the giant sword behind him, he heard a very small sound in his ear, as if something was freezing, and then his sight was swept away, and then he saw a light blue frost light spreading from the front foot of the winter wolf standing on the snow towards his position.
"Lie trough! Magic creatures! " Seeing this blue magic light, how could Chen Kai not recognize the magical creature of the giant wolf in front of him? At the same time, the other party is not only a magical creature, but also a very insidious magical creature. This kind of thing that stares at himself and warns but secretly makes small moves is like an old fox for a long time.
If it weren’t for Lleyton’s sharp perception, then there is no doubt that he will be directly frozen to the ground by the frost spell of the other party. Lleyton will not hesitate to hold the axe directly to the giant swordsman, take out a flying axe from his backpack and throw it at the winter wolf severely, and then his body will rise from the ground directly to avoid the tragedy that his feet are frozen in place.
But for a moment, the original freezing was like a layer of ice snow, but it turned into a sky at the bottom of ll’s nose. Looking at the sharp ice thorn, ll knew that if he fell, it must have been directly tied into a sieve and looked at the ice thorn growing up towards him. ll was very amazed at this giant wolf, which was more cunning than the old fox, because it successfully launched a spell and resisted ll’s throwing a flying axe and hitting the other side’s forehead, but the result was a shallow red mark on his forehead.
Actually, if the other party hides for a while, it will be a little relieved, but if the other party doesn’t hide, there is an explanation except knowledge, that is, it has confidence in its own defense, and there is no doubt that its defense is really strong, which also makes Chen Kai suffer a dull loss, but Chen Kai didn’t just think of countermeasures in an instant, and directly held the giant sword in his hand and split an attack toward the ground in an instant.
The giant sword took the lead in landing and directly smashed those ice stings. Was it when Ll’s feet landed or was it pierced by some ice stings? The deep red blood was constantly falling and the snow layer was instantly dyed red. Ll just greeted several other people and found that there seemed to be a few more figures behind the giant wolf in front of him.
"I wipe! There are so many places where these guys hid before! " Looking at the figures behind the winter wolf, Chen Kai couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. He had already punctured the wound with the ice in his legs. He felt suffocated because of the number of wolves. Dozens of giant wolves were slowly walking towards him. Looking at these big wolves, Chen Kai’s only thought was to turn around and escape. Without wearing armor, he couldn’t stop so many magical creatures.
Because the opponent’s frost spell is very strong, it can pierce Chen Kai’s skin just by erecting an ice thorn. Of course, if Chen Kai wears his armor, he will never think about turning and running away, or at least hacking a wolf. But now Chen Kai estimates that he will be torn to pieces by wolves when he throws his weapon away. He is wearing a cotton-padded jacket instead of armor. Actually, Chen Kai also wanted to wear armor to cut trees. The problem is that although his armor is very advanced, it is metal that will take away a lot of heat after all. Chen Kai has to wear a cotton-padded jacket for a long time and now he wants to be alone.
Although he has a journey of 400 meters from the camp, now such a short distance has become a deadly journey for Chen Kai. Actually, after hearing Chen Kai’s alarm, someone is rushing here, but it is very difficult to move in the snow, and the consumption is several times less than in the past. Of course, Chen Kai is forced to go out of such a long distance for logging because the surrounding branches can be cut down by the elves, and there is nothing to cut down for firewood branches.
When the cloud quickly stepped on the snow layer and rushed to Chen Kai’s side, it was not Chen Kai who smiled happily, but more than a dozen ice arrows. The blue ice arrow cloud quickly hid behind a big tree around him. The terrible ice arrow not only hit the giant tree, but also hit the whole tree fragments flying around.
"Boss! Where are you? " The cloud is shrinking behind the tree, but he knows very well that the powerful roots of those ice arrows dare not emerge because of an outcrop, and the result must be that the forehead is frozen into a big lump of ice.
"Tree … tree!" Ll’s condition is not good. After seeing those winter wolves, he quickly started the war. The angel wings fled toward the edge tree by floating force, but even so, he still ate three ice arrows, and his vitality was blown away. He was shot with three wounds the size of table tennis.
"Tree? !” Cloud gently raised his head and soon saw Chen Kai, whose face was blue in the treetops not far away, and the three frozen wounds on his body surprised him. There is no doubt that these three wounds are definitely penetrating wounds, but the problem is that the wounds have been frozen, which is more deadly. Because the frozen wounds may cause frostbite to the wounds, Chen Kai has no doubt that the dirty injuries are far more deadly than the external wounds. Chen Kai can now wear armor by holding trees.
"Be careful! These magical creatures are very powerful! " Lying on the treetops, Chen Kai bit his teeth and said that Yun actually felt Chen Kai’s pressure, but fortunately, many people shared the pressure with him, such as elves and dwarf Zhao Tiezhu, rushed over quickly when they heard Yun’s greeting, but the elves were attacked by a round of hail before they pulled their bows and arrows, and several elves in blankets were smashed black and blue in an instant.
Of course, fortunately, these winter wolves released hail instead of ice arrows, otherwise the situation of these elves is definitely worse than that of ll. When the elves were attacked, several dwarves directly took out their muskets and pulled the trigger toward the wolves that were running towards them. The huge guns directly surprised these wolves and pushed them to shoot armor-piercing bullets with magic crystal powder, which directly penetrated into scarlet blood from a winter wolf’s mouth and flew backwards. The wolf’s body became the only picture after the gun.
Flying out last winter, the wolf was absolutely dead, but when the second shot sounded, he was hit. The giant wolf let out a whoop of pain and was not directly killed. Although the bullet also hit it, the wound was not deep because it did not penetrate from the key.
"These guys have thick skins!" The huge gun is definitely a warning, but also woke up. Others in the camp, Romans, rushed over with a long sword almost in a short time, and just heard Zhao Tiezhu say that sentence.
"The skin is very thick!" When Romans heard this sentence, his mood was extremely excited, because for them, what is lacking now is thick fur or being used as winter clothes. At the moment when these winter wolves with thick fur are definitely the best fur collectors, the elf knight’s eyes become extremely hot and the most important thing is that these wolves can still eat meat. Although the taste of wolf meat may not be good, it is at least fresh.
So for a moment, the sword in the hand of the Elf Knight swung towards the nearest winter wolf, but these winter wolves felt the threat of Romas, so they were attacking other elves and dwarves. The winter wolf quickly turned the attack direction in a flash, and dozens of ice arrows poured like a flurry towards Romans’s position. Looking at the dense ice arrows, Zhao Tiezhu’s face was bitter not far from Romans. He did not hesitate to shrink himself behind the shield and then started the earth shield.
However, even when the earth shield was started, Zhao Tiezhu was blown upside down by dense ice arrows. Of course, he was much better than Chen Kai. Although wearing heavy metal armor, it was very cold, but the armor ensured that he would not be shot through by ice arrows. However, even with the earth shield offsetting most of the damage and adding shields to resist it, Zhao Tiezhu’s loss of life was still not much less than Chen Kai’s. Perhaps the only good place was that he could keep his body straight and Chen Kai was prone on the treetops with cold hands and feet.
Of course, Chen Kai’s condition has recovered a little, and he can give himself a few treatments, but after the frost in his body melted, Chen Kai found that his life value decreased faster, so he had to pour the therapeutic agent into his mouth to cooperate with the therapeutic treatment. Of course, when Chen Kai treated himself, the tree-face battle has moved towards a one-sided situation, although these winter wolves were more dense than ice arrows, which made Romans suffer a small loss and contaminated with those frost is the best evidence.
These frosts made Romans tremble a few times when waving weapons, and the agility of these winter wolves also made Romans very headache. In this snowy terrain, the agility of these winter wolves has been crushed, and everyone, even senior thieves, will fall into the snow layer in thick snow, but these giant wolves over three meters in size will not fall in when they step on the snow, because these winter wolf claws will release a frost spell when they step on the snow surface, so that they will not fall into the snow layer when they run, and the most important thing is that this will make them leave a frost when they are entangled with the enemy.
Although the force of frost is not strong, it will be very troublesome if it is hit. At least, it will slow people down a lot. But for Romans, these forces are not enough to stop him from dying in his hands in less than a few minutes. The number of winter wolves exceeds ten, and almost all of them are killed in one blow.
Can save the number of winter wolves is still a lot, and let Romans feel frown is that the number of these winter wolves is increasing. If they are killed, those winter wolves will now appear in the eyes of everyone, and the number of winter wolves is close to 100. But Chen Kai and them have never encountered such a large number of magical wolves in Denzel forest.
These snow-white winter wolves rushed out and directly attacked the weapons covered with wolf blood. Romans launched a fire attack. Dozens of ice-blue ice arrows swept towards Romans. At the same time, several winter wolves with higher strength howled, accompanied by a long call sign, a lot of snow appeared in the narrow forest, and a lot of snow appeared constantly, which directly obscured everyone’s sight.
In these snowstorms, those ice-blue ice arrows are manipulated by wolves in winter and go to Romans maser very quickly. Even if Romans’s strength is strong, he will have to eat the dark loss and be directly hit by more than a dozen ice arrows. The ice-blue force hit him and finally turned into flying snow and ice, while his body was hit by the impact force and flew out for several meters.
Those winter wolves in the icy snow are crazy to summon frost spells. If the ice arrow that flies Romans out can be regarded as a pediatrician, then the ice storm is crazy, then the elves and others who rushed over will wither and the hail will directly hit Su Xinghe. They can’t even lift their heads, and this is still a round of spells. When the second round of spells comes, everyone has to retreat in the direction of the camp. Even Romans can bite his teeth and retreat.
Yu Chenkai climbed from the treetops when he was waving a sword in Romans, and then he was extremely embarrassed and fled back to the camp with the help of the cloud to receive Rola Chen treatment. After making a drop of life spring, Chen Chenkai’s dirty injury was finally controlled. He wore armor and waved a giant sword and rushed out to prepare for revenge.
But before the sword in his hand was captured, he was smashed back with others by dense hail. The dense hail hit the armor and almost made ll just recover some wounds and tear again. However, compared with the wound being smashed by a spell, the elves were obviously more annoyed. In such a dense snow, the arrow root could not hit those winter wolves, and the black dwarf muskets kept hurting the wolves. However, due to the reason that the line of sight was more than blocking, the shooting rate of all dwarves was less than 30%.
The most tragic thing is that even if the hit rate is 30% because the winter wolves are thicker than fur, the damage ability is poor. However, the dwarves are much better than those elves. At least, the muskets in their hands are better than those bows and arrows. But even if the dwarf muskets shoot faster, if these winter wolves are destroyed by law, they will not change the bad situation. It can be said that the ancient wizards have restored the forest ecology and released the monsters, which has already shown their power. It is the unlucky people who are just Chen Kai and them.
Fortunately, the magic of these winter wolves is a little exhausted after they smashed three rounds of ice storms. Otherwise, maybe a group of people will be the first players and elves to be killed by the winter wolf spell. Of course, less than a month later, the first batch of players killed by the winter wolf ice storm really appeared. More than 300 players formed an expedition to Lamisse, Thailand. As a result, they were destroyed by less than 50 winter wolves for six rounds of ice storms, and most players were killed not by frost force but by fist-sized hail.
Actually, Chen Kai and others are badly hurt by hail now, and several spellcasters are almost bruised and bruised, just like those elves. Faced with such a huge snowstorm, their spell roots can’t pass through the dense frost and hit the target, because these frost contains some magical power, and explosive spells will be easily detonated if they are blown over.
It can be said that the worst thing for several spellcasters to be in a semi-abandoned state after their spells is that Bai Shasha has lost the element of fire. In such cold weather, the spellcasters are simply unlucky and urged to be restrained to death. Even efreet will find it difficult in the face of this environment, not to mention that even the element is not white Sasha, and the magic is not strong enough. In this weather, calling the element of fire is just like candle fire. Of course, it is a little too much to say that. After all, the spell can still be released and it can also cause some damage. The problem is that the power is almost suppressed when the wind and snow flame erupts
Looking at the winter wolves around the thorn vine, everyone’s face is quite ugly. In fact, even the elves feel angry and dissatisfied, because the former intelligence root did not reach these winter wolves, let alone the heavy snow in the forest, but even if these elves are angry and dissatisfied, they must overcome the immediate difficulties to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 249 Forest in Ice and Snow (2)