Bai Yang heard the name Leng Yi here as if he had heard of his frowning thinking and suddenly clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Are you a magical green vegetable in Wudang? Oh, my God, I said, why is it so familiar? It turned out to be the first master of the day. I am really lucky today! "

A Cai smiled. "I’m a green vegetable, but I’m far from being the best in the world, and I don’t know when I can reach that level."
Bai Yang hurriedly rolled over from his horse and walked towards A Cai. A Cai was also excited to hold his hand when he saw this. "I didn’t expect to meet Brother Green here. It was really rude just now. Don’t take it amiss. If Brother Green wants to buy a war horse, I can report directly to the owner. I can give Brother Green a 10% discount at least, so the quality of the horse is absolutely guaranteed and there will be no inferior quality."
A Cai laughed. "Brother Bai Yang, I think I will purchase a large number of war horses soon. Then I need to go to Qingyang Ranch to choose war horses in person, and I will need the help of Brother Bai Yang."
Bai Yang was ecstatic to be able to pull the ranch to wu-tang clan Magic Cuisine. This big guest has done a great job. Reporting to the host will definitely promote his position. Bai Yang was excited and said, "It’s very kind of Brother Vegetables to come to me if you have any questions. My game code is just to give me flying pigeons. I can accompany you to Qingyang Ranch at any time."
A Cai remembers his game code and loses his own code to him. A Cai slaps him on the shoulder and laughs. "Well, I won’t delay your time. You go and get busy. I’ll find you later."
Bai Yang rolled over and said, "I’ll wait for your good news. See you in the future-!" Bai Yang quickly chased the cavalry to the cabbage, looked at him and smiled. This little guy can do business.
A Cai turned to lead himself. Mata, now this horse is an ordinary horse. It is too ordinary in terms of speed, endurance and appearance. It is not tall and gray, and this kind of horse can run and carry things but not the battlefield.
He suddenly found that he was riding this horse really slowly. He didn’t think it was before, but now he found that the speed was a lot worse than that of Baiyang horse.
O food touched the nose turn jump to continue to xiangyang.
The sixth volume Jingzhou Raiders 72 Return to the lair
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The setting sun shines on Xiangyang’s tall city head, immersed in a soft golden light. The bronze city wall is solemn and solemn. The flag of the city head flutters in the wind. The flag at the top is an antique and traditional "Liu" printed behind the face. A dragon bares its teeth and claws. There are several senior NPC guards standing in the city head, one by one with bows and arrows and broadswords. They look grim and stare at the distance like a row of sculptures.
A Cai finally rushed back to Xiangyang City before sunset, and saw the tall wall of Xiangyang. A Cai took a sigh of relief, wiped his forehead, slowed down his sweat, and trotted slowly to catch up with the day. He finally returned to Xiangyang in front of the city gate with backache and leg cramps.
There are more and more pedestrians on the wide road, and luxury carriages are pulling guests to other towns. There are NPC porters carrying loads on their way, and there are also Jianghu knights like him who are light and uniformed, with a sword and a thin horse to travel the sky.
A Cai staggered and sat on the horse with his eyes closed, enjoying this moment of peace. The horse led him to the front of the city gate, where there was a queue.
A Cai vaulted horse went to the end of the line and was about to queue up for the city, but several players in front of him suddenly took the initiative to retreat behind him and gave up the front position.
O food watching them leng way "what are you doing? Why did you run behind me? "
They admire the eyes and look at the dish and say, "Boss, when you are in front, don’t delay you, will we be in the back?"
"This" food in distress situation when their expectations have been high enough to let others take the initiative to give way to the point where they look like a fake, don’t they unconsciously have reached such a height? It’s a little strange
A Cai asked, "Are you wu-tang clan players?"
One of the leaders hurriedly said, "I’m wu-tang clan’s brother, and these are my brothers. They are other sects who have come to Xiangyang for development."
A Cai nodded. It seems that Xiangyang City is still popular.
With these people taking the lead, some players in front will give him a place soon, but he is flattered but refuses quickly. Although others don’t mind, who knows if there will be a headline in the major forums of Tianwang, "The magic food is really awesome. Everyone has to make way for him." Then he has no face to put it.
Choi didn’t want to jump the queue, so a group of people talked enthusiastically around him and blocked the city gate. The guards at the city gate immediately shouted to let them queue up again.
A Cai was pushed to the front. He took out three coppers and gave them to the captain who collected the guards at the city gate. Unexpectedly, the captain smiled and waved his hand and refused. "Ah, it’s Bai’s adult who came back. Do you remember me if you don’t pay it?" He saw a blank face as if he didn’t know anything. "You’re always a magnate. I’m Cai Zhong’s adult!" I fought with you before, don’t you remember? At that time, I was able to block the knife by adults ~ Adults won’t remember? "
The little captain was slightly disappointed in his tone, but where can Choi remember him? All NPC soldiers look very much alike. There are at least thousands of NPC soldiers who fought with Cai before, and there are hundreds of them as squad leaders. How can Cai remember them all?
A dish suddenly laughed like an epiphany and took his hand several times. "Oh, it turned out to be a brother! I remember you’ve been here for a long time. You’ve gained weight again. Have you been promoted recently? If you have something to say to your brother, I’ll go for a drink. It’s my treat. "
The NPC captain was excited and excited. "I didn’t expect adults to remember that it’s a pleasure for small people!" I have to be on duty now. When I am free, I must invite adults to drink and hope that adults will attend. "
"Where, where, everyone is a state shepherd’s adult, and the brothers talk about nothing. The high and low brothers have a tube to come to me, and I will definitely play along."
Small captain grateful tears will be sent to the city and returned to the city gate, he saw that the city gate is still blocked with his face suddenly became serious, pointing to the chaotic crowd at the city gate and he shouted, "Line up for me and don’t block the traffic. I haven’t lined up for dozens to kill forgiveness 1, 9,"
Who dares to challenge him? Past experience told everyone that he meant what he said, and no one wanted to risk his life, and soon the city gate was in order again.
Choi returned to his private mansion and tied the horse to the bottom of the tree in the courtyard.
Suddenly, Brother Long said lazily, "Come back?" Alai looked up in surprise, and it turned out that Brother Long was lying in the dense tree branches and his head startled him.
"What is Brother Long doing in the tree?"
"It’s easy to talk. There’s nothing to do to dig a bird’s nest in the tree."
"Have you finished everything?"
"It’s almost over. I want to go to the north in a few days and then go to Liangzhou Ranch to see the horses."
"Ah!" Brother Long suddenly got excited. "If you want to go out, let’s go together. It’s really delicious here. It’s so stuffy that it must be interesting outside."
A Cai wondered at Long Ge. Doesn’t Long Ge like to be quiet? Why did you suddenly come up with the idea of traveling, but he still replied, "Good, just having a companion won’t talk too much about that stupid pig?" Where is he? "
Brother Long pointed to the kitchen "useless eating"
A Cai looked at the kitchen.
Soon silence, the immortal and the god-destroying came, and Daimon Masaru came in with a smile. "Why don’t you stay in Jiangxia for a few more days when the boss comes back so soon?"
A Cai looked back and was silent. All three of them had some scars and some rags.
"What happened to you and which gang did you fight with?"