The Buddhist world in the West is stuck, and the southern blood demon world and the western gods are stupid and eager to move, but there are sweat marks on the heads of the heavenly kings, the victorious kings and the mysterious immortals in the eastern fairy world. I personally tasted the faeries in Jupiter’s void, and all the faeries were beating drums in their hearts. If there is no mistake in the calculation of ascension, the faeries in Yanjing are the third. Listen to its boss’s boss, unless all three faeries belong to the same master. If so, wouldn’t this master …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

At the same time, the magic malefic congealed in a large array, and it can be remembered that the demon king was extremely anxious. All the demons combined to transport the magic together, which has reached the limit of the magic body, while the tightening speed of the other side’s light lotus horses is also accelerating. One by one, the light lotus hits the star congealed array. He is in the heart of the array, and he only feels that the explosion is deafening. If this continues, once the power of the magic evil spirit is exhausted, it will be captured. Da Zi was grinding his teeth with the dark spirit, and he was very dissatisfied. He was so angry that he cursed, "This dead bald man, the family of Honghua and Bailianben, is a combination of Buddha and real demon. Just fight. Rosso what!" Gas returns to gas, but distress signals are frequently sent.
In fact, I don’t know if I want to stir up this muddy water. After he stepped down, he consulted with Jin Shura. The strength of the other party is dominant. There are only a fairy, four dragon ships, a swirling red and white dagger, a nine-leaf lotus trapped by the magic crowd and an unidentified ordinary man. I don’t know the hidden ones, but one thing, he knows, and after his intervention, it must be a fight to the death. If the people in the underworld in the North Heaven will wait until a week later to be treated by the victims, then they should be killed by the other side for obstructing law enforcement. Or win the victory and save the demons.
When he hesitated, there was already a big fight on the field. As soon as the angels of the western gods started, they were blocked by the red and white swords on the top of Tianxin’s head. The two demon kings and spirits in the southern blood demon world rushed to the four dragons starship. The four dragons starship ignored them, but rose into the air, spared them, and continued to monitor the eastern celestial world and the western Buddhist world with the dark spirits. This made the two demon kings happy. Command the demon spirits to form a formation to gather the power of blood and evil spirits at one point. Attack the light to train the horse, in order to open a big hole so that the power of evil spirits can meet the power of evil spirits.
The immortals in the eastern celestial world who have been watching the war outside have gasped in succession, and what they see is that. The ugly man ha ha a smile, unspeakable horror beautiful, hand tactic a device, the nine days around the magic malefic coagulation large array rotation of lotus has soared several times as big, now the light of nine lotus leaves is as big as a hill. Whether it’s hitting the magic malefic coagulation array or the blood evil spirit attack array in the southern blood demon world, the space will be distorted and fluctuated like ripples, and the two lich kings have not been idle, and they are entangled in the two lotus pillars that follow, unable to contact the blood evil spirit attack array.
All the Buddhists in the Buddhist world in the West have solemn faces and long names. Da Zi Ming Wang and Jin Shura Ming Wang looked at each other, and their eyes were extremely surprised. The two demon kings in the southern blood demon world are no less cultivated than them, but they are easily entangled in two beams of light lotus pillars, and gradually choose to leave the blood evil spirit to attack this array. In their place, wouldn’t they be separated and entangled in an unguarded moment?
Looking at the vigorous, continuous and clear-cut light-born nine-leaf lotus, and feeling the life energy of the nine-leaf lotus, Jin Shura looked cautious. "At ease, this thing is comparable to the Buddha’s golden body and Buddha’s light, and the evil spirit Yuan Xi and the blood evil spirit Yuan Xi are not enough to look at. It’s ridiculous to carve the king of heaven birds and the prince of blood clan for a while and be fooled."
"Amitabha, good, it is useless to pay attention to it. The underworld in the north is not the same as posing for their most powerful, comparable magic statue of the magic malefic condensate star coagulation large array, which is not the same as melting. Blood malefic coagulation array will not be much better. Shura, pay attention to that ugly young benefactor. I think he is the protagonist. " I am at ease with the Ming king.
"You this big monk has an eye! My boss is not handsome, but you two have poor eyesight! "
Comfortable and Jin Shura ears sounded a sharp voice of dark spirit, and they were able to shrug off the "bad words" of dark spirit, but they paid great attention to Tianxin because of the boss of dark spirit. The two kings of the Ming Dynasty opened their eyes with a little soft Buddha’s light, and finally locked the heavenly heart. For a long time, they were at ease with Sheshura.
"At ease, can you see the truth of this person?"
"No, this person is still a person, how is that possible? Is the Buddha statue, under the scanning of our wise eyes, the whole body will have a dharma and a faint halo. But in this man, I can’t see anything, only two palms, one is spitting the power of fairy spirits, commanding the red and white swords against the angel battle, and the other is spitting unknown skills into the instrument that emits light lotus. "
"At ease, we sneak attack him, have a chance? Amitabha, sin, sin, "Jin Shura asked solemnly. Deep in the Buddha’s face, there is a face that only the king of Ming Dynasty can understand.
"Hee hee, you want to sneak up on my boss, you two big monks don’t dream. With your little practice, you don’t have to be in such a hurry to die. You can practice for another one million years, and maybe you still have a chance after the real disaster!" Dark spirit thin voice again.
Great freedom and Jin Shura listened to Jing Chu this time, and their faces changed dramatically. It was a real disaster. To put it bluntly, it was the end-plate apocalypse that the five supreme powers of Sifang Yu were about to face. Among the classics of Sifang Yu and Wujie, only the characteristics of this catastrophe were recorded. As for any generation of supreme, whether they survived the disaster or where they went after it left an eternal blank. For a long time, in the eyes of the masters of the five realms, the supreme is unmatched and unattainable now, let alone the supreme who has survived the real disaster. How high will the mana be? It is not what they can imagine! But this faery benefactor has put down his boast and tried to plot against its boss. The supreme sneak attack of the true spirit is just a little chance. Isn’t this man …? They felt dizzy. Amitabha stopped reading, and seemed to understand the reason why Tianxin didn’t talk to them directly. Such an existence disdains to pay attention to them, because he is compared with them. It is equivalent to the difference in series between them and the creatures in the original place, and it is insurmountable.
"Shura king. How credible do you think the donor’s words are? " Da Zi threw out this question after a cognitive thunder in Ming Wang’s mind.
"At ease. Credible, credible, amitabha, "Jin Shura’s face suddenly overflowed with murderous look, which made the king of Ming look terrible. Urgent declaration of the Buddha’s name, "Shura, what’s wrong with you?"
"Nothing, it’s a photo shoot." Jin Shura wry smile together, at this moment. The murderous look on his face disappeared. "I didn’t believe the fairy benefactor’s words just now, and I attacked the Dharma with my unique mind of Buddhism, preparing for the heart of the year. I don’t know how to release the state so that my heart appears in the cotton, sin, sin."
"Amitabha, Shura, do you mean that we are under the absolute control of each other?" A Buddha’s heart became more and more appalled when he was at ease in the Ming Dynasty.
"No wonder, I can’t see his photo. It’s dangerous for me to argue with such a magical person in the Buddhist world. I am merciful." After a spell of Buddha’s name, Da Zi Ming stopped talking, but, like King Jin Shura Ming, kept an eye on the war in the field.
The angel battle formed by thousands of angels, headed by several polar angels, has been exhausted in the blow of the red and white Tai Chi sword field. Compared with the war in the special channel of the dark blue asteroid void, it makes Tianxin feel very relaxed. A god knowledge floats to the eager four dragons and starships, and the sword field gives up a corner, so that the four dragons and starships can fly into the big battle with the angels, and the red and white two knives fly out with extreme momentum.
The four dragon star ships jumped in, and were attacked indiscriminately in all directions by the red and white Tai Chi sword field. The angel war was suddenly scattered and divided into four small arrays to fight with the four dragon star ships respectively. Tong Ya, Lin Qialan, Huang Rui, He Yuming and Li Qiang played for half a month, so they were more relaxed. While Chaduc’s Black Dragon Starship, Jiwu’s Red Dragon Starship and Guo Xiangdong’s Huanglong Starship are much more impatient. Huanglong Starship is very stable, and the coordination of Dragon Horn, African Claw and African Tail is well organized. The Black Dragon Starship and the Red Dragon Starship are willy-nilly. Under the passive optical nerve radar system, the dragon horns are wildly picked, the African claws are grasping, and the dragon tail is slammed, and the dragon body is slammed. Chaduc and Jiwu are desperately attacking and playing, which leads to the protests of Long Da and Long San.
"Hey hey, Long Da, don’t collapse your face. Thieves and angels beat me badly outside the deep blue base. This time, they finally got a taste of my power and prestige." Chaduc was satisfied. He was crazy again.
"Hee hee. dragon three, your eldest brother uses special tactics that don’t talk about branches and leaves. It’s just enough to repair these thief angels." Jiwu smiled on his face, but his eyes were full of killing.
What’s worse than the angels in the western celestial world is the southern blood demon world. In the special channel, the nine-leafed lotus placed outside the nine-flowered lotus has set up a large array of magic malefic and blood nine planets in a group of two million demons and demons. It can also be generous, since it won’t put these dry demon spirits in the eye, not to mention the carved birds and the prince Lip have been drawn away. Especially as worried about their explosive, that’s terrible, are senior demons and senior demon spirit, once explosive, which have no equivalent of a nuclear bomb, therefore, under the guidance of sharp gods for nine days, HuaLian released a large number of light lotus leaves, consuming the power of magic evil spirit and blood evil spirit.
The King of Carving Birds is full of hair and beard, and the power of blood and evil spirit is restrained, and the left branch is clumsy. In the past 100,000 years, the fire broke out, showing his original body, a pair of big wings, a pair of eyes full of anger, a mouth hook, a sharp Cheng Liang, and a pair of claws, releasing colorful fine awns, and competing with the light-born nine-leaf lotus purely by his own brute strength. For a while, I didn’t have a gram, but I also played as a bee.
Prince Lip himself is a dark creature, and he practices blood evil spirit. Therefore, it is most uncomfortable to meet the photogenic force that is born to generate grams. He also shows his original body. Within the huge dharma body, there is a small series of vibrating bodies. When small scorpions fly by, the force of blood evil spirit and dark energy will pour out around the little bat. Who would know that there is so much energy hidden in this small body?
As for the large array of magic malefic condensate in the northern underworld, it is not a large array. Under the storm of light-born nine-leaf lotus, the magic energy is in short supply, which makes them have to accept the small array, and even put away their sadness and fear of The Machine, and transport the magic power tactic to contribute their share of magic power to the ugly star condensate array.
The immortals in the eastern celestial world and the Buddhists in the western Buddhist world are astounding. The immortals know the machine in advance and can still look at the side calmly. However, today’s recalcitrant Buddha among the Buddhists became annoyed, proclaiming the Buddha’s name in his heart, and asked the Great Freedom Ming King and Jin Shura Ming King to go to war in succession.
"Ming Wang, the other party bullied me. Please allow me to come forward and do my best."
"You know that right and wrong are strong!" Da Zi Ming Wang replied angrily, saying that he and Jin Shura were very embarrassed. Today, the Buddha belonged to King Jieci Ming and was not controlled by them. Moreover, the origin of today’s Buddha may be unknown to no Buddha except Buddha Zun and King Jie Ci Ming. These are not problems, but the problem is that the time is wrong. At this point, the opponent will not show mercy at all. The two Ming kings had to consider the severity of their moves.
"Hey hey, big bald men, don’t embarrass you about Ming Wang. This is the time for my boss to enforce the law. Don’t choose this time if you want to die!" The words of the dark spirit are full of mysterious yin qi, which makes the Buddhist community in the West understand clearly and make the Buddhist community in the West feel uncomfortable. If you don’t mention it, it seems that there is still something fishy.

Chapter one hundred and forty-five Wei town boundary
Therefore, when the dark spirit voice down, no words in the generation of heaven, earth, xuan, yellow, star, river, hao, John’s eight today Buddha rushed out, teleport to the dark spirit stood in front, "I’m comfortable and shura two Ming kings why so polite, it turned out to be you this little uber pretending to be a fairy, to confuse the two Ming kings. My Buddha is always sad. Today, I have to remove evil roots for the source. " After talking, the dark spirit was surrounded by eight directions, namely, the sky, the heaven, the yellow, the stars, the rivers, the vastness and the silence.
"My old man can forgive you for being ignorant and speechless," the dark spirit disdained the tunnel, his face suddenly turned solemn and his voice rose. "Go home, if the color rang my boss to enforce the law, hum!"
The hum of the dark spirit’s top priority is exploding in the ears of eight today’s Buddhas, and today’s eight have penetrated in all directions.
The Buddha was furious and snapped his name, "If I don’t go to hell, who will go to hell!" Compassion method is turned into cause.
The golden light of life, eight pairs of King Kong’s huge hands slammed into the dark spirit’s forehead.
The dark spirit flashed away and laughed angrily. "When you go to hell, you are at ease with Ming Wang and Jin Shura Ming Wang. Is that how you Buddhists understand Buddhism?" Immediately snapped at the eight Buddhism and Taoism today, "My boss is careful about the way of heaven, taking people’s hearts as the criterion, implementing the three systems, and you are a little selfish, tea charcoal creatures, and make power in vain." You big monks, in normal times, I can spare you. At this moment, there is no way to hell! "
Really smart and angry, shake the sea and dig out the sky. Dabai was shocked by the Buddha’s heart in Ming Wang, Jin Shura Ming Wang and the Buddhist community behind him. The immortals in the Eastern Fairy World shook their heads and sighed, what’s wrong with not inviting the eight present buddhas? The anger of the dark spirit gives the two worlds a sense of destruction.
"Fairy benefactor. Please be merciful, Amitabha, "Da Zi Ming Wang was at a loss. King Jin Shura proclaimed the Buddha’s name, but neither of them recalled eight Buddhas next year. I don’t know if it is intentional or unintentional, or if it has other meanings.
This time, the attack of the Eight Today Buddha has become more intense, and it has flooded the small body of the dark spirit. Eight Buddhas secretly rejoiced, "Take life!" Eight fists were drawn to the dark spirit, and eight fists were awned, shining with the light of death lightly, pouring to the location of the dark spirit.
"Cruel. It can be seen that, "the Eastern Fairyland Ping Tianwang said thoughtfully," I heard that the Buddhist world in the West has added a number of dharma dragons in the last million years, and I saw them today. The fruit deserves its reputation. However, it’s a pity that the death star lives. "
"Hard for them! As courageous as when we first entered the source area. " Victory over the heavenly king and suppression of the Tao.
Great freedom and Jin Shura’s eyes are flashing, and the eight Buddhist circles in the West are the most ruthless to attack today’s Buddha, which is a great momentum to kill the dark spirit at once. They want to recall the eight today’s Buddha, but they are reluctant to take this opportunity. They don’t know how powerful the faeries are, but in fighting, sometimes cultivation can’t explain the problem. The reason why the present Buddha is called a Buddha is that they have removed the kindness that the ancient Buddha still had when he was against the enemy, and fully presented a state of war, which is an alternative kind of Buddhist death. When a dead man comes out, there is no reason to recall him.
Dark spirit sneered, "remind the opportunity to give, repeatedly stressed that don’t mess with my opportunity to pick up, also gave the opportunity to recall, the next is my chance! The boss can’t blame me. " It simply does nothing, never stops, and runs straight according to the true spirit and mysterious gas. With a flick of the hand, the true spirit and mysterious gas pounds are tied out. "set!"
Eight times today, the Buddha’s boxing light hit, and the sudden celebration in his heart increased and decreased, and he almost laughed wildly. The thunder was loud and the rain was small, and the whole silver-like wax spear was made. However, their laughter got stuck in their throats, and a Buddha’s face changed from wrong to fear. They found that I didn’t know when they could not move, that is, the instruments, boxing light and energy were forced back intact, and the body churned like the wind, wasting the sea, and the abdomen was beaten into a ball and the golden body was shrinking.
Between heaven and earth, the light and fog were hazy just now, but now it’s clear and hazy. When Da Zi Ming Wang, Jin Shura Ming Wang and the Buddhists in the Western Buddhist world found out that something was wrong, the little face of the dark spirit was overcast and murderous. Eight shots were made in the small palm, and in the screams, the lotus flower of eight Buddhas broke away, and the whole body cracked. Eight small Buddhas wanted to soar in fear, but it seemed to be blocked by something.
People from both sides of the field were all shocked. The heavenly kings of the Eastern Fairyland and the victorious heavenly kings sighed, while the Buddhist hearts of the Western Buddhist world, the Ming King and the Jin Shura Ming King, were greatly shocked. When they came out, a dark spirit shook them back with a real aura. "Don’t be ignorant of good and evil, big monk."
"Fairy benefactor. Still hope …"
"No way, you won’t cry until you see the coffin, and you won’t die until you reach the yellow river. It’s a waste of my breath!" The dark spirit’s little face congealed in the icy mountain for thousands of years, and he ignored the two circles who had a hard time. With a stroke of his small hand, the true aura that trapped eight Buddha’s golden bodies was spinning in a thousand layers, with different speeds. The two circles saw that the Buddha’s golden body was stretched to the left, twisted to the left, and sounded softly. Before the roots of the Buddhist community in the Western Heaven could be rescued, it had disappeared.
Eight today, the Buddha’s soul is lost, and the Buddha’s body is completely lost. This has been angered by the Buddhist circles in the Western Heaven, which have been going smoothly since they came to the source. They are comfortable and often embarrassed with Jin Shura’s face. For a while, they ignore the grimace of the mouth of the dark spirit.
"No, the little boy is crazy." Feng Lingzi’s heart trembled and she was about to walk out of comfort. She was grabbed by Guan Zhongzi. "Don’t go, it’s wide awake."
"You are!"
I don’t know when the Buddhist community in the Western Heaven swept out 8864 today’s Buddhas, and tied them together. The Buddhists in Liebu rode the golden light array, and in the blink of an eye, they rushed to the dark spirit plane and merged. The parallel front was close to the dark spirit, and the dark spirit pulled out the Xuanyin spirit hammer, and the wind flashed, and the spirit hammer became several times larger, hitting the golden light hard. Only a sound of gold and iron was heard, and the golden light array was smashed through by the Xuanyin spirit hammer. Sixty-four present buddhas died more thoroughly this time. There was no miserable hearing, no bloody rain, and the speed of the hammer was too fast. The golden array was directly labeled as atmospheric particles.
Such a thunderbolt strike showed that the dark spirit laid hands on him, and the mood of the two circles was crazy. The dark spirit hammer was still hanging in the air. After a while, it was in the face of the huge hammer, and it was a waste of wind. Straight to the western Buddhist world and the eastern celestial world, the two worlds stood still in the strong wind, but the nose really experienced an alternative "blood shed" in a gas state.
Dark spirit hands a enclosed. Xuanyin spirit hammer flies back, shrinks into a finger-shaped hammer and appears in the hand. The little face is angry. It doesn’t understand, it’s all very eloquent, and these guys have repeatedly offended it and forced it to kill and rob. A little soul is gradually out of balance. True aura whirled around the whole body and hammered the Buddhist monks in the Western Heaven. He shouted angrily, "Don’t be afraid of death, come again!" "