"Jingle!" Chen Kai’s sword directly hit a bodyguard’s chest. The layer wrapped in black light was chopped by the sword, but the metallized ribs directly blocked Chen Kai’s attack. The sharp sword didn’t even leave a white seal.

After returning from work, Chen Kai quickly withdrew and retreated. Behind him, a silver sword directly rubbed his body and stabbed the bones. On the other side, the familiar shape of the metal pike spear with a length of more than two meters made Chen Kaibai be Su Wan’s dragon gun.
Chen Kai also knew nothing about Chengfeng Summit. Lin Lei stuffed Chengfeng Summit into the team led by Chen Kai and appointed the post of deputy head, not only because of his high rank, but more importantly, he was very strong. Although Chengfeng Sword was shorter than Su Wan’s pike, it attacked the target earlier than her, and Chen Kai also heard two attacks in a row.
The two attacks almost hit the skeleton warrior’s head in tandem, and the tip of the sword collided fiercely with the black iron skeleton head. After one attack, Chengfeng left two clear white marks on its forehead, but from the perspective of team sharing damage, Chengfeng’s two attacks were not as high as Su Wan’s seemingly light and sudden stab.
Although Su Wan’s strength can just reach the standard, it can be regarded as a compulsory standard, but in spite of fighting, this dragon gun broke out with very strong damage, and the sharp tip of the gun directly pierced the teeth of the black iron skeleton and stabbed it like its skull.
“-2147!” A faint injury floated out from the back of the head of the black iron skeleton. Of course, all people’s vision floated out. Some people turned off the injury vision system, but they couldn’t see this. They could see the dragon gun directly inserted into the skull and took away a little gray-black breath.
Chen Kai frowned at the damage. It seems that Su Wan’s strength is still low, because if Su Wan’s strength is enough, he will activate the weapon’s additional attributes, and the attack damage can reach as little as 4. However, due to the lack of strength, relying on quarrelling to force the attack, the result is not as high as expected, but the weapon’s ability is less developed. For example, the gun tip value reaches 7, and according to Chen Kai’s estimation, even steel can be cut off at this sharp index.
"Shout ~ ~ ~" Cheng Feng suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing behind his head, and then he saw two giant swords passing over his head and chopping at the black iron skeleton that he had attacked. When the giant sword with white light first attacked the black iron skeleton, it directly hit it backwards, and then a huge blue giant sword hit its chest along the track of the previous weapon.
"Hey!" Everyone heard this crisp instead of the original metal collision, and then the owner of the blue giant sword instantly retreated, and the original giant sword with white light once again appeared in front of the black iron skeleton, or the huge weapon with a faint light in the middle hit the skeleton from beginning to end.
Chengfeng suddenly saw a faint sword shadow passing through the black iron skeleton when the giant sword hit it, and then she heard a continuous click. The black iron skeleton was almost as good as metal, and the sternum was directly split off, even the shoulder clavicle.
“-172!” “-574!” “-2312!” The black iron skeleton appeared a continuous injury almost in a short time, and just as Chen Kai withdrew his giant sword, a long sword went straight into the black iron skeleton from behind him, and Chen Kai seemed to hear a broken bone and saw a gray weapon attached to the long sword and forced to emerge from the skeleton, and then when the long sword was withdrawn, the black iron skeleton instantly fell to the ground and made a touch.
"Don’t be careless! This guy is not dead yet? " Ll looked at several thieves who were squatting behind and followed them out, trying to rush to pick up the cheap and quickly stopped them.
The black iron skeleton opposite to Su Wan directly feels that it is so miserable that the so-called one step behind will fall behind step by step. When Su Wan gently stabbed the skull with a gun, the base has already decided its fate. The sharp value is as high as 7 points. How to see the black iron skeleton forehead like a rag will be known when the gun tip is driven by quarrelling.
According to the Eyre monster map, the skull hardness of the black iron skeleton is close to 6, but once it exceeds this value, it is easy to be broken through. The defense result is naturally the same as that of the black iron skeleton opposite Su Wan now. When the last dragon with white light stabbed the black iron skeleton, the whole head of the loyal bodyguard exploded directly like a broken water bag.
Nearly half of the health value is instantly returned. Although most dead creatures can still move after destroying their heads, the action that drives them still lies in the soul fire in the skull. When the soul fire goes out, the monster can’t die any more. The gray air mass in Su Wanlong’s gun attack directly turned into a glittering and translucent light spot.
"This girl is too fierce!" Chengfeng suddenly found that it was still light to be beaten every time. If she believed that she couldn’t take the continuous pike and stabbing according to the martial arts of dealing with the bones, but after watching Su Wan directly sit on the ground and gasp after killing the black iron skeleton, Chengfeng increased her chances of winning against Su Wan by a few points. He believed that he must surpass the other party in physical strength.
When Cheng Feng compared himself with Su Wan’s fighting capacity, Chen Kai held high his sword and fell again. This time, the target was not his body or just his skull. Everyone heard a crisp metal knock and a slight bone damage.
Chen Kaize saw a white light directly into the head of the black iron skeleton through the skull. When the skeleton was alive, a faint gray gradually separated from its body, and nearly half of the blood was instantly returned to the whole black iron skeleton. Chen Kaiju’s sword slowly disintegrated and the black smell gradually dispersed, revealing the metallic black skeleton.
The skeleton, which has been locked behind two bodyguards, seems to show a faint sadness after seeing the death of two protectors, but it is more of a relief. It quietly walks up to Chen Kai and lowers its head to accept its fate.
Ll is very strange to watch this skeleton walk to his face and die. He really can’t figure out why a low-level skeleton has such a humanized side. Suddenly Ll seems to remember something. He stopped the preparation of sending this skeleton back to the underworld. Everyone took out a small pendant from their backpack.
This pendant that once belonged to Mary’s sister was asked by him from Mrs. Mary before Chen Kai left Adolik. Although I don’t know what Chen Kai wanted her to give it to her sister, Mrs. Mary gave it to Chen Kai.
When the pendant decorated with Lady Mary’s sister’s magic head appeared in front of the skeleton, everyone was surprised to find that the skeleton was trembling and wanted to reach out and touch it. When the skeleton trembled and touched the pendant with both hands, Chen Kai saw a faint figure coming out of the skeleton, and the pendant also appeared as a woman.
"Dorothy! I finally see you again! " A weeping woman went from that female figure’s mouth to everyone’s ears.
"Millie! Thank God for mercy so that I can see you again before I return to the underworld, you know? I have been here for decades when I woke up from the cold ground! " The chubby weapon merchant hugged his wife and they both wept bitterly in front of ll and them, and a little glittering and translucent tears floated in the air.
"Millie! What about little Mary and Hans? They? Have they all escaped? " Dorothy retreated his wife to the front, but suddenly he saw two faint shadows appear in front of him. Dorothy hugged them to his chest trembling, because he knew that they were two children, and they didn’t escape at last.
Dorothy held his wife and children for a while and then slowly pushed them into Chen Kai’s hands to hang them, because he knew that if his soul was exposed to filth for too long, it would be swallowed up by negative energy. He was very white in his heart and wrapped in a lot of gray and black atmosphere, which his wife and children did not have.
"Thank you! I think you should be the adventurers who entered our treasure house a few months ago! " Dorothy’s soul returned to his skeleton body, and then it slowly wrote with red eyes that the thick dust turned into very good paper, and Chen Kaike clearly saw what was written on the face.
"Yes!" Ll gently nodded his head.
"What about the remains of my wife and children?" Dorothy vividly depicts
"I was entrusted by Mrs. Millie’s sister, Mrs. Mary, to take your body back for burial! I have the bones of Mrs Millie, little Mary and Hans. "Ll pointed to the bracelet in his hand and the bracelet slowly emerged in his strength.
"thank you! Thank you very much! " Dorothy’s fingers were trembling with bones, and then he slowly got up and walked to a collapsed cabinet. After rummaging through it, he pulled a board of the cabinet and took out some yellow parchment from it.
"Please give these to my wife and sister, and she will give you due reward! Now please do it! I know that you are a noble knight of divine grace. Please ask the sacred flame to free me from this filthy body, and help us two bodyguards to free ourselves from this suffering. "Dorothy’s soul reappeared in front of Chen Kai, and two tall swordsmen stood quietly behind him, waiting for Chen Kai to help them get rid of the control of dead creatures and then fall into a quiet and eternal sleep.
Ll quietly took those yellow parchments, and then Dorothy put her hand on its head with a serene expression. A white flame quietly appeared in Ll’s palm and slowly leaned towards Dorothy’s miserable white body.
"My Lord morning god may your country come! May your strength walk on the ground as you walk in heaven! I beg you to forgive me for my crimes! I am arrogant, weak and lazy! As you forgive others! Please don’t let me make mistakes and hurt my parents and friends! "
"My Lord morning god, please guide me to repent! Guide me to forgive those who have hurt me, guide me closer to you, and guide me not to make mistakes! Keep me safe, healthy and happy, and keep my parents and my friends! Let’s not be tempted, let’s not be judged, and let the devil stay away from us. "
In Chen Kai’s quiet recitation, Dorothy’s body was slowly covered with flames. When everything dispersed, he left a faint ash, a crystal jewel like tears. Chen Kai carefully received everything in an urn, and then stuffed the bodies of two loyal guardians into the box and took them to the basement. He was going to slowly burn their bones to ashes there so as to purify their foul smell.
In this way, ll has been in the basement for a day, while others quietly touched the outside of the weapons store to search, of course, along the original promotion in the opposite direction. There are at least 30 people in each search team, and the whole brigade is divided into four teams according to the distribution and slowly touched towards those places.
Chen Kai and his team should not only avoid the skeletons that appear from time to time, but also avoid the knights who run through the skeletons from time to time. Fortunately, because many guild players are constantly building fortresses outside Yaduoge and cleaning up the low-level skeleton there for training, the number of low-level skeleton soldiers in Yaduoge city is greatly reduced. Chen Kai feels that the whole city is much less wandering skeletons than wandering in the wild.
"Chengfeng! Did you find anything there? " Ll lie prone in an old house. The original owner of the house is now lying quietly or has been crossed over by Ll. The scattered bones are evidence of the other party’s past.
"no! Except for getting some commemorative coins! Of course, if the copper candlestick is a good thing, we still get a lot. "Cheng Feng slowly answered in the team channel, throwing a candlestick with unfinished candles into his backpack."
"What about others? Old Bao Lan Se? " Ll asked the other two team captains again.