The red buff’s blood volume is instantaneous, but it’s not dead yet. The first degree of damage is really not over.

However, the emperor succeeded in taking away the last trace of blood of the red buff with a general attack.
The emperor had a passive fight. First, the percentage of blood loss was enough to grab buff. Moreover, his flag was inserted at the foot of the red buff. He turned around and the general attack was unified and automatic. After all, he was one step faster than the lion and dog.
"I grabbed it!"
Out of professional experience, I knew that I had it, so I shouted excitedly.
Seeing that Tianlan robbed this buff, the audience also thought that it was very hurtful to be robbed of the dragon after drinking a lottery. Now it seems that Tianlan’s mental state is OK.
You Tianlan knew that if Lu Zhanzhan hadn’t woken up just now, the buff would have been taken by the lion and dog.
Although Lu Zhan’s big move was a big mistake, it still played a strategic threat to the lion and dog and must be punished
"I haven’t finished paying attention to retreat!" Lu Zhan wakes up and there are three people around Tianlan who are eyeing up. They have to escape quickly.
Sky blue nodded and grabbed buff, which is actually a rich and dangerous way to ask them to take it when they need it.
"I will go to support!" Said the resurrected Xiao Shengjiang, who is already coming here.
"No, you go to Xiaolong!" Lu Zhan commanded him to go in another direction.
The team members are also Zheng Lu Zhan’s commanding ideas. Tianma Xing has a strong overall view, but as soon as he says it, everyone agrees with this command
The reason is very simple. The other three people are here, and Xiaolong is the most imaginary time. The other Jess has just been beaten home by the policewoman, and now it is just right to fight Xiaolong.
Xiao Chengjiang’s doubts can be handed over to Lu Zhan themselves by taking Riven to the road to fight here.
Sky blue holds the mouse and looks strangely dignified. He Xiao Shengqiang can come to support it. Now it seems that Lu Zhan should have a better choice to let them run away.
But now the problem is that they are surrounded by each other.
Before avoiding the emperor EQ, the other side is three people, two on the left and one on the right, and here is a very narrow passage. It is not so easy to break through.
The key is the mouse. Big move
In seven seconds, the mouse increased the attack power and the sputtering target was directed at the little mermaid.
"Fight against mice!"
Seven seconds is too long. Two people may not be able to resist the mouse and die after a wave of big moves.
"Don’t flash?" There was a flash before the sky blue, and he couldn’t run away, but he knew that Lu Zhan had a flash in his hand and could leave over the wall.
When the time was pressing, Lu Zhan got up and quickly came to the front of the mouse without saying much about the little fisherman’s pole
In the pole vault, the fisherman has a method to select the effect. The mouse output has lost its goal and temporarily stopped. But the fisherman broke out at such a high time and the therapy has lost IMP. He doesn’t want to let his mouse fight with the fisherman desperately.
Because the road is smooth, the mouse has never been home since he left home. He is going to come out directly with a machete, so he has a Dolan sword and lacks courage to fight with the little fisherman.
However, he didn’t want to fight for the fisherman, but he was very willing to let Lu Zhanshi watch the time hang on himself and slow down and directly ignite the mouse.
This lighting makes the audience excited again and familiar with the land exhibition. The audience all know that the meaning of lighting the land exhibition has been decided. This lighting is a declaration of death!
Chapter 779 Unexpected swap
If there is a big trick in the little mermaid’s explosive ability, the mice will be taken away after they have no chance.
But now that the little fish man is older, the audience have some doubts about whether Lu Zhan can kill mice.
But in order to ignite Lu Zhan, as soon as he moved forward, he tore the mouse’s health when he first came with the W skill.
The mouse flashed to hide from the fisherman, and he confessed. Just now, the fisherman’s pole vault skill was injured and he was eaten red-handed. Now it is very painful to be chased by the fisherman.
IMP calmly analyzes whether to retreat or not. There are many of them, so there is really no need to fight so hard with the fisherman.
He is wearing a fishman e skill to slow down, but the fishman is also wearing a time to slow down and want to run, he can run away.
But he just took the first step and he was slowed down again.
Fisherman’s three skills slow down. He can be someone else.
Is the emperor
Get the fresh red buff, get a general attack, and then hang him down again.
At this time, everyone remembered that the buff emperor was still there! The emperor’s passivity is the percentage of blood loss. His red buff can slow others down. He is also a great threat to the Korean team.
If there is a slow play, you can see that the emperor hit the lion and dog before coming over, and then he came back to hit the mouse. That is to trigger the red buff and slow down the support speed of the lion and dog by his own passive effect.
Compared with the little fisherman, the emperor can’t attack him. His goal is to cooperate with the little fisherman’s output, which is clear to the sky blue.
A fisherman can’t get rid of a mouse in a second and an emperor with a red buff. The situation is different immediately.
IMP didn’t dare to finish the big move and decided to save his life and continue to retreat, but Lu Zhan simply handed it in.
"This …"