Although they have lived together since their engagement, although both husband and wife are in good health, it may be that both sides have their own careers and get together less and leave more. tonia has not been pregnant for a long time, which caused the couple to seek medical treatment at one time, but the diagnosis proves that there is nothing wrong with them. It is purely because there is too little time together and bad luck, but this season’s injury has actually made them have more time together, and it is actually a matter of course.

Gao Jun, a fairly unified China native, has always been a bit patriarchal in his heart. Although he kept saying that his son and daughter liked it before giving birth, he didn’t go to the hospital to test the sex of the fetus. However, when he learned that his first child was a "baby-sitter", he still seemed very happy and a little excited. Gao Jun even spoke out in his words that his friend Adriano and his wife didn’t have children. Fortunately, the other party didn’t care much.
Although China has a family planning policy, the top elite athletes are extremely poor, even if the policy does not allow Gao Jun to pay the fine. Therefore, he planned to have two children as soon as he was a boy, and the girl was called "Cong". However, to the disappointment of many fans and the media, Gao Jun failed to become a football player, Gao Cong later became a scientist, and the second highest later became a manager with his father’s connections. However, it must be admitted that if his father was too good, it would be difficult to imagine the great pressure for Gao Jun to take the same road with him.
After a short period of low tide, Gao Jun finally proved how right Arsenal was to buy him in the 2014/2015 season. In this season, Xie Wenjun, Gao Jun and Wu Ball King made up the trident in the frontcourt, winning more than 10 Premier League goals in the invincible season, helping Arsenal win the Premier League title easily this season. Without Ferguson in the old rival Manchester United, Luo has moved out of the background and is no longer qualified to be an opponent of Arsenal.
However, it’s a pity that Arsenal still haven’t reached the top of the Champions League this season. After two wonderful matches in history, they were eliminated by Gao Jun’s old club, Real Madrid, in the semi-final. However, after the game, the media in various countries still gave Arsenal a high evaluation. Because of the introduction of two golden ball superstars, Ronaldo and Corgnet (and Bell Ozil had been dug up before Gao Jun left the team), Real Madrid is undoubtedly It is not easy to keep the suspense of promotion to the last second when Xie Wenjun, the main center of Arsenal, missed the game due to injury in the past 20 years.
Although most of the fans have expressed their understanding, players including Gao Jun in the Arsenal team are still somewhat worried about it. It is still a great pity to lose the most weighty Champions Cup, even if all the others can win the championship. However, it may be precisely because of this regret that Arsenal players are encouraged to redouble their efforts in the new season and usher in the most glorious period in the team’s history.
In the 2015/2016 season, Arsenal successfully eliminated Guardiola to coach Super Bayern in the Champions League final, and after the successful transformation, the goal efficiency was greatly improved. Finally, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid, the strongest player in Japan, in the final, and won the European Champions Cup, which was recognized by later fans as the most important in the history of world football. However, at this time, few people could foresee that the "triple crown" this season was a warm-up.
Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger knows the team’s situation better than anyone else. In his opinion, the biggest gain of Arsenal in the 2015/2016 season is not the three champions, but Xie Wenjun’s successful change of his playing style and Yu Haiwu’s mature skills. After this season, Arsenal’s strength is not weaker than that of opponents. If players’ tacit understanding and physical addition are considered, they are almost hard to find opponents. In the next two seasons, Arsenal’s perfect performance proves how accurate the professor’s judgment is.
At 216/ In the 2017 season, Arsenal completed a feat of the ancients. They never lost in all the official games, which increased the number of unbeaten games of the team to 71. They won all the championships and achieved the first "six crowns" in the team’s history, and Gao Jun’s personal performance was even more cool. He set the record of individual goals in the Premier League to a staggering 55 this season. Even though it is relatively easy to score in the Premier League, it is by no means easy to exaggerate to this point. You know, before Gao Jun joined Arsenal and after the establishment of the Premier League, there were only three individual goals in a single season (Luo stayed in the Premier League for two more years and became the record holder before Gao Jun)
The total number of goals scored by Gao Jun’s club in the season reached a horrible 96, which once again rewritten the world historical record held by him, which also shocked the world football, but no one could have predicted that Gao Jun really reached the peak of his career in 217/ In the 21st season, his teammates strongly supported Gao Jun, who successfully rewrote the nine-year personal single-season goal record of England’s top leagues. He scored 62 goals crazily in the Premier League, which is more than the total number of goals of many Premier League teams in the season. Considering that the rules of football were still unreasonable nine years ago, Gao Jun’s difficulty in completing this feat was only ten times greater than that of Everton Dixie Dean?
In addition, it is worth noting that Gao Jun also broke a very important historical record this season. At the end of this season, the total number of goals scored in his football career reached an astonishing 1,427, making him the player with the most goals in the history of world football (although Li Huitang is said to have scored nearly two goals, he lacks an accurate record).
Under the leadership of Gao Jun, Arsenal have completely lost their opponents in the world this season. Almost all teams have put on a shrinking counterattack posture when they meet Arsenal, but they are still unable to stop the arsenal. During this season, Arsenal continued to be unbeaten on all fronts and finally extended their unbeaten games in official competitions to an incredible 165 games. This record was not broken until hundreds of years later.
This season, Arsenal not only won six consecutive championships, but also won the World Club Cup, thus becoming the first "seven-crown champion" in the history of world football. Similarly, for a long time, there is no second team to surpass it. If Gao Jun breaks the individual single-season goal record of the top leagues in England, There are many historical records, such as the total number of goals scored by the five major league clubs in a single season. This season is definitely a peak in the history of world football. Although Gao Jun became the world’s best player because he didn’t win the World Cup in the end, there are already many fans in the world, even the media regard him as the best player in the history of world football, which is greater than Bailey and Diego Maradona, and some hostile fans have even given Gao Jun a new nickname "Stadium bug".
In a sense, this nickname is really very vivid. Although the former Pele and Diego Maradona superstars are superior in strength, they always have ups and downs. They can’t be like Gao Jun, who has no injuries and can play well in almost every game. He is also a terminator who can directly determine the score. Therefore, if Gao Jun is fully integrated into the team, this team will not have to worry about being upset by teams with similar strength. Even stronger opponent Gao Jun’s quick counterattack efficiency can receive miraculous effect, so the enemy division was born, and those people realized that players like Gao Jun were born with great benefits from football rules. When they had superior strength at the same time, they naturally destroyed the proper balance of football matches, so they called him a "bug" to be continued.
Chapter sixty-six Old bottles of new wine
However, although Gao Jun has achieved unprecedented success, he also realized that when Gadmuller decided to retire before, emotional football was a competitive sport. If you can’t find an opponent in the game, no matter how much you love it, it will be difficult to get much fun from it.
In fact, Gao Jun had such a premonition when he was still in Real Madrid, but I didn’t expect that coming to Arsenal only delayed this embarrassment for two years. Moreover, it is meaningless for Gao Jun to change teams now, because Arsenal used to be a weak team in the giants. If he can afford Gao Jun’s team, he will definitely become a bug when he adapts, and he will deliberately find a team that doesn’t play well to increase the challenge. It will not be so hard for Gao Jun to talk again. It is difficult for laymen to understand the depression caused by inappropriate play, which may even ruin the whole football career.
Therefore, Gao Jun can stay at Arsenal until the end of his contract. However, as Gadmuller said in those years, Gao Jun is still much luckier than his predecessors. Even if he has no rivals in club competitions, there are still national team competitions to challenge him, and the upcoming 21 ST World Cup in China is the most important thing.
The China government has paid great attention to the World Cup held in China for the first time. The Beijing Olympic Games, especially in the hardware construction of stadiums, has made FIFA praise. The completion of more than ten modern professional stadiums with international advanced level also marks that the "vegetable field era" will be completely bid farewell to after the Super League.
However, due to the inefficiency of the China Football Association, it was more important for the national football team to prepare for the war, but it made a big joke on the first day. A whole year after Stano resigned, the China team still didn’t have a formal head coach, so that Gao Jun had to share part of the coaching work during the national team competition, which made the Chinese media and fans very dissatisfied. Later, it was only when he was forbearing to directly intervene in the China Football Association that the efficiency was high. However, the leaders of the Football Association came to Gao Jun for advice out of fear of responsibility.
But objectively speaking, it is also wise for them to do so. At present, there is really no one in China football who can understand world football and China’s national conditions like Gao Jun, and at the same time has enough contacts to invite those world-class football coaches. Gao Jun will certainly take this out of his love for China football and try his best to do it well.
First, Gao Jun wanted to invite Magat, a former mentor, because he was unemployed at that time and there was still a significant gap between the strength of the China team and the top teams in the world. There was no chance for Magat to train the devil and pay attention to tactical discipline. It should be very helpful, but Magat was interested in coaching the national team and he had never had any experience in coaching the national team before, so he refused Gao Jun’s invitation directly because he was worried that Ma Dashuai would not be protected in the late season.
Ma Dashuai didn’t invite Gao Jun to find someone else, but the requirements didn’t drop. The result met the requirements, either he refused the invitation like Magat, or he simply had a contract. Seeing the new coach of the national football team in place had to be delayed again and again, which caused all the media and fans to joke that Gao Jun should be a player and coach, but fortunately, after four years in the World Cup cycle, Gao Jun finally waited for a qualified head coach.
In the late autumn of 2015, Hiddink, a famous Dutch coach, took a class halfway because of his poor record. Gao Jun was overjoyed when he learned the news. Of course, he was not gloating, and he was glad that the national football team finally got an excellent head coach. Although he was a Dutch coach, Hiddink’s respect for physical fitness and tactical discipline was not much worse than that of Magat. When he coached the Korean team in those years, Jiang was very famous for his excellent physical fitness. Compared with Magat, Hiddink’s coaching experience was even more abundant. He is also very familiar with Asian football, and he is the best candidate for the national football coach in all aspects. It is said that if Hiddink had not had a contract in the height army, he would have been the first to find him. Fortunately, China football seems to have really changed his luck and even waited for his opponent’s class.
Although Hiddink’s half-way class made it possible for the national football team to join hands with him, this world-class football coach is generally very opinionated, and you can’t just take it. You know, the Guangzhou Hengda team’s 150,000-pound after-tax annual salary contract was rejected by Hiddink.
However, Hiddink’s coaching has been unsatisfactory in recent years, and he is getting older and older, so his posture has been relatively reduced. However, the China Football Association has paid a high price. In addition to the after-tax annual salary of 120,000 euros, the China Football Association has not set high requirements for Hiddink’s coaching performance. Before the World Cup, all the games were warm-up and played. It is not necessary for Hiddink to take China to qualify for the group again in the 21 ST World Cup. Even if it is completed, it is guaranteed that the national football team will be kept as low-key as possible before the World Cup to reduce the impact on
What’s more important is that the China Football Association has given up the so-called "Chinese coaching team", except the team leader, all the other coaching team members are determined by Hiddink, so Hiddink is finally at ease. In other words, his biggest worry when he comes to China to coach is to be able to let go. Hiddink still likes to coach the China team, so that the East Asian players of the East Asian team are better than the European players, and even the Latin American and African players will like it. Even if you look at the cards, the strength of this China national team is second-rate in the world, which is much better than that of the South Korean team in the 22
Although Stano’s tactical play achieved a lot of success, Hiddink made a lot of adjustments after it. The most unexpected thing is that after he coached for half a year, the national football team tried again to set up the 343 formation that had a painful lesson in that year. Even Gao Junyi didn’t understand it, but after communicating with Hiddink, he found that Hiddink was really worthy of the reputation.
"Although the Koreans did too much in 22 years, it was not good, but it would be even more foolish if the host advantage could not be taken advantage of. We can’t expect the referee to help solve the problem, but we must learn how to make full use of the home whistle or, to put it bluntly, cooperate with the referee so that they can make a penalty that is beneficial to us before violating the rules." Hiddinkemen expressed his views on the reasonable benefit rule base after seeing the mountain, and then explained to Gao Jun the concrete measures such as implementing "China’s offensive strength is now the top in the world. The main problem lies in the lack of defensive strength. It is a more economical practice to foul properly. Compared with the foul in the backcourt, the referee will be much looser for the physical collision in the middle and frontcourt, and we can benefit the most from it. Therefore, my idea is that China must fight hard in the middle of the World Cup to avoid the fire from reaching our restricted area. "
Then Hiddink pointed out that among the four midfielders who are different from each other, there is not a winger, but a three-waist plus a front waist with three-waist protection. Naturally, the interception ability of the midfield is greatly strengthened, and the defense of the flank mainly depends on the front line and two wingers. In a sense, Hiddink 343 formation is actually 361 in many cases.
After learning that Hiddink 343 was just selling dog meat, Gao Jun finally felt at ease that it was immoral to come to the home whistle. Gao Jun wouldn’t be so naive. Otherwise, it’s reasonable for the host country to enjoy certain advantages. Otherwise, why do countries spend so much money to bid for the World Cup?
Nearly two years later, the formation of Hiddink 343 was also preliminarily tested. Although I don’t know how to perform in such a key competition as the World Cup, with the dilemma of China’s national team in some positions, Hiddink’s new formation has gradually shown its superiority.
By the 21st World Cup, China’s former indispensable main player, left-back Hao, had completely withdrawn from the national team Gao Jun, and among these players, Hao Junmin was the first to study abroad, even the old man in Lian Po. Although he was younger, Sun Ke, a winger, and Jiang Zhipeng, who had transformed into a full-back Haidong team, had finished growing up, but they could not grow to the height of their predecessors due to talent constraints, so Hiddink’s national football team faced unprecedented shortage in the avant-garde position, which was an attack on the winger who had always been rich. It’s really incredible to play football in China, but the reason is that the players’ strength is too weak during the youth training fault period, and the influence of the dark age of China football has finally been fully reflected at this time.
Fortunately, in the dark ages, Xu Genbao cultivated Xie Wenjun and Wu Qiu Wang, two men who have entered the history of China football. Yi Caijia, who has reached the age of 32, is still in good condition because of his rare hard work and self-discipline. China’s advantage in the winger position is still there for the time being, otherwise even Hiddink will have to face the dilemma of "a clever woman cannot cook rice" to be continued.
Chapter sixty-seven Genius goalkeeper
Without a suitable candidate, the winger simply doesn’t rely on the winger’s back defense and the midfielder’s back position to solve the defensive problem of the midfield, and the setting of the three midfielders also makes the advantages and disadvantages very obvious. Wang Jiayu has won a stable starting opportunity, so China’s midfield organization has been greatly improved, which in Hiddink’s view will also benefit greatly from the home whistle, because Wang Jiayu’s biggest weakness is that his physical confrontation is serious, and his play will be greatly improved if he blows the whistle more strictly against the body collision.
On this basis, Hiddink believes that the national football team has the ability. Those world-class strong teams who are not good at midfield control can fight for the midfield without falling into the wind. Even those who are good at controlling the ball, such as the Spanish team China, can greatly weaken the opponent’s advantage after strengthening midfield control.
However, in addition to discharging the "4+2" midfield, the allocation of the national football team has also paid a lot of money. First of all, the winger’s frequent defense will inevitably lead to excessive physical consumption. However, Hiddink has always been good at physical training, and even the physical fitness of the four-person national football team has always been the worst. Xie Wenjun can now run more than 1 meter per game steadily. Plus, with the continuous accumulation of competition experience, his physical distribution in the game is more reasonable than before. Therefore, even if he needs to defend his physical strength frequently in overtime, he will be in good condition. Generally speaking, his main playing position is center, which is not so much consumed by others, not to mention that Gao Jun can’t run away, and Wu Qiuwang’s physical fitness is not bad. Although his physical fitness is a little poor, this fellow has a tendency to get older and more demon in recent years, and his physical fitness distribution is reasonable, so there is no need to worry about it.
Even if there is a continuous struggle, because the four main players in the frontcourt of China team can beat the three positions of center, winger and front waist, it is necessary to liberate Wang Jiayu to the front waist position to realize rotation and ensure that the front four will have enough physical strength at last.
However, the lack of defense of the three guards, especially the rib holes in the restricted area, can be solved by the back waist. Moreover, the formation of the three guards is very different from that of the four guards. Once two people are broken in the middle, it is almost certain that they will lose the ball with a single knife. Even if the formation of the three guards is broken, the central defender can be delayed to prevent a threat, although the audience will feel great pressure when watching the other team frequently enter the restricted area.
In fact, Hiddink’s main reason for choosing the three-defender formation is that the current national football defense staffing is more suitable for playing three-defenders, because the four-defender formation requires higher personal abilities of the two central defenders, and the current defensive line of China football has also appeared a situation of green and yellow.
Feng Xiaoting is now getting old and will probably retire in 21 years. However, Zhao also went uphill after a major injury that lasted nearly a season, and it is also difficult to persist for 21 years; Jiangsu Shuntian team emerged in the past two years. Although Lyon, a central defender, is in good physical condition and has acceptable technical awareness, it can be seen from the fact that he never had a chance to study abroad. After all, China wants to pursue Lyon in the 21 ST World Cup. Unless he can make great progress in two years, it will be difficult to afford the beam.
After returning to China, Bai Jiajun, who once surprised several fans, is definitely not as good as when he was in Barcelona, and his height is always a huge injury. If playing a central defender in the four-guard formation is good for a short team like Mexico and meeting a German team with a middle advantage, it will definitely be a minute-by-minute rhythm.
Because Hiddink didn’t completely reassure the central defender, he had to let Yu Haihui, who is now a world-class midfielder, retreat to the central defender position, but even so, he could solve a position shortage. Therefore, in a sense, Hiddink’s change of the national football team to the three-guard formation is also a good move. After all, the three-guard formation requires much lower personal ability, especially defense ability, than the four-guard formation, and it is particularly important to lag behind the central defender, and the national football team is just the right candidate.
In addition, there is no full-back setting in the three-guard formation, which liberates the original main right-back Peng, who is strong and small. The defense is fierce, but the speed of chasing back is still a little poor. It is not appropriate to play the central defender in the four-guard formation, while the right defender in the three-guard formation is simply tailor-made. Although his long-range shooting ability will lose a lot of performance opportunities, it is still a good choice on the whole. For Bai Jiajun, who has more fresh characteristics, the change of the national football team to the three-guard formation has completely solved his embarrassing situation. The characteristics of aggressive, excellent anticipation and accurate and fierce feet can be brought into full play to the maximum extent, while physical strength and weakness can be avoided to a great extent.
For Yu Hai, who has both offensive and defensive skills, the central defender will definitely suffer a lot from the game data, but he is bigger than the lower back in the team’s tactical body, and although he rarely plays the central defender in the club at this time, he must also be responsible for the backcourt ball. The delayed central defender is actually very close to his most suitable position as a free man, and Hiddink even allows him to decide whether to become a free man when the score falls behind, so Yu Hai is also like a duck to water in the new formation of the national football team.
Hiddink’s three-guard formation has also had a great influence on a position, that is, as the saying goes, it can be worth half a team’s goalkeeper position. Because of the delay, the central defender’s attack ability and range of activities have become less important, and the saving ability has become a more important indicator. In this case, Gao Jun Football School trained the first genius-Zhang Bin, a young goalkeeper born in 1997, challenged Wang Dalei, the former main goalkeeper of the national team.
Generally, the youth training route pays more attention to the training of offensive players at the beginning. Different from Gao Jun’s running a football school, it is actually very realistic to do so. Considering that with the Chinese Super League spending more and more money, the middle and front fields of all teams are occupied by strong foreign aid. It is even more difficult for young players to stand out from the competition. Therefore, the future prospects of small players in football schools are even more difficult. Gao Jun can focus on training defensive players in another way. The players trained by this route may seem to have no aura, but they are less defensive and active. Any coach will like to add Chinese Super League A. At present, they are seriously short of
It should be noted that due to China’s special national conditions, almost all the students want to become professional football players after the youth training has been carried out in the football school. If they fail to find employment in the end, their life will be ruined by half. Although they need to cultivate one or two big stars to set an example, they don’t have to worry about not wanting to get rich. Parents send their children here, but with a responsible attitude, the students can have a high employment rate after graduation to make Gao Jun feel at ease and be sure to be happy when he meets a genius. Even if they don’t meet him, the football school will be able to develop steadily. This is why Gao Jun has already determined the
Speaking of it, Zhang Bin just entered the football school, and soon became the key training center-back of the football school because of his quick appearance of passing the ball and defensive position. Unexpectedly, the height of this child was only 1.7 meters when he entered the school, but he has not yet entered the high-speed development period. After entering the school, his height has unexpectedly accelerated to 1.9 meters. At the age of 16, his Chinese figure is already a little too high for the center-back, and this small size has not stopped growing. Zhang Bin’s arm span is amazing, and his reaction is also quite fast.
As a result, it was a great attempt. He became the best goalkeeper in Gaojun Football School when he was a year younger, and was successfully selected as the goalkeeper of National Youth League. After being bought by Guangzhou Hengda team for 10,000 RMB in cash and 20,000 RMB worth of additional clauses, he seized the opportunity to squeeze out the main goalkeeper of Zengchengcheng Club, the No.2 country gate who had been studying abroad for many years. Although his reaction speed was not top-notch, Zhang Bin’s outstanding position prediction and sense of position were quickly fully displayed in the Super League and AFC Champions League. Due to his tall figure, If there is no problem with the big man’s position, the opponent’s shooting pressure will increase greatly. Because of the natural advantage of the tall goalkeeper’s blocking angle, Zhang Bin and his peers in China have a rare excellent psychological quality. The more key games and difficult situations, the more they can play beyond their level. It quickly attracted Hiddink’s attention and called him into the national team.
However, Zhang Bin also has a relatively obvious weakness, that is, the speed is not fast, so there are 94 activities as high as 1 meter, but it is not very large, which is obviously better than Wang Dalei. However, after Hiddink adjusted the formation of the national football team, Zhang Bin’s weakness was largely concealed, and he was still in a high-speed growth period and made progress almost every day, which finally posed a challenge to Wang Dalei’s position as the main goalkeeper.
However, this situation has something to do with Wang Dalei’s own state. After Dynamo Dresden really became a first-class Bundesliga team, Wang Dalei’s strength became more and more insufficient because of the high goals of the club. As a result, Wang Dalei was quickly cleaned up after leaving Dynamo Dresden in Magat. Although it can’t be said that it was poor, it was not very smooth. After the 2016/2017 season, the main position of the club was gone, which had a great impact on Wang Dalei’s competitive state. To be continued.
Chapter 60 The national football team is mature
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But even so, Hiddink’s real determination to keep Zhang Bin upright will have to wait until the beginning of the 21st century. Even so, it is still questioned by many media and fans. After all, experience is so important for the goalkeeper position. Fortunately, Zhang Bin did well in several warm-up matches before the World Cup, and everyone was a little relieved. However, the World Cup is different from the warm-up matches. Until the curtain of the 21st century World Cup, many foreign media and fans were still worried about the goalkeeper position.
Speaking of this, it has a lot to do with Zhang Bin’s still playing football in China. Although the strong teams of Chinese clubs are now equipped with five major league-level coaches, the level of the league is also rising, which has become a dispute. Young players in the first football league in Asia can grow well even if they stay in China without a suitable team, but the Chinese media and fans still prefer those returnees because of their habitual thinking.
In fact, during the winter transfer period at the beginning of the 21st century, some European teams expressed interest in Zhang Bin, but Hiddink thought that it was more convenient for Zhang Bin to stay in China and participate in the national football training, which would help to cultivate the tacit understanding of the defense line, and his reputation would be much greater after the appearance of the World Cup. At that time, there would be more and better choices to play in Europe. Because of his trust in this mentor, Zhang Bin temporarily shelved his plan to study abroad, but the club marked him too high a price, which was also an important reason why he failed to make it.
Hiddink attaches great importance to China’s defense, but he also knows that China’s most powerful weapon is her top offensive line in the world, and gives full play to this advantage to the maximum. Hiddink not only made great adjustments to China’s offensive strategy along the front four.
"You mean everything revolves around me?" Gao Jun was surprised when he first heard Hiddink’s idea, because at present, there are four excellent players in the frontcourt of China team who are well-known even in the world. It is reasonable to say that overall cooperation is king!
"star tactics don’t mean not to cooperate. It’s your absolute core to let the team help you, but it doesn’t mean that you have to rely on your personal ability to break through the other side’s defense!" Hiddink explained with a smile, "Although the overall style of play is more respected, it can also have great power if it is enough to take on the star tactics of big superstars. Isn’t Argentina playing around Messi in the World Cup?" In the end, the Argentine team reached the final and almost won the World Cup, which proves that the star tactics are not impossible. You are stronger than Messi and the overall strength of China is not as good as that of Argentina. Why can’t China play around you? "
Seeing Gao Jun lost in thought, Hiddink struck while the iron was hot. "Your strength and tacit understanding with each other can indeed lead to the strongest offensive firepower. The amazing victories in the 21 ST World Cup are the best proof, but the overall play means that the result of the game depends on the play of many players, which will make the stability high for the general team, but not for the China team, because even Xie Wenjun and Gao Lin are not good at grasping opportunities and the gap is not small. More importantly, although their skills are excellent, they do not have the more key competitions and opponents like you.
This Gao Jun finally realized what Hiddink really meant. It turned out that he had considered the psychological quality deviation weakness of most China players and wanted to reduce the pressure on the team by focusing on Gao Jun alone, which was naturally a severe test for Gao Jun, but wasn’t that what he did when he was in the youth team? What’s so scary about this?
"After Hao quit the national team, the national football team’s ability to resist pressure has indeed dropped a lot. Although Xiao Xie and Xiaowu are already very good players, they are still slightly lacking in psychology. I should share more and I have the ability to share more." Gao Jun finally figured it out and immediately accepted Hiddink’s arrangement.