Clear water dream hummed in my heart, and then I squeezed the arms of the stars hard last night. Suddenly, last night, the stars could say that I could pray for the clear water dream to spare myself in public. I didn’t secretly look at those girls for a while, but I also wanted to think about finding several wives like that in the blue sky, but I didn’t expect to be detected by the extremely gentle appearance but the heart was unusually naughty, so I had such a play.

I sighed secretly. Last night, the stars muttered in their hearts, "People really can’t compare with others. It really kills people."
At the moment, Lucifer and others are interspersed among the beauty groups, and many beautiful women have answered them, but everyone can see that the drunkenness is actually not in the wine. At the same time, they have heard the soft showers and the blue sky that they dare not walk in Taiwan, and they feel that this is an absolute paradise and a real paradise.
At the moment, tens of thousands of people took turns to pass by the more than 500 NPC personnel and reported their careers, while the players who met the requirements of the blue sky got a snow-white contract. See the article in the contract.
It is absolutely unique to be unique in chaos. We have the most solid defense bottom line. We have the most beautiful place. It is like a fairyland. We need everyone to protect and care for 72 caves and 36 blessed places. Because we abandoned them, they are too young in the face of chaos at this moment. Now let’s look at our rules in the future.
Article 1: After signing this lifetime contract, you will receive certain star coins every month.
Article 2. After signing this life-long contract, you will get the equipment limit for borrowing chaos.
Article 3: After signing this lifetime contract, you will get a beautiful house, and you will only pay 1% of the house.
Article 4 After signing this lifetime contract, you will get a chaos order (Flower Order). The advantage of chaos order is that you can get 1% chaotic attributes. The advantage of chaos attributes is that you can increase your resistance to attribute attacks and defenses.
Article 5 After signing this life-long contract, you will pay a tenth of the money to get a beautiful and lovely real pet.
Article 6 After signing this life-long contract, you can freely suggest your favorite place in this chaotic range of 100 miles. Of course, you can also negotiate for a chaotic higher-level position.
Article 7 After signing this life-long contract, you will be a chaotic person, and you will die a chaotic ghost. You will not have the right to quit chaos, but you will have the right to vote for reform, because you have been a chaotic person since signing the contract.
Article: After signing this life-long contract, your business is all the personnel in the whole chaos, and your enemy is the enemy of the whole chaotic player. You are advantageous and qualified to ask a player in the same position to help you. This is a sign of mutual assistance.
Article 9 Anyone who has signed this life-long contract can freely form a happy family. If chaotic players can hold their wedding in Chaos Hall (Wanhua Hall), the wedding players will receive all sponsorship from Chaos.
Article 10 After signing this life-long contract, you can form various groups in chaos, such as life groups, adventure groups, mercenary groups and so on. You can think of groups that do not harm the public interest. To be exact, you have always asked for reasonable support from chaos.
Article 11 In the chaotic place, it is necessary to have a chaotic reputation at all times. At the main moment, the chaotic player’s life will give a devastating blow when facing the enemy, so that the enemy can’t turn up. Everyone in chaos is a family without loneliness and pain. Everyone in the family needs help. Everyone in the family needs help. At the important moment, everyone is an ordinary player. There is no high score …
Eleven big bars are a joy for all players to see. Although the first few signed lifetime contracts often make people feel like selling themselves, on the whole, this chaotic place is the most powerful in a star at the moment, and at the same time, it is also the most beautiful, and the blue sky has been introduced very white. Chaos has separated from seventy-two caves and thirty-six blessed places and become a truly absolute special place. At this point, even the blue sky itself is not white.
In Taiwan, Lantian and others have seen that many female players have signed contracts. The method of signing contracts is to start the contract, and then the contract will have two choices: agree or disagree. If you choose to agree, the name of the player who signed the contract will appear in the face, which will have a star legal effect. Of course, this is not involved in reality.
However, following some women to sign contracts are some male players, and these male players are Sun Moon and two professional players. Although the total number of male players is five or six thousand, at this moment, after the two halls of Sun Moon have been opened, more and more professional players will appear. This is certain, of course, and inevitable. Although both professional players have restrictions, it is also limited by the second occupation. There is no limit to having the first occupation, and the most influence is the increase and decrease of strength. Of course, this is even more inevitable.
Let the blue sky didn’t think it was the blue sky. The statistical data told the blue sky that there were more than 2,000 hidden occupations and life occupations in this contract, and more than half of these hidden occupations and life professionals were female players, while a few hidden occupations and life occupations were male players.
In the first round of selection, more than 6,000 women and 4,000 men were selected, but the players were not selected. When they looked at these selected people’s chests, there were two different patterns, and they were all envious. One was a colorful crystal and beautiful flowers. It seemed that the color contained all the colors in the world, and the other was a dim and inexplicable palace mark. When people looked at it, they naturally knew that it was chaos. The temple is marked, but these two logo patterns are very interesting. The male player’s chest is like the palace, while the female player’s chest is marked with the crystal flowers. Even the blue sky is strange. What will have two different signs, but it is obviously good? The blue sky is not as thought.
Some special occupations, hidden occupations, Sun and Moon professional players have all been included, although many of them have not joined because of concerns, but in general, there are still many blue skies. I don’t know how many Sun and Moon professional players have joined the chaos, but looking at the distance and watching many male and female players, I know that those people may still be thinking about it or just coming to watch the excitement. Similarly, there is no hurry in the blue sky. Because there are simply too many people in the stars, there are tens of billions of people on several major planets, and the blue sky doesn’t believe that even more than 10 thousand people are in a hurry. Now there are 10 thousand people in a hurry. According to the maximum requirement of the blue sky, the saturation of the number of recruits in the blue sky is 30 thousand, but according to the best number of recruits, it should be 20 thousand to 25 thousand. Obviously, those players who have not yet become chaotic are anxious
Then Lantiankou officially recruited female players, and this second round of collection was also a move. More than 15,000 people and the previous first round added up to just over 25,000 people. The blue sky was very satisfied, and at this time, almost ten hours had passed. Some players who wanted to join the players also went out, while others refused to leave Lantiankai. When they saw that there were nearly 20,000 female players, they were called in.
But the trouble is that at this moment, too many people have come out, which has exceeded the maximum saturation of 30 thousand. Now the number of people is more than 40 thousand. It is obvious that the top floor is the way to resettle so many people. What should we do now? The blue sky has a headache, but suddenly the blue sky has a bright eye and the blue sky has thought of a good method
Chapter IX Construction Trade Union
"Why can’t we build a residential area again? Anyway, this chaotic local circle is a hundred miles big, even if it is really built, it can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people." Blue sky thought so, and this is indeed a big problem. Of course, Superbody Wang and others also realized that people now have a unified living environment and management environment. If everything is done, it will be easy to say.
"Listen to me, everyone. Our budget is to recruit up to 25,000 people, because this number is the most suitable for the chaotic top floor area, but now the number is almost 50,000, which means that we will face a problem of living place. Now, all of us will come out with a few ideas of building in chaos, and we can all discuss them together. Of course, people who do chaotic construction have the responsibility to work hard, which is also necessary for everyone."
Everyone has also found that the number is obviously too much, and the number of female players has almost occupied more than 40,000 people, but the number of male players is more than 5,000 people. Although male players are very happy in their hearts, female players are somewhat unhappy at the moment. Although most women like this beautiful place, the incomparable situation is that girls accept that women and men hold up half the sky in the present society, and sometimes women’s status is higher than men’s. Although it seems to be a fragrant country in the eyes of some male players, it is also very dissatisfied in the hearts of female players if it is not so beautiful that it can stay so much in other places.
For the hidden professional players and life professional players, a lot have been called this time, and Blue Sky is preparing to establish a special professional area, which is divided into hidden professional areas and life professional areas. Of course, the two professional players, Sun and Moon, will also be allocated to two different areas by Blue Sky, which will be easy to manage, and these more than 40,000 female players also belong to various professional areas respectively. It can be said that at this moment, almost most professions and a few hidden professional players have gathered in the world.
After a long discussion, we finally got two results. One result is to add an extra floor on the top floor of more than 7,000 meters, which is a terrible feat. The other result is to build a residential area in Wanhua. Both results are feasible, but this flower is also a huge top floor with a long distance. If the party is building a floor, it will take too much flowers unless thousands of giant pillars of the sky are placed at the top peak to withstand the construction of another floor with such a large scale of billions of stars. Can coins really come? And Blue Sky has been drumming in its heart. When Blue Sky handed this preliminary request to the Star Construction Group, it got an answer that everyone exclaimed and couldn’t believe. The answer is that it needs 5 billion star coins to build a foundation, but this foundation is just a foundation and thousands of Sedum pillars.
The blue sky suddenly gave up this idea, and those players had no idea when they heard that it took five billion yuan to build a foundation. Although everyone believed that the blue sky was rich, it was absolutely unbelievable to take five billion yuan to build a mountain feat.
So everyone dismissed the idea, and then another result was left, that is, building houses and all professional halls in chaotic places. However, due to such additional construction problems, Blue Sky still needs to have construction drawings, but this construction drawing needs to be purchased at the auction house or at the Star House Construction Office. Of course, it is not certain whether it can buy suitable drawings there. Blue Sky consulted a player and finally got a surprise from the player’s mouth. The answer is to let Lantian go to the life and professional planet to buy drawings, because all the life and professional players live there, Lantian will definitely buy suitable house drawings and what he wants from there.
After explaining it to everyone, the blue sky is ready to go to the star of life. Of course, the accompanying people naturally have Li Xinjing and several women. Even if the blue sky wants to dump it, it can’t be thrown away. The blue sky and several women have embarked on the road to finding architectural drawings together. When they are sent to the periphery of chaos, the blue sky has lifted its own fit state, and at the same time, it has worn a hidden mask of change. In an instant, the blue sky has become another appearance.
It’s another burst of light. For the first time, people have arrived in this paradise called life players. Almost half of the people here are not wearing armor, but everyone is very happy and happy. From their breath, the blue sky can accurately see that they are not powerful.
This is a huge city. The name of the city is Life City. There are many players in the streets with blue sky. A few people seem to have entered the modern bustling scene. Generally, there are all kinds of toy molds and various storefronts. In the blink of an eye, several women beside the blue sky rushed to a shop excitedly. At that time, a shop full of toys was filled with star monster BOSS toys, which made the blue sky feel funny. Although many of these monsters were not seen in the blue sky, the stars had already appeared. It’s all in this, but the blue sky didn’t expect that there was even a blue moon, a blue pet toy, and the blue sky was surprised to get the pet toy in its hand. In fact, this is just the most common doll in reality, but the players have a variety of skills and life, but they take these monsters and pets as a profitable business. Of course, on the other hand, this is also expressing their freedom and their hobbies.
In a pile of dolls, the blue sky found the appearance of the little sun and the little moon, and at the same time, the blue sky even found the chasing birds and the headwind birds. At that time, the blue sky was also excited. Looking at the chasing birds and headwind birds, the blue sky felt a sense of familiarity and monsters. After a while of meditation, the blue sky paid for four pets and then collected them into the belt. At this time, Du Qianqian and several women bought several pets and put them into their own bags. Of course, there are several ways to pay together, including paying by themselves, paying by others, and paying by entrustment.
Out of the toy store, the blue sky was dragged to the sculpture shop next to it. Of course, the blue sky saw the crystal-like sculpture of the blue moon spirit from it. I can’t help but think that this may be because the little moon was captured when it was attacked by players, and then it was carved into a sculpture by players with sculpture skills. However, this kind of crystal blue is rare and it must cost a lot of money. Of course, the blue sky also found a small sun sculpture from it, but compared with the small moon sculpture. Generally speaking, it is several grades worse. Obviously, no one regards the small sun as how powerful it is, and at the same time, the shape of the small sun is not much manifested among many pet monsters.
Blue sky bought the sculptures of the little sun and the little moon, then bought the sculptures of the chasing birds and the headwind birds, and finally saw that the cute girls also bought their own sculptures, so blue sky became the payer again.
As a result, the blue sky was dragged by several girls and poured into one shop after another crazily until the blue sky felt extremely tired of physical strength and game center in the game, but the result of the protest was that several girls resolutely gave the blue sky several supercilious eyes, which made the blue sky unexpectedly mature. Li Xinjing was gentle and clever, but at this moment, she was as excited as a madman to accompany Du Qianqian and a few cute people fooling around with the blue sky and felt that her heart had fallen, and her future was not very good.
Blue sky didn’t think about what these monsters or pet sculptures would be in these shops, because blue sky and white sky said that if pets had appeared or appeared on the pet list, they would be used by these life professional players as their own means to publicize and make money. Of course, this was also very successful. Everyone had a house in the game, and everyone said that they would decorate their house, and these little things were sent out.