At that time, Ri Fangzheng was bright and the sun shone on half of her face. Qi Yufeng saw that her skin was white, greasy, soft, smooth and glittering

A cherry with a small mouth is dexterous and straight, and her lips are very thin. Two rows of fine teeth are like broken jade. I can’t help but move my heart. "This is still a beautiful woman!"
Seeing that the wine splashed on her cheeks is like Yu Chengzhu’s condensed dew, which really can’t be said to be beautiful.
The woman saw him staring at herself and turned to ask, "What’s your name?"
Qi Yufeng said "in Qi Yufeng"
When the woman heard the word Qi Yufeng, her eyes turned and she looked at him again and asked, "Are you Qi Yufeng?"
Qi Yufeng heart way this man should know my name is really strange.
Immediately he nodded and said, "Good. I wonder what your name is?"
The woman stared at him for a long time, but she didn’t answer casually. "You are a lonely nine-sword man, and you are entitled to make friends with me. Do you want a drink?"
When Qi Yufeng saw her drinking the wine, the Se was so pure and white as spring water. At this time, the common yellow rice wine could not help but move her forefinger.
But she reached out and handed it, but she smelled a floral fragrance in the bouquet and cried, and she was a little bored. What does a big man say about me drinking this stuff?
Besides, she spoke so arrogantly as if she were a gift, which really turned off her appetite, so he simply said, "I don’t like strangers’ wine."
The female cold hum a "dare not? You don’t have to be so careful. It is said in the general formula of Huashan Qigong that you are floating like water, restless like a mountain, and you are impetuous now. If I really want to kill you, it will be a piece of cake. "
Qi Yufeng awe-inspiring a surprised, but then I think the present situation is as she said, this female martial arts is ten times higher than him, but it is not so troublesome if I want to kill him.
When he couldn’t help but put his guard on, he smiled, "It’s better to be respectful than to do it."
The woman smiled and didn’t see her arms shaking. She vomited gently in her palm to detain the wine gourd and went straight for Qi Yufeng Se.
Qi Yufeng reached out and grabbed the wine bottle gourd, and he smelled it before he entered the mouth. The wine was so mellow that it was drunk without touching his lips.
When he couldn’t help praising "good wine!" Put the gourd to your mouth and drink it without looking.
When he was in Changbai Mountain, he had already developed a capacity for drinking, and he felt uncomfortable if he didn’t drink for a few days. However, when this Huashan mountain was unfamiliar and thought about crossing the cliff alone, he was embarrassed to let people bring wine.
This initiative to send wine can be regarded as an addiction. When he swallowed beef, he drank most of the remaining gourd wine in one breath.
When the woman saw that he actually drank the wine department dry, she couldn’t help but frown slightly and hum a line, "Swallow beef, drink beef and chew peony."
Qi Yufeng listened to her talk like this, and her face was ashamed to say with a smile, "Many Ri didn’t drink impolitely" and immediately respectfully returned the gourd.
The woman listened to his polite apology, and immediately took the wine gourd and took out a folding fan from nowhere, pointing far ahead and saying, "It’s fate that you and I meet Huashan in such a beautiful scenery-don’t you want to say something?"
Qi Yufeng Fang Yu felt a strong sense of wine, and his mind was a little tipsy and light, which was much stronger than that of heart immediately!
He glanced sideways at the distant mountain peaks. Does this mean that I can’t recite poems? These literati things can’t be made white by myself.
Immediately turned back and waved and said, "I’ve been watching it for more than a month, and it looks good again-I don’t have any feelings. I really can’t say it. I’m not as talented as you …" After saying a word, my eyes are hazy.
He felt that his heart was beating faster and faster, and sweat was oozing from his forehead. Immediately after he finished speaking, he burped again.
When the woman smelled the stench of his hiccups, she couldn’t help but fan her face and frown slightly. She turned her head and sighed, "Not academic!" There seems to be a trace of anger in the words.
Qi Yufeng was already a little drunk and confused at this time, and he was a little reckless to listen to her. Even if some of them were not quick to say with a wave of his hand, "You women always make eyes at us men-don’t pay attention to that."
He shouted casually, which was not as low as usual, and showed a young man’s shrill voice. The woman cried and looked at him strangely and asked, "How old are you this year?"
Qi Yufeng touched Ba’s beard wryly. Because of drinking too much the year before, his beard grew quite early and he thought over the cliff. He hasn’t trimmed his instrument for more than a month, and even didn’t wash his face several times. At this time, his face is unkempt like a beggar with a beard. It must be said that he is thirty. Maybe everyone will believe it.
He immediately laughed. "It’s just a little premature to be twenty years old again."
The woman immediately face se rose red and silver teeth clenched and turned to go. When Qi Yufeng saw her, she left without saying hello. "Hey …!"
The woman didn’t look back, and she disappeared in a flash, leaving a sentence to curl up. "Qi Yufeng told you that Huashan Ling Huchong didn’t die and didn’t give him a memorial tablet."
Chapter 7 news
Qi Yufeng at first heard the news that Ling Huchong was not dead, and my heart felt a surge of ecstasy. But when I looked up, I saw that the female figure in black had crossed the first narrow plank road and suddenly lost!
It’s amazing that she walks in such a natural barrier, and her skirt is light and dust-free, and her demeanor is natural and unrestrained, which is stronger than that of flying backwards continuously.
Seeing her turn around the foot of the mountain, I didn’t leave that message. Since then, I have been lingering in the valley. Qi Yufeng can’t help but feel a little lost.
When he couldn’t help wondering whether this man’s flying skill is so high but so young is sacred?
Earlier, Sanqi had told him that Dong Fangbubai was a great gentleman and had been famous for thirty or forty years.
This person is definitely not the East, but who has such ghostly martial arts in the Jianghu except Dong Fangbubai this day? And so arrogant?
After a while, he felt that there seemed to be a cyclone slowly rotating in Tidantian, and he was immediately surprised. Is this wine really poisonous?
When he was lucky, he realized that the alcohol had already turned into a hot gas, which was constantly spreading out from the abdomen. He was very overbearing and broke through the strange meridians and scattered into the bones of his limbs in a moment.
His heart said that this wine seems to be even stronger than the Changbai Mountain blood bile wine. Is it really bad because of the wine?
Most of the wines in this dynasty are not shochu and steamed wine. Although the taste is mellow and soft, it is not as good as the later ones because of its sweet and refreshing aftertaste.
The white wine he just drank from the woman was fragrant, refreshing and clean, but it was the best white wine he had ever drunk.
He is very familiar with such things as handling alcohol, and he doesn’t worry at once. It is the latent capacity to carry the breath, take the ridge and fill the gap, and guide this heat from the abdomen to the meridian Y and N, and pass through the tail, the spine and the jade pillow to the mud pill on the top of his head, and then separate from his ears and cheeks, and then greet the fragrance, walk along the magpie bridge vein and send it to the middle of the sea along the chest and abdomen.
This busy drink runs along Sunday, and he feels that his body is feverish and sweat is oozing out. His clothes are almost soaked in his heart, so he can’t help secretly regretting that he still drinks a little too much …
Thinkijīng about unconsciously j and ng god a little distracted and fell asleep …
When he woke up, he found himself lying in the cave, surrounded by darkness, the fourth Reich of China.