"Broken stars-a clever device for nine days, Xuan Nv Yu Pei fell to the mortal hidden weapons class, which was triangular and blunt, smooth and perfect, as white as jade, full of smart breath.

A woman who needs to shed blood to recognize the Lord’s ideal messenger can make the messenger the best.
Lingqi attribute? ? ? You can only know if you don’t know the Lord. "
A Cai is a intentional attribute. He wants to know the Lord with a horse’s blood, but he is hesitant when he sees the words behind him. Since he says it’s best to be a woman, keep it. Anyway, he doesn’t lack a hidden weapons
After putting away the horoscope, Choi went out of the Hugh door to look at the remaining holes, but he vaguely heard that it seemed to shake the mountains and shake the mountains. Choi was Zheng and immediately woke up-the sparrow finally couldn’t stand the temptation to eat beans, and he quickly ran towards the Hugh door again.
He ran to Hugh’s door, and the stone room was in a mess, guarding the skylark. At this time, it really became a real sparrow. Its feathers had already fallen off and it was almost naked, lying on the ground with air and no air.
A Cai immediately had a big conscience and couldn’t bear it to suffer such pain again. He quickly ran over and killed it with a sword.
Ding-dong unified voice indicates that you killed the level 1 guardian beast Caiyun Tianque, and your level rose to level 1. You are now at level 27.
It’s not clear how attractive it is to drop something-the magic helmet is decorated and worn +5. The only thing that is clear is that there is no garbage, and the magic helmet immediately puts away its feathers.
In the distance, there was a thin roll of stones with a faint divine light lying calmly and writing two big characters "Luo". A Cai went over and picked it up to check its properties.
Luo-extreme theology belongs to ancient theology-the source of modern theology-the source of Chinese wisdom. After the combination of the complete River Map, it will become the high theology "Luohe Map"
Luo’s ability carries the theological requirement that he will be able to greatly improve his intellectual and rational attributes and practice after that.
A Cai put Luo in the skill bar and sounded a magical light over A Cai.
"Congratulations to the player, Cabbage. You have successfully learned Luo.
Luo is divided into nine stages, each of which is permanent +5 points of intelligence and +5 points of reason.
Since you have the complete Luo and the complete River Map at the same time, now the two major theologies are merged. Please wait for the disappearance of the theological River Map, and the disappearance of the theological Luo will generate a unique school-the River Map.
"Luohe Map" is divided into thirteen levels, each level increases the mysterious attribute by +5%, and each level has one skill, which is exhausted by the power of heaven, earth and stars, and all the existing mysterious attributes weaken the mysterious attribute of the other side.
What you are practicing now is the skill of% completion of the first-order practice of Luohe map-imposing manner-divine standing.
Each rank can permanently increase intelligence attribute by 5 points and mystery attribute (reason) by 5 points.
After each level of spiritual practice is completed, you can instantly increase all your mysterious attributes by 5% (increase your basic attributes by 2%) and at the same time instantly weaken your opponent’s mysterious attributes by 5% (every 5% reduction in mysterious attributes will reduce your opponent’s basic attributes by 2%). "
A Cai is dumbfounded. If two people have the same physique and one person is evenly matched in killing and not learning, but if one of them has learned the thirteenth order and the other has not learned, the physical contrast will become 12,674 days! Is this a spike? Do you still have to fight?
Four words to shape it-super pervert!
The body of the Chapter 16 Gan Kun disposal
In addition to the old tortoise who has been holding it in the turtle’s shell and the fox who has been scared by him, three of the great guardian beasts have been taken by Ah Cai, and now they are left dead, injured, shocked by magic inflammation, dumpling and white scallion.
As soon as you hear the name of the dead door, you know that it is the fiercest. Let’s talk about it until the last. The Annotation says that the dumpling that hurts the door doesn’t attack people. It’s extremely weird. There’s definitely an extremely important conspiracy in it. You can’t easily treat it as it or leave it until it’s the second to last.
Then it’s better to have a surprise, but Li Bai scale dragon is probably also a powerful character. Cai is smirking in his heart. This dragon is white at a young age, which is a typical premature aging! You need to mend your body. Hee hee, I happen to have a tonic Dan here to mend your body.
A Cai came to the surprise door and drilled in.
I saw a white and silvery dragon hovering on the altar, and when someone came, I stood up half-way. The body alone was as high as ten feet, and the whole cavern was as lifelike as a solemn temple.
A Cai raised his head in surprise and looked up at the dragon, which was more than ten feet high. He was at a loss with Dabu Dan in his hand-could a small pill poison such a huge beast?
It’s not safe to think about it for a while, so it’s better to go out and make a super-large tonic first, so as to avoid poisoning yourself in case it doesn’t kill you.
A Cai bowed to the dragon and turned to go. Suddenly, a majestic voice rang in the stone room, which was deafening.
"What are you doing here, Xiao?"
A Cai was surprised and turned to look around. He had been in this cave for many days. It was the first time he heard a human voice. He couldn’t help but be excited and said, "Who-? Excuse me, which senior master is here, please show up and see the younger generation. "
"Look down upon what! I am right in front of you. "
A Cai looked up at the sound source and pointed at the dragon in surprise. "Can you talk?"
The dragon nodded and said, "I was reborn a hundred years ago, and it’s hard for the dragon to talk. How did you get here? Don’t you know it’s dangerous here? You’d better go back to your mother’s womb! "
A Cai opened her mouth and tried to say anything, but she couldn’t say anything.
The dragon looked at him piteously-what a pity that the baby has a language barrier. The dragon said, "Hey, don’t be speechless!"
The food was suddenly awakened by it. "Oh, good master! -but how can you talk? This is unreasonable! Monsters can’t talk. Isn’t that a mess? "
Shenlong immediately became angry at such hurtful words. "Who said I was a monster?"! I’m a real dragon now. Why can’t I talk? Thousands of years ago, the hateful Zhenwu old man deceived me when I was young, tricked me into gambling, and deliberately colluded with others to make me owe a debt. Then the old man dressed up as a good man paid the debt for me and asked me to guard the sacred object here for him until his descendants came to pick it up. This guard has been kept until now. A hundred years ago, after I was born into a dragon, I finally realized the trick of the dead old man. I had long wanted to leave this place because I swore that I could not violate the law. "
"Future generations?" A Cai said with surprise, "Do I count?"