"Perhaps Gao Jun’s absolute speed is not particularly outstanding in fast-paced European football, but his starting speed is really amazing, especially it is rare that Gao Jun can continue to accelerate in the course of changing direction and even make false moves without slowing him down!" Mourinho on the sidelines could not help but admire this scene.

At this time, Gao Jun had raised his leg and posed for a shot, which made him rush out to intercept A Milan central defender Kaladze. He hurriedly stretched out his foot sideways to block the ball. Who knows that Gao Jun suddenly changed to push the ball from Kaladze at the moment when his instep was about to touch the ball, and accurately stuffed it into the small restricted area. At this time, Adriano, who was on guard, shot the ball into A Milan goal and expanded the score to 41 again!
Adriano’s goal completely detonated the passion of Inter fans in the stands. After Adebayor’s peak, the old fans burst into tears and shouted "The return of the king", which made the teammates congratulate Adriano, and even thanked Gao Jun for sending the assists. Gao Jun smiled and blinked and said to Adebayor, "One more person needs to pay off the debt!"
Adriano and several other teammates laughed when they heard this. Although their scenes have been passive before, the victory or defeat of the football match depends on the number of goals scored by both sides. Now the big screen in the stands clearly shows the score, which fully proves that Inter Milan is the strong player in this Milan derby!
In the 74th minute, Adriano’s fighting spirit was high. In the restricted area, he helped himself to be strong and his body would come to intercept Maldini and easily unload his compatriot Mai Kong’s sidewalk. After that, he turned around and shot the ball in the stands of A Milan goal. The Inter fans were boiling, but Adriano heard the harsh whistle before he got excited. "What? Foul? "
Adriano, the conscience of heaven and earth, didn’t even have an arm and his feet fixed before shooting. Maldini didn’t move or fall to the ground. I really don’t know what reason the referee gave Adriano a foul. Inter Milan players quit when they died, and they surrounded the referee to negotiate. The most exciting thing was that Gao Jun, who had just learned a little Italian himself, asked the referee "what". As a result, he was speechless and the referee became angry and took out a red card from his pocket and sent Gao Jun off the field!
"What?" Gao Jun couldn’t believe his eyes. Even in excitement, he knew that his defense would probably lead to a yellow card, but it was the first time in Gao Jun’s memory to show the red card directly and then combine it with the reason of blowing off the good ball just now. The referee was really not generally black and had a fight with the black whistle at home in West Asia, but Gao Jun also calmed down because of this red card. He grabbed it and saw that he would be furious and out of control. Adriano comforted a few words, and then he silently walked to the sidelines to be continued.
Chapter VI Black Whistle Storm
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Zhang Lu, a guest who explained the game in CCTV studio, sighed with a puzzled look at Gao Jun’s claim to win the license. "In my memory, this should be the first time that Gao Jun received a red card, and he has always been calm because of not judging the penalty. What happened to Gao Jun today?"
Huang Jianxiang, the host, can understand Gao Jun’s mood at that time. He expressed his support for Gao Jun with a cold hum. "Today, the referee really went too far. Adriano performed very well after coming off the bench today. If the ball is counted, it will be 12 shots, which will be of great help to restore his confidence, but it was blown away by the referee. He is still grateful to Adriano. Gao Jun naturally wants Ade Ming to be unfair. He didn’t expect the referee to be so cross after making a wrong judgment, and even took out a red card to punish him without directly warning him."
Because A Milan once had a glorious period that had a profound influence on China fans, Huang Jianxiang had a deep affection for A Milan for a long time, but now Huang Jianxiang is firmly on Inter Milan’s side from the beginning of the game because Gao Jun loves me, and the "home whistle" in this game makes Huang Jianxiang deeply disgusted and extremely dissatisfied with Gao Jun’s penalty. He sarcastically said, "From today’s referee, we can see that there will be a’ gossip’."
Huang Jianxiang’s words later brought him to the forefront again, but China fans were all supporters of Gao Jun, and everyone felt the same way about Huang Jianxiang’s feelings at that time. This time, his disqualified remarks were widely understood. In the end, he was not forced to leave CCTV like the "commentary door" of the last World Cup, and Chinese fans had to continue to hear his passionate Serie A commentary. Of course, this is another story.
Although Gao Jun received a red card and was sent off, Inter Milan had to hit a lot of people in the next game, but the stands of the visiting team sounded endless. Obviously, the fans of Inter Milan expressed their support for Gao Jun in this way, and they were convinced that their performance today had completely recruited the fans who had been prejudiced before. But then again, even without considering the special significance of the derby, Gao Jun scored four goals, assisted three times in six games and ranked first in the team. If this performance is not satisfactory, Inter Milan fans will be more difficult to serve than those professional blacks in China.
On the other hand, Adriano’s goal was blown, which made Mourinho extremely dissatisfied on the sidelines, and Gao Jun’s subsequent red card made this hot-tempered "madman" angry. He excitedly rushed into the court and made a gesture of counting money to the referee, but unexpectedly, Gao Jun was also sent off. Although he had expected this, his face expression was still wonderful. He shrugged and sighed and walked into the player’s channel with Mourinho.
However, to Gao Jun’s surprise, Mourinho suddenly blinked at him with a smile and said, "I can’t get into the stadium in Serie A. Please direct it for me. I know you have coaching ability and you can still play it when you are suspended. That bastard and some bureaucrats will be deeply depressed."
As soon as Gao Jun heard it, he also agreed to the childish shit. Speaking of it, it is actually very fun to benefit the rules of football.
The referee was furious and sent off the attacking core and head coach of Inter Milan, which was obviously helpful for A Milan to fight back. However, because of their impatience, they did a poor job in grasping the opportunity. In addition, there was not much left in the game. In the end, A Milan managed to pull back a goal even though they had the advantage of numbers, but they lost the 149 th Milan Derby at home on the 24th.
First, because of the anger of the referee’s unfair penalty, after the two players were sent off, their emotions were more or less out of control. As a result, the Inter Milan players seized the opportunity, and the referee played cards crazily. He also sent a red card to the central defender Samuel and Lucio, who helped Gao Jun out of the predicament in the last game. However, this kind of biased penalty also made the referee who was not smart enough widely questioned after the game, and Mourinho’s bitter irony in an interview after the game made the Italian Football Association feel pressured, and finally the "black whistle storm" of banning the referee’s law enforcement qualification came to an end.
Because of Gao Jun’s attention, China fans have realized more deeply from this incident that it is not China football that has a black whistle. Even those football developed countries actually have some differences in degree and scope, but competitive sports will always be the winner. If you want to get good grades, even if the football world is dark, you don’t have to worry about not having fans, and football charm is too great.
Because the Italian Football Association severely punished the black whistle, Mourinho finally dismissed the provocative idea, and Gao Jun also lost the opportunity to command the Serie A giants as a coach. However, he was somewhat relieved by his cautious nature. It was better to be honest because the Serie A referee had been hard-working for a while. Anyway, it was better to have Mourinho as the M when he needed to stand out. In fact, Gao Jun didn’t like Mourinho very much when he was a coach, and the other kind was kicked by him. It took him some time to realize that so many players have deep feelings for him. It is a kind of happiness to have such a coach who will always take the initiative to take the pressure on the players and let them play football with peace of mind!
In a sense, the suspension of Serie A is also a good thing, because it allows Gao Jun and other three main players to go to this game in the second group match of the Champions League three days later. Inter Milan’s opponent is Gao Jun, who is very familiar with the Bundesliga powerhouse Werder Bremen, and he is even more influenced by Mourinho’s starting in the first half of the Milan derby, but Stankovic can sit on the bench and regret it alone.
Werder Bremen have always advocated attacking and re-heightening the army, and they are very familiar with them. As a result, this game has once again become a one-man show of the high army. He not only scored two goals himself, but also two front-line partners each sent an assist for Adriano Balotelli at half-time, and performed his first hat trick in Inter Milan, almost helping the team to sweep the opponent by 51 points.
After two consecutive games, both of which were very important, no one supported Inter Milan media to continue to question Inter Milan’s buying Gao Jun at sky-high prices before the season, praising the club’s courage and becoming mainstream. Even after that, it has been bad with the media and was not recognized by a considerable number of fans. Inter Milan coach Mourinho also received some praise for winning two consecutive big scores. After all, except for a few extremists, most fans definitely prefer it, but even if the scene is passive, he scores a lot of big victories instead of great advantages, but he always gets the same situation.
In addition to Gao Jun Adriano’s recovery in these two games, the former Inter fans who love and hate him have given birth to expectations again, while Gao Jun has received a game and both of them have stopped playing, hoping to talk to him specifically, so that he can change his unruly life and return to the peak.
Because of the uneven action in Milan derby and the happy cooperation between the two sides in the two games, Adriano is very good with Gao Jun now. Even if he disagrees with Gao Jun’s advice, he still thanked Gao Jun for his kindness, but Adriano replied that he once let Gao Jun say, "I just played football to earn a lot of money and live a good life. Now I have earned a lot of money and can live a good life. Even if I earn more money than now, it is just some figures. Why should I let myself live so hard?"
Gao Jun realized that Brazilian culture and values are very different from advocating diligence to enter China or East Asia. A large number of Brazilians think that it is enough to enjoy life, which is far more important than digital money after reaching a certain level. Since Adriano also holds this idea, Gao Jun doesn’t know how to persuade him.
But just when Gao Jun wanted to give up, he suddenly had a little doubt and asked, "Ade, did you know you would become a big star when you first played football?"
"How is that possible?" Adriano laughed after one leng
"Then why did you play football in the first place?" Gao Jun asked with a smile on his face
Adriano smell speech grinned "what else? Children are playful! "
"Yes, football is a very interesting sport. I learned to play football because I like it, and I finally walked on this road of life." Gao Jun sighed with deep sympathy after listening to it, but his face was even thicker and he asked Adriano, "Do you still like playing football?"
"Of course!" Adriano blurted out and immediately fell into deep thought. Yes, he likes playing football very much, and he gets more pleasure from playing football than wine and beautiful women, especially when he wins the game! However, in the past two years, he has been lost in the glitz brought by money and neglected the happiness brought by football.
Chapter VII The Return of the King
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"Yes, I like playing football. I prefer to beat my opponents on the court. I enjoy football more and bring me happiness. What’s wrong with giving up a little food and beauty and training seriously? Anyway, I can continue to enjoy it after I retire, but it is no longer possible to play a high-level football game after I retire! " I figured out Adriano and changed his professional attitude. Although Brazilian nature makes it difficult for him to be like Gao Jun and Klose, his performance is far from his own.
In addition, Gao Jun also asked Xia Chuanliang to help Adriano make a meal plan that doesn’t affect his appetite according to the Brazilian eating habits. Because there are many Brazilian Japanese, Adriano is no stranger to their cultural customs, and these two guys are all good, so they get along well at once. But at this time, Gao Jun never dreamed that he would knowingly help Xia Chuan, an older young woman, solve the marriage event.
Although Adriano has not changed dramatically, his physical condition is excellent, so his recovery speed is amazing. Xia Chuanliang estimates that Adriano will have the physical strength to play a full game in a high-intensity competition in one year. Although it is still difficult to rotate when he encounters a week-long double match, it has fundamentally changed compared with the situation that he can play a good half-court game before.
After noticing that Adriano’s condition has gradually recovered, Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho is very pleased and increasingly glad that he bought Gao Jun at the beginning and decided that Adriano’s gradual resurrection is definitely a big plus for Inter Milan, even in the current excellent situation of the team.
Milan’s derby victory increased the score of Inter Milan to 13 points, thus jumping to the first place in the Serie A standings of the season and losing this key battle. A Milan only scored 2 wins and 3 losses in the first five league games, and was distanced by Inter Milan early in the league, which made Mourinho arrange personnel rotation from a lot, although his "substitute training" method reduced the proportion of physical training in the league period and allowed the main players to have higher attendance in the tough schedule. However, this practice is not the right way after all. When the situation is better, we should try our best to rotate the personnel, otherwise even if they are physically fit, they may have problems due to overwork.
On January 4th, in the match between Inter Milan and Bologna, although two absolute main players of Inter Milan were suspended due to red cards, they still relied on the overall strength advantage of 21 to continue to lead the Serie A. After the game, Mourinho hated the FIFA match day, and he could gnash his teeth to send international players from all countries to participate in the national team competition, including Gao Jun naturally.
Gao Jun needs to participate in the home game against Bahrain after returning home this time. His strength is not too strong. After Gao Jun and other overseas international players all returned home, China’s national team easily achieved a winning streak since the new coach Stano. Gao Jun’s outstanding performance of 3 goals and 2 assists in a single game proved that he was still the one who could not be high.
The stable and excellent record has further stabilized Stano’s coaching position. More importantly, the senior officials of the Football Association are now in danger. It is said that even the president of the Football Association will be replaced. Naturally, no one has the heart to change the coaching of the national football team. This has allowed the national team to continue to maintain its stable performance in the storm of anti-gambling and black-sweeping, which is more fierce than the first time, and therefore it has not declined.
Although the official competition of Asian football national team is also held on FIFA match day, because the competition system of Asian national team and European League are not the same after all, when Gao Jun finished the national team competition and returned to Milan, Inter Milan’s away game against Rome’s Serie A game had already been played, but it was somewhat surprising that Inter Milan still swept Rome, an old and powerful Serie A team, by 4 points without Gao Jun’s appearance, which made Gao Jun feel relieved and somewhat inexplicable. "Sure enough, giants are giants, and even the absence of core players rarely has a fatal impact."
It is worth one thing that Adriano got the starting chance in this game. Although he failed to score again, he was still very restrained. It was impossible for him to recover physically so quickly. At half time, he was replaced by young Balotelli. However, Mourinho, a "madman", was quite satisfied with Adriano’s performance.
Although they are all European competitions, due to the different competition systems, the number of Champions League matches is far more than that of Gao Jun who played in the UEFA Cup. Less than two days after he returned to the team, there was another Champions League group match to be played. However, Mourinho did not let Gao Jun start because of his weak opponent, but even so, Gao Jun came off the bench more than 60 minutes at halftime and scored a goal certificate. He did not slip because of the fifa virus.
In order to make way for the Champions League, the Serie A schedule was very tight. In the seven days from January 26th, 2002, Inter Milan actually had three Serie A matches to play, but even so, Gao Jun was still the first player in the devil’s schedule and wanted to rest, unless Inter Milan established the victory before, but Gao Jun did not let Mourinho down. After coming to Inter Milan for more than a month, Gao Jun scored a whole goal and contributed five equally amazing assists, so that even Mourinho could not help but sigh that this small game was too good for data.
Moreover, Gao Jun didn’t brush up the data by himself. His style of playing with teammates had a great influence on the frontcourt players of Inter Milan. It became very rare to score goals directly by relying on personal ability. Therefore, almost every attacking player of Inter Milan took advantage of the statistics (if he scored after passing, there was no record of assists). Even Adriano, a one-on-one opponent, now relies more on teamwork to score goals, but Adriano will become even more terrible after learning to use his personal ability more carefully.
Adriano scored twice for the first time since Brazil’s return to Inter Milan in the Champions League group match between Inter Milan and Arnoso Sith on November 4th. Even if he finished shooting one by one, Gao Jun was overshadowed by his light, which made the old fans of Inter Milan who still liked him very excited. Many people rushed to tell that the "king" who once ruled the Meazza Stadium was back!
After winning this game, four victories over Inter Milan have actually qualified for the first group, which not only makes the team’s Champions League journey a good start, but also allows Inter Milan to arrange substitutes to play in the remaining two Champions League group matches and let the main players get more rest, which will be of great benefit to the long season.
On November 9th, Inter Milan ushered in the 11th round of Serie A against Mei Acha Houdusse, whose strength was not weak, and he performed very well in the game. However, Inter Milan still won this tough game with the excellent offensive line of 43, thus achieving a ten-game winning streak in Serie A, which made all opponents who were vying for the title look forward to. In this game, Gao Jun continued to play a leading role, and completed four goals of the team and directly contributed one goal and two assists. What is even more rare. The striker Eto ‘o Adriano also scored goals. It’s no wonder that the Italian media and fans have generally recognized that the power of Inter’s trident is better than that of the original life and death. Because Gao Jun is extremely energetic and the young people recover quickly, the "capable midfielder" will only have a chance when Gao Jun is absent for some reason.
Inter Milan triumphed on two fronts at the same time, but Gao Jun is going back to China to participate in the top ten. However, relying on the recent hot state, Adriano scored twice, and Inter Milan beat Palermo 2 away to increase their winning streak to 11 games. Adriano, although he is still not physically fit enough to play all the games, has become an indispensable weapon for Inter Milan.
And three days later, the China national team also ushered in the top ten. The third game was played by the standard Asian second-rate team, the United Arab Emirates. Since the strength of the China team has surpassed that of the opponent by more than one grade, even if the UAE team is at home, it can’t stop the China team from getting 3 points. Although Gao Jun didn’t score in this game, he still sent two beautiful balls to help the national football team win the opponent away.
It’s a good thing that the national football team won three games and three wins, but it’s even more important for the high morale that the president of the new football association, Weidi, is earlier than the history, and at the same time, it’s more important. Although the president of the football association has done a lot of wrong things, he was forced to submit because of his lack of understanding of football in the early stage and high pressure in the later stage. As far as his heart is concerned, it is one of the few people who really want to do a good job in China football in the early 21st century. Moreover, there are not many selfish leaders of the Football Association, and now they have correct instructions and ordered him to present the blueprint of the plan to carry out drastic reforms, which made up for his lack of understanding of football and got the support of senior leaders, so he can concentrate on doing business. Gao Jun believes that there is still great hope to do a good job in China football. In addition, history is the same, and more and more rich people in China have invested in football, which is also of great help to the development of football in China.
The first chapter is unstoppable
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Although Gao Jun was very tired because of the long flight in Wan Li, he didn’t have much time to rest slowly after he returned to Milan, because on November 22nd, Inter Milan will welcome another Serie A rival-the "old woman" Juventus, who was sent down because of the scandal, once hurt Juventus, but after returning to Serie A, they actively recruited and recruited, and now their strength has returned to its peak. Plus, their steady and conservative style of play, even now it is not easy for Inter Milan to score three points from this opponent.
After the game, Juventus, which has always been stable in defense, soon showed their characteristics. Finally, two people’s double-team defense strategy greatly interfered with Inter Milan’s frontcourt series organization. Is it necessary for Inter Milan to continue its 11-game winning streak in Serie A?
"It’s true that Juventus’ defense is impenetrable!" Mourinho gently praised the sentence, but then his mouth broke into a sneer. "But it is not enough for Juventus to win the game by defense alone. With so many people focusing on Gao Jun alone, how much strength can they put into attack?"
Although Juventus lived up to its reputation as an "old woman", it didn’t strengthen its attack until Adriano’s threat of physical weakness stopped. However, if the opponent beat the high army, it would revive. Only three minutes after half-time, he received striker Eto’ o’s cross shot into the net in a quick counterattack to help Inter Milan expand the score to 2.
It must be said that although Mourinho was very dissatisfied with Stankovic’s death or not, Inter Milan still lacks good offensive players in the midfield. Therefore, in recent games, Mourinho has given Stankovic another chance, mainly Adriano as a substitute, so that Gao Jun will return to the front line to resume his killer duties. Now Mourinho no longer requires Gao Jun to be a blue-collar worker like a defensive striker, because Gao Jun has fully proved his extraordinary talent in attack, which makes him spend too much physical strength and spirit on defense. It is really a wave.
Now Stankovic also knows that Gao Jun’s shooting ability is far from his own, and the experience of sitting on the bench for several consecutive games has also made him honest. Therefore, he will not always shoot by himself as before after the game, but this is also because Mourinho has retired him to the central avant-garde position, and the chances of long-range shooting are not as much as before. On the other hand, it is also beneficial to give full play to Stankovic’s weak defensive ability. However, even if it is a clever move, Even Mourinho, the world’s top football coach, found the best array play after more than ten games, which shows that football is far from being as simple as those "post-it coaches" in China.
Gao Jun pushed Juventus to the wall. They had to put all their eggs in one basket, but in this way, their defense became even weaker. In the 61st minute, after Inter Milan broke the ball, they made a quick counterattack. Right-back Mai Kong sent a high-quality 45-degree oblique attack to follow up with Gao Jun Eto ‘o, two fast horses and two ghosts, and finally, Eto ‘o performed bravely in the game, further expanding the score by 3!
This goal completely destroyed Juventus’ determination to win. The "old woman" is the "old woman". In this case, they didn’t go all out to attack, but they chose to retreat after the game and were scored by Inter Milan, which completely destroyed their morale. Although this conservative approach angered many fans in the stands, Juventus made their defense line stable again, and Inter Milan slowed down the attack rhythm when they were good. Finally, 3 points were kept to the end, and Inter Milan completed an incredible 12-game winning streak in Serie A this season, and if it was the Champions League, it would be counted.