According to Xu Fei’s understanding, if Chen Kaizhen’s holy lake water is converted into a large piece of magic crystal, then it is possible that Ri will be Yongning, and most likely it will be extortion. If Chen Kaifa satisfies the appetite of those noble spellcasters, it will become a secret assassination and robbery. There is absolutely no psychological burden for these aboriginal spellcasters to kill a temple professional, even if Chen Kai is a player. Because Xu Fei secretly knows the situation, there are many noble wizards in Luohan Empire who have ways to put players. Restrict the resurrection in a certain area and keep killing until something they are satisfied with comes out. They are not afraid of players’ revenge at all, because there is no way to retaliate against them at present. Of course, fortunately, few unlucky players have been stared at by these noble spellcasters until now, but Xu Fei thinks so. If they expose the holy lake water, which can increase the magic limit, it will definitely become a spell test for these noble spellcasters.

According to Xu Fei’s words, that is to let ll insist on wearing some broken armor and not expose the holy lake water to the eyes of those noble mages, which has exposed the magic mixture, that is, Rola Chen made the potion have many similar things among the mages, and Xu Fei was not worried about it.
"Excuse me, where is the knight Andosk of Marasusa? Do you know?" Llewellyn found a knight who they met when they entered the fortress in Redstone Fortress. He wanted to learn the fact that Lord Amdo had fallen. Llewellyn had a good candidate to ask, that is, Baron Zaf, who had brought him gold, Luohan and iron riding harness. Unfortunately, Llewellyn didn’t know where the baron lived and forgot to ask him about the situation of Lord Amdo.
"I’m sorry, Lord Berkner from Hansting, I can answer your question. Maybe you can ask Baron Zama, who is wearing silver Se armor and red Se cloak on the city wall now." This is the fact that I, the knight of Marasusa, is not a red stone fortress layer. This title of noble knight is not rare in Luohan Empire. Even in Hansting, now the knight is as cheap as roadside cabbage. At that time, when ll just became a knight, this noble title was a little more valuable, but with the play. Home gradually deepened understanding of the game only to find that knights in some places, especially in military fortresses, are as common as roadside weeds. If you get a little military merit, you can get the title of knight, but this title is not hereditary. If you want to become a hereditary knight, you have to continue to work hard or have a fief. Although the surrounding knights of Malasusa once received a group of people when Chen Kai and them entered the fortress, it does not mean that the other party will know that it is impossible for the other party to make friends with a non-hereditary knight who doesn’t even have a fief and an ancient nobleman who has a fief.
"Well, thank you, Knight Marasusa". Although he didn’t get the answer he wanted, he still gave the other party a little thanks. However, with his huge body, this silk of thanks made the other party feel great pressure. Knight Marasusa was almost afraid. He watched Ll shake his body nearly twice as high as him and slowly walked towards the 30-meter-high wall of Redstone fortress.
After climbing the wall, Chen Kai easily found the Baron Qi Zama and saw the chubby Baron Zaf at his side. Two people were reprimanding a group of knights with black faces. Of course, it might be a group of cavalry. When Chen Kai walked into them, he saw that the cavalry was covered with various scars, and there were some scratches from dead creatures. The black color of the wound made Chen Kai feel that the other party might have been poisoned by undead and could not help but throw a healing magic at the other party’s body. Of course, it was just ordinary. Treating minor injuries, however, even if the ordinary magical skill is replaced by Chen Kai’s release, it has a certain special effect. Because Chen Kai found that his quarrelling belongs to Xing, it seems that it will also affect the magic, which means that even if Chen Kai is cast to treat the magical skill and break evil, this genus will be manifested in the magical skill, not just in the quarrelling attack. This situation makes Chen Kai’s magical skill strengthen the damage to evil or filthy forces and inhibit the undead forces contained in these cavalry wounds. Chen Kai. The magical treatment of flying ash annihilation will definitely hurt those cavalry during the recovery process. If you don’t know the situation, people will definitely think that Chen Kai is attacking them instead of helping them. Therefore, Chen Kai’s kindness has been rewarded, and those cavalry are glaring.
"Get out of here, you losers. Don’t you know that Lord Berkner is helping you dispel the undead toxin? Don’t even know that you’re poisoned, idiot, get out of here. "It’s Baron Zaff. When he saw Chen Kai’s light gold Se light when casting spells, he naturally wouldn’t think that Chen Kai was hurting these cavalry. At the same time, he also saw the black wound of the treated person. It flashed in his mind that those dead creatures were carrying terrible toxins, and the expression of resentment caused by these cavalry was naturally seen by him. He directly swept over and reviled each other, and at the same time, he asked these cavalry to run to deal with the wounds. He didn’t want these cavalry to be turned into waste by him and die
"I’m sorry to make you laugh, Lord Berkner." Baron Zaff is very friendly to Chen Kai, not only because the other party once saved Ando Skga, because Chen Kai gave him those little things. Although those things were almost bought at a waste price when Chen Kai received them, when Baron Zaff took them for appraisal, he found that several things were valuable, although not necessarily priceless, but at least worth thousands of gold coins. However, if the baron knew that Chen Kai bought these things at several gold coins, he might not be so enthusiastic about him, but he would be jealous of Chen Kai’s dumb luck.
"Nothing! It was my fault that I rushed to release the magic to treat them without your permission and then caused the pain of those knights. "ll face a little embarrassed. He didn’t think that his magic would attract such a big reaction from the other side. At the same time, after this incident, he gradually found that even if he treated the magic, he could harm the evil forces. However, the treatment of the magic is really limited, and the farthest is ten meters. Obviously, it can be used in close combat and because. The body is to treat the damage ability of the deity-like magic is very limited. After careful conception by Chen Kai, it is found that this makes the deity fight and the wave magic show that the damage caused by the healing magic is really chicken.
"So Lord Berkner, what do you want to see me about?" Baron Zaff didn’t know that Chen Kai was looking for the Baron Zizama who was next to him. It was an accident that he met him, but it was better to deal with Baron Zaff who was not very familiar with him than to deal with Baron Zaff who had a better impression of himself. Naturally, Chen Kai turned to the other side.
"Well, I want to ask, why don’t you evacuate to the fortress of Andosk with me?" Chen Kaiyuan wanted to ask Baron Zaf if he could help to buy a rare metal and a large piece of magic crystal, but before he could say it, he swallowed it back because he was worried that the other party’s position was too low and there was no way to do it less. Chen Kai wanted a baron with more energy than a baron, and more channels would be added.
"Oh Amdo, Sir? I’m sorry, Lord Berkner. Maybe you can’t see each other in Redstone fortress because he has been sent to the rear by Count Maklachi. The only close relative of the count may be poor Count Andosk, the last adult male in Count Maklachi’s family. God knows what our poor chief has done. He has even given birth to seventeen daughters in a row, but none of them. If nothing happens, the Maklachi family will give birth to a countess. "Baron Zaf is obviously compared with Baron Zizama around him. Well, at the same time, maybe the Redstone fortress people don’t have special respect for their highest division, or maybe the Count Marklachi is more tolerant. This baron will discuss the issue of his chief descendant in front of Llewellyn.
"Ah ah ….." I was very depressed about the news that I just heard in my mind. Although he had a little preparation, I didn’t expect the Amdo Duke to be sent to the rear, but I think the poor Duke didn’t stay in Redstone fortress. It may be too dangerous here, and a wounded man doesn’t have much fighting capacity.
"What do you want with him?" Baron Zaff saw Lleyton sigh with a flicker of doubt, although he knew Lleyton had saved each other and Lleyton’s so-called retreat to Redstone fortress was bullshit, which was almost a escape to Redstone fortress.
"I want to ask him to do me a favor and see if I can buy some rare metals and some large pieces of magic crystals." Llewellyn looked at Baron Zaf’s face and said his purpose directly because he didn’t buy anything prohibited, so he naturally didn’t hide it.
"That’s it? What do you want with him? Just look for me directly. "Baron Zaff showed a face of embarrassment when he heard the words of ll. Of course, with the confused eyes of ll, his horse recovered because he knew that the other party didn’t know what he was doing in Redstone fortress.
"Ahem, this Baron Zaf is in charge of the logistics of the fortress. If you want to buy rare metals and large pieces of magic crystals, you must find him. Of course, the amount can’t be too big and he can’t explain it." Qi Zama coughed and said the words that made Ll dull. Ll never dreamed that this chubby baron turned out to be the logistics director of Redstone fortress.
When Chen Kai drifted away from the wall of Redstone Fortress, he still believed that he had encountered something. He not only bought what he needed, but also gave his desired number of two large pieces of spell crystals and nearly 2 kilograms of rare metal. The harvest of Chen Kai’s department added up to nearly 300,000 gold coins. If he wants to buy this amount of things in the market, he should add another 50,000 to this number. For Chen Kai’s luck, others really can’t say anything but sigh that he is lucky.
While Chen Kai continued to repair his armor with magic crystals and rare metals, the family was shattered and he was badly hurt. Lord Andson was also slowly repairing his injuries, and a lot of blood was poured into a blood pool made up of bones. Lagas is wrinkling without looking at his mutilated head. He can’t figure out why he will lose half of his head after being eroded by holy water. What makes him puzzled most is that the other party’s injury repair is slow, as if some force is delaying the recovery of The Hunger’s puppet wound.
"Let me know who destroyed my treasure, and I will twist his head as a ball and kick Lunashi over here." With the black robe Anma? Lagas’s words sounded. Once upon a time, Lunashi, the great knight in the temple of life, was driving his stiff body slowly to the other side and knelt down. Although Lunashi’s body was not completely transformed into a dead creature due to time problems, it was only his appearance that he was about to become a real death knight to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 47 The Knights of Death ()
Chapter 47 The Knights of Death ()
Chen Kai didn’t know how many of the temple officials and guardian knights who retreated from Amdo had arrived at Redstone Fortress, because he was preoccupied with mending his armor and taking care of his war horse face and arrived at Redstone Fortress in advance. Most of the temple members retreated to the rear temple and stayed in Redstone Fortress very rarely.
At the same time, Chen Kai didn’t see Grice seriously injured? Strong, that is, brother A Qiang, is said that the other party has been brought back to the main temple of the earth temple for treatment by members of the earth temple, so ll is not timid, but wishes the other party that he can get attention in the earth temple.
Although the top officials of the Temple stayed in Redstone Fortress after withdrawing from Amdo, it is not finished that the members of these temples are much lower than Chen Kai. They have just reached the fourth-order professionals who can venture away from the Temple. When the players strode into the sixth-order professionals, the fourth-order professionals of the aborigines were almost the same as ordinary people. Of course, those who despise the aborigines will pay the price for this, because although the players are higher in rank than each other and learn something better than ordinary aborigines with all kinds of help, we must know that there are different templates among aborigines.
If ordinary fourth-order aborigines are equal to players, then monsters with J and jīng English templates are comparable to fifth-order players in strength. If they are squad leaders, even fourth-order players are comparable to fifty-seven players. If they are commanding aboriginal soldiers, then sixth-order ordinary players can draw with each other. This is not only because aborigines with commanding templates are similar to sixth-order players, but also because these aborigines have many cards and they have their own professional strength. The root of understanding degree is not ordinary aborigines but players, but compared with the words of some players in this part of aborigines, they are either geniuses or idiots. If they are geniuses, it is very normal for them to become professionals at the leading level, while geniuses are born to be more horrible than novice gamers, that is, they are twice as common players at the first order, so geniuses are extremely rare and terrible at the same time, because they are likely to suddenly break through from the fourth order to the sixth order and seventh order in the battle.
But for players, genius is not terrible. What is terrible is those idiots who look stupid. Because some aboriginal professionals are not high in rank and it is difficult for them to grow to a very high level because of talent, but they devote their minds to the basic surface, which looks extremely clumsy, and gradually make up for their lack of talent. This part of them is turned into idiots by players. Because they have invested a lot of sweat and efforts in combat skills, aboriginal occupations make them stronger than players. Don’t look at the skills of players in high-level games. There is a strong proficiency in verification and weapon skills, but many people know that it is just data, and the data is not exactly equal to combat effectiveness. This is the consensus of all players, which makes players fear this part of idiotic indigenous professionals who know the basics of exercise. It is because these people turn combat skills into a part of their bodies, and even the simplest chopping in the hands of these professionals becomes extremely terrible. Once, a player challenged a seemingly stupid indigenous warrior to gain an upgrade experience by challenging the other side. Instead, he was chopped to death by the other side’s most basic heavy chopping for more than 30 years. There were no gorgeous skills and fancy tricks, like chopping firewood, but the unlucky player was unable to hide and fight hard for 30 years. At the end of the 31 ST time, he was directly split in half.
Although Llewellyn knew that the order of the guards staying in the temple was not high, he still felt that maybe these were all future kinds of temple talents that could be molded. In his view, they should be at least J and NG English knights, but when Llewellyn really saw those imaginary J and NG English knights, his fantasy was instantly shattered.
"Nima turned out to be a group of noble brothers!" When I saw those knights who were left in the Dawn Temple of Redstone Fortress, Chen Kai flashed this idea in his mind. Chen Kai knew very well that some noble families would send their grandchildren to the temple for further study, hoping that they could become temple knights and win honor for their families. But now this system has gradually deteriorated, and some noble brothers have just entered the temple and gilded it. Not only did they not work hard, but they also brought some bad habits to the temple team. Of course, not all noble temple knights have bad habits, but in Chen Kai’s view, they have been from Amdo. Come to that part of the noble temple knights obviously have this habit. When the Redstone fortress is in an extremely delicate situation, most soldiers have no idea to pay attention to other things, but it happened that these noble temple knights are still flirting with two girls.
"Strange! Why do those two girls look so familiar? " Because the distance between them is relatively long, and at the same time, because the two girls are surrounded by knights from the temple, Chen Kai can know that several of them belong to Chenxi Yu temple knights except those guys are temple knights. It is very simple to know that each other is noble temple knights. Only noble temple knights can put birds of paradise feathers in their helmets. Most temple knights will wear ordinary armor.
"hey! What are you guys doing? " Chen Kai’s unique loud voice accompanied his huge body and rushed towards the noble temple knights. Although he is not wearing armor now, he is only wearing a white temple robe from Keqiya God Officer, but with the huge sword hanging behind him, there is still an extremely powerful atmosphere.
"get out! You big savage, do you know who I am? " Leading a temple knight from the glorious main temple, his armor is golden and can be compared with Chen Kai’s double lion armor, but the magic effect is obviously much worse when handed out face to face.
"I don’t know who you are! But I’m sure I’ll beat you up in a few minutes. You don’t even know your mother! nnd! Even my sister dares to tease you and don’t want to live! " When Llewellyn saw who was surrounded by the middleman, anger quickly occupied his mind. Although he knew that these guys were just flowers at best, they couldn’t have any substantive actions. But when Llewellyn heard from the team channel that Su Wan said that the other party had imprisoned the scroll, anger directly burned Llewellyn’s reason because he knew from Xu Fei that this kind of imprisoned scroll was some * *. It can be said that the purpose of the spell scroll issued by the teacher is to let some players who have committed crimes get their due punishment instead of resurrecting and fleeing after committing suicide. However, this spell is now made by some bad spellcasters to deal with players, and of course it also includes taking advantage of female players. Although the spell method is banned in the unified protection, it will break through the final barrier of the unified protection, but just touching something with the body will not be hindered.
"What do you want? My father is a baron! You bastard, a savage from the mountains! Oh dear! !” The knight who leads the glorious main temple doesn’t know who he is provoking, but he still wants his father’s power to suppress the other side. But this unlucky guy doesn’t know that most nobles in Andover have already hung up. Chen Kaigen doesn’t need to be afraid of a noble child who lost his territory, even though he may inherit his father’s baron title, but a landless nobleman has no higher position than a farmer in the game continent because everyone will worship the strong and won’t be afraid of a person who can’t even protect his own land.
"get out! Your mother egg! " Ll directly interrupted each other’s words with a kick, and at the same time, his huge fist completely shut up another glorious temple knight around him. Two white teeth crashed out of each other’s mouth when Ll punched. Although Ll’s fist was as hard as a boxer, it definitely exceeded the poor knight’s physical endurance. Even if Ll only realized that a grudge belonged to Xing and the template did not change, his physical value was more than that of an ordinary sixth-order player. It’s almost equivalent to a J: ng English-level sixth-order player or an aboriginal soldier being suppressed in equal order. The body is suppressed. Chen Kai directly hit the knight’s head with a fist and didn’t blow the other person’s head, which is already a manifestation of the knight’s high physical strength.
"poof!" When the knight of the glorious temple who was kicked out by Chen Kai landed on the ground, a mouthful of dirty blood spit out from his mouth. Chen Kai’s kick was definitely his greatest strength. Although he didn’t wear armor, his value didn’t increase much, but he wasn’t a fourth-order ordinary aboriginal professional who could resist it. Moreover, although the rank of this glorious knight reached the fourth order, it seemed to Chen Kai that the other side was at the bottom of the fourth-order professionals in terms of health value and strength value. Chen Kai was not surprised that he could kick the other side and vomit blood with one foot.
"Give me kill him! Kill him! " Hematemesis In the end, the glorious knight went crazy and pulled out his weapon and jumped at ll. Although other noble temples were afraid of ll’s power, they still roared and pulled out their weapons under the drive of this crazy glorious knight.
It’s a pity that if these unlucky guys don’t use weapons, they may be able to support them for a while, but the result of using weapons can make their defeat faster and worse. Although Chen Kaiju’s sword weapon skills have not been promoted to the master level in the end, they are stuck in the last point of proficiency, but it is already J Ο ng’s proficiency in weapon skills. Even if it is only data, it is not that these knights who can’t even hold the sword can fight.
If they don’t pull out their weapons, they may be able to deal with Chen Kai for a while by smashing the frame, but the result of pulling out their weapons and attacking Chen Kai is that Chen Kai will also pull out the huge sword behind him and attack the huge sword body. It is definitely not the knight sword in the hands of these noble temple knights, and there are several temple knights who make themselves look more brave and handsome, so that the knight sword is carved with a thin sword, so that the root of the sword body can’t stop the terrible glow of the blade. Even if Chen Kai only attacks the sword ridge, these guys can’t bear it, and they will be beaten out directly by Chen Kai’s brute force,
Finally, Chen Kai fulfilled his promise. He beat all the noble temple knights, and even their mothers didn’t recognize them. Even the best healing spell would take half a month to eliminate the scars left by Chen Kai’s attack.
Maybe it’s because the names of these ladies’ temple knights are too smelly. Even if the battle between Chen Kai and them broke out for ten minutes, no police soldier came to rescue them until Chen Kai severely kicked the belly of a morning temple knight, and then took Chen Yi and Su Wan away with them, and the police soldiers took them to the nearest place for treatment.
"How did you get those bastards!" Chen Kai took Chen Yi and Su Wan slowly towards the place where the temple of life is located. Although his body has no wounds, the two women who have been imprisoned for nearly ten minutes are now extremely unstable.
"Where do I know! I must kill those damn bastards! " Rola Chen was very angry and roared. If Chen Kaishi hadn’t arrived and stopped those bastards, God knows how terrible she would have been treated. Rola Chen first discovered that sometimes in the original game, even the forced line was carried out, but she didn’t know that because of their unpleasant experience this time, when Chen Kaishi reported the imprisonment spell, the power of the spell was modified. When the female player was imprisoned by the spell, if the female player herself was illegally violated, the spell would disappear and the system would also protect it. Female players force the line and will not be punished, but for Chen Yi, today’s experience is definitely the first and most helpful time in his game career, and the same is true for Su Wan.
Although Su Wan has always been very strong, today things remind her of the scene when her brother was paralyzed by being assassinated. At that time, she also helped to feel that everything was full of despair. At this time, she consciously grasped Chen Kai’s generosity and gradually calmed her fears with the help of the heat handed over by Chen Kai’s palm. This is the first time that Chen Kai and Su Wan have held each other’s hands and are still in the game, but this process is very natural for both sides, because they are fond of each other. Once things became the fuse of goodwill, I felt the cold touch handed to me in the palm of my hand, and Chen Kai also grasped the palm of my hand consciously, and then comforted my sister who was also angry with fear with the other hand.
"all right! Don’t be afraid! If this happens next time, let me know immediately on the team channel. I swear I will twist their heads once! " Chen Kai joked to Rola Chen, but he knew very well that he could beat each other into a pig’s head, but he must not kill each other unless he wanted to bear the crime of being wanted by Redstone Fortress again.
"You should twist their heads today!" Rola Chen’s last roar finally vented her depression, and then she was calm because the temple of life had reached the air, filled with the power to make people feel calm, which calmed the anxiety and fear of Han Yi and Su Wan. At this time, Su Wan was a little shy and wanted to take her hand out of Ll’s hand, only to find that the other party held it more tightly.
"Mammy Carly, please ~!" Ll slowly handed Chen Yi and Su Wan to the temple of life, and Mammy hoped that the other party could check the physical condition of one or two people, because no one knew whether there was any sequela of the confinement spell. Although the two people were healthy in the unified state, the strange effect of the confinement spell could not really make Ll feel at ease, but when Ll was about to turn around, he heard the sound that made him feel sick again.
"I swear I must kill him! Kill that big savage! Usama, you must help me kill that bastard! " This speech that makes Chen Kai hate sounds is full of ambiguous words, but the other voice still makes him angry. Chen Kai never dreamed that this guy was so ungrateful even if he was beaten into a pig’s head, he didn’t know how to converge.
Ll slowly walked towards the position where the sound was handed over, and at the same time, a ray of gold Se light slowly spread to his body. He was making the bronze box force to dress. This process took less than 20 seconds, but if Ll was in a fierce battle, he would not be so well off when he was doing something.
"If I were you, I’d leave the temple with that barking wild dog around you!" Wearing armor, Chen Kai slowly appeared beside the injured temple knights, and his huge body was not yet repaired. With many damaged armor, there was a terrible murderous look spreading in the process.
"Pay attention to your words! Knight! You are trying to threaten a temple knight, I … "This knight named Usama is not weaker than Chen Kai. If Chen Kai is put aside at ordinary times, he will have some respect for such a talented aboriginal knight. After all, the strength of the other side is tempered by his own strength, instead of fighting like their players, which will increase. But now Chen Kai will not respect the other side because when he walks in, the other side just promised that the glorious knight would kill himself. Chen Kai will not respect the other side, especially when the other side is a rogue noble friend.
"I what? Knight! Shit! Do you think those around you deserve the honorable title of knight? Just a bunch of shameless hooligans! " Chen Kai’s unique and huge body told the other party that he was going to kill the target, but at this time, this man named Usama Knight wanted to crush his friends with his feet, because he saw Chen Kai’s chest emblem and military knight emblem, as well as Chen Kai’s star knight long career emblem. Although this man named Usama Knight and Chen Kai don’t belong to the same temple, he is also a brilliant temple knight who is also recognized as a talented professional. He knows very well that Chen Kai’s star knight emblem represents the meaning. Only those who are highly honored in all temples can change their jobs successfully.
Of course, the worst thing about Se’s face is that those knights in the morning temple have already foreseen their own ending. Although Chen Kai is not a temple prosecutor, he can definitely ask Keqiya, a god official in Redstone fortress, to expel them from the temple and take the lead in planting the blame. Sorry, this method is not very convenient in the temple, because at some times you have to swear in the name of God, and once you swear, you will be punished for lying, not only from the temple, but also from God.
"I think you can carry these bastards away. The temple of life will never treat this rubbish! And you, barac knight, you Hondura Lasser, you two are not allowed to step into the temple of life after you have been expelled from the temple! " When Chen Kai’s eyes, which made the stars shine, stared at Usama, Mammy Carly suddenly ran out in a hurry, followed by more than a dozen temple knights in the Temple of Life. They were almost injured when Mammy Carly finished speaking. Those noble knights, especially the two knights who belonged to the Temple of Life, were directly pulled out of their knight armor and branded with the emblem on their chests by a special flame. They were expelled from the Temple, and unless they were forgiven by God and given by God, they would not want to be temple knights in this life.
The reason for all this is very simple, because these unlucky guys are trying to flirt with the alternate saint of the temple of life. Even though this alternate saint has not been recognized by the top of the temple, the information obtained from various channels shows that Rola Chen is a holy sacrifice favored by the goddess of life, and she has won the title of saint in Khedira, which is very suitable for the requirements of the saint.
When Usama saw his friend being thrown out of the temple of life like garbage, he was almost angry to pull out his weapon and chop him to death because the loser was his brother, but now he is almost angry to kill his brother.
"You idiot! J and jīng worm brain bastard! Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused the family? Now that my father has lost the news, it is still a question whether we can keep the title. You * * * are still causing such trouble! " Usama growled at his brother, who was lying on the ground. At the same time, he complained that his mother had given him a spell scroll to save his life, but now it was used to imprison a standby saint in the temple of life. When Usama knew the news, he felt that he was struck by lightning at the moment. Finally, Usama directly left the injured brother in the same place because he needed a horse to return to the glorious temple to deal with things caused by his brother’s problems. He didn’t want to lose everything he had gained in the temple because of this, but He didn’t know that this was the last time he saw his brother in Redstone Fortress. When he saw each other again, his brother was looking at him with a pair of red Se-glowing eyes, and then he raised his killing sword and chopped at him.
The first volume Chapter 4 The Knights of Death
Chapter 4 The Knights of Death (in)
For Chen Kai, it is meaningless for him to join the fight behind the Redstone fortress. If it weren’t for his passport to travel through the Luohan Empire, it is estimated that he would have left the fortress and ran back to Hansting.
The very strict system of membership in the game is something that many players criticize. Of course, players are much better than those indigenous civilians. Because they are required to take office, they can travel through cities in the country where they are located, except for entering the first-class main city and Diū Waiji before a certain level. You can go wherever you want, of course, excluding residential houses and private houses.
However, if you want to travel in other countries, you must first get a pass to enter the country. Chen Kai can be said to be illegal immigrants. If you put it in reality, it is a crime of smuggling and can be sentenced or forced to repatriate. Chen Kai hopes to be forced to repatriate, but there is no such possibility in the game. Generally speaking, countries can investigate illegal immigrants clearly, so it is good to spend money to apply for a pass. If you can’t investigate clearly, it is even more difficult to say that you can just cut them with a knife.
The Red Rock fortress belongs to the military fortress, and Chen Kai’s pass is not handled by civil officials. It is very troublesome even if he gets rid of Baron Zaf. Without a seven-day pass, Chen Kai can’t get a pass and then get a chance to leave the Red Rock fortress.
Although there is no way to leave Redstone Fortress and go back to the Hanseatic Palace through Luohan Empire, Chen Kai is not unable to move in the morning temple church, relying on his success in Paranon and Amdo Sen. Chen Kai is not low in Redstone Fortress, although he may not be recognized by people when he goes out, and then he will be warmly welcomed, but at least he can meet a few people who know him on the way. In Redstone Fortress, there are a few aborigines besides Baron Zaf and Baron Zizama, including the old mercenary Hammerta who escaped from Paranon.
He escaped from Paranton Hammerta successfully with his own young, instead of staying in Andosen, he took his young grandparents, that is, his cheap mother-in-law’s house, and fled directly to Redstone Fortress with them. He has been in the mercenary world all the year round and beat the old mercenary Hammerta. His keen insight into death escaped there before Andosen was surrounded and successfully escaped to Redstone Fortress. Not only that, but he also fled to Redstone Fortress with him. Now he has re-established a mercenary group and is more than before in Paranton. A small mercenary group is stronger, and there are more than a dozen soldiers in the seventh order alone. Not long ago, he successfully advanced to the ninth order. Not only has his life become longer, but his body has gradually become more energetic.
The most enviable, jealous and hateful is that the old man who is too young to be grandpa Chen Kai is now accompanied by a young and beautiful girl who is younger than Chen Kai. Obviously, Hammerta has had a good time during this period, not only his career has been successful, but also he has won the second hūn or the third hūn, and his face has become tight again because of promotion, so that Chen Kai almost didn’t recognize each other. However, Hammerta recognized Chen Kai very much, patting him on the shoulder and introducing his new wife to Chen Kai, which surprised Chen Kai. The little girl, who is older than his sister, turned out to be the daughter of Hammerta’s younger cousin, that is, the other daughter of Hammerta’s mother-in-law. Of course, Chen Kai didn’t say anything about this, because he found that the life expectancy of the professional players in the game, especially those above the rank, was long, while the life expectancy of the professional players in the holy rank was longer. At the same time, because of their strength, their physical function remained at the peak. They could afford to have as many wives as they wanted at the same time, even if their wives were old, they could