Chen Kai checked his own state and found that he had consumed more than half of his physical strength in an instant because of his immature fighting skills when he attacked just now. "Bad luck!" Ll laboriously took out a bottle of physical medicine from his backpack and quickly got up from the ground, but Ll found himself moving the slowest again this time. Su Wan had killed the second rabbit from Zhao Tiezhu, and Su Xinghe had driven the archer rabbits away. Because Su Xinghe joined Xu Fei, they had to pour the spell into the melee rabbits. In less than three minutes, Ll was quickly wiped out, and Ll slowly recovered and ran after the archer rabbits. Only after the last rabbit was shot by Xuan Zhou’s bow and arrow did Ll officially announce that the battle was over.

The advantage of blacksmith is that he can repair slightly damaged equipment anytime and anywhere, of course, it is metal equipment, but obviously most people don’t need to repair their equipment. Today, Chen Kai is unlucky to be so embarrassed by a rabbit.
The first volume Chapter 40 Crying clown ()
After nearly a month’s training and running around, Chen Kai and others raised the level from level 1 to level 15. Although this is very slow in Chen Kai’s view, it is already very good training efficiency. Because the Eyre world does not restrict players to train the world, every monster has a very strong ability or is relatively imposing. The distribution of monsters is very strange. There may be 20 or 30 monsters in the monster area of level 5 or 6, so it is very unrealistic and very dangerous for Chen Kai to train monsters in one place for a long time. Children never stay in an area for more than two hours. Once they accidentally overtake a horse, they will ride away quickly. Most of them don’t believe in evil spirits and practice in one place. Now they are struggling in the state of 112. Of course, there are also big guilds to fight those high-level monsters. Although it is very uneconomical to go beyond the level of monsters, it is really attractive that Lin Lei and his Raytheon Guild organized three brigades to move at one time, and nearly 400 people brushed two in the grassland. Hours later, a group of 2-level elite fangs rabbit soldiers were successfully blocked. After half an hour of fierce fighting, all those fangs rabbits were finally knocked to the ground. However, 400 people were finally relegated, and the input-output ratio reached 6%. Although the input-output ratio was low, there was still something to be gained. Shaolin Lei was wearing the only excellent gold armor in China area, and it was still brand-new. The armor properties made all the professions who saw melee strength drool.
However, since that time, Raytheon has rarely organized players to fight like this. However, other guilds are still looking forward to it, but after failing twice in a row, most guilds have given up and turned to pay attention to the new pair of Kia Duolike City, namely Chen Kai and Li Yiqi Barak hut, but now it has been confirmed to be a small pair, but two months later, that pair has not been opened, because the minimum entry standard of the pair requires fifteen levels and a certificate, but most of them are holding certificates. Slum * * Except for the only BOSS who refreshes the garbage once a month, all the bosses are over 30. Those guilds have not paid attention to these bosses, but they soon found that every 30-level boss has a group of small leaders who are not much lower than their ranks. Of course, some small leaders scattered in slums also have the opportunity to carry certificates, but those small leaders are tricky, either hiding in a pub or staying in their younger brothers to defend and increase the number of complicated roads in slums. A large number of scary rats make each guild have to organize a large number of people to search, so the progress of this new clown house is extremely slow, but the most important point is that the level in Eya world is very slow. Chen Kai and them can reach level 15, thanks to the royal celebration in early March.
In the royal celebration in early March, Chen Kai first met the royal dragon knights of the Hanseatic Empire. The golden dragons flew over the whole of Adolik, and Inyado was relatively far away from the king of the Hanseatic Empire. These dragon knights actually flew from Dawn City as part of the imperial celebration. Every year, these dawn knights stationed in big cities fly around Fiona Fang for 100 kilometers in the sky, and many traveling businessmen will arrive on this day. They will carry many unusual things, including magic and martial arts. And so on, but the price is calculated. Few players can afford a blue weapon, which actually requires nearly 5,000 gold coins. When Chen Kai saw the price, he felt that he had a little less money in his pocket. However, this day was the day when Chen Kai and others gained the most experience. Although they were all running around the city from morning till night, they couldn’t bear to double their experience. On this day alone, Chen Kai gained nearly 20,000 experience and directly raised the level to 13. However, Chen Kai became increasingly unable to understand the way of accumulating experience in Egypt. At level 11 and level 12, the experience was doubled, but at level 12 and level 13, the experience was not doubled, from the original Chen Kai’s estimated 40,000 to 160,000, which is lower than that at level 12. Now Chen Kai is at level 15, and if he wants to upgrade to level 16, he needs 320,000 experience. Although the number is still very large, Chen Kai finds that it is much less than the original estimate, which makes Chen Kai unable to understand. There is also a very unique upgrade method, that is, the one-on-one challenge is more than ten levels higher thanEven the accumulation of experience is omitted. Of course, the advanced monsters are not ordinary advanced monsters, but those elite monsters. Therefore, the combat difficulty is accidentally killed directly. Maybe compared with the players, the blood of those monsters is not too thick. Every 20-odd elite is doubled in the base of the 20-odd monster and then doubled. Raytheon launched more than 400 people to encircle those elite rabbits. Not only do they run fast, but it is more important that each rabbit’s blood value is less at 5 o’clock, which also causes 1-5 damage to the blood skin. Boss, it is said that the blood volume has reached more than 10,000 points, which also caused nearly 100 Raytheon members to return to the temple. Eventually, the killer was sent back to the temple. More than half of them were wearing heavy armor, and the melee base was wearing quality and white armor. As a result, most of the bodies were broken into two sections or sunken in the middle, which became a sad shape. After that battle, Lin Lei, the president of the company, was also carried back to the temple for treatment. It is said that both legs were turned into paste and directly turned into two sections.
Of course, Chen Kai, a neighbor, knows more about it. Chen Kai found that Senior Lin showed a habit of eating rabbit meat for a long time after that battle. Every time he ate online, he looked at the table. The rabbit’s legs were red and his eyes were more terrible than rabbit’s eyes. The second person who knew that Lin Lei, the clown association, had organized a team to enter the room of Barak’s hut not long ago when he reached the entry standard, that is, the clown deputy probed. The result of a probe was that 12 people came out of a team and three of them had not even met the mobsters. It was tossed by the road machine, including the secret dagger of the captain of the scout team, which was folded inside. As a result, the thief finally rose to level 15 and became level 1 again. According to the information obtained by ll, the secret dagger secretly shed tears. According to the information obtained by ll, it was a serial trigger. Even if one was dismantled, it would touch another magic machine. The most terrible thing was that he accidentally touched a magic machine. As a result, the whole person was blown into slag. As soon as the leader hung up, he quickly retreated and finally escaped.
Today, Chen Kai is going to take others to explore the road in Barak’s cabin. After all, most players have now upgraded their grades to a professional workshop. Chen Kai’s performance in the past two months is not particularly good or very bleak. The price of gold coins has rapidly depreciated in less than half a month after reaching 500 yuan a gold, and now it has dropped to less than 2 yuan and is still falling. Therefore, the day of making money by selling gold coins has slowly passed, while the price of gold refining equipment has slowly increased. Unfortunately, players are now relying on it. However, Chen Kai was unable to make an alchemy weapon, but he tried to let Bai Salli alchemy melt two magic crystals into the built dagger, but as a result, two people in charge of making it were almost blown into the temple to be reborn, so Chen Kai had no intention of trying it before he got the drawings of alchemy equipment, but Chen Kai heard from passing travelers that travelers had tried to make excellent weapons in some towns, including a small town called Hetos in the north-central part of the Hansting Empire. Of course, it was the traveler who gave the weapon the name, but the weapon was so well-made that even travelers who traveled all the year round were amazed. Unfortunately, no matter how well the weapon was made, it was still not an alchemy weapon, but it was extremely sharp and powerful. In addition, a traveler in the southeastern Sakura Principality created a long knife, but the traveler was finally wanted by the temple. It was said that he was now the first player to be killed by the whole system. The reason for killing was very simple. Then the traveler was found by the guards after killing three people in a row, and the long knife was quenched because it absorbed human blood.It is said that this man was killed in a horrible dungeon for 30 days, and finally he couldn’t stand suicide. He still appeared in the dungeon until he deleted the record, re-ordered a new helmet and changed his place of birth. He cast the knife named Village, but the first blue weapon cast by the player was directly destroyed by the temple in less than a week, leaving no residue.
However, this incident has set off a terrible wave of killing and forging weapons dominated by players in the mainland. Unfortunately, very few successful blacksmiths have been caught in prison. According to Bath’s words, even if they don’t lay a good foundation and think about crooked ways all day long, they can’t cast an elf weapon. However, Chen Kai felt that what he said meant was that he had been with Bath for three months and didn’t see him build an excellent blue weapon. Every time he was asked to forge weapons, he always left aside. Chen Kai finally asked. He got a green knight’s shield with excellent quality only after the knight of Anluo, but Chen Kai was very satisfied with it because he almost knew the trick of casting green weapons, that is, adding some magic crystals to high-purity materials. However, after completing the shield, Anluo left Adolik, and he had to go to the holy mountain as soon as possible to solve his health problems. When Anluo left, Chen Kai didn’t send him off. Because he left in a hurry, he even entered the temple and flew away without informing Bass.
All right! Say goodbye to Chen Kai. After a day’s rest and a lot of magic materials and supplies, they approached Barak’s hut in a carriage. There are many guilds and idle players around the hut to clean up hooligans and eliminate those clowns. After being knocked unconscious by the players, the clowns and villains are tied up and handed over to the guards, but those clowns are not so lucky. Every clown who appears will be attacked by the players and then fall in a pool of blood with a sad smile. It is said that these clowns have a certain chance to carry some strange things and will play a special equipment clown mask! Most of them are small toys with certain decorations, but occasionally one or two things with defensive properties will appear. Because the mask does not occupy the face, even if you wear a helmet, many players will take pains to eliminate these clowns. However, because of this, several senior clowns will appear in the hut after a while. Most importantly, they are not wearing funny clown costumes, but wearing metal clown armor. Although they are painted with funny rape, each armor has terrible sharp edges and sharp metal spikes.
Every time these terrible black clowns are brushed out, the players will suffer heavy losses. The most important thing is that the clowns are very unstable. They don’t brush in a certain place for an hour or two. It is possible that a clown in black armor will appear in front of you one second after you hit the first clown, and then put a black bomb in your mouth. When you hear the touch, you will report to the temple. However, these clowns are said to be very well equipped. Every time they are brushed out, they will be killed by those big guilds. Of course, if they are killed, the clown horse with a level lower than 30 and a level higher than 2 will make
When Chen Kai and others arrived at Barak’s cabin, the surrounding environment was very quiet, with quiet wind and feet stepping on the ground. Chen Kaixian felt that the reaction around him was not right. It was too quiet, not like Chen Kai thought that players were everywhere. "Oh, no! Not a high-class crying clown! " Ll thumped in my heart, but soon he will know that there will be no players around. A clown in armor is dragging a player’s body and is slowly coming towards Ll and them.
"Boss! Didn’t you read the almanac when you went out today? How can the point be so back! " Cloud hiding behind carefully said.
"I don’t know! Which one of you didn’t wash your hands when you went out to the toilet! " Ll depressed turned his head and said
"Slice! You are the captain, you should ask yourself! Besides, have you been wired to pee these two days? " Xu Fei aside and said, "No! The big shield on the other side of the column blocks that guy! "
Xu Fei suddenly found that the crying clown saw their bodies and then quickly rushed towards them. Zhao Tiezhu instantly pulled out the huge tower shield in front of everyone and then shouted at the clown, "Hey! What are you looking at, you painted idiot? Your grandfather is here! " In front of Zhao Tiezhu’s eyes, there is a message that shows the mocking effect of information language. Samsung’s target is angry!
"bang!" A huge impact from the Zhao Tiezhu shield made him take a step back, but soon a force behind him stopped him. Chen Kaiyin came to his ear. "Pay attention to this guy’s speed. Remember to protect yourself, Xuan Zhou. You and the crossbow shoot him in the eye! Aim at the point! "
"Woo-hoo ~" There was a deep sound in the crying clown belt, which sounded like a person crying quietly there, but Chen Kai knew that it was a precursor to the other party’s attack. He quickly took out his shield and pointed his finger at the other party. "The morning light is sacred!" A white cone came out from ll’s finger generate in an instant, followed by four different spells. However, ll’s attack was the first to attack the other side, and the white light instantly hit the other side’s face and directly headed the other side. However, ll found that his attack actually caused dozens of injuries, which still activated the sacred hatred result.
"dry! This guy is estimated to be a third-order role! " Chen Kai found that he couldn’t see the other party’s rank. This situation can be said that the other party’s rank is higher than his own. "Unfortunately, if I don’t die this time, I will definitely line a toilet and wash him twenty times!" Chen Kai continued to attack while talking in his mind. He knew that he would definitely die if he ran away now. If he turned and ran away, it would be impossible for him to run away. Because Chen Kai attacked the crying clown, he directly transferred his primary target of attack to Chen Kai’s rapid attack. Although it was blocked by Chen Kai’s shield, every time the clown’s ferocious fist would spark with Chen Kai’s shield, Chen Kai was glad that he took the Anluo forged green reinforced steel shield. Although it was not heavy, it strengthened the defense. The solid characteristics made Chen Kai not have to worry that his shield would be broken, but the creaking made Chen Kai feel very distressed.
When Chen Kai’s shield resisted the opponent’s attack, Zhao Tiezhu was not idle. He directly collided from the side and photographed the huge tower shield on the other side. Others heard a huge impact clown’s ferocious armor. Several spikes had been flattened, while Zhao Tiezhu’s shield left a few brand-new scratches. "What is this shield made of? Is it really mixed with pure gold?" Ll a burst of doubt, but now I don’t want to attract the monster’s attention in Zhao Tiezhu at these times. In an instant, he will retreat and wave his hand to stop others from attacking the end of the first round of temptation. We will get down to business. First of all, we have to see if Zhao Tiezhu can quickly establish its extremely high hatred, and we have to limit the speed of the other party
"column! Lead him into the corner! Everyone go to the opposite corner and pay attention to temporarily stop attacking Su Wan. You and your brother must prepare to prevent that guy from rushing into the caster team! " Chen Kai looked around and soon found an included angle formed by two walls, and then everyone ran into that place. Zhao Tiezhu struggled to wave his shield against the clown’s attack, and each one could make others hear the huge impact shield. "The name of the morning light guides your true strength and strength belief." Chen Kai applied a magic skill to Zhao Tiezhu, which he only mastered not long ago. The advanced application method of power guidance can not only increase his own strength, but also strengthen his teammates’ power guidance in Chen Kai’s magic skill. Zhao Tiezhu’s strength has increased a little, but it still feels very difficult to resist. After seeing this situation, Chen Kai nodded toward Su Wan. After a burst of singing, a white halo flashed, and then wrapped the clown in Zhao Tiezhu, showing that the clown moved a meal. Taking this opportunity, he quickly retreated but still walked backwards! Chen Kai’s mouth kept moving while watching Zhao Tiezhu move, but it can be seen from his holding up his hand that he is making his strongest attack on the morning spear. However, when Chen Kai read the prayer, his pupil suddenly shrank because he saw a white light layer on the clown’s body.
"What is that! How can a clown with evil attributes have a white light! " However, ll has thought about the morning spear in his hand, and it is about to take shape. "In the name of the morning Lord, gather light to stand trial!" Evil morning spear! " A white spear approaches the clown at a high speed, but Chen Kai always feels that he has forgotten something. Ll soon found that the white light layer of the clown broke after a shiver, and then Su Wan suddenly spit out one mouthful blood around him and then fell to the ground. At this time, the clown broke out in a layer of black breath, and the white spear was fighting fiercely with the black breath. Ll suddenly forgot something! Damn it, all third-order melee classes should be fighting. This black light won’t be fighting! After a while, Chen Kai’s white spear gradually dissipated, but before it disappeared, it had defeated the clown. The black flame and white light instantly hit the clown’s body "-232!" Although this attack is also very low, it is already very good. For the first time, Chen Kai saw the clown’s blood strips drop a little.
The clown raised his crying cheek high and then let out a roar toward the sky, but although it was a roar, the sound was very light. It is estimated that only Chen Kai could hear it. After all, he was also afraid of attracting those urban advanced professionals. Chen Kai thought so in his heart, but now Chen Kai’s attention has come to the clown’s body. After Zhao Tiezhu retreated to the corner, Chen Kai and they finally built a relatively safe environment. What they have to do now is to prevent the clown from rushing past Chen Kai and their defense attacks to the healers and spellcasters behind them.
"Small fly ready to spell! Don’t miss me! " Chen Kai said to Xu Fei that the clown has been completely angered at this time. Chen Kai can see that the original black eyes are flashing with red light. How can this guy’s eyes look like rabbits? Chen Kai found that the clown’s eyes were very similar to those of the jealous rabbits.
The first volume Chapter 49 Crying clown (in)
After being angered, the crying clown didn’t rush to attack, but he was very calm. He looked at Chen Kai quietly opposite them. Chen Kai found that the clown’s hands and feet were shaking slightly and recovered a little. Su Wan had reached the front, and she still sipped the holy water for treatment. Chen Kai heard a very slight weapon drawn when she was watching the clown. The clown didn’t know where to draw two other weapons, but Chen Kai knew that if he was cut, he would be unlucky.
However, Chen Kai didn’t want to be cut, which didn’t mean that the clown didn’t want to cut his morning spear, but it was very painful to hit him. Chen Kai saw the clown smile at him, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, but Chen Kai didn’t want to see that it was uglier than crying, because after the clown laughed, he quickly rushed towards Chen Kai, which was faster than just now.
"Bad luck! Is it because I didn’t go to incense during the Chinese New Year? Today, Bodhisattva sent this guy to trouble me! " However, although the brain thinks so, Chen Kai is not slow to see the clown rushing towards him. He directly raises his finger and releases a sacred impact on the other side. White light condenses quickly on Chen Kai’s finger and then rushes towards the clown. Chen Kai stops the clown’s footsteps. The light does not live up to expectations and comes to the clown. Just when Chen Kai is sure to hit, he sees the clown’s laughing eyes. The light actually crosses the clown’s head and rushes past him.
"He flashed past! How is it possible! " Chen Kai can’t believe that this is the first time he saw this situation and dodged the attack at a distance of less than 1 cm, or did he avoid it at a longer distance on purpose? Chen Kai has no time to think about this, because he obviously felt that his shield was heavy, and then he heard a huge metal strike. Chen Kai felt that his arm was slightly broken. The excellent shield was tightly pressed against Chen Kai’s body, and the clown painted a crying face and was close to Chen Kai’s face. "Ga!" A strange smile came from the clown’s mouth. Chen Kai didn’t recognize the other person’s heart. After gently pressing the shield, the clown instantly retreated and escaped the attack of Zhao Tiezhu and Su Wan’s shield.
"day! Can Su Wan still make a holy aura? " Chen Kai asked, but the other party directly shook his head and let Chen Kaiyuan hope to be instantly shattered. "Xiao Yiqi gains the halo effect! Pay attention to keep the magic! Second, give her the bottle of magic potion! "
Hearing Chen Kai’s words, Xu Fei handed a purple crystal bottle to Chen Yiya. The potions that can restore magic in the world are controlled substances. Because the preparation materials are very precious, of course, there are no low-level potions, but Chen Kai never wants to make high-level potions in battle, although they are controlled, but they will not be drunk in one gulp. The potions in the game are like a liquid and wine! A bottle of medicine can make it a few times ago. It was only a few hundred points for magic. For Chen Kai and others, a sip is enough to supplement the magic, but even if that bite is worth 500 gold coins, every bite is dreary.
Rola Chen grabbed it in his hand after he got the potion, and then grabbed a stick in the other hand to pray for the holy sacrifice. At this time, Rola Chen’s feet quickly opened three auras and wrapped everyone in it. Chen Kaixian felt that his mental ability and strength had increased a little. The most important thing was that a little white light spot was constantly treating his slightly injured arm, but Chen Kai’s recovery was not a clown. He wanted to see his black eyes. Rola Chen’s machete was constantly changing in both hands and played a series of white knives. "Be careful! That guy is staring at Rola Chen to protect the treatment! "
"Stop the clown!" Ll words just fell off the clown and started not far away. Then Ll they were shocked, and their eyes quickly rushed towards the wall and ran instantly. The wall was full of stains, and every step was extremely fast. The machete was drawn into a white smooth and waved directly to Rola Chen. No one thought that the clown could run from the wall. At this time, I thought that these could not come. If the clown killed Rola Chen, Ll lost a treatment, and this battle base was declared a failure.
Xuan Zhou and Yun instantly raised their bows and arrows and crossbows to shoot at the clown, but in their view, the two arrows were instantly cut off by the clown’s machete. He didn’t even bother to hide and continued to move toward Chen Yichong, but at this time, two figures appeared in front of the clown, and the clown’s way forward was also in the middle barrier layer, Su Wan and Su Xinghe. Su Xinghe waved huge weapons, but the clown looked down on him and prepared to cut the Su Xing River sword directly. An unbelievable expression appeared in the clown’s face. In his opinion, the big sword would be cut off, but it directly resisted his attack, and even a little bit of quarrelling came from the weapon. Although it was very weak, it was very real.
"Wushu-Mountain Strike!" Su Xinghe shouted a few words in a low voice, and then the whole person leaned forward, and the stone appeared a little bit of gravel, and Inley’s fighting power. Su Xinghe successfully launched a swordsmen’s skill, and the mountain attack effect was very unique. Most of the time, it was a mountain force to resist the other party’s attack, but now it seems that the effect is very good. Because of the clown’s carelessness, he has three layers of power. Now he can swallow his own bitter fruit. Although Su Xinghe’s power can’t be compared with Zhao Tiezhu’s, by the fifteenth grade, his power has exceeded 50-plus fighting effect
When the clown fell from the wall, he was quickly hit by Su Wan. When the clown was hit from the wall, he gained the foundation of quarrelling. Now Su Wan has reached 12 points. She can easily display some low-level martial arts. This growth makes Bath very envious. As a result, Chen Kai will be terribly trained by Bath every time he returns to the temple. Lillian was extremely satisfied with her students and rewarded her with a green helmet. When the clown was hit from the wall, Su Wan had been holding a pike and waited for a long time. The silver-white gun body was made by Su Wan, please. Although it is still a green weapon, its weight is not low. The whole pike is made of metal, so its weight reaches 25kg. Su Wan’s strength is less than 4 o’clock now, so it can’t work well. However, relying on quarrelling to promote the release of Wushu is still a problem. The first thing is that a star hits a white gun tip and draws a trail of light to attack the clown. After being hit from the wall, the clown was attacked by a pike, and soon his body was attacked by a gun tip several times. However, Su Wan’s armor was very strong, so Su Wan turned his attack target to the clown’s face
However, Su Wan’s quarrelling value is still very low after all. Although there are many quarrelling points in the ranks of players, every time she releases a Wushu, the consumption of quarrelling points has reached dozens of points. Therefore, more than one hundred quarrelling points can support her to release two or three Wushu skills at most. "Xiaowan, I will exchange it!" After Su Wan recovered his breath, Su Xinghe quickly jumped up and then held high a big sword and quickly chopped at the clown to "split the mountains!" This Wushu evolved from jumping and chopping. The difference between them is that Wushu has a little bit of quarrelling and releases different powers according to the amount of quarrelling. From the white blade of Dajian Moon and Su Xinghe’s red face, it can be seen that he must have poured most of quarrelling into the weapon. Su Wan quickly stabbed a gun at the clown after hearing the cry behind him, and then rolled away to give way to the attack position. The clown also saw Su Xinghe’s attack, but he just stopped Su Wan’s attack and moved when it was no longer available. He directly put the machete to roar at every mouth. "Dang! ! !” The metal strike is still so harsh and huge, mixed with two snow clowns. I can’t believe I’m looking at my neck with two weapons, one pike running through the front and the other sword with a white flame on it.