This little Frenchman is desperately training himself to take extra classes every day, and he will thoroughly show his talents to a number of coaches even during eleven-to-eleven actual combat training.

Sure enough, within a week, Kabi signed a formal youth player contract for Eindhoven.
After officially joining the Eindhoven youth team, Kabi feels that everything is wonderful. There must be a game every week to express his love for football, and he has his own jersey and a small salary.
The honeymoon is short and the good times are short.
Eindhoven’s youth team competition has long been unable to satisfy Kabi. He wants to be promoted to the first team of Eindhoven and let his football talent be seen by Europe.
Applications were rejected again and again.
Kabi lost patience and told Mr. Haas, "If there is a transfer opportunity, please pay attention to it for me. It is no problem for me to play in the first team of Europe’s top leagues and go to that country."
Kabi joined Granada a few months ago with an injury.
A few months later, he heard the call of the French national team.
This card can be shaped more than in the past [first at a loss and then changing rapidly]
He let go and gradually understood that Mr. Haas insisted that a person may only reap the results if he insisted.
Mr. Haas has always insisted that he discovered Kirby.
Kabi has always insisted that he has entered the French national team.
It is Kabi’s lifelong dream to wear a gallic rooster suit, but it is urgent that he return to Granada to collect honey diligently.
After Mr. Haas left first, Kabi Marmot returned to Granada by private flight-a city full of nectar in Kabi’s eyes.
On the way back to the plane, Kabi jokingly said to the hemp rat, "I won’t be responsible for returning by private jet."
Hemp rats were amused by this and laughed. "Rest assured! I won’t make you responsible! "
About three hours in the flight, Kabian was very quiet. The predecessors of this trip were waiting for relaxation, but there were many indigestible things in their brains.
On this return trip, I didn’t send hot and refreshing top-grade fried steak, but instead handed a French bread piece and a dish of fish sauce. Seeing this hemp rat’s joy, I couldn’t help but say more and spread the fish sauce on the bread piece and bit it happily.
Aside, Kabi’s appetite is not good, but it’s a pity that he ate a few mouthfuls slowly. He looked around and saw the idiot eating hemp, which made him feel very sick.
Kabi took a bite of bread covered with fish sauce and asked the marmot, "Tell me about it! What was your ex-girlfriend’s wedding like? "
The hemp rat curled her mouth and said, "This is not true!"
Kabi did Sarah laugh. "Oh ~? Don’t you feel very unhappy that the groom is not you! "
The hemp rat chewed the bread in his mouth and there was a feeling that he didn’t want to talk more about it. Kabi was very knowing and hurriedly closed his mouth and stopped asking questions.
But he secretly burst into a cold voice and said, not many people have such a large stomach to attend the ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Surely it is not so necessary to agree to attend?
Maybe Marmot has his own stories. Maybe these stories disappeared in his messy villa.
Three minutes to go, four hours to go.
After the plane arrived in Hong Kong, Kabi Marmot went out of the arrival hall, and they split up. Marmot went to the parking lot to retrieve his sports car, while Kabi hid in an attempt to avoid the sight of tabloid reporters.
It is also necessary for Kabi to make this move, because yesterday, according to Mr. Haas’s arrangement outside the coffee room, Kabi readily accepted a brief interview with reporters and announced in a high-profile way that he had been called up to the French national team. Now he is back in Granada. How can journalists from local sports newspapers let Kabi go?
He expected it right. Although he deliberately kept a low profile, he was followed by several reporters and immediately asked Kabi, "Kabi! Can you tell me about the interview with coach Setazi? "
The reporters crowded around Kabi, which upset Kabi, and kept deliberately not answering and unexpectedly put on a fight.
The entanglement in front of him is short-lived. Because Kabi saw the hemp rat driving a sports car and came to rescue him again, he felt the feeling of being saved for a moment, which really made people want to stop!
The sports car stopped in front of Kabi, and Kabi quickly jumped out of the car door. The car ran for less than three seconds, and the hemp mouse drove a group of reporters behind the car again.
After running at a speed of 9km/h for nearly a kilometer, Kabi was awake "Hey ~ Hey ~ Hey ~! All right! Journalists can’t catch up. Slow down! Otherwise, I will be fined by the traffic mounted police later! "
The hemp rat was obedient and said in detail, "Well! That’s right! "
The sports car slowed down slowly by 75km/h, but this severely killed the speed nature of the sports car. It is more important to ignore him and feel that his life is more important.
The 75km/h low-speed drag sports car played perfectly in less than 30 minutes, and the car had stopped at the door of Kabi’s house and said, "Thank you!" After Kabi got out of the car.
He was very tired. He came home and immediately took a good bath and got into bed. It was Kabi’s idea after the car. He didn’t want to look back because he felt that a "thank you" was enough to express everything he wanted to say
But instead, he stopped Kabi and said, "I’m sorry again because this vacation is not fun!" "
Kabi turned his head and didn’t give a straight middle finger to the words.
The hemp rat was amused and laughed again. A second later, the two of them didn’t drive away. Kabi turned around and went home.
——go back to the house again.
Fortunately, there are still hot baths and warm beds waiting for Kabi at home.
Kabi took out his key and knocked on the door. Two things happened as soon as he entered.
First, I received a text message from Miss Edith to wake him up and go to team training early in the morning.
Second, Kabi found his foot stepped on a small newspaper.