The classmate who had previously condemned him couldn’t help yelling at the bad situation. "What are you doing?"

But see fresh in auxiliary suddenly jumped a palm toward his head shot down XieCiLi palms out at the same time frame him the blow to Bai Shaohuan and another brother.
Xianyufu saw Bai Shaohuan’s anger and shouted, "Well, the bodhi old zu has promised to let you go, but you don’t know how to teach you a lesson now!"
Bai Shaohuan cried, "I dare not violate the teacher’s instructions. It’s just that the elders care about my late father, but the Mongolian army invaded my territory and killed my people. It’s absolutely impossible for you to ask me to kill that anti-Yuan Zhongliang. If you murder my fellow disciples, it’s a big sin to betray my family rules, but my reputation can’t be destroyed in your hands!"
After he finished these words, many Huashan brothers came crashing to applaud, and several Huashan brothers shouted at his side, "White boss is right. If we die today, we can’t do the killing stuff."
Fresh in the auxiliary robe sleeve a brushed sneer at a way, "you say it’s good to listen to me. I’ll clean up the door and be fair. Don’t die unwillingly later."
Bai Shaohuan said in a dim voice that he knew that Xian Yu was supported by this old man and wanted to be the head of the company. At this time, he would surely die.
He decided to die when he declared that he was not the boss. At this time, he took a breath and was afraid and tortured for months.
At this time, I thought that after death, I was calm, so I smiled coldly and pulled out my sword and went to my neck.
Just then, I suddenly saw two big door holes, and a man came in with a bowl of mutton bread in soup. He looked up at several people and asked the old man, "What’s your name?"
The old man saw the man with dark face and firm eyes, wearing a white robe and carrying three swords, and couldn’t help but feel a twine in his heart.
The Bai Shaohuan saw that this man was not afraid of the old man, and he couldn’t help but stop his sword with curiosity.
There was a rosewood table in front of this room. The old man came from one side, and people kept coming in. He immediately sat on the other side with his legs crossed and chopsticks in his hand, and chewed two times. "This mutton bread in soup is too smelly for you to eat."
Then he raised his hand and grabbed the bowl and buckled it toward the old man’s face.
The old man’s figure flashed and he stood up quickly. After that, he made a few glances with several students, brushed a few cold lights and flashed. Everyone took out a long sword and quickly grabbed his wrist. The tip of two long swords had been pointed at Qi Yufeng vest.
Qi Yufeng snorted, "Are Feng Laiyi, Bai Hongguan Rier, etc. also worthy of Huashan school fencing?"
Fresh in auxiliary drink a way "small we can’t don’t make you who you really are, if you don’t recruit today’s uncle will teach you more than two through holes.
Qi Yufeng cold hum along with no answer eyes but pegged to the original idle old man, the old man was his forehead see sweat vest gradually cool raise my hand a pendulum nai said "that’s all, I don’t care about this matter today"
With a wave of his long sleeves, he turned to go out.
Who knows that before he stepped out of the two steps, Huo Ran turned his head and turned a long judge’s pen into a crane and rushed straight at Qi Yufeng’s other hand. Qi Yufeng’s hands were unpredictable, so he fought together
When the two men were at war, they talked and talked, and there was a flying dragon rising to heaven, and the situation was changing. Everyone saw that a young man in Qi Yufeng was so unpredictable with a pair of meat palms, and that the old man couldn’t help but be amazed.
This change came suddenly and extremely fresh in the auxiliary surprise, and suddenly I realized that a long sword had caught him by the neck.
I know that my confidant’s martial arts is higher than the other’s, but at this time I actually noticed that I was immediately surprised and angry, but I was not afraid of the avenue. "How dare bold fanatics make a mess?"
Bai Shaohuan drink a way "traitor! If you dare to move, you will die! "
The original martial arts was Bai Shaohuan, but it was stopped when he suddenly fell to the ground.
However, in the wind, he arranged more than ten cronies in advance to guard against Bai Shaohuan with swords at this time, but Bai Shaohuan came to be the first brother of a generation in the sect and served as the head of the sect for several months. He was quite prestigious in the door. Although they held a lance and resisted Bai Shaohuan in the middle of the back, they hesitated and dared not move.
Just then, I saw that the two men were dressed in a black robe and a white suit, and they were all over the sky. Fei Ying was as straight as the wind, and the two men’s palms were like the wind, and the tricks changed. The strong wind stirred up a surge of pure yang, which blew the faces of the surrounding characters to pain.
They couldn’t help wondering how this young man has such martial arts.
In less than a moment, even though the old man was screaming and panting and his face was dying, Qi Yufeng took a break to clap his hands and cried, "I know who you are. You make this constructio n technique exactly the same. You are a crane, right?"
It turns out that this old man is the strongest master in the original "Shaomin Princess" Zhao Min’s hand palace-a teacher younger brother who is proficient in the mysterious palm and the crane brushwork.
His brothers and sisters have been studying in the same school since childhood, from strong to old, and they have not been separated for a day. Both of them are dependent on each other’s wives and children. Originally, they were equally matched, but the deer staff guest was the brother’s resident, and secondly, he was far more resourceful, so Hebiweng always respected him.
The mysterious and mysterious master’s excellent martial arts is keen on fame and fortune, and this generation of masters has devoted themselves to Ruyang Wangfu’s urging.
When Zhang Ji was a teenager, he pretended to be a Mongolian soldier and took him captive. He gave Zhang Ji a mysterious palm in the middle of the back, which made Zhang Ji almost die because of the mysterious palm.
He Biweng’s good wine was designed by Fan Yao, the "right messenger", so that Han Ji, the concubine of Ruyang Wang, put the deer rod in the guest bed and promised to give the ten fragrant soft tendons powder an antidote.
After the lion slaughter conference, Brother Hebiweng’s deer staff tried to seize Zhou Zhiruo’s "Nine Yin True Classics" by force, and was rescued and taught to advocate avoiding defeat. Finally, Zhang Ji turned evil martial arts into ordinary people, but I didn’t know that Hebiweng had actually practiced martial arts at this time.
The old man turned pale and asked in surprise, "Have you seen the tutor?" There seems to be a slight tremor in the tone, obviously extremely excited.
Qi Yufeng nodded, "I’ve seen it."
He Biweng exclaimed, "Where is it? What is the current situation of the tutor? "
Qi Yufeng laughed. "How can a man in his teens die as hard as he can?"
He Biweng scolded, "You talk nonsense about my master … why did he die?"
Qi Yufeng said, "It’s true that he learned the authentic martial arts of Middle-earth and stole the Tianzhu martial arts of Nalanduo Temple. Unfortunately, the two failed to mix. Why don’t they die now?"
He Biweng stumbled back two steps when he heard this. One mouthful blood spurted out of his mouth, and it was very secret that the Taoist priest learned skills in Tianzhu. Two people knew that when he was old, there was always a master’s idea of great martial arts and immortality in his heart. I didn’t expect it to be debunked at the sight of Qi Yufeng
Qi Yufeng said, "He’s only one step away from being extraordinary. He’s already a great man. Are you sad again?"
He Bi Weng lowered his head and said mournfully, "You are Qi Yufeng, the king of Wuwei, right? Now in your hands, is there anything to say that you kill me? "
Qi Yufeng paused with a sword in his hand. "You didn’t fall into the hands of Xiliang Army today, but fell into the hands of Huashan Sect. You must get white."
He Bi-weng gently hummed a mouthful of "Huashan School …" in his tone, he seemed quite disdainful.
Qi Yufeng said, "Today, let you see the Huashan school’s swordsmanship." After that, everyone saw a refreshing cold light, such as plum blossoms and scattered Qing Xiang songs. Huo Ran danced in the room into a ball of silver butterflies.