"Yes! We are allies! Of course, it is necessary to share weal and woe! " If we know that it is a trap, Nicholas’s IQ will be too low if we don’t find Ivan to step on the trap together. After all, he doesn’t recognize that there will be several cannon fodder zombie guardians around such a pile of gold coins, because Chen Kai sees hundreds of undead outside, let alone inside the house.

In fact, when Ivan received the news, his only thought was that there was such a good thing, but soon his mind turned around because he was not an idiot, and if he was an idiot, he would never have climbed to his present position.
"md, are these two bad guys going to let the old man go to Lei?" Return to absolute being, Ivan naturally knew Chen Kai’s purpose, but after looking at the picture of gold coins, he finally couldn’t help but agree. After all, the most important thing is that Ivan won’t admit that his hand is incapable of settling this trap after the white position is a trap.
"Let’s go and make a fortune with Grandpa!" Ivan, who is afraid of death, is moving towards Chen Kai’s position with his dog legs or hands, and Ivan, who is afraid of death, has surpassed Chen Kai with people. It is expected that he will bring thousands of players.
When a group of people meet, whether it is Chen Kai or Nicholas, they all feel the language of Ivan and look proud. Ivan points his nose at Chen Kai directly. They will certainly occupy a large part in the distribution of war benefits when he leads the most people. Maybe Ivan will not think so when fighting really.
Although only from the periphery, the so-called trap is just hundreds of undead soldiers. In the face of ll, they gathered nearly 1,500 players and hundreds of undead soldiers. Although the street is a little narrow, it is hard to imagine that the players pay a slight price. At this time, Nicholas is a little depressed. He seems to overestimate the strength of this trap and give out such a large sum of money for no reason.
The first volume Chapter 466 In the trap (in)
Starry night hangs over the richest area of the city. On both sides of the wide street, there are towering crystal lamp posts. Compared with those on the central avenue, these lamp posts are more gorgeous in appearance. Unfortunately, on the side of the lamp post, black blood condenses on the surface, a finger print remains on the cylinder, and some broken nails remain on the column ground.
Even in rich places, when facing the undead, they still try to avoid the disaster field. However, for Chen Kai and others, they need to pay attention only to get rid of those disguised undead around them. Obviously, these undead bodies are arranged in the peripheral ambush and their departments hide their shadows.
Unfortunately, when players appear on a large scale, it is difficult for these hidden undead soldiers to hide their tracks. In Chen Kai’s eyes, they are simply invisible. Even if it is not Chen Kai, other players need to have the ability of magical exploration to find these undead, but if they deliberately avoid it, it is estimated that Chen Kai and them will really find it difficult to find these undead.
After all, not all players have the horror star eyes like Chen Kai’s, and they can see the undead hidden behind the wall. When these undead deliberately hide, even if players have special magic skills, it is sometimes difficult to find them. If it is true, maybe the former players will not be hanged.
Judging from the blood scattered on the ground, Nicholas and his statistics show that more than 200 players have stepped into the trap before they arrived here, and this number may be more or less impossible because they can count and only associate more members and hands with themselves. There are still many players in the whole Culozza special city who are free from their command. They were only slightly gathered when the former undead zombies attacked on a large scale, but even so, these players played soy sauce more than they listened to the command, and even if they found this place, they probably wouldn’t be able to get together.
They don’t know exactly how many unlucky players have been recruited by Chen Kai, but look at the blood. It is estimated that this number will not be less, because if there were few words, Dalross wouldn’t need to set up this trap, but for Chen Kai, they might be really hard to find this trap. After all, they don’t take the usual path, but they are all there. Generally speaking, when others enter this area, they will choose to enter from a safer place, and this trap is close to the safest area.
However, Chen Kai killed hundreds of undead soldiers from another direction before approaching this area. To some extent, they chose a more dangerous road, because they thought it was safer in this area, and probably nothing good would be left. They didn’t expect it to be a trap, and many good things would wander directly on the wide floor.
When players step into this huge manor, the only feeling is that the huge building in the distance seems to be like a crawling beast ready to devour the people who enter the gate at any time. The reason is very simple: the thick gate can’t be broken at the root of the gate. To be precise, it has been broken by a human body. Looking at the body hanging at the gate, everyone can feel a chill from his frightened eyes.
But whether it’s cold or not, the most important thing for Chen Kai and them now is to surround the whole room. Of course, they won’t rush in foolishly. Just look at the blood accumulated on the ground and you will know how many people have died here. It’s no exaggeration to say that each of those glittering gold coins inside is contaminated with a lot of blood.
Maybe if you grab a handful of gold coins, you can squeeze out a few drops of blood, and the body hanging at the door is telling them to be careful before entering this room. Actually, everyone has become a little white now, that is, when they realized that this was a trap, when they excluded the undead soldiers in the periphery, the trap inside had also discovered this situation, but Chen Kai’s eyes could clearly see that the undead did not move inside, and a hidden and terrorist force was accumulating inside, as if it could erupt at any time.
However, Chen Kai looked at the players behind him and gradually suppressed this uneasiness. He looked at the hidden undead in this room, although there were many, but there were definitely no more players. Ivan motioned for the players to disperse behind him and then slowly surrounded the whole house, and Nicholas was doing the same thing.
Nicholas and Ivan nodded to each other when it was confirmed that there were players stationed at each entrance window and there was more than one player. They were going to take the most powerful player behind them into the half-closed door of the room, but at this time, Chen Kai reached out and stopped them because his eyes saw a horrible death force approaching slowly. When the distance was still far away, Chen Kai didn’t feel much, but when the other side approached quickly, he felt a twinge from his eyes.
"Back from the gate! Come on! ! Get out of here! ! ! !” I don’t hesitate to choose to retreat. Lleyton almost turned around and pulled Su Wan and Alisha to run away, while others behind Lleyton quickly pulled up the caster or ran slowly.
Although Nicholas was puzzled by Chen Kai’s reaction, their brains turned very fast, almost instantly, and as everyone stepped back, a terrorist death force directly broke the half-closed door and chopped it directly toward Chen Kai’s original position. A huge death force was directly on the bloodstained grass, and a clear trace of five meters was directly blasted on the ground in one second.
If they are still in the same place, they will definitely be killed on the spot, although not everyone will be killed, but it will never be an accident to die a few people. Of course, after letting go, Llewellyn quickly pulled out the giant sword behind him and then stepped on the ground directly in the direction of the door when the body stopped moving. After crossing the crowd, he waved his hand directly towards the broken door, roared out of the giant sword and chopped in a blink. Those who were stirred up by the power of death then blew into the room.
"Stop action all alert! Back off! ! Back off! ! Give it to Laozhong! !” When Chen Kai waved his weapon, Nicholas and Ivan were already yelling wildly on the team channel. They knew exactly what the terrorist attack meant, and it was also white. In this case, manpower is definitely better than dispersion. Unfortunately, it is one thing for them to be white, but whether they can do it or not is another matter.
Ll: They can all see that the trap was set by Darrose and they have been Yin for n times. How could this black-handed necromancer not set up a subsequent party? For him, it is the best subsequent party to completely eliminate the players who are ready to clear the trap. When Ll: They see the guy rushing out of the gate, the only feeling is egg pain.
"Dalmau grace! It’s this product again! !” Ll’s quarrelling was directly destroyed by a familiar knife. Looking at the familiar guy in front of him, he could not help but exclaim. Not far behind Ll’s back, Feather touched his shoulder very consciously. A few hours ago, he was almost hacked to death by this product in the temple of life. For Ll, they have already met three of the four knights of Merindas, and two of them have died in front of them. The only thing that has not been seen is probably Nemo Logan, who has the title of blade master.
For them, the most familiar death knight is naturally Ba Dalmau En, and now this one seems to be getting more fierce. God knows what Dalross has fed him in these hours, which can make Ba Dalmau En’s strength change so greatly. When Yu saw each other a few hours ago, Ba Dalmau En’s face was still dead gray and pale, but now he is still pale, but there is a faint luster flashing on his skin.
Of course, Ba Dalmau eats the bodies of several priests full of divine power instead of gold. For the undead, killing the priests full of divine power and devouring each other can significantly enhance their strength. To digest the flesh and blood full of divine power, the body can be strengthened. For Darrose, this kind of strengthening is easy and beneficial. Although it is not a good idea in the long run, he does not want his hands to grow into the kind of necromancer that can threaten himself, even if it will hurt the future development of the death knight. He is not unhappy.
However, this is definitely not good news for Chen Kai and others. The worse news is that the short-term reinforcement is not just Ba Dalmau’s, but also the dozens of dead creatures that rushed out of the window and transformed from guard knights. At the same time, hundreds of reinforced dead creatures rushed out with these guard death knights and went belly-up.
In a short time, Nicholas and Ivan lost dozens of people, but at this time, I am glad that I informed Ivan to share the loss. Nicholas’s face is definitely much better than Ivan’s, because to some extent, his loss is much less than Ivan’s. The most important thing is that even if he died, he only lost hundreds of people, but Ivan brought thousands of people.
Of course, if you really let them choose, then the best choice is not to lose money. They are also doing this. They are constantly directing their hands to keep a good line of defense through the team channel to avoid chaos, while their people are staring at Ba Dalmau, who just knocked Chen Kai out directly. Although Chen Kai is one meter taller than the other in physique, in terms of strength, he has fallen into the wind. In the collision just now, Chen Kai has clearly found out how much the other’s strength has risen, because Chen Kai can at least resist one in the previous fight.
Although he also took advantage of the front collision, he was not beaten so badly. The huge force was handed back from the impact position of the weapon, which made Llewellyn’s body rise almost uncontrollably. Only in this way can we use retrogression to reduce the impact pressure on the body. After landing again, Llewellyn was a little embarrassed, but she finally couldn’t sit on the ground and get up.
"Pay attention to this guy’s strength more than a little!" Chen Kaiyin slowly handed it to everyone’s ears, which was actually not difficult for them to find, but it still made them feel a shock from Chen Kaiyin’s mouth. At this time, a wisp of haze came to everyone’s mind, and they found that the trap in front of them was even more terrible than they thought. It was already very difficult to deal with just a Ba Dalmau.
The only good news is that they have seen Ba Dalmau’s unique skill. Although it seems that they have not thought about avoiding this difficult attack now, since it is difficult to find it, it is the only way to stop the other side before the other side releases the big move. To deal with possible problems, Nicholas or Ivan have transferred several archers. Of course, they are all players with the same strength as Xuan Zhou. Instead of gathering numbers and holding a longbow, they should consider themselves archers.
For these players, they are holding a long bow in their hands and will shoot not ordinary arrows, but all of them are purchased to break magic arrows. They know very well that ordinary arrows can be used to deal with high-level undead, and they can find magic arrows in the temple area. Unfortunately, even at this time, those officials still have to charge a certain amount instead of.
When ll was hit and flew, several players, including Xuan Zhou, raised their hands and put their longbows on the longbows to break the magic arrows. With their mental lock, they directly aimed at the naked skin of the death knight Ba Dalmau En, especially the bare forehead. The key point was almost to lock in the moment when ll spoke. Four or five expensive magic arrows directly went straight to the target with the bowstring trembling, and in a second they crossed the distance of more than ten meters and landed on Ba Dalmau En’s body.
In the eyes of all people, the death knight was hit by a broken magic arrow, and the surface of his body was quickly surrounded by the scattered sacred forces. Unfortunately, for a second, the powerful death force directly tore the body, and those sacred forces were in the hands of the death knight Ba Dalmau En. The huge combat knives were cut down again towards the position where everyone was located, wrapped in the powerful death force, and the combat knives sprayed a terrorist chopper. Looking at the attack, everyone almost fled without hesitation. Now everyone is white, and Ba Dalmau En is more than a little bit stronger than when the waterway met each other.
At least at that time, the death force in Ba Dalmau’s body was not extravagant enough to be so extravagant. Just a death force formed a chopping attack range of more than ten meters. In the face of such a terrible attack, players had little choice but to flee for their lives.
No matter how angry Ivan is at the moment, he can turn his back on the attack and move his steps crazily. He can’t wait for how long his legs are so as to make the speed faster. Fortunately, Ivan finally managed to escape when the opponent’s attack reached the end and dissipated in the air when he was a few meters away from death. Ivan’s heart almost jumped out of his chest and took a few breaths. If Ivan had to choose again, he wouldn’t even come to this muddy water. Unfortunately, the game world didn’t have the function of returning files, and he didn’t regret it again.
"damn it! Why is this Nicholas guy here? It’s a trap, you know! ! !” Ivan growled angrily, but his words were quickly answered by Nicholas.
"Always know that this is a trap, and you know it, but we didn’t think that the goods in Dahl Ross would put Ba Dalmau in here! Damn it, isn’t he afraid that we will find a bunch of people to pile up Ba Dalmau? " Nicholas’s eyes are scarlet. He really can’t understand why Dalrose has the courage to put his important hand in such a dangerous place.
"mom! I want to call someone to die! Md, call the root now. No, you idiot! !” Ivan yelled at Nicholas and then directly waved his weapon at Ba Dalmau. Although his fighting capacity is not as high as that of Llewellyn, he has a powerful auxiliary attack skill. To be able to hit the target, Ivan will definitely make the other side burn with white blood and feel burned by divine power.
"Stupidity is you!" Ivan directly refuted Nicholas’s scolding, and he himself rushed directly towards the Death Knight. It’s a pity that they didn’t have any fighting power and no soy sauce party. Unfortunately, in the face of strength and terror, Ba Dalmau, it was very difficult for them to even get close. Two bickering guys quickly approached the target in a short time, but unfortunately they were swept out directly by a terrorist combating knife in a second.
The only feeling of the two unlucky people who landed on the ground is that they seem to have been hit by a car. This feeling is quite uncomfortable, but they can endure being killed in the middle because they feel that they are being swept out directly. That is a more painful ending. Fortunately, they were directly blown out instead of being directly killed. To be continued.
The first volume Chapter 467 In the trap ()
Look at the weapon in your hand. Is Nicholas or Ivan bleeding at the moment? Because this small gap means that thousands of gold coins are being reimbursed instantly. Fortunately, this gap is not very big. Otherwise, it will not be thousands of gold coins, but several times more gold coins.
However, to some extent, it is better for a weapon to be shot out of a hole than to be cut off by the waist directly. When Nicholas and Ivan got up from the ground, their only feeling was that they seemed to have just walked in front of a ghost door. If they were not wearing helmets now, maybe they already needed to wipe their foreheads and ooze sweat.
Of course, for the two people, it is not unheard of for them to climb to this level in the process of upgrading their level. Almost all players have been through many battles, but it is really difficult to completely take them if they are not deliberately killed. To some extent, players are stronger than some strictly trained knights of Sanctuary, and even death knights may sometimes lack combat experience in front of players.
Accurately speaking, intelligence is a serious injury because the brain of the death knight is completely finished after all. His combat experience is engraved in the soul. If he wants to continue to grow, he needs more horrible combat. Of course, at this moment, Ba Dalmau is not necessarily worse than the players in terms of combat experience, and the death knight is infected with many dark tricks. Whether it is lime powder or flash powder, how many obstacles will be caused to the dead knight? At this time, thieves and players can also hurt the other side from behind, so that he has the ability to see through the shadows and hide his breath, even if the player is tough.
At the bottom of Ba Dalmau’s eyelids, no player thief can hide, even in front of other guard knights. At the same level, the guard knight can see through the feeling that the player’s hidden figure should have been the killer in the shadow but was seen naked. That is absolutely very bad.
But no matter how bad it is, there is no way to face the undead thieves who have the sight of death. This may be their natural enemies with the ability to hide. When thieves enter the shadows, even Chen Kai can hardly find each other’s traces, but for the undead, it is easy to find that the roots of the thieves brought by Nicholas and Ivan have not played much, even if they hold the sacred dagger cloud.
Although Yunxin’s new moves are very powerful, he can get close to each other before. If Yunqian gets close to each other, it may not be too much trouble, but now he has to be careful. Therefore, there is no one around Keba Dalmau to help him cover up his whereabouts. If he wants to get close, he will definitely face the deadly attack of that terrible combating Dao.
When the combat knife fell, even if he ran faster, it was estimated that what born to die had to do now was to wait for brave people to rush to Ba Dalmau to help attract attention. He had expected Ivan and Nicholas to give a little strength, but as a result, they did rush, but they didn’t even hold on for a second and were directly blown out, which forced them to take back their steps and accumulate their strength again.
"Mom denier! These two people are so lost! I still expect them to last for a few seconds! " Clouds shrink behind Su Xinghe and cover themselves with Su Xinghe’s body.
"It’s normal! Now Ba Dalmau is stronger than what we met before. Nicholas and Ivan are not directly hacked to death, which is a good performance! Even I can’t do much better than them! " Su Xinghe didn’t mean to belittle them, because in his opinion, they may not be as strong as him, but they may be similar to him. After all, no one can guarantee whether they have special cards.
"Give me a chance! ! !” The cloud said slowly that his eyes were fixed on the head and heart of the death knight. In a way, the head is better to attack some people. Because there is no protection in this position, there is no cloud even in the helmet. This sentence is not just for Su Xinghe, but also for others.
"ok!" Chen Kai said slowly, he is slowly controlling his breathing. Of course, he absolutely doesn’t want to be violent when he can’t be violent. After all, this violent pair is too big, and Chen Kai doesn’t want to be violent every time he encounters danger. He actually doesn’t like losing control, and this situation is also a problem. At this time, Chen Kai is not making a violent state, but choosing his own strength to help Yun find an opportunity.
Slowly bend down, hold the giant sword, relax your hands slowly, and then hold the weapon in an instant for a second. At that moment, the muscles of the body suddenly burst out, and your legs stomped heavily in series. The huge force was handed to the ground through the metal boots, which made the rock ground shake up a trace of dust. In the reaction, Chen Kai’s body directly rushed to the target, and his feet stepped on the ground one after another. At the same time, Chen Kai pulled out a series of shadows behind him. At that moment, Chen Kai took his magic steps to the limit, and even the weapons in his hand left one after another in the waving process
At this time, all the players behind Chen Kai seem to feel dizzy or the game system has a card picture state. Similarly, for the death knight, the picture he saw is full of confusion, because the magic step is beneficial to Chen Kai’s fighting spirit, and these influences have a trace of sacred fighting spirit. For the death knight, what he needs to capture is such strength and flesh and blood, and Chen Kai’s magic step blurs this perception. Although Ba Dalmau succeeded in resisting the attack in the end, it was a bit hasty to resist it because he didn’t have enough strength.
At the moment when the weapon hit, ll first faced the death knight Ba Dalmau, but was not directly blown out by the terrorist forces of the other side. This is good news for everyone, because at the moment when ll hit the weapon, others have also started to approach the target rapidly and want to relay to help resist the terrorist forces of the other side at the moment when ll was repelled.
However, it was enough to see that Ll actually had a stalemate with each other, even if the stalemate lasted only less than a second. Su Xinghe Feather Zhao Tiezhu rushed at the same time and attacked the target with a triangular hedging gesture. At the moment Ll retreated, the shield sword ruling blade directly hit the other body. Although it was accurately blocked by the rotating combat knife and hit back, it was enough because for Ll and them, their purpose was to create opportunities in the cloud, and even if they were hit, they would retreat several steps. By this time, the thief jumped out of the shadows and finished his own attack. The speed dagger of the combined strength and quarrelling directly penetrated the opponent’s neck when the death knight didn’t react.
Although Yunyuan’s goal is the other person’s head or heart, it’s a pity that if the dagger pierces these two parts, it’s almost difficult to pull it out, so he can do it with one blow. Everyone, including Nicholas and Ivan, can’t help but look at the cloud. At this time, they have once again raised their evaluation of Chen Kai because they know very well that their roots can avoid the cloud at such a distance. It is estimated that Lao Si can be ranked among the top ten thieves of players only by virtue of this skill, because it is estimated that few players can avoid his attack head-on in a frontal battle.
The player’s throat is cut as a result, and there must be a death ending and a living creature. Only when such an attack has brought a little damage can it be regarded as such. The root method has affected the opponent’s combat effectiveness, and now the cloud has residual strength. He can launch another attack. After hitting it, the cloud quickly disappeared into the shadow of the night and quickly moved away from the target. Similarly, Chen Kai and they also quickly retreated because they knew that the injured and dead knight would be angry.
But Ba Dalmau just touched his neck and didn’t show much anger, because for him, the neck injury was just a piece of cake, and even before his death, he was the hand of Melindas, the knight who was least afraid of being injured. On the contrary, blood would make him more excited. If it wasn’t a rare shot, maybe he was scary enough to stop Culozza’s children from crying at night.
"mom! He seems to have become more dangerous! " Although the opponent’s breath hasn’t changed much, looking at the expression of death knight Chen Kai has become more nervous, and at the moment, the hidden cloud is slowly touching other players and preparing to help them fight. By the way, the organic conversation will collect their heads.
"Be careful!" Just three words make people’s faces more serious when they move slowly, even if they raise their weapons again, so do Nicholas and Ivan. Of course, to some extent, Chen Kai definitely occupies the advantage of many people, but on the other hand, they have an absolute strength gap disadvantage.
In the face of the powerful death knight, no one can guarantee that he won’t make mistakes. Although it is Ba Dalmau who is surrounded now, actually Chen Kai thinks that they are surrounded, but they are the ones who have transformed the dead creatures into the guards of more than a dozen knights. The most important thing is that the players have entered the battle almost unguarded. Although they all know that this is a trap and all people come to clear it, they find that the ideal is full but the reality is skinny in a short time. In the confrontation, everyone didn’t kill a dead knight, not even a reinforced soldier. On the contrary, the number of players killed continued to increase. Fortunately, after losing some hands, they finally gained a firm foothold.
However, the short-term hope that the number of people will win is very low, although they are now adopting the safest method in the ancient game, that is, clearing some players at the cost of resisting those undead guards, while others are aware of the strength of those undead soldiers. To some extent, this method is very good. To be able to resist those undead guards, then there is no problem in killing the remaining undead soldiers. After clearing all the monsters, they will become army of one Ba Dalmau and have the choice to escape or be killed.
But as I said before, the ideal is full and the reality is very skinny. Everyone wants to kill those undead soldiers, but after a few minutes, they still can’t do anything about them. They feel that the numerical advantage is not so correct, because those players who were killed before have now become undead and come out of the room. Hundreds of players have become undead. These undead soldiers manipulated cannon fodder and made Nicholas and Ivan angry.