This weapon was made by craftsmen in the fortress, but its only attribute is bloodthirsty except that it is as sharp as seven points and worth ten kilograms, but it is one meter long and thirty centimeters wide! This is the only attribute left after the priests have purified all the evil breath, and this attribute is not only for the attacked person, but also for the messenger. If the blood loss caused by being attacked by this weapon is 1 point, then the messenger cloud will also be absorbed by the weapon for 1 health point.

"Sell a bird! It’s bound, or you and I like this vampire weapon. Mother sucks blood once! Just to kill that hellhound, half my health was sucked away! " Cloud face se y and n Yu said to the dark Bi, when this weapon was cast, everyone scrambled to get the result. After hearing this attribute, they immediately shook their heads. As a result, he was the one who went out to meet someone who really didn’t understand it. The most depressing thing for him was that this weapon had to suck the master’s blood once a day, and once it was almost 300 points, it was almost close to a quarter of all the life values of the cloud. He kept pouring life potions into his mouth all the time.
"That you then kill this head! We will cover you and rest assured that there is enough life medicine here! " The thief who led the team, Mo Yan, heard the cloud and immediately said, "Who makes the skin of the Helhounds tough and terrible? The skin of the fourth-order hounds is as high as 6 points. Others can’t hurt them by cutting their skin with weapons."
"good! Let’s fight for a fatal blow ~ ~! " Yun bit his teeth and then took out the huge osteotome and squeezed it into his right hand. As he quarreled, he poured the whole bloodthirsty blade with a faint red light, and a little scarlet blood slowly flowed on the blade and then slowly absorbed by it.
"People pay attention to Yuto! Don’t fight with these guys! " As Mo Yan shouted, everyone ran away in different directions and threw different pieces behind him at the same time. hidden weapons wanted to disperse the group of hellhounds to facilitate cloud attacks
"By the way, how long will it take for you to resist drugs?" Mo Yan asked Yun a word when he was scattered, but his answer made him instantly fall to the ground.
"Ten minutes!" This is the answer to the cloud, which means that if he kills a demon hound, it must be ten minutes before an attack. Otherwise, he won’t have enough health to suck the weapon, but he will have to drag the Helhounds for ten minutes, which is very difficult for thieves because these pugs run very fast.
Chapter 335 Prelude to Danger (1)
Chapter 335 Prelude to danger
"poof!" With a light sound, the bloodthirsty blade in the hand of the cloud slashed across the demon hound’s skin and broke a long and ferocious line on its skin surface. When the blood flowed out, it was instantly absorbed by the osteotome as the source of its red light. At the same time, the tip of the cloud finger also stung, and a bone spur plunged into his finger to absorb his life.
However, this time, the weapon didn’t draw much life, because the cloud didn’t attack the target fatally. His purpose was only to break the defense of the demon hound, so he didn’t do much damage to the hound, so there wouldn’t be a lot of life drawn at one point, and there would be a cloud like this, so that thousands of life points wouldn’t be exhausted quickly because of the battle, so he persisted in cutting off all the hounds.
"oh! This is probably the most time I drink life potion in a day! Oh, "the cloud kept vomiting rǔ white Se life potion. Because of pharmacological anti-xing, he can’t restore life through life potion, but he will have an adverse reaction because of drinking too much potion. At this moment, his reaction is that most drugs eat too much and he vomits!
"all right! Work harder and stick to one horse! " Mo Yan was very happy to put a dagger with a heavy hā into the neck of a demon hound, where the cloud had scratched a mouth for him, but all he had to do was to cut the throat in this mouth completely with his body quickly, and the besieged demon hound was completely lying on the ground, and a lot of blood was pouring out from its broken throat. Although the demon hound was not dead, it could not endure for a long time and could twitch on its stomach.
"Finally is over! Oh, "Yun felt relieved when he saw the last demon hound fall to the ground. He vomited rǔ white Se life medicine and stuffed the bone knife with strong red light into his backpack. For this weapon, Yun loves and fears that the weapon is sharp and terrible. The additional ability makes all thieves envy the exception, but it is really not flattering to say that it is only used as a defense weapon. In addition, Yun also estimates that this kind of special can work on living creatures, and that element life or dead creatures are not likely to work.
"Is everyone still alive?" Wang shouted one in the team channel, and then he heard two dozen people constantly have the strength to respond in the team channel, and they can respond that the base is alive and not alive, so naturally they will report back to the temple in the fortress.
"The razor and Fei Ye are dead!" A thief named Feng Yun said gloomily that the razor and Fei Ye he mentioned were both thieves. Obviously, they became the ghosts of these demon hounds and returned to the fortress with several players who had previously hung up.
"No way! Let them run slowly together when they are resurrected! That’s it, mom! It’s really md difficult for a few garbage dogs to lose seven people! " Dark Bi face Se y and n Yu looked at the dead bodies. As time went on, the bodies of these players slowly turned white. Se light spots disappeared in the air. A pile of bones stayed where they were, and the things that exploded in their bodies were collected by Mo sèyīn after statistics, ready to be returned to them after they ran back and closed.
"Se cat! Come here! " Wang shouted at a thief who was checking the body of the demon hound. When he saw the player, he gently kowtowed and rushed over.
"Brother Tsai has something to do!" The thief, who was called Se Cat by his son, has a very handsome face. It can be said that this face alone can attract the attention of many female players. On the first day of the game, this unlucky guy was arrested for spying on the aboriginal mm to take a bath, so he went out in that city. The reason for peeping was that he was very sad and framed by an old Se man, who was also his later mentor. Even when he left that city, the name of Se Wolf was still not removed, because he was framed several times by his mentor while he was learning the skills of thieves, and he was euphemistically trained in his anti-reconnaissance and concealment ability.
Of course, if that’s the only reason, he’s called Se Wolf at most instead of being called Se Cat. His game name is Don’t Cheat Cat, and as a result, the combination of them becomes Se Cat. But then again, even if he is called Se Cat, the handsome thief doesn’t care much. After all, it’s also a thief’s nickname and is recognized as a code name. The only ones in the whole team have hung up the number in the thieves’ union and have a title. An excellent thief who is recognized as a code name can make them get higher profits later.
When he is not recognized by the thieves’ guild, his reward for each completion is the same as that of most thieves, but when his contribution reaches a certain level and he is recognized by the thieves’ guild, his reward for each completion will float by 3% to 10%. This is the direct difference between thieves with code and thieves without code, and it is also the honor of thieves with code.
There are five people in the whole team who own the thieves’ guild recognition code, which is Se Cat Dagger Crazy Dog Bitter Claw Storm Cloud. Although the thieves’ guild has contributed a lot, it is almost close to getting the thieves’ guild recognition code, and the storm razor is unlucky. He is the only thief among the five code thieves who hung up, although he held off two demon hounds, but it was enough to make him depressed.
"Old cat! What’s the situation? Have you found any traces of those demons? " Wang asked the other party after he called Se Cat. Among all thieves, his investigation skill is the highest. According to the cloud, it was all practiced while peeping or forced out by his old Se Wolf tutor. If his investigation skill is not high, he will definitely be sent to prison by the old man more times.
"To say that help jerk escape route is too chaotic! But I can see that those efreet are running this way! " Don’t cheat the cat said, pointing to a blackened road, and then his forehead was severely knocked by Mo Yan.
"You’re not such a blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!" Although Mo Yan’s name sounds very silent, he has a bad temper, otherwise there would be no mad dog code.
"Good mo yan! Let the old cat finish! " The dark dagger slowly kills a dead demon hound. Although the demon’s flesh and blood can’t be eaten, their skin is the best material for making leather armor, especially the hound’s dog skin. It can be said that they got the best material for making leather because it can be scraped completely.
"yes! Good dog skin! " Wang looked at the hounds’ skin that was ripped off by the dark dagger and praised it. Because the whole skin is very complete, there is no other fracture except a cut at the throat. Of course, this is also due to the thief’s assassination technique, the standard throat cutting technique, and killing the monster will not leave too many scars on its body surface.
"It’s a pity that it’s a little small. It takes two or three pieces to make a leather coat!" Yun looked at the spread of demon hound skins. According to his estimation, it takes three skins less to make a leather coat that people can wear. Of course, he estimated that it is a little less. It takes six skins less to make a demon hound skin into leather.
"Old cat! You continue to ignore them! " Wang patted the cat on the shoulder and said, of course, his eyes are not away from the dark dagger. Now the demon hound skin is in the fortress. If there is any kind of leather armor that is most popular with thieves and archers, it is definitely made of demon biological skin. This kind of leather armor is far more defensive than ordinary leather armor and has a certain fire element to resist Xing or other attributes. Even a whiteboard leather armor is much more advanced than ordinary leather armor.
However, most of the leather armor belongs to the part of military exchange in the fortress, even if some demon skins are obtained by the players’ desperate struggle. It is impossible for the players to completely handle the demon skins without the advanced leather-making artist’s method so that they can be made into leather armor. For the demon skins, the players only cover them outside the shield or put them on the armor as skins. It is impossible for other thieves with lower levels to handle the demon hounds’ skins without being jealous.
"The fact that I guess those efreet retreat intentionally covered up the footprints of other demons and some higher demons were able to fly. It’s hard for me to judge where they went! However, I estimate that efreet should move in the direction of most demons’ escape. Most efreet are big-bellied arhats. Without the support of the legion, their viability is very problematic! " Don’t cheat on the cat’s own words drew everyone’s eyes back to the large charred traces on the ground. Although efreet’s terrible flames and high temperatures burned the soil and covered most of the traces, if you search carefully, you can still observe the footprints of other demons from the inside.
"This looks a bit like the footprints of talons, but then again, did talons appear in the demon army?" Cloud looked at the huge footprints like enlarged j and claws, and asked in his impression that there seems to be no claw magic seen in the demon army.
"well! Old four, you are mistaken! These are two sickle footprints and they are together! " Tsai looked at the cloud carefully, pointed at the footprint, and then looked at the cloud strangely and said, because he felt that the two footprints were broken, not like a foot, but like two footprints superimposed together.
"No! It should be a footprint! " The cat who didn’t cheat didn’t agree with Wang’s words after looking at the footprint for a while, but chose to be on the side of the cloud because he didn’t think the footprint was formed by superposition of two footprints.
"I think it’s two footprints!" Another thief looked at it carefully and expressed his opinion, so the opinions of the whole team were divided. Many thieves expressed their opinions after reading it, but no one could completely say the other.
In the end, everyone thinks that we should continue to search along the road to see if we can find new footprints to prove whether it is a claw magic or a sickle magic, but everyone knows that whether it is a sickle magic or a claw magic, it should not be demons appearing in the demon army, but those hidden in the rear who have not joined the battle. They think that tracking along this road should be able to find the whereabouts of the demon army and complete the trial.
Therefore, after leaving enough signs to show the way to the thieves who started again after resurrection, everyone continued on their way after dealing with their physical injuries. They still rode horses instead of attacking with their legs this time, because the number of demons wandering around is very rare, and riding horses will be more convenient if they encounter demon hounds and escape, so they will not be chased to death like this.
After riding a horse, they accelerated a lot. Of course, they kept the strength of the horse and reduced the vibration caused by the running of the horse. Everyone deliberately lowered the speed of the horse to keep it at a slightly faster speed than running. Of course, after riding a horse, everyone’s vision became larger. After all, the height of the horse was enough for them to see far away, but the same size of the horse made them more easily discovered by the devil.
According to the cloud, they observe the surrounding situation more frequently, because whether it’s demons or other creatures, these injured thieves can’t fight them, and their purpose this time is to find the trace of the demon army instead of picking on the devil. For the cloud, it is the first to protect their strength and life, and the second is to gain experience while taking the time.
When Yun and them wandered in the wilderness, Zhao Tiezhu in the fortress was helping others to complete their trials. Among all the people, except for the trial of two priests, Su Wan was also quite simple. She actually had two facts: one was to kill a demon with a level of about 6, and the other was to cultivate her golden Se flying dragon to make it have the ability to obey orders.
The second is not so difficult for Su Wan. The fact is that the golden Se little guy is very easy to accept Su Wan’s command, but after his body was born prematurely and some weak problems were cured, he became very naughty. He often asked Xuan Zhou to raise the little monkey. He either stole its banana or was not very skilled at burning each other’s hair. As a result, he was beaten black and blue by the little monkey every time and went back to Su Wan.
However, even if Xiao Feilong’s intelligence is no matter how good Su Wan’s trial is, she still has trouble because she and several other combatants have to kill a monster with a magnitude of about 6 independently before she can completely complete the trial. Several people in Yunli Xu Fei and others are immersed in copying Rola Chen. When they try to take care of the patients, they can find their own team to go out and search for demons.
Of course, Zhao Tiezhu, who has completed the trial, can be regarded as the best bodyguard when they finished the trial. He has mastered a very powerful new skill, the earth shield! This kind of god-like skill can double his defense ability in a short time, and at the same time offset nearly 50% of the instantaneous impact force. The most important thing is that the earth shield has a wide range of protection, and relying on the shield to form an arc-shaped protection circle two meters high enough for three people. The earth shield is not so much a defense skill as a god-like skill.
The only pity is that this skill can be used by Zhao Tiezhu himself, but it can’t be blessed to others. Otherwise, it would be very enemy. But even so, with the protection of Zhao Tiezhu, Su Wan and her melee fighters will not suffer unnecessary losses because they encounter demons with terrible attack power. Although they have never found a suitable target demon, they have been wandering in the wilderness for a long time to kill demons, and everyone has accumulated a lot of meritorious service.
Therefore, Su Xinghe decided to upgrade their weapons first, and then tried to go outside to find a demon as a training ground. After returning to the fortress, several people slowly walked towards the blacksmith’s place, but when they went to the blacksmith’s shop, several people met the last person they wanted to see-Andha!
"gee! Look who’s here. Aren’t you the deserter, Kaichen? Friends of Lapston? " Amdo Hana y and n cold-faced hole quietly looked at Su Xinghe, and they said in a cold and sarcastic tone at the same time.
"Why don’t you talk! Don’t think that the little king of Kaichen is a nobleman, so he doesn’t worry about being arrested for desertion. Remember, this is the army! So if that little Wang egg comes back, let him report to the gendarmerie himself! " Although I didn’t hear Su Xinghe’s reply, An Doha still felt very worried because of Chen Kai. He lost an array of earth elements that was hard to get. In his heart, he had completely hated Chen Kai. This time, Chen Kai was sent to other places because of unification and had not appeared in the fortress for several days. He realized the opportunity. Why didn’t An Doha feel surge of emotion? He dreamed of giving Chen Kai to prison himself.
"Bah! What is it! " Blood Haifeng spat hard at the figure far away from Andha. He felt that meeting this damn snake man was definitely the result of going out today without watching the Gregorian calendar.