Chunzhong picked up Ah Cai and said earnestly, "Clear vegetables! How can you die easily when you are burdened with my hope of revitalizing wu-tang clan? Don’t let down all the teachers and uncles and Wudang brothers’ ardent heart for you! Heaven and man are wiping their eyes and waiting to see us. Wudang’s eldest brother is like killing demons to benefit one side. "

Finally, I squeezed out two tears in pure sadness. "If you die, I will try my best to burn more incense to ensure enough-don’t spend my own money, you can rest assured." I dragged the dish outside the temple and kicked it off the mountain.
Chunzhong turned around and went back to the temple, thinking to himself, "I don’t have any way to plot against you, and I don’t look at my intelligence as high as 9. Will you be cheated by me?"
The younger brothers were stunned for a long time-
Ximen Qing put on a thoughtful "really high leg method! If the players of our national football team are half as powerful as the head, it will be enough to wipe out the sky. "
I am also deeply touched by who I am. "If China, the head coach of the national team, dominates football just around the corner!"
Overlord simply said, "The future of the motherland lies in the youth-the youth team should be taken into consideration."
Autumn fairy tales connect with "education-starting with dolls"
Master smiled. "Why don’t we have a club in the game and see how it works? How much do you think it is appropriate to ask the head master to teach you? "
Dream Butterfly is full of beautiful fantasies, saying, "In that case, I must join this club. When I learn this super skill, I will see who is upset, so I will kick it in the past and fly to Africa." Everyone is cold and violent.
Little love "woo"
They urged, "Little Love, don’t cry! What’s wrong? "
Little love "I’m so touched! I was moved by everyone’s patriotism and cried! "
Finally, silence made a profound summary.
The body of the Chapter V Guy’s arrival
"Look, it’s a meteor!" A beautiful girl excitedly shouted "Yes, Yes" to her boyfriend, and his boyfriend quickly took the opportunity to hug the girl-it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "Let’s hurry up and make a wish mouth to mouth, which is the window of the soul, so that the soul can blend and the world can be moved." The two men embraced each other and blended their hearts.
A Cai flew over the head of several Wudang brothers and rolled to the foot of the mountain.
"Oh, there are so many stars! -who are you? " A Cai shook his head and tried to get up, but he couldn’t stand to see the stars shining all over the sky and a figure dangling in front of him.
Chun gave him a chestnut (habit becomes nature) and scolded, "It’s your grandfather and me!"
I can’t see people clearly, but I can still hear that it’s uncle’s adult. He immediately tried his best to hug uncle’s thigh and wailed, "Uncle, help! If you don’t come to my nephew, you’ll never see you again."
Pure heart secretly scolded fart, even if you die a hundred times, it’s okay, but the mouth comforted him and said, "Don’t cry (disgusting). What can I do for you?"
A Cai cried, "Master, he set me up. He asked me to kill a completely organized army rogue. This is not killing me! You said that there is such a way to send your disciples to die, master. Why don’t I just switch to your door and get extra money by working at your hands easily? You are the best teacher in the world, and you are not as inhuman as the master in charge! "
I am so happy that I have finally surpassed my senior brother in one place. It turns out that I am so much better than my senior brother!
I just want to help him, but this is my own root, so I can’t do it! Can’t help worrying.
A Cai put away her tears and looked at Shi Bo with pity. She made a suggestion: "Shi Bo, can you be my temporary bodyguard? If you don’t blame me for killing yourself, just stop the knife for me. This doesn’t violate the principle."
It’s really a pity that you want me to block the knife for you. I’ll help you block the knife if you say it!
Pure immediately shook his head righteously. "No, this is not allowed by the unified organization. Besides, I can guarantee that you can’t protect you for a while. This is hurting you instead of saving you. You’d better think of other ways. It is the right way to defeat the enemy by yourself, and it is the way for you to grow stronger in the future!"
"Oh!" O food disappointed patted his trouser legs-white knelt down.
After disappointment, Mr. Cai’s head quickly turned again. "Uncle, tell me something about a rogue. I’ll see what I can do to deal with them."
Pure nodded his head "this is to come-let’s sit here."
The two men found a flat grass and sat on the floor. They told Al about some monsters he knew.
It turns out that there is a qualitative difference between level 2 monsters and level 2 monsters.
Level 2 monsters are all animal monsters with physical attributes and intellectual attributes-like ordinary virtual online games, such as mice, chickens, rabbits, deer, wolves (level 1), tigers (level 15) and bears (level 15). Although the physical attributes are high, the basic intelligence requires the player to have a little brain and tools to kill them easily in some way.
However, the second-level humanoid monster has a primary intelligence program-the intelligence level determines that the level of intelligence is the lowest, such as the second-level thief who will stay somewhere to rob people but rarely kill people. The 25-level rogue has already killed and set fire to mobile cases in droves; Level 3 rogue leaders and rogue military advisers understand the importance of geographical location; The 35-level mountain thief already knows that Zhanshan Wang dominates the party; Level 4 yellow turban insurrectionary soldiers can lead troops to attack the city and seize the fortress at level 45 yellow turban insurrectionary leaders, and even senior Alai doesn’t even know it is necessary.
Level 25 standard rogue attribute physique 32 intelligence 9 charm level 3 standard rogue leader attribute physique 35 intelligence 12 charm level 153 standard rogue strategist attribute physique 15 intelligence 25 charm 1 (here the standard is the median normal situation, the monster attribute generally floats on the standard line but is not fixed).
A Cai now has a level 1 attribute, physical fitness, intelligence, 15 charm, 1 martial arts, intermediate kung fu weapon, 1% sharpness, intermediate swordsmanship sensitivity, 1% move speed and 1%.