Chapter 60 This is the German team

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Gao Jun’s words were quickly verified. In the 17th minute, the German team Schneider made a beautiful in-situ turn on the right to get rid of the opponent’s entanglement. After hitting the ball at the bottom, Weins Tiger passed a defender, but his push was off-target. But when the German fans in the stands lamented, the German center Klose did not hesitate to fall to the ground and shovel the ball into the field, and the score became 21. The German team took the lead again! It is the first time in the history of the World Cup to score 3 goals in such a short time, which will definitely arouse the enthusiasm of fans to watch the World Cup.
"It’s worthy that Klose scored a key goal. Although the game is still very early, if there is no accident, there is no suspense for the German team to take this game." After Gao Jun praised a few words, he lost no time to teach his friends, "What do you always do badly in shoveling? The roots are always slow. Why don’t the roots come and shovel out many times? "
Gao Jun’s question is very targeted. Few players in China can often shovel goals except him. Even if someone can shovel a diagonal ball in the game, fans can generally see that the players in the back point are running forward desperately. Few people will think of taking the shovel to wave a lot of goals.
If the shovel is slow, it can be said that it is a bad consciousness. If the shovel flies, it is a problem of footwork. But if the player doesn’t shovel at all, it can be attributed to the habit. The bigger problem lies in why China players, to be precise, China offensive players will develop such habits.
"I feel that the shovel is not easy to control, and it is easy to hurt people and I am not used to it." After a moment of silence, Gao Lin said that many fans probably could not believe the answer.
However, Gao Jun, an industry insider, knows that this is the real reason. Although many media and fans say that football violence is prevalent in China and even labeled it as "Kung Fu Football", those famous "butchers" are almost all defensive players, but few frontcourt players, especially those who play frontcourt as soon as they debut, are so violent. Even if Gao Lin is angry and vindictive, that is, he does not hurt people and may push and shove, but his opponents will not be hurt.
"In the final analysis, China’s frontcourt players are too good and too soft-hearted." Gao Jun also knows that the main reason for this situation is that after the professional league, the level of China’s grassroots youth training coaches has dropped, and there are problems in the selection of materials and training ideas. Many unqualified youth training coaches take it for granted that defensive players must be fierce, so they try their best to train those players who are tough and have tough feet into defensive players, while the frontcourt players are getting so soft that they can’t even shovel and shoot.
In fact, if we think about it from another angle, it is not easy for frontcourt players to get a license even if they foul, but it is easy for defense players to get a red card and a yellow card if they talk too much. On the other hand, defense players in China are more likely to encounter fouls after they become rude, and the chances of injury and invalidation of frontcourt players naturally increase greatly.
Obviously, the problem of this kind of player training idea is that the strikers trained at that time were not as soft as they are now, such as Hao cannon fighting with foreign aid and Gao Feng kicking the goalkeeper of the other side. Although it is against sports ethics, these vicious players will not be able to shovel their feet.
Gao Jun discovered the problem of tackle a long time ago, and now it’s especially because there’s just an example that can tell everyone that "in fact, tackle is terrible to look at, and the probability of actually hurting people is not high, because when there is a tackle opportunity, all the players will rush into the net and it’s not easy to tackle the goalkeeper."
"And even if you tackle the ball, it won’t affect your reputation. You should remember that if it is within the scope of the rules, you can do it. Klose once lifted his knee and broke the rib of the opposing goalkeeper when heading for the top. Just now, the tackle was even more unambiguous, but people are recognized as the world’s professional model and the most sportsmanship star. The moral model in football must first be a player rather than a moral model." Gao Jun then further proved his argument with the example he just saw.
"I won’t hesitate when I can shovel when I’m white." Gao Jun finally told Lin and others that although the habit has been formed for a short time, it is still difficult to get rid of it, but it is definitely much faster to change with a definite understanding in my heart.
After a high-speed confrontation in the field, the German team gradually slowed down the pace, but still controlled the situation. In the second minute, Podolski Shi Weins Tager knocked the ball back smoothly, but borowski outflanked half a step and missed this excellent scoring opportunity. After two minutes, borowski went over the top, but it was a little too big. Costa Rican goalkeeper porras once again seized the ball before Klose.
Seeing that Klose didn’t grab this opportunity, Hao couldn’t help but make signal with the lips. "Although you said that, Klose really lacks speed."
What Gao Jun thought at this moment was "In fact, the German team’s ground cooperation was already very beautiful at this time, and it was on this basis that Loew inherited and developed that the style change of the 2014 World Cup champion team could not be completed in one year or two."
Soon after, Costa Rica also made a threat to Wan Qiaopu to form a single-handed, and found that the German goalkeeper had a problem, but it was blown offside. This also warned the German defense line, while Gao Jun unconsciously remembered that Neuer had not been selected for this World Cup. "If the goalkeeper in the German team was Xiaoxin, the Costa Rican team could not get a single-handed opportunity just now, and it was really necessary to wait until Neuer became the No.1 goalkeeper of the German team to finally take shape."
However, today, Germany’s offside tactics were quite successful. Later, Costa Rica only had two threatening attacks, both of which were offside. Unfortunately, Germany had more chances to wave on its own, and finally both sides were able to keep the score of 21 until the end of the half.
As soon as they were eager to equalize the score at half-time, Costa Rica and Germany, who also hoped to win the game as soon as possible, had a fierce confrontation, but neither side had much ability to seize the opportunity, and the score remained unchanged.
In the 61st minute, German team borowski went straight to the left to insert Ram at the right time, but the latter was preempted by the Costa Rican defender at the front point, but the header didn’t finish and flew to the far post. Klose’s decisive header was blocked by goalkeeper porras, but Klose got up quickly and his right foot shot into the far corner to help the German team expand its lead, which also confirmed the victory of the game. Klose showed a strong sense of second attack during this goal, and was also used by Gao Junke to teach his friends at the scene.
However, Costa Rica did not give up on the 72nd minute. They gave full play to the delicate technical advantages of Latin American teams, played beautifully in the middle with Centeno’s right foot, and was very active in the game. Wan Qiaopu once again broke into the penalty area and ejected his right foot into the net near the small penalty area. Costa Rica also tied the score 2-3 with this goal!
Gao Jun’s eyes can’t help showing respect and sighed, "It’s really tenacious! You all see, this is the World Cup. We will soon step on the battlefield. On this stage, no team will give up easily. Even if we are ahead, we can’t relax and fall behind. Don’t be discouraged. Everything is possible until the game is over. "
However, Costa Rica’s efforts failed to change the final trend of the game. When the game was about to enter the stoppage time, Germany unexpectedly scored a long-range world wave of more than 3 yards, which once again expanded its lead and finally sealed the score of 42.
It is unprecedented in the history of the World Cup to score such a big score in the opening game, but considering that one side of the game is Germany, it seems natural.
"Mao Germany has never left a hand in every game, and can still achieve such a good record in the group stage?" A China international asked with some confusion.
"Maybe it’s willpower and psychological quality. The German team has always been the first in the world in this respect," a teammate replied.
"I think it may be because the German team plays football as a whole, and it is not as dependent on the core players as other teams. The fluctuation of individual state will be more obvious, but the whole team will be much more stable and independent of individual players, which makes it difficult for the German team to play, and its natural performance will be much more stable." Gao Jun also expressed his views and sighed, "No matter if this is the German team, our future goal is to be as stable and excellent as they are, no matter what opponents we face or what difficulties we encounter."
Chapter sixty-nine Hiddink gambling
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After watching the opening game, the national football team entered the final stage of World Cup preparation. Their first opponent will be the Australian team with the weakest card strength in the group except China. If the national football team can’t win or even lose the ball, the possibility of qualifying will become slim.
Compared with the time when Gao Jun crossed, the Australian team is much stronger now. There are many world-class stars in the team, and the Australian Football Association has invited the world famous coach Hiddink. After he coached the Australian team, his potential has been fully explored, especially his physical fitness and tactical discipline have improved significantly. This team has the advantage of height and strength in the competition, so it can be brought into full play.
But surprisingly, Hiddink took the initiative to show weakness in an interview with the media a few days before the Sino-Australian war, saying, "China is a team with very fresh characteristics and great strength. Their quick counterattack has the world’s top level, so we must first ensure that the defense is stable in this game. Although the draw is not good for qualifying, it is not completely unacceptable. It is better to lose than the French team."
"This is obviously a arrogant plan, and it also hacked France by the way." Although Gao Jun couldn’t help but talk for a while, he didn’t take it to heart. Although if Australia really shrinks its defense, it will really increase the difficulty of winning the national football team. However, it is expected that after all, it is impossible to expect other teams to adopt the style that China prefers to play. People are not stupid.
However, the head coach of the national football team, Ali Han, doesn’t care more if Hiddink really plays defense against him, but he’s a little happy because the storm formation of 343 is more conducive to dealing with secret defense than Hiddink’s psychological warfare, but the "crow’s mouth" of Pele, the king of the ball, makes him even more upset. Not long ago, this guy expressed his optimism about China’s participation in the World Cup when he saw this report, Ali Han was shocked into a cold sweat.
In fact, Bailey notes that China is just like Gade Muller after the Youth Team won the World Youth Championship in the Netherlands. He also feels that Gao Jun is very much like himself in those years. If his dribbling skills are good, he will be more like it. Anyway, it is the most important thing to be with his arch-rival Diego Maradona.
Since then, some love me, Wu Bailey has paid attention to China’s performance. After China unexpectedly defeated the French team last week, Bailey was more optimistic about China’s World Cup prospects, so he said that to reporters in an interview. Bailey also meant well, but obviously no one in China was willing to accept it.
The first match among Asian teams was Group B Day, and their first opponent was the Viking team with different styles and stronger strength. On the overall strength of the team or the reputation and value of the core players, the Swedish team was far away from this day, but after practicing hard for half a year, the Japanese team unexpectedly drew its opponent, and the Iranian team, the national football team’s "nemesis" for many years, was in a bad position. They have always been afraid of the technical stream, and their prospects for qualifying were not optimistic.
China is the third game. Although most people in China don’t take the concept of "Asia" seriously (we have the concepts of "China" and "foreign countries") and have no sense of honor in Asian sports, they are determined to win even after their first game.
However, in order to make it easier for the leaders of the Football Association to grab the prize after the World Cup, they even made a mobilization meeting for the most painful diseases of the international players before the game. Fortunately, after the coach Ali Han and Gao Jun and other core players argued, several team leaders shortened the mobilization meeting to a quarter of an hour, and Gao Jun even took the lead in listening to the walkman. Those overseas players who were not too afraid of the Football Association followed suit. The negative impact of the mobilization meeting was reduced a lot.
Gao Jun and other overseas international players will not be happy with this, especially President Xie Yalong, but they are not so afraid. First, they are all playing overseas. The Football Association is unable to do anything, and they are not as strong as the Basketball Association. It is impossible to ban the roots at most, and they will not be allowed to enter the national team. However, if those masters really do this, their national football performance will definitely slip sharply, which is tantamount to self-destruction of their official career. You know, now the national football performance is at its best. If it suddenly slips sharply, the contrast will be too obvious. This will definitely be blamed, which is different from historical
Secondly, after all, everyone is passive confrontation and has not openly come out to shoot people in the face. These officials are so thick-skinned that they just turn a blind eye. It is still tolerable for the national football team to play well and win their political achievements.
However, the reduction of the negative impact does not mean that it has been eliminated. After all, it is still difficult for the national football team to show its best after the game. Before the game, it was said that the Australian team would play defense against Hiddink, but it boldly discharged the three-striker formation, which was completely unexpected by China coach Ali Han
"Hiddink’s starting list today is somewhat unexpected. Not only has Cahill not completely recovered from the injury, but he has sent three strikers. Is this going to play against us? Don’t Hiddink know that China’s quick counterattack is terrible? " Jian-xiang huang some surprised to doubt way
"The national football team’s quick counterattack is really fierce, but now their 343 formation is also afraid of the storm. Especially, the height and strength advantages of the Australian team are very obvious. The three defenders in our back line are short except Yu Hai, and the goalkeeper is also short. It is actually more dangerous if Australia adopts the strategy of quick bombing through midfield to attack our restricted area directly." Guest Zhang Lu’s face is even more worried, but he didn’t say anything to death. "But this way of playing is also conducive to our quick counterattack, depending on which side scored the goal first. Hiddink really dares to gamble!"