A light escape from marriage has made her laugh for a long time by the harem gossip. If it weren’t for Xiao Chu’s quick succession, she probably wouldn’t stop now.

At this time, Xiao Chu actually wants to marry Feng Yunqing?
Xiao Linchu sighed noncommittally, "You are not allowed to get close to Chu Wangfu and scare me away. Princess Wan Ku, I turned against you!"
Bai Jin has no doubt about the truth of Xiao Linchu’s words. She shook her head and looked at Xiao Linchu. "I think you are possessed by ghosts!"
Xiao Linchu ignored her and continued to approve the discount.
Outside, Fang Heng asks for Xiao Linchu’s calligraphy and looks at Fang Heng.
Fang Heng’s hands are full of fists. "Empress Huang Wang sits at the threshold of Chu Wangfu and cries badly. The whole Chu Wangfu people can’t persuade them!"
Xiao Linchu facial expression, a change of intuition, looked back at Bai Jin Bai Jin frowned. "See what I do? I’m still here to do nothing! "
Xiao Linchu somberly turned out of the palace without changing clothes.
Fang Heng followed all the way with excellent flying skill, and Xiao Linchu arrived at Chu Wangfu when he smelled incense.
Fang Heng followed, panting, but Xiao Linchu did not change his face.
Far away, he saw the thin girl sitting on the threshold crying her eyes out.
While she was crying, she couldn’t help sobbing and wiping her tears with her sleeves. The people next to her were like coaxing children with food and drink, flattering and coaxing her, but she ignored crying and tears. Chapter 8 Xiao Linchu, do you believe me?
Chapter 8 Xiao Linchu Do you believe me?
While she was crying, she couldn’t stop sobbing and wiping her tears with her sleeves. The people next to her were like coaxing children with food, drink and play, flattering and coaxing her, but she ignored crying and burst into tears
Xiao Linchu twisted his eyebrows there. Feng Yun saw Xiao Linchu appear, held back his tears and got up and rushed into his arms. "Why don’t you come back now?" What if I stay alone in Dye Moxuan and die here without leaving my last words? "
Xiao Linchu stretched out his hand to wipe away her tears and said unhappily, "Why don’t you talk about death?"
Fengyun sobbed softly and hugged him and cried for half a ring. He hugged himself into the room and lay in bed, and his body was still smoking.
Xiao Linchu squatted by the bed and wiped her feet. She just went out without shoes and socks, and her feet were cold at this time.
He held her white feet in his palm and frowned at her. "How did you go to Xueluan Palace and become cry baby?"
Fengyun shook her head lightly and stared at him without talking. Her red eyes seemed to be wronged, bunny.
He sat next to her quietly and said, "Yunqing, let’s have a baby. I will like both boys and girls!" "
Fengyun sipped her soft lips and didn’t speak. He approached her a little lower. "What are you afraid of?"
When she came back this time, he felt that she had changed a lot, always frowning and preoccupied.
However, he is not much better about Xueluan Palace. She will ask him about Xueluan Palace’s privacy.
Moment not instantaneous staring at the phoenix cloud light he spoke again "if really afraid, I will temporarily move things in the palace to Chu Wangfu …"
Fengyun shook her head again and dared not look into his eyes. "I want to go back to the palace with you!" "
Xiao Linchu was a little surprised and frowned slightly. "Don’t you dislike the palace?"
Fengyun bit her lip lightly and frowned. "I’m afraid to stay here alone. I’m afraid you won’t want me again!" "
Xiao Linchu looked at her calmly with a low smile and said, "Don’t think about it and go to sleep!"
Fengyun nodded slightly and hesitated to see his one eye, then closed his eyes.
Xiao Linchu stayed with her until she woke up in the middle of the night, clamoring for hunger, and he took her to eat again. At last, he didn’t leave.
Fengyun light stayed in the Chu palace for more than ten days and then simply moved to the palace.
Xiao Linchu changed the Changqiu Palace to the Ju ‘an Palace. Everything was simplified, and even the eunuchs who waited on the maids were much less than before.
Fengyun stayed in Ju ‘an Palace for five days without being found until the sixth day when an innocent young girl ran in.
Before entering the door, Feng Yun heard the girl’s voice and she shouted "Brother Chu-"
At that time, Feng Yunqing was in bed looking at the picture and eating her mouth. She heard the sound and leaned out her head. Then she saw a girl with a goose yellow skirt who lifted the heavy bead curtain and jumped while walking.
Fengyun feels familiar, but at the moment she can’t remember where she met the girl. When she saw her lying in Xiao Linchu’s bed, she suddenly glared, "How dare you lie in the dragon bed? Are you dying?"
As soon as she opened her mouth, she remembered, isn’t this the man she rescued the girl Zhang Yuanyuan the other day?
She gave Zhang Yuanyuan a look, turned over from lying on the bed, and lay there with her legs crossed, throwing it into her mouth with her mouth and watching casually with her painting.
Zhang Yuanyuan wanted to pull her before she was so angry, but suddenly she shouted, "Help!"
Zhang Yuanyuan frightened to let go before covering her mouth, "what’s your name? Shut up and shut up, do you hear? "
Fengyun pushed Zhang Yuanyuan a distance with a light knee, and snorted, "I can’t come even if I shut up. There are guards everywhere outside. You’d better explain to Xiao Linchu how you ran into the Ju ‘an Palace!"
She stayed here for so long without being discovered by outsiders. It is obvious that Xiao Linchu has made careful arrangements.
But Zhang Yuanyuan unexpectedly broke in and dared to give her Leng Mei cold eyes. If she didn’t give her some color, wouldn’t she be bullied?
Fengyun lightly grabbed a jelly bean and casually threw it into his mouth, but his eyes went to Zhang Yuanyuan.
Zhang Yuanyuan heard the noise outside and panicked. She wanted to hide, and Fengyun ignored her. She hid on the desktop.
When the guards rushed in, Feng Yunqing had already pulled the bill. She didn’t speak, so the guards knelt down across two curtains to "visit the empress-"
Feng Yun said nothing, so the bodyguard didn’t dare to get up and want to search before, but he didn’t have the guts to break into Xiao Linchu’s bed.
So the atmosphere froze up.
Zhang Yuanyuan was hiding under the table when Xiao Linchu strode in with a bunch of people.