The middle-aged man looked at Mia angrily and found that it seemed that she had not recognized her mistake and said to her, "Mia, do you know the soul level of that figure just now?" Level 20, a 21-year-old quasi-shadow ghost, and there are only a few people in the whole college. Such a rare genius was pushed out of our shadow warfare branch by you. I regret it. I regret why I dragged you to receive students who joined the shadow warfare branch today. Come with me and apologize to that young man. "

The middle-aged examiner took Mia by the hand and prepared to forcibly take her to apologize to Lin Ze.
Mia Li, who was dragged by the examiner in red, broke free and choked, "I don’t want to apologize. You all bully me. I hate you."
Mia turned and ran into the War College in hysterical tears.
Chapter 257 Spirit test
The middle-aged examiner looked at Mia’s departure with a sigh, "Unfortunately, the family is unhappy."
Finally, he suddenly remembered what Mia said. The Lins quickly went to the register and looked at it carefully! He was completely surprised when he saw Linze in Gran City.
And one side Leo call, god officer branch receptionist was shocked by the level 20 shadow soul force quasi shadow spirit …
At the same time, Lin Ze has come to the God Officer Branch to summon the branch test point.
In front of the signs of Shenguan Branch and Summoning Branch, there is a 17-year-old young girl who is bored. Maybe because it takes a strong spirit to enter these two colleges and there are very few people to test, such a girl who is not much older than Linze is sent to test.
Lin Ze tapped the girl’s desk and gently asked the girl, "Hello, how should I test my spirit?"
It seems that the girl who heard Lin Ze finally woke up from the fugue state, glanced at her head slightly and Lin Ze said softly, "Please sit down."
The girl’s face suddenly made Lin Ze feel amazing. It was a stunning face, but it looked delicate. She just returned from the fugue state, but she added a little laziness, like a waterfall, and her black hair hung freely on her flat and slender back. Like a moon, her eyes were misty and sleepy, and her nose bridge was thin and suitable for pink lips. A row of neat white teeth was faintly visible, and the lazy sound was like nature, but it was so fascinating …
What a charming and stunning beauty!
See Lin Ze a little stunned. The girl covered her mouth and asked with a smile, "Ha ha, aren’t you just the one who passed the test of the Shadow War Branch? Why don’t you join the shadow warfare branch and run to our sparsely populated place, which can be called a deserted god officer and a summoning branch? "
The gentle and lovely words came into Lin Ze’s ear with a crisp smile, which made Lin Ze want to tell the truth.
However, the thought of telling the beautiful female teacher that she was not accepted by the Shadow War Branch and came to test Lin Ze’s face gave me a little embarrassment.
"Teacher, can you stop being such a hexagram? Or help me test whether I have the potential to become a god officer? "
Lin Ze can talk about him now.
The beauty teacher smiled heartily. "Hey hey, kid, how do you know that the teacher’s only preference is all kinds of hexagrams? Now that you have rejected the shadow warfare branch, my two branches are your only chance to enter the war college. Please please me quickly or I won’t give you a test. "
The playful expression on this beautiful girl’s face is obvious, but her eyes are narrowed into a line as if the fox is trying to succeed in some plot.
For the girl who openly asks for bribes, Lin Ze has a burst of nai. Although she knows that she is joking with herself, she is really not in the mood and has no time to accompany her.
So I pretended to be angry and said, "Teacher, since you didn’t give me a test and said that I was married to the War College this year, I will go." Then I waved goodbye to the girl but waited for the girl to call him back for ten seconds.
Five seconds, Lin Ze can still stride to the back, five seconds, Lin Ze can move around, and after counting silently for ten seconds, he finds that the girl has no inclination. Well, you win, Lin Ze silently observes in his heart, and then turns around and walks to this beautiful woman again.
Girl corners of the mouth play cock show trickery succeed smile to make a surprised look "children, aren’t you going? Why are you back? "Such a real expression makes people have to admire her performance skills.
Facing the girl, Lin Ze really doesn’t know what to do. He can say in a low voice, "Teacher, I know I’m wrong. I shouldn’t play with caution in front of you. Please help me test it. It’s a big deal to please you slowly and doubly after I enter the branch of God Officer."
Looking at a girl with a bitter gourd face in Lin Ze, she finally waved her hand with mercy and said, "Well, I can squeeze you better after that. Let you test it first. Tell me your name first."
Hearing the first item of the test, Lin Ze asked cautiously, "Didn’t the teacher go to the back to fill in the information after passing the test?"
The girl stared at the almond eyes. "Why don’t you be angry? If you don’t say anything, I won’t test it."
Looking at the girl’s pouting sexual expression made Lin Ze feel that it was a great sin to refuse her, and she was able to tell the girl her name.
"Lin Ze, well, the name is not bad. I already know the age of twenty-one. Twenty-one level shadow soul force is good. It’s barely good. Now you put your hand on the front to test the jade crystal force and pour your spirit into it. Let me see how much power you can give it."
The girl pointed to the front test refined jade crystal for Lin Ze to test.
Level 20 shadow soul force can be regarded as good in her eyes. Lin Ze was stunned in her heart …
But finally to the formal test Lin Ze convergence slightly stunned in the heart, hoping that his spirit can meet the conditions of the branch of God Officer. Lin Ze silently thought about it and then poured his spirit into the jade crystal before him.
Fortunately, Lin Ze’s spirit has awakened shallowly in Granson, and now it is very powerful.
But even so, Lin Ze still feels that his spirit is so tired. Before testing and refining the jade crystal, it is like a bottom hole that constantly devours Lin Ze’s spirit as if it is endless.
Linze’s head is sweating, his eyelids are beating, and he keeps cursing in his heart. When will this damn test end?
While in Lin Ze’s heart, the girl was stunned by the spirit released by Linze.
It turns out that this refined jade crystal is called bound spirit ball, which is a kind of spirit device. The god officer or summoner can put the spirit in the bound spirit ball at ordinary times and then draw the spirit out of the bound spirit ball when large-scale shadow surgery is carried out to cope with the consumption of the spirit by shadow surgery
Such a bound spirit ball needs a sorcerer-level god officer to consume all the spirit to fill it, but at the moment, two-thirds of this refined jade crystal has turned into silver, and the silver in the refined jade crystal continues to rise, saying that Lin Ze’s injection of spirit at this time is approaching a sorcerer-level god officer.
Because it is the level of spiritual measurement, even if it is now the end of the law era, the summoner of the god officer still distinguishes the spiritual level along the wizard level of the magic age, which are
Magic apprentice trainee magician magician
Trainee magician magician wizard
Magic teacher, great magic teacher, Fa Sheng.
As silver filled the whole jade crystal with Lin Ze, I finally felt that the jade crystal no longer absorbed my spirit. I slowly pulled my hands away from the jade crystal and rubbed my head vigorously.
At this time, Lin Ze felt dizzy and tingling, which constantly stimulated Lin Ze’s nerves. Lin Ze forced her eyes to open and looked at the opposite girl. She felt that three girls appeared in front of her eyes when she kept shaking.
Shake your head vigorously. Lin Ze asked the girl with strength, "Did the teacher pass the test? I will feel that my life is gone if I go to this test again. "
The girl who has been stunned by Lin Ze’s so powerful spirit finally came to her senses and looked at Lin Ze excitedly. "Lin Ze didn’t expect you to be so hidden. The spirit is so deep. I had expected your spirit to overflow a quarter. I didn’t expect you to fill the ball with the bound spirit. It was really beyond my expectation."
The girl pointed to the jade crystal four points and said
Listening to the girl’s words, Lin Ze felt his eyes black and asked the girl unfairly, "Is the standard for teachers to enter the branch of the God Officer one quarter?"
The girl shook her head and said, "I wish I could reach one fifth."
"Then you didn’t tell me that I’m dying now." Lin Ze tried his best to take out the green leaves and try his best to restore his spirit.
The girl listened to Lin Ze’s complaint and said with a face of koo, "It’s good for a layman who hasn’t learned the spirit tempering method to fill one fifth. Who knows you are a monster?" Twenty-year-old spirit can catch up with the normal spirit of the care division. Besides, I didn’t ask you to pour the refined jade crystal. Who let you be brave? "
Looking at Lin Ze’s pale face, the girl couldn’t help but take out a leaf and put it into Lin Ze’s mouth and said, "Hold it. This is the giant tree of war in our college. It is very precious that leaves can speed up the recovery of spirit. I have this one. Remember to give it back to me after finishing."
During the leaf into his mouth at the same time, Lin Ze felt his spirit in the green leaves during the leaf to rapidly recover together, and soon the spirit close to dryness has been restored by a third.
Lin Ze couldn’t help thinking to himself when he heard the girl’s words. "Is this still necessary? Does she still want it later? "
Lin Ze looked at the girl’s thin and suitable lips and thought that she had a leaf in her mouth that might have been contained in the cherry-like mouth before, so she could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.