"Hey hey good luck! But I suppose your own guilds also have their own things? " I looked at the fire and said with a smile

"I do have something domineering, but I don’t have as much glory as you do. It’s just a set of gold saddle drawings with a mounting surface." Fire said with a smile.
"oh? And this thing? You can ride a mount to fight without this thing. What can you add to it? "
"Increasing mount toughness can also increase physical strength and agility! Of course, the riding comfort will be much higher. "Fire is proud."
"I depend ~ this thing is good! The cavalry is much more effective with this and things! " I am surprised way
"Hey, hey, that’s why I’m looking for this thing. You just want to get this thing out and build a strong cavalry unit!" Fire said with a smile
"Well, it’s a pity to have this thing without cavalry! You hurry up and get me a thousand sets! " I said with a smile
"Thousands of sets? Is your gold-grade thing easy to get? My thousand dragoons are estimated to take a month or two to match all the departments! " The fire is depressing
"Your productivity is too low ~" I said.
"Then your productivity here is high enough. Do you want me to give you the drawings? Don’t worry!" Fire suddenly eyes narrowed and said
"What? Give it to me? " I suddenly froze.
"Yes, I’ll give you more forging masters here. I’ll give you to do it. Just make it and give me 1000 sets!" Fire said with a smile
"Wipe that’s gold level one thousand sets of things? I’m not losing money! " Ya is actually talking with ideas. Ideas are good enough!
"Hey, hey, I asked the forger in the meeting to try a set of materials, which is only a few hundred gold coins and not expensive!" Fire temptation way again
"Fart ~ hundreds of gold coin materials to play gold things? You’re not typing that thing for rats, are you? You want to be a dragon! Are you stupid? "
"Hey, you really can’t fool this guy! How about if I give you the drawings and I don’t want anything? I’ll buy 50 thousand gold coins and I’ll have 1000 pieces and 500 million gold coins. If you take the drawings, you can build what you need and sell it again. It’s absolutely no problem to sell it according to normal gold-grade equipment. Two million and one million pieces definitely want a lot of people! " The fire winked and said
"You buy 501,000 pieces for two million dollars?"
"I drew a good price!" Fire depressed way
"You just show me the drawings and I’ll see how much material is needed!"
"It should be about the same!" After the fire said something, I picked up a scroll and handed it to me.
Chapter 47 Benefits to Allies
I took the fire and handed me the scroll. When I saw it, I immediately said something about the royal beast spirit. This drawing has four materials: bronze, silver, gold and epic. The difference is not as big as usual!
This guy said that hundreds of gold coins have been made in his guild, that is, bronze-grade wiping bronze-grade Chengdu needs hundreds of gold coins, and a bronze-grade equipment only needs hundreds of gold coins! I cann’t believe you told me about gold!
Moreover, this thing needs to be a master forger to be able to do bronze, a master forger to do silver and gold, or a master epic to be a master. I just don’t know if I can make a master, but I guess if forging is superb, the forger will directly become a craftsman!
"The contrast gap between your words and this face is not generally big ~ even the bronze level needs to be a master to forge hundreds of gold coins? Ya is bronze! I don’t think there are hundreds of thousands of gold-grade materials ~ "
"That is not hundreds of thousands of gold coins? I pay 500 thousand gold coins, which is enough, isn’t it? At least the drawings are from me! " Fire don’t blush with shame way
"Fire, president of your guild is not a few forging master? Don’t mention the gold level. It is estimated that it will take several months to equip a thousand sets of bronze levels. " I Gherardini looked at the fire.
"I can’t hide anything from you. Now there are only three master forgers in our guild. One master can forge three or four pieces a day. Together, it will take ten pieces to forge a thousand pieces. It takes three months. When I ask several masters to forge bronze-grade things every day for several months, it is better to study more silver-grade gold-grade equipment to realize this thing. I really don’t have the ability!"
"That you still let me give you one thousand pieces of gold? You don’t want to pit me to death ~ "
"Don’t say that 500,000 yuan is not enough to forge gold-grade materials, but the forger of our guild said that the materials need hundreds of thousands of gold coins. I really don’t have the ability to get them out before I can take advantage of the drawings!"
"Hey hey, president of the fire, as you know, it’s absolutely unrealistic to mass-produce the gold-grade materials, and it will take longer for the gold-grade forging! Want to short-term and the most affordable or get bronze-level large-scale equipment, gold and silver are too high! Do you think this will do? I’ll take the drawings. I’ll try to forge a large number of bronze grades. I’ll give you 1000 pieces of bronze grades in a month. How about I give you 100 pieces of silver grades if I can get some silver grades behind them? "
"One thousand pieces of bronze? Add a hundred pieces of silver? Go ~ don’t even think about it? Give as much as you like for a thousand pieces of silver bronze! "
"I said, president of the fire, it’s not like talking about business. Your asking price is too hard. One thousand pieces of silver-grade silver-grade materials have achieved more than 100,000. I have to let all forging masters of our bank work hard for at least two months! Two months ago, do you know how much silver-grade equipment they can forge, such as a solid bone shield and an undead bone bow? I’m so sorry ~ "I accept the sample with a face method.
"Five hundred pieces! I want 500 pieces of silver grade and you can get 500 pieces of bronze grade! " The fire glanced at me and cut it in half by itself.
"Two hundred others are bronze!"
"Five hundred can’t be less!"
"Three hundred this is the bottom line! And when my guild can also produce silver grades on a large scale, I promise to sell them to you at a price! "
"It’s not a big deal to have a minimum of 400 pieces without one. I’ll keep it myself and forge the bronze grade slowly, so it’s an advantage that no one else has it!" Fire pie pie way
"Deal! The drawings belong to me, 4 pieces of silver and 6 pieces of bronze, and I will give them to you one month later! " It’s not too much to see four pieces. Anyway, it’s worth it to get this drawing, which means hundreds of thousands of pieces, that is, tens of millions of gold coins!
"Ha ha good! You have to get everything ready for me after a month! " Fire laughed and said
Seeing this guy laughing, I suddenly have a feeling ~ but what’s wrong with it? I can’t figure it out again
"By the way, the women’s league in the house city should be very easy to get a mount, right? Aren’t there many flying pegasus on the Tianma Plain in the ruins of House City and Tianma City? Women’s leagues are all girl soldiers, knights are not many, but magicians, priests and shooters are many in summoners. These long-range professional flying mounts are very suitable! In addition, there is another place where I know there are a lot of monsters that can be mounted, that is, in the ruins of Yanshi City, to the south, there are black iron hills and black iron hills, and then to the south Beastmaster Valley! In addition, in this far north fortress, there are a lot of snow wolves all the way north to the snowfield. Fortunately, they can touch a few snow leopards. They are elite and extremely mounted! "