"cheep ~"

The toilet door was hit, and a white man in a suit and tie came in. He saw Anthony in a daze and looked unhappy. He said with some blame, "Melo, why haven’t you played well yet?"
Anthony looked at the 36-year-old man in front of him and soon knew that this was his agent Calvin Andrews, and then he lost sight of where he was staying.
There will be a match before the nba draft. This match will be held after most players have completed the trial, and most of them are invited to enter the "Little Green House" lottery show.
Anthony averaged 222 points and 1 rebound in his freshman season, which not only won the best freshman in the United States, but also led his team to win the naa championship. He became the first first first-year player to win the naa semi-finals award since 1996. He can be said to be a popular candidate for the top spot in the 23-year draft.
"Oh, my stomach is a little uncomfortable," Anthony replied calmly.
"hmm? Are you having diarrhea? " Andrews asked with concern
Anthony’s face is reluctant and he is thinking about whether to use this excuse to avoid the game. Although he said that he crossed carmelo anthony’s body, it doesn’t mean that he has his ability. Now he has not figured out anything, and he is afraid that the scene will destroy his idol.
"Can’t be true?" Andrews’ face is more worried. "Although the Cavaliers have promised to choose you in the first place, it is possible for them to change their minds if you can’t play this game well!"
Andrew’s words just finished. Anthony’s face looked surprised. The Cavaliers will choose him in the first place. Will he be the No.1 in the nba for 23 years? !
But how is it possible? He clearly remembers that the 23-year-old champion is another lebron james who has reached the level of * * both physically and technically, and is known as "Big Bird" and "Magic" Johnson! More than holding the second prize, the Pistons chose darko milicic, a famous parallel importer from Serbia and Montenegro! Carmelo anthony was selected by the Nuggets in the third overall pick.
Has it changed through history? Or has something changed as Andrews said?
"Calvin, I may have a little diarrhea. Do you think I can skip this competition first?" Anthony face be reluctant to say
"Don’t even think about it!" Andrews rebuffed him, took him and walked out, muttering, "Today, the general manager of the lottery is here. Why don’t you let them watch LeBron’s high school performance if he doesn’t appear as the top scholar?"
Lebron james? I’m going to confront him? Anthony has a hundred reluctance in his heart, but he also knows that it is imminent and he has to send it. Andrews can pull himself out of the toilet.
I walked along the passage outside the door for a while and soon arrived at the stadium.
The stadium is large enough for 10 thousand people to watch the game, but there are very few thirty or forty people sitting there, but no one can underestimate these people because they are the general managers of nba teams and control the fate of all the rookie.
The game has been played, and the score is 2:12, with the white team leading the red team.
As soon as Anthony entered the arena, he attracted the attention of most general managers. Looking at Anthony, he revealed a naked desire.
Lawrence frank, the coach of the white team, was relieved to see Anthony appear. Although it was a game of little significance, the general manager of the Nets sat in the stands, which determined whether he could play as the coach of the Nets this season. If Anthony didn’t play, his job would be worrying.
Fortunately, Anthony is here.
Lawrence frank’s spring breeze came to the technical platform for a short pause.
When the pause whistle sounded, Frank pulled Anthony, who had just walked by, and it was like seeing his own father. He said quickly, "Melo, you are finally here. That James across the field is so arrogant!"
Follow Frank’s words. Anthony looks to the side of the red team. lebron james, Dwyane Wade, chris bosh, chris kaman, J. Ford, five of them are wearing game clothes. Look at their own side. darko milicic, nick collison, Kirk Hinrich, Mike Petrus, there is another one whose name is no.
Anthony’s face turned blue for a moment. How are the two teams divided? Isn’t this purely seeking abuse? Is it because he is recognized as the number one scholar?
When it was time to pause, Frank urged Anthony to take off his coat. Anthony was livid and asked for it at the moment.
When the managers saw Anthony’s dignified face, he got angry, and they were all ready to see how he taught the guy named James across the street.
The second chapter never imagined
Anthony was very upset. He was actually a little confused. He didn’t expect that he would cross over to such an occasion.
"Melo will show James some color later." Hinrich said with some resentment when he walked past Anthony. Look, he was badly beaten by James just now.
"Er … this is certain." Anthony smiled wryly, but he couldn’t stop worrying.
Petrus serves, Hinrich catches the ball and pushes it forward. Anthony takes a look and trotts after it.
Anthony can actually play ball or not, and he doesn’t like physical contact. He likes to play with the wind. When he usually plays ball, he often hits one out of ten, and his performance is dubbed "An Yizhong" by his golfers.