After I moved to a new place, I ran back to attack the war maniac fireball or the wind blade, which didn’t cost any magic value. I tried to find out whether the war maniac’s quarrelling was still in a second. After that, I finally tried out that the war maniac’s quarrelling was gone, which let me know that the war maniac was at least a level 3 or 3 demon’s quarrelling.

While I was using the probing method, I accidentally got caught in a war maniac. The first sword knocked me out of 572HP, which made me pause. I quickly ate two phoenix pills and then ran away quickly. Unfortunately, the second sword still stung me. I lost more than half of my blood, which scared me to take medicine. I quickly teleported. This time, I was lucky. Before the third sword of the war maniac came to me, I succeeded in teleporting and appeared 2 meters to the left of the war maniac.
I had a narrow squeak when I wiped my forehead and sweated cold sweat. If I hadn’t teleported successfully just now, I would have lost. Now I know some attack data of the war maniac. His attack power is extremely strong. He beat me about 1HP more than Ye Erge. PK skill is very high. In that short time just now, he can release advanced blessings and then attack me after surgery. If he didn’t have advanced blessings just now, I can get two more and then escape easily. I’m sure that he just used advanced blessings with his second sword, otherwise the attack gap is absolutely not that great. Besides, I can probably estimate that his advanced blessing skill can increase attack by 4% at least, which is 1% higher than that of ordinary blessing skill. He understands that the attack power after advanced blessing is less than that before he realized it, and it is 15%2% higher than that before. Don’t underestimate 2%. This data is not that the first sword hits me 3, and the second sword increases by 4%, and then hits me 45. This attack power is accumulated according to its own attack power. The more it increases, the more damage it will do to the enemy than the first level, about 2%3%.
After the audience in the stands showed our HP screen from duel field Square, they knew that the two of us, HP, I, 64HP, and the war maniac, 1567HP, were twice as fast as me. They could see our HP consumption and supplement from that screen at any time, and they could also know the HP data consumed by our two attacks from Xinghe III. I just saw the screen and heard the report from Xinghe III, and I was exclaimed after receiving those two data. Unfortunately, they all cheered on each other and supported me, so I shouted to me, "There is nothing to keep working hard. Our mage’s face depends on you." ….. Support war crazy shouted to him "it’s a pity that we almost brothers soldiers (knights) support you to kill the mage! Come on! " ….. The bleachers are all shouting and cheering for us.
Sitting in the VIP box with everyone, Rosa just made those two feel very nervous, and then a wave of anger rose. On the spot, she had the idea of losing the war maniac, but reason calmed her down instantly. She knew that I absolutely didn’t like this victory, which was an insult to me. After I learned about this bad method, I would definitely not forgive her. So many viewers at the scene would rebel if they saw something was wrong. She quickly gave up this idea and thought of a discovery, which filled her with joy immediately.
Now she is thinking to herself that she just found out that "when I saw Xiaohua almost lose just now, I suddenly felt two different fluctuations in my heart, which are very similar to" tension "and" anger "in human feelings. Now I have the four major feelings of human beings:" joy, anger, sadness, I can’t believe that I promised the game company to hold this activity because Obana wanted to play, but I got three kinds of new human feelings in one day. Now I can almost evolve into the final form. If I get a human body in the final form, I can become a real human and I can control all things in my brain at any time. Simply put, I can write a YY novel after this article! Hehe) It seems that it was wrong for me to always blame Saya for being naughty. I can feel so good just playing casually. I will add more new things to let all players in Obana game feel these new ways slowly, so that this game can be fun! Giggle! "
However, all the players in the mainland who are continuing to fight me and the war maniac in the field have no idea that just now, because of my duel with the war maniac, we have added a lot of tempering and surprises to the game and continue to fight nervously and watch this duel.
After I almost lost the duel just now, I have changed my offensive strategy. Now I have decided to consume the quarrelling and potions of war maniacs first, and then win by surprise. After this decision is made, I will make those kinds of auxiliary magic. After I am in the war maniacs, I will immediately have a tornado or a fire dance. If I stop the war maniacs from chasing my speed, I will immediately be thunderstruck. Although these serial war maniacs can release quarrelling and drink medicine when they have enough time, this is exactly what I want to end. Now, I just fight with him for drugs and compare myself with my potential. I have never released my ultimate attack "King Lei". This thing is really too dangerous. After attacking the other party, I have to stop for three seconds before I can continue to move and kill the BOSS. Someone can also add blood and drink drugs. It is impossible to fight with the master. In three seconds, everything can be decided. I want to leave this secret weapon for the last time.
In my mind of consuming medicine, I am engaged in a tug-of-war with the war maniac. Occasionally, I will fight with the war maniac at level 3. I am thrillingly excited. I can fight with the war maniac at level 3. If he has advanced blessing skills, then I must be injured in the second place. Once, we both fought for HP. The situation was that the last one I instantly moved away and escaped from the war maniac. The final sword was handed over. Because the warrior’s attack speed was faster than our mage’s, I couldn’t bet on it. Otherwise, even if I won, both sides would lose.
These thrilling moves made the audience shout loudly. Now they are like watching a fierce football match. One side violently attacked the other side and did not forget to cause fatal injuries to the other side in the defense. The duelist in our field is absolutely life and death. All kinds of dueling skills, strategic methods, psychological warfare … There are endless colorful magic and fighting madness, ice and fire skills, and quarrelling can be seen everywhere. Plus, after the expansion of "Galaxy III", the sound effect is Xu Qiang’s fierce comments have made all the audience say that this time is coming. It’s worth a lot. Many players in the back row resent themselves for not spending much money to sit in the front. Now it’s made them rely on the duel scene to see it clearly.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Chapter 60 enter the dragon ()
In the duel, both the war maniac and I quickly changed tactics. My trick of auxiliary magic+group magic+monomer magic has been broken by the war maniac. As soon as he chased me, he made me have all the attack effects and then rushed straight to my face. Once, I almost killed him. At that time, when I lost control of the distance and cast group magic, he rushed to my face and gave me a sword to knock me off 49HP. I quickly teleported, but I didn’t make it out. When the second sword was coming, I used my quick wits as a staff for physics. The attack weapon hit him, which made him pause for a second. I quickly ran to a distance of three meters from him to drink medicine, play "water god guardian" and teleport. I almost killed him once. At that time, I realized that the power of my protective shield reached 4 degrees. I secretly thought about adding my own HP. I could stop him from the advanced blessing of the three swords. Thinking of this, I quickly stopped and gave him a small wind blade to play "water god guardian" and pretended to fight hard with him
I bet this one is that he wants to make the senior blessing spell to fight for blood with me, and I can still get two, and I can also attack him for two rounds first. After he stopped and gave me a sword, I immediately smashed him with a thunderclap. Now I am thundering four times, and the interval between flashes has been shortened from 3 seconds to 1 second. If he doesn’t mean to hide, I can hit him after these four times.
Sure enough, he didn’t hide after being hit four times. He was knocked out of HP by me. He didn’t take medicine to reply. HP handed me a second sword to break my shield. In his impression, when I was hit with the second sword, HP should be knocked out with the shield for 26HP. Another third sword will definitely get me done.
At this moment, I immediately released my secret weapon "King Lei", and I bet that when he attacked my third sword, I was sure that I couldn’t kill him in one round of attack without taking medicine and continued to attack me. As I expected, he didn’t take medicine and my huge flash fell on him.
It’s a pity that God seems to have played a joke on me. The first time I released King Lei in duel field, I became a war maniac. As soon as this MISS appeared, his third sword also attacked me and knocked me off 542HP. I must have hung up, taken symbolic medicine and calculated that he would hand me the fourth sword when I ate the second Phoenix and Dan. At that time, I lost.
It was the war maniac who stunned me with this huge flash. I immediately knew that it was my ultimate secret weapon. If I hit him just now, he might have lost. In the second he stayed, I had already eaten the second phoenix and returned it to Dan. The war maniac didn’t know the pause effect of my King Lei’s attack. He wanted me to give it to him continuously, but he lost it. Instead of handing me the fourth sword, he was going to take medicine to replenish HP and fight me again.
I got through the time difference of taking medicine by him. He paused in the same place for three seconds and ran away quickly. He watched me run and chased me for ten seconds. After the magic pause, I immediately stopped to play "Guardian of the Water God". After I got two swords from him, I immediately moved away to rest for a round of attack.
The audience also shocked my thunder king. They all knew that the huge flash was absolutely powerful. Otherwise, I couldn’t have released such a magic when I knew that there were more than 9 HP in the war maniac, because if I released thunder king, I would have killed him before the fourth flash hit the war maniac, and the war maniac could also take medicine to make up for HP three times before I got here.
I am a new magic warrior and knight. They think that the emergence of such a super-strong single attack magic is a fatal threat to them. The mage brothers are very excited. They think that if they learn this magic, whether it is a treasure or a PK will have a significant effect on them. Everyone doesn’t know that this powerful magic has a fatal flaw. The attack pauses for 1 second and pauses for 3 seconds. They think that I have never released this magic before because I want to create an effect myself. At the last moment, I will show my leadership by defeating my opponent with this new magic.
I’m secretly calling my own fate, and I’m also calling for a close call. If the war maniac didn’t flinch and take medicine just now, I’ll hang up. Now that this magic has not achieved its effect, it can’t be done again. The war maniac will definitely notice my magic defect, and I won’t be so prone to gambling with him.
The battle continued in our exhibition and gradually came to an end. We all consumed a lot of medicines. The speed of taking medicines by war maniacs was significantly reduced, and the number of times of releasing demons and skills was also less and less. I also pretended to reduce the large-scale magic like war maniacs, releasing small fireballs and attacking wind blades, and the war maniacs consumed his remaining medicines. However, I also learned that the number of belts and loads of war maniacs would not be less than mine. Soldiers and knights would have higher initial loads than other professions, adding a lot of other scales and carrying medicines would last him a long time.
Now, although the fighting between us is not as fierce and thrilling as it is, the audience still doesn’t feel impatient, because the duelers are all a little PK skills and can understand our situation very well. We all know that the war maniac and I are fighting a war of attrition now. This kind of fighting is not thrilling, but it is the most practical and common way. Which player has never had to fight a war of attrition because of the lack of medicine? At this time, the comparison is patience and the quantity of medicine.
There was no wonderful scene at the end of my duel with the war maniac. After the war maniac fought with me for a round and let me escape successfully, he told the referee "Xinghe III" that he had no medicine.
The audience who supported the war maniac didn’t understand what it was until "Xinghe III" published the potions left by me and the war maniac. They didn’t know why the war maniac gave up automatically, because at that time, he had left five bundles of blue water and two red waters, and all six prescriptions were eaten, but I left five bundles of blue water and two boxes of red water. It is obvious that these medicines are enough to kill the war maniac.
The audience on both sides did not let them down and supported the war maniacs, who all believed that the war maniacs lost on the equipment side. In the game Dream, all players knew that the game was highly dependent on equipment, and no one could disagree with the equipment problem.
Players who support me don’t feel that I have won dishonorably. After all, the mage himself is a big pot of medicine. Now that he has won the medicine, it’s his own business. It is difficult for others to remain unbeaten before the medicine runs out.
However, all the audience showed that both sides did their best in this battle. They could know from the duel between me and the war maniac that we were thrilling and could respond quickly, so that they learned a lot of PK skills in this duel. So they were very satisfied and didn’t feel any emotion because of this ending method. Occasionally, a few players who didn’t understand PK came to watch the fun, saying that the result of the game was not wonderful, but the horse was scolded by those veteran players for nothing more than "idiots don’t understand PK." Just go back. "Don’t yell if the rookie doesn’t understand" is even more exciting. Players really want to talk to the players on the spot, PK, saying that it will make them feel a wonderful result. This column of scolding scares the troublemakers into never booing again.
After the duel result was announced in Xinghe III, the war maniac reached out and shook hands with me. After shaking hands, he said to me, "I admire your PK skills and psychological quality. You are the most admired mage I have played for so long. I hope I can make friends with you and fight together with you when I have the opportunity."
When I shook hands with Zhan Kuang, I really saw him clearly. Although I talked with him for a long time before the duel, we couldn’t talk happily at that time when all the players knew that we were going to have a life-and-death duel later. So it’s even more impossible to pay attention to what the other person looks like in the game. Now I look at Zhan Kuang’s face, and there is no loser who should be depressed but still with a hint of pride and confidence, but I know what he just said is sincere.
Looking at the war maniac, I also smiled and said to him, "Will there be another chance in the future?" Not now? I just won you by equipment. If we both have the same medicine, we don’t know who will win or lose. "
The war maniac also laughed and said to me, "well, let’s not compliment each other so much. It’s disgusting!" Ha ha! By the way, you just hit me with that flash magic. If I win, will I hang up? "
I told him mysteriously that if my magic hit him just now and hit him with a knowing blow, he would let me kill him even if he was full of blood.
After listening to my words, the war maniac didn’t believe me. According to my figure, it takes two thunder kings to kill him. Now I say that a knowing blow can absolutely kill him. How can he believe it? You must pull me to experiment on him to see if I am bragging and promise me that if I kill him, I will never blame me.
I refused the request of the war maniac and let him get ready, so I input magic into the staff. This time, I let the war maniac think that I was bragging because I was afraid of the bad effect. I learned to transform the small fireball and input more magic than before. See that the amethyst of my staff glowed white with my input magic, and then a flash behind my mind input staff was bigger than my thunder king. My own voice told me that this attack knocked out the war maniac at 146 points. The scene of HP duel showed that the HP red ball of the war maniac had seen a little bloodshot.
The audience members were also shocked. They attracted me with the light of my staff and saw such a huge flash. Then they saw that the HP display of the war maniac became changed. By the time they woke up and shouted and applauded, I had already dragged the war maniac into the duel field lounge.
(End of volume)
Chapter sixty-one Post-war meeting
I dragged the war maniac into the lounge and shouted a few words in his ear before he came to my senses and said, "Was that your new magic power just now? It’s really powerful. It killed me as soon as it hit me at a maximum of 15HP. Why didn’t you do this earlier? I’ll give you a P early, but I guess your magic is as flawed as my skill sometimes. But according to the truth, you can do it by hitting me with more than 3 blood. I won’t take medicine with 12 blood. "I smiled and said to the war maniac," Come on, I’ll hit you with 1HP at most. I was afraid you’d think I was bragging just now … hey! I just put in a lot more magic, and now I still manage to make magic. I don’t know how long it will disappear. This magic has a 3-second pause limit. I just stopped for more than a second. Fortunately, I didn’t pass out directly like this, otherwise it would be embarrassing! Do you think I dare to put this gambling magic around casually? "
After listening to my explanation, the war maniac didn’t understand what I did once, and I can’t do it again. If I don’t win the match, I can’t release my luck. If I play without medicine, I will give up or I will hang up when my HP is lower than 1.
So he smiled and said to me, "It seems that it is time for me to give up!"! If I have no medicine and want to fight you hard, I won’t be able to lie down. Fortunately, I am smart, otherwise I can lie down directly. Haha! " I smiled and didn’t answer that he was pulling him to his brothers.
When the brothers came, they wanted to help me celebrate. When they saw me coming in with a war maniac, they temporarily held back. After all, the other party was a loser. It was too much to celebrate in front of others.
I introduced my brothers to the war maniacs, and the war maniacs always said hello to them and smiled and said to everyone, "Don’t mind my presence. If you want to celebrate, be lively!" Otherwise, I can’t bear the blow. Now Xiaohua and I are friends! "
After listening to my introduction, the war maniac also introduced himself to everyone. His name is Fan Shaojun. He is 24 years old. Lianyungang people love to play games, but he is not a professional player. He belongs to the kind of leveling madman and PK madman. He often hates someone’s arrogance and fights with them. Many people have offended him. PK came to me this time because he doesn’t believe that a mage can level faster than him, even if he is faster than him, he can never beat him. Therefore, there is a challenge to me.
After the brothers stop fighting, they all admire him for introducing themselves. When you look at others, you will know that he belongs to that kind of arrogant boy who has confidence in himself. If he loses to others, most of them will hate each other. However, if you look at him now, how can there be any resentment? It is even more impossible to pretend. People of his character will be very obvious if they hate, and they will not be respectful to you on the surface like some villains, and they will only play tricks behind your back.
A group of young people soon became familiar with the whispering and chatting. God, it’s like the enemy who was fighting for life and death just now. Fortunately, this is the lounge. It would be strange if those players outside saw it and didn’t say that we colluded with each other.
After chatting with us for a while, the war maniac said that he would go back to his place. His brothers were still waiting for him. He told us that he would often come to our village to have a drink with us, and then he went to his lounge. My brothers and I also know that this is not a good occasion now, and the war maniac appears more in public, so we didn’t keep him and let him go alone.
After the podium, Brother Lei and Xu Qiang all came to the lounge and congratulated me, I set up a magic circle and went directly back to the village chief’s office (this is my new discovery that the magic circle can be sent in many ways, and you can set up many if you have the ability and enough fruit to maintain it). After returning to the office, I took a peek at the situation in a village, which was almost scared to death. It seems that the dark night village is crowded with people, and it seems that the land of two square kilometers is small.
A group of us came to the meeting room in the village to inform all the workers in charge of our village that they would come soon. These people all came here. Businessmen and Saya were the first to come. They smiled as much as the Maitreya, and their emotions were not much lower than those of the people who won the lottery. Ye Erge’s deep blue sister also came back from the outside with a big smile, which seemed to win. It was like them. After Brother Lei and everyone came here, let everyone report the income and various aspects of the village after the battle.
This kind of thing is always the first thing that the businessman speaks. When he sees his account card in his hand, he smiles and says to everyone, "After the game, our other income has also come out. The game company sold 5W portable phones, and we got a 2% dividend. This income has 50,000 gold coins, although later they shamefully collected more than 30,000 gold coins from our taxes. There are many charitable donations, but we made a profit of 1.65 million gold coins alone. I know it’s much more than that. Xinghe III sold 20 thousand communicators less. The representative of the game company said that they confiscated the money and took it all by Xinghe III. This is simply a dog. Why does the brain of a game want gold coins? Why does she get as many as she wants? Damn the game company. "
We heard that more than 160,000 gold coins were spent on a single income-that’s more than 100 million RMB. Doesn’t that mean that our group has become a billionaire?
The businessman ignored our surprise and continued to say to us, "The gambling company’s dividends have also come out. They have received a total of more than 3.2 billion gold coins from players this time. You have 13.6 billion gold coins, and the rest are war-fighting fanatics. Because the betting amount is too large, the gambling company temporarily joined forces with 17 world-famous gambling companies to make such a huge bet. Fortunately, you won, otherwise these companies will all lose money. Their income is 19.2 billion gold coins, but they also let the game company collect more than us." Once we get rid of their 5% income, we will have 50 thousand gold coins in our hands, plus our other small incomes, and this time we will earn a total of 6.24 million gold coins. "
Even Brother Ye stayed in a game, and the game brought us 600 million RMB. Is it really so easy to get rich? Is this a dream?
At this time, Sister Shen Lan also smiled and took over the businessman’s words and said to me, "Xiaohua, you won this time, which can make you and your second brother Ye make a small fortune! We spent twice as much money! I’ll invite you to several cities for a big meal later. After dinner, you can choose where you want to go and what you want to buy. Don’t let us save money. If others can’t come, you can also say what you like. We’ll send it to you after we buy it. Giggle! "
I am curious to ask a deep blue elder sister "Deep blue elder sister, how much did you and Ye Erge spend this time?" If you eat a meal, you can eat tens of thousands. It will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars a day to play and spend a little money. Although this money is nothing to you, it is not such a wave! "
The businessman smiled and said to everyone when he heard my question, "Brothers, don’t hurry to blackmail you, Ye Erge and Shen Lanjie. They spent 40,000 RMB on Xiaohua this time, almost all their private funds except some stocks and real estate, but this is really" spending money ".Anyway, those liquidity are their private ones to engage in some gambling and entertainment!"
The girls, Xu Qiang and I all ran over to find Sister Shen Lan, and they discussed whether we could buy this or that Sister Shen Lan. They all smiled and agreed, and they also asked several people from other places to come to our city to choose things in person when they found it.
Looking at businessmen and deep blue elder sister, they are so laughing and laughing about money. It seems that they are just talking about some figures, and I also have a wry smile. There are still many people in this world who have no food to eat. Are we "Zhu Men" now?
Brother Lei seemed to see my misgivings, and let everyone quiet down and said to us, "This time, we want to exchange 50,000 gold coins for 400 million RMB, and give it to businessmen and Saye businessmen to set up a special poverty alleviation fund outside and give the information to Saye at any time, while Saye is responsible for handling the funds given by businessmen and the investigation report on poverty alleviation targets. The name of the fund is the name of our village. I wonder if you have any opinions?"
Everyone’s conclusions are expected to pass. This is not to say that we are all lofty, but the principle is that it is enough to have food, clothing and play. We have no special hobbies, just playing some games. We don’t go out much all day, and people will certainly not be tall.
Brother Lei saw that everyone agreed to let others continue to speak. At this time, Saya spoke. "Our village passed through the incident of Brother Li and Sister Yu. Today, after the duel, the number of formal villagers in the village reached 3,152. In addition, there are more than two players waiting to join us. Because the housing area of the village is far from enough for so many people to live in, it has become an inevitable trend to upgrade the village. After the upgrade, our preferential policies can be slowly changed to our own business strategy. I think it is better to set up a blacksmith shop and jewelry shop separately for Brother Li and Sister Yu. For other reasons, we can
After Saya finished, Brother Ye got up and said to everyone, "Now there are 97 full-time members of the Night Gang. These people have passed strict examinations before staying. We also need to pay salaries, and there are 1,743 people who are training and waiting for examinations. This number is still rising."
After Ye Erge sat down, everyone else reported their respective responsibilities to everyone. The audience listened with a smile. These are the brilliant achievements of our dark night village. How can we not laugh?
Brother Lei was very satisfied after listening to everyone’s report. He made a final speech and summarized, "You brothers have been working hard recently. My other brothers and I have not managed the village things very well recently because we are busy with leveling. I now announce that our village will be officially upgraded to a dark night town." Everyone applauded with joy after listening to Brother Lei’s words. At this rate, the village will finally be upgraded, and it will soon be promoted to the county. Who is not happy about such great progress?
Brother Lei announced the end of the meeting and asked everyone to arrange all the preparations before the upgrade. After this order came, people with functions were all excited to leave us to stay idle and continue chatting.
At the time of our dark night village meeting, the top management of the game company was holding a meeting, but the result of this meeting was hard for players to imagine.
Chapter sixty-two The game company makes a decision
In the conference room of the headquarters of Dream Game Company in new york, USA, all the senior staff and even the directors of the four major companies came in person. Although it is still more than 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, no one in the conference room seems tired. Everyone is discussing the serious matter that Xinghe III has been publicly announced in the game that it is out of the control of the game company. Lin Xiao first spoke. "I believe you should all know clearly what happened in this game, and if this matter is not handled well, the consequences will be very serious. Please make a careful decision.