He’s fast, but he’s faster in front of people. Two charge soldiers have followed him, and there are arrows on the ground.

"Bang!" Two arrows ignited his back, and his health dropped by 34 points, causing 6 burns every second.
Mad dog dragon swallowed a handful of medicine and endured severe pain to climb desperately. In their eyes, Zhang Yu couldn’t say how shocked it was to see an assassin climbing the ground in the tower. All kinds of arrows rose into the sky like anti-artillery, which was more spectacular than the tower. There were dozens of players in the tower who followed his ass like ant trees.
"Be careful!" Leopard head and oil gourd now have a clenched fist to watch.
"Come on!" Zhang Yu prayed secretly.
Mad dog dragon almost died when he climbed the second pit. He was shot by more than ten arrows, and he wouldn’t have come if he hadn’t been supported by drugs.
But now the ground archers can’t shoot him, but the ladder soldiers are coming.
"Fuck you!" Mad dog dragon threw his heart into the air and kicked it in the chest of the soldier who had just climbed up.
The charge soldier screamed and fell, and his hands and feet slammed and scratched. The situation was scary to watch.
Look further at the stairs on both sides. Soldiers and assassins are coming. You can’t deal with two at the same time, no matter how advantageous the terrain is.
Mad dog dragon flies the ladder without saying anything. Climbing this ladder with both hands is narrower. The iron pipes are stacked in a zigzag shape.
This height is at least more than 7 meters, and the wind is like monsters roaring. Those players howling on the ground can’t be heard.
The second charge soldier is very cunning. When he approaches Mad Dog Dragon, he is not in a hurry, but draws a sword first.
Want to blow my buddy’s ass? The mad dog dragon body shrank hard.
"Ding" a long sword poked a tube and broke the mad dog dragon’s left foot without a foothold.
The warrior poked at the mad dog with another sword, and as soon as the dragon turned into a pair of feet dangling in the water.
"fuck!" Mad dog dragon can’t help swearing.
"Go and make meat pies!" The soldier stabbed the third sword with a grimace of a grin. No one can hide from this sword.
Mad dog dragon used his quick wits to step on it decisively, and it was another "ding". When the fine spike at the bottom of the whisperer’s boots got stuck, the tip of the sword slipped away with Mad dog dragon’s hands loose and holding the central tube.
Seeing him sitting on the soldier’s face with his left foot stepping on the soldier’s left hand with a "-21" damage value, the key of low damage is that the soldier didn’t expect him to come here, and his left hand was painful and his right hand was confiscated. He was thrown away by this sitting force.
"Mama ah—-"
The second soldier fell from the tower and the screams echoed in the surrounding mountains.
Zhang Yu’s three hearts almost burst out, and the mad dog dragon almost followed himself just now. At this moment, the iron ladder was hung by one hand in high school, and the key was to climb to the top of the ladder and a hunter.
"Pa" A mad dog dragon’s ankle was tied with a knot rope, and the other party was obviously trying to pull him away.
"Not good!" Mad dog dragon’s right hand violently tried to grasp the iron pipe.
However, the hunter’s strength is not small. After a few wild tugs with one hand, the mad dog dragon grabbed the tube with his right hand and was broken. The whole person fell like a broken kite to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five The brave
"it’s over!" Zhang Yu three people closed their eyes in pain.
But the miracle appeared in a moment, and the mad dog dragon fell to the ground on all fours, and the whole person floated lightly to the other side of the ladder. It was obvious that the metal wire of Peter Pan hit the tower pillar.
Just at the moment of half-falling, I swung to the hunter’s side and swung to the top. It was that moment that ak muzzle spit out a lot of gun fire.
The night was quickly lit up. The so-called "you’re cheap, I’m cheap, too." Everyone played dirty tricks.
The mad dog dragon grabbed the tube at you without hitting your body, and shot at the back of the hunter’s hand with his left hand. The blood was almost pierced.
The third hunter classmate was killed by a mad dog flying a gun in the dragon.
After swinging back and forth for two times, the mad dog dragon looked on and saw that an assassin had climbed the maintenance platform in the third quarter, and the assassin no longer climbed there to wait for him.
Your eyes are too sinister. I’ll kick you if you come.
Zhang Yu, three people, watched in surprise as the mad dog dragon climbed to the maintenance platform in great danger, and the assassin’s pair of short knives had already come out.
"Haha, brothers, good brothers have something to discuss, don’t start work, don’t start work!" Mad dog dragon crawled with a smile.
"Go to hell with your mother!" The assassin strode forward and stabbed.
Unfortunately, as soon as his hand reached out, it was snowing in front of him.
You can enjoy the snow scene when you are blind to thunder and explore the road at the key moment.
Mad dog dragon drill maintenance platform rushed at the blindfolded assassin is a foot.
But the assassin was very hard-rooted, and he was not kicked. He just stood up in his chest and was obviously very strong.
In a moment, the assassin put his hands straight and his body was obviously blind.
"There is no trick!" The assassin roared and waved his body.
Mad dog dragon made an unexpected move at this moment. He suddenly turned back and looked like a diver was falling from a 10-meter-high platform.
But it wasn’t him who fell, but an assassin.
Because the assassin "A Flash" was released, later generations went behind the mad dog dragon, but by this time the body of the mad dog dragon was already outside the maintenance platform.
The assassin’s screams resounded through the night as if the chicken neck had been trampled and made a strange call.
His blow was indeed delivered, but the wrist blade cut off a lot of pipes during the process of drawing a long spark from the tower, and many companions were hit by his fall.
The tower fell one after another, and more than a dozen people screamed that it was a spectacular fall.
Look at mad dog dragon. His hands are actually caught on the edge of the maintenance platform, and then he climbs the maintenance platform again with a neck.
He was first-rate in his response. He knew that the assassin was going to flash. One second before the other party came out, he decisively took this seemingly suicidal trick to kill him.
The leopard head was dumbfounded. "The people of the Eastern Dynasty really deserved their names!"
This means that Eastern Dynasty players are very good at watching this scene without seeing it with their own eyes. Can you believe it?
Zhang Yu also breathed a long sigh of relief. "That was close!"
Oil gourd sighed, "Look at him, it seems that he is still very relaxed!"
That’s not right. The mad dog dragon is not easy. It’s not easy at all. The whole heart is hanging from the tower, and when I just ventured to get the other person, my head was full of cold sweat
Look again, I don’t know which guild this group of players is, so they are not afraid of death and climb the iron pipe to chase them.
From section 3 to section 4, no one can chase Mad Dog Dragon, but in the last section, the maintenance platform tower was finished with an iron rod facing vertically, and the iron pipe was incomplete and there was no place embedded on the left, but there was no place embedded on the right. Obviously, it was too old and the rust was too strong and was blown off by the strong wind.
How does this fucking climb?
Look at the side, a large group of players are chasing like ants, and the nearest distance is less than 1 meter.