At this moment of hesitation, Anthony sensed James’ hesitation and suddenly reached out and patted the ball in James’ hand. Unexpectedly, he actually took it for him.

Anthony was so happy that he grabbed the ball and ran out to the Cavaliers’ half-court team.
By the time James reacted, Anthony had already rushed out of the three-point line, and the other Cavaliers had just reacted, but they couldn’t catch up. Anthony could watch him run off to the backcourt.
Anthony went in one ear and out the other, and the fans shouted the tsunami, and Buckley’s excited cry was also faintly audible.
Seeing the free throw line ahead, Anthony suddenly had an idea.
He jumped up at the free throw line one step at a time, then spun around in the middle and stretched himself out.
"Oh, my God, Melo is imitating Vince. He wants a 36-degree dunk!" Buckley couldn’t help shouting that Anthony stretched himself and Carter were so much alike when he saw Anthony jump up.
Anthony’s rapid rotation in the middle has made him temporarily forget that he has a belief that he has to complete this button everywhere. Although he has never tried it, he has a hunch that he can do it.
The wind went on whizzing past Anthony, who had rotated 35 degrees and the basket had reappeared in his field of vision.
Come on! Come on!
Anthony pressed the basketball to the basket with his right hand.
As soon as Anthony’s hand touched the basket, he quickly separated and tried to turn 36 degrees. He still didn’t want to twist his wrist because of pretending to be forced.
When he landed, he felt a little staggered because he was not used to turning in circles, but he quickly stabilized himself.
At this time, everyone around us is already tall and trendy.
The fans have stopped screaming and screaming. It is estimated that the whole Denver city can hear this kind of dunk. It is Vince’s exclusive move. Anthony changed hands by imitating Carter’s crotch in preseason, but that was on the road, but this time at home in front of the fans. How can they not be excited?
A dunk can be as sharp as Carter’s scoring ability, but it’s a level player. This is the first season for him to be a level player higher than Carter’s peak. Their imagination is estimated to be insufficient …
Buckley and Smith are even more excited, just like Gang Gao Chao Wan.
Buckley got up from the comment box, waving his hands and imitating Anthony’s huge body. He couldn’t tell the funny story, but Smith kept teasing.
Anthony dunked the game to * * again.
Everyone is excited, except the Cavaliers. James looks very ugly, as ugly as he can be.
"I won’t lose. I won’t lose again!"
James said angrily and then retreated to his own half.
The other Cavaliers are a little depressed. Going back, after all, they are not as confident as James. Even the buckle Davis was shaken by Anthony’s performance. The arrogant head seems to have a low trend.
James was angry when he saw that his teammates were in a state of cowardice, but he also knew that he had come out by himself at this time. After half time, he asked his teammates to pass the ball and tried his best to highlight Anthony.
Anthony, after all, is physically weak. After playing for so long, he dare not put too much effort into defense.
The Nuggets just took the lead and now they are pulled back.
Anthony looked down by one point, and suddenly he wanted to give the Cavaliers a complete blow.
James really deserves to be a once-in-a-century genius in basketball, but now he is calling his teammates to switch to 2-3 defense, and he is at the top of the circle, so that he can keep an eye on Anthony at any time while defending. After all, other players in the Nuggets have almost three-pointers ability.
The Nuggets are still a pick-and-roll tactic, and Miller is still in the defense of the oppression Cavaliers.
Anthony’s move also found James’s position change, but he didn’t change his style of play. He knew that there was another way to defeat a person besides tactics, which was more powerful and effective.
Anthony ran to the left 45-degree position this time, and Miller threw the ball out immediately. James also flew at him, and almost immediately Anthony caught the ball, and he also killed him.
Anthony did not stop when he caught the ball.
James jumped up at almost the same time.
The height difference between the two people is a little bit, that is, Anthony’s wingspan is a little bit longer, but Anthony will lose a little bit in bouncing.
Generally speaking, two people are almost identical in angle.
But Anthony shot, and one more thing, Anthony shot very fast.
The ball almost grazed James’ fingertips and flew out.
James tried to avoid Anthony because he jumped too fast. Although he had moved his shoulder, he inevitably bumped into Anthony.
Anthony fell to the ground in a flash, but fortunately, he was mentally prepared to fall to the ground without any injuries.
The referee whistle sounded.
James fouls on defense!
James was a little depressed when he heard the whistle, but he turned his head and looked back in the middle of the game, hoping Anthony missed the three-pointer
Crisp access to the net made his heart "scratch" like glass
The fans of Pepsi Center are completely boiling, and all of them get up from their seats, waving their hands and cursing, but they have forgotten that they are watching the ball at the home stadium.